13TH Birthday Captions for Instagram and Quotes

13TH Birthday Captions for Instagram and Quotes

13TH Birthday Captions for Instagram and Quotes:  What could be better than a funny birthday caption with a quote about your birthday? Nothing, that’s what! Birthday wishes just aren’t enough for my dear friend! As we get older, we all have a few things on our mind. Let’s face it, some of those things are difficult to put into words and share with others. But what if I told you that the best way to express yourself is through a caption…

13TH Birthday Captions for Instagram and Quotes

Melting candles and endless possibilities, sweeter than your birthday cake, it’s your 13th birthday! Happy Birthday!

You’ve been a friend through it all, from our childhood days to our teenage years. It’s your 13th birthday and we’re celebrating with you! Happy Birthday, pal

I’m so excited to be celebrating my thirteenth birthday with you guys for the first time on my new social media channels. Love you all!


My 13th birthday was a blast, thanks for making it so memorable!

Happy birthday to my favorite older cousin, who’s 13 today. We’ll always have birthdays together!

We wish you a very happy birthday, because we think you’re super fantastic!

Happy birthday, you’re officially an adult. No more school, no more baby books, no more cuteness.


Happy birthday, you deserve it

Today, we celebrate you and the friendship that’s captured a lifetime.

Happy Birthday to you! Happy Birthday to you! Happy Birthday dear [NAME], Happy Birthday to YOU!

Happy birthday, to my friend. You’re awesome.


Congratulations! We’re so excited to celebrate with you.

Happy birthday, you old dog!

Today is your day!

Happy birthday, Instagram! Here’s to 13 more years of showing us what makes you so special.


Happy Birthday! We’re excited to celebrate your 13th year with you.

You’ve got a lot to celebrate, but mostly you. Thank you for being the most wonderful, kindest, most charming 13 year old I know.

And in 13 years, you’ve grown up to become a wonderful young man with a huge heart. We love you so much and can’t wait to hear what life has in store for you. Happy birthday, sweetheart!

Happy 13th birthday, me! Can’t believe how much we’ve done together. But still pretty excited about the next stage of our journey too.


You’re 13 and you’re…badass? Take a selfie. Post it. Tag your friends. #HappyBirthday

Hey guys happy 13th birthday to me! I’m really excited to do some fun things, like watch the Notebook with my friends, and sleep.

Happy birthday to the coolest 13-year-old in seventh grade! Keep on being yourself, and don’t change a thing.

I can’t believe my little baby girl is all grown up! I love you, Eleanor. You are the best gift that I have ever received. Happy birthday with love from mama.


You’ve come such a long way! We can’t believe how big you’ve grown, and we can’t wait for all the adventures ahead of you. You’re going to do amazing things! Happy birthday!

Happy birthday to you, happy birthday dear [GROWN UP NAME], Happy birthday to you.

Happy birthday to my amazing son. I’m so lucky I get to be your mom!

congrats on your big day! here’s to many more


Wishing the best to my precious little cousin. Here’s hoping you have a teeny tiny 13th birthday party and it’s filled with lots of cake and love.

It was the night of my 13th birthday… and all I got were these awkward, new braces.

Happy 13th birthday to our favorite little Rookie

Congrats on turning 13, the best year of your life (at least so far)


You’re 13! Happy birthday and thank you for being such a great friend to us all!

13 is just the beginning. Future you is going to be so excited about today’s you. Happy birthday!

That’s 13! You’ve officially got 13 years under your belt and we can’t wait to see what you do next.

Dear 13, we’re so glad to see you because now you have an excuse to be crazy!


Sending the most adorable birthday wishes to my favorite little cutie pie

Thanks for coming. We [heart] you, too.

We’ve loved every minute of helping you grow through the years, and we can’t wait to see what the future holds. Happy birthday!

We hope you have a sweet, sweet year


A birthday isn’t just a day, it’s the start of a new year. Make it count!

You’re one year closer to legally driving us around now. Happy Birthday, kiddo.

You’re not just a number… you’re so much more than that !

13th birthday quotes, comments and captions


As you blow out your candles today, know that each one represents a year of friendship and fun. Happy 13th birthday!

Amelia, Happy 13th birthday. There is no one quite like you.

The best part about turning 13 is that I’m now allowed to order off the menu at restaurants. Hooray!

Growing 13 times up—here’s to celebrating a whole year of change, accomplishments and growth. Happy birthday!


Happy birthday to my friend who is fearless and always up for a good time. Here’s to the next 13 years!

Happy birthday to the best big sister I could ask for! Here’s to a fantastic night celebrating with our favorite peeps

Happy birthday to a son who loves to laugh and make his family smile.

You’re a year wiser and many more to go. Happy birthday, girl!


And may you always be surrounded by friends and loved ones to celebrate with #weloveyou

Happy birthday to my sweet & soaring angel, Piper. May all your life-long dreams and wishes come true.

Happy birthday to you. Happy birthday to you. Happy birthday dear [fill in the name]. Happy Birthday to YOU !

The best is yet to come.


Sweet 16. Nothing but a memory. SWEET BIRTHDAY.

Cheers to being one year older, but not one day wiser. Happy Birthday!

13th birthday captions for son

Happy birthday, son! You’re not 13 yet, but I’m already so proud of the young man you’ve become. You’re smart, funny, kind and caring—and the best hugger in the world. We love you!


Turning 13 today. Happy birthday, Son!

You’ve brought so much joy to our family. We love celebrating you and looking forward to many more birthdays together

Brother, you’ve been an amazing wingman for these 13 years of life, and I’m glad that you’ll be by my side for many more years to come. Happy birthday, brother!

Happy birthday, son! I hope your big day is filled with lots of smiles and a lifetime of happy memories.


My baby’s all grown up! Happy birthday, son.

Happy birthday to our little man, who is growing up way too fast. We love you more than anything in the world and can’t wait to see what adventures this next year holds.

Terrific 13! You’re growing up so fast.

Let’s celebrate the start of your bright and beautiful teens. Congrats!


Happy birthday, you little buddy! It’s your day to shine, so we’ll be over here just waiting for an earful of funny stories when you’re done 😉 Love you! ❤

We’re so happy you’re ready to blaze 👐 #BirthdayBoy

A big happy birthday to my buddy, my partner in crime, my son. I love you!

Happy birthday, big guy!


Happy 13th Birthday, Son! We love you.

From the moment you were born, you have changed my life. Even though I have now grown up to be a teenager, I will always remember how special you made me feel when I was a boy. Happy Birthday, Son!

1-3-13 This kid is pretty great. He wants you to be healthy, he loves his family, and he really believes in you. Happy Birthday, Spaceboy. We love you #HappyBirthdaySon

Happy Birthday to our sweet #13, with big dreams and a big heart. Love always.


To the number 13 and all the possibilities it brings. You’re sure to be great on this day and every day forward.

Time has flown by since you were born. Happy birthday, son! I hope your big day is filled with fun and laughter

We see our sons as grown men, but to them we are giants. Happy birthday, son!

One day you’ll be 16, then 18, and before you know it half your life will have gone by. The years come and go too quickly—we wish you a happy birthday!


Birthday Boy. You’ve grown up so fast (it’s hard to remember life pre-biceps). Here’s to you! Happy Birthday!

With a birthday wish for my favorite boy: Good luck, but not too much. Work hard, but have fun. Stay healthy, and never lose your sense of wonder. If you can do all this, then the future is yours!

Happiest birthday to our favorite little buddy! We can’t wait to see who you’ll grow up to be…

We’re so excited to celebrate another year with you—here’s to another year full of incredible memories!


Wishing you a sweet 13th birthday, with lots of new memories to fill this chapter.

You’ve grown from a mini-human to a full-fledged human in just 13 years. Thanks for being you. Happy birthday, son!

We can’t believe it’s been 13 years since you entered our world. We’re so proud of you—happy birthday, son!

Make A Wish and blow out your candles, because today you’ve become a teenager! Happy birthday, son!


Thirteen is a big year. Happy birthday, Champ

Another day older. Another reason to celebrate! Happy birthday from your friends at Tiny Prints!

Hang out with your buds and have a great time. Best Wishes on this Big Day. Happy Birthday, ❤ Love Mom & Dad

So many firsts. First time with real braces, First time driving, First time with acne and now first time getting a car. Happy birthday, son.


Curious, and kind. You’re a natural born leader. Thanks for being you. Happy birthday, son!

Your life is about to change big time, son. I’m so proud of you. Happy Birthday!

A day for celebrating our favorite little cutie pie! Happy birthday!

Hope you have an awesome birthday! We love you to the moon and back


My first, my last, my everything.

13th birthday captions for daughter

Cheers to you on your 13th birthday!

Can’t believe my baby is finally a teenager! Send your daughter some love on her birthday.


You are officially the coolest 13 year old in the world- and the best daughter a mom could ever ask for.

I remember your first day of school, your first dance recital and now your sweet 13th birthday. I love you to the moon and back… and beyond.

Happy Sweet 13th to our favorite little girl

Happy Birthday to our little girl!You’re officially a teenager and you’re as cute as ever 😚We’re so proud of the young lady you are becoming.Love you always,Mom and Dad


Happy Birthday to my favorite girl 👧🏻, who’s about to become a teenager. What will the next year bring? I love you!

You’ve just grown up a little bit more, and you’ve made me so proud to be your mom. Happy Birthday, I love you.

You’re officially a teenager. As your dad, I can’t tell you what makes someone grow up, but I can tell you what makes someone stay young: being curious, creative and open-minded. Happy birthday!

Wishing the birthday girl a super zany day filled with magic, love, and wonder.


To our sweet, kind, and funny girl, who looks at everything with wonder. You’re our little adventurer.

We love you to the moon and back!

Your young life is just beginning: full of possibility, promise and joy. Follow your heart and do it all–and then some!

Hey, Happy 13th birthday to my beautiful daughter! I hope your day is filled with lots of great memories.


My heart is filled with joy at the thought of celebrating my princess’s 13th birthday. I love you so much.

When the girls in your life turns thirteen, it’s a day to celebrate. Here’s to another year of laughs, new friends, and memories that will last a lifetime. Happy birthday!

You’ve come a long way, baby. Happy 13th birthday!

Happy 13th Birthday to the best kid in the galaxy!


Life has been full of surprises for you. Now, as you turn 13, expect more of the same: presents, laughter and love! Happy birthday, darling!

Happy birthday, sweetie! We can’t believe you’re already 13 years old. It seems like just yesterday we were both saying goodbye to elementary school.

Only daughter, only you are more special than anything else in the world. Happy birthday

You’re only 13 once!


I’m so happy to celebrate my sweet girl’s Birthday this year! She’s grown up to be such a beautiful young lady

Over the years you’ve grown into a beautiful young lady. As you celebrate another year of life, my wish for you is to be happy, healthy and adventurous. May all your wishes come true!

Wishing the sweetest and most thoughtful of birthdays to you!

Birthdays are a big deal at our house. We’re celebrating you all month long!


Happy birthday to my one and only baby girl! I’m so proud of you, and I just love you “to the moon and back”—you’re my dream come true.

It’s my favorite kind of birthday cake—one from the heart!

turning 13 captions

It’s your lucky 13th birthday. Here’s to all the adventures that await you in the years to come


It’s been 13 magical years! Here’s to the next one. To wishing you all a happy birthday, and to reminding you that we truly appreciate your business. Thank you for being part of the coffee family.

This year, I’m going to be 13. I hope it’s a good year because, in my opinion, everything is better when it’s an even number.

Happy Birthday, Teen! Here’s to making many more new memories today and in the years to come.

Hair today, gone tomorrow. It’s your birthday!


Hope you have the best birthday ever! Have a blast and we’ll catch up when it’s over.

They’re not just for kids. #happybirthdaytoallthekids

Growing up isn’t about how old you are, it’s about how young you act. Happy Birthday

Happy birthday, @name! We hope you have an amazing day and a year full of new adventures!


Looking forward to having an even bigger birthday party this year. I mean…how does one top this?!

Love your friends, family and followers like they are there with you on your birthday.

It was a great day for us all. Here’s to many more.

Cheers to turning 13! #Happy13thBirthday


At 13, you’re officially a teenager. You can drive. You can vote. You can even fly solo to a galaxy far, far away if you so choose. Happy birthday!

When you’re 13, here are some things you should know: Life is like a box of chocolates. You never know what you’re gonna get.

13 years old! Happy birthday to my beautiful daughter. I am so proud of you and your love for life. Stay sweet.

A quote from one of your favorite songs to celebrate your 13th birthday: “I’m just like a bird, without wings, I know I’ve got to fly. Please don’t shed a tear for me.”


Hey birthday girl…you’re 13 years old now!

Thanks for sticking with me all these years! And at the ripe age of 13, I’ve still got my eye on Instagram’s future.

When your daughter goes from this… to an official teenager.

From the first time your parents let you stay up late to watch a movie, to seeing your team win a championship, birthdays are all about sharing special moments. Happy birthday, @ name !


Family, Friends and Fun!

Wish you a happy birthday!


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