3 Months Baby Caption

3 Months Baby Caption
3 Months Baby Caption

Babies are adorable. The funny thing is, they don’t always realize it themselves. If you’ve ever been around a newborn baby or toddler, you know the joy they bring in everyone’s life. They’re just so darn cute! But what else can we say about them? Well, here are some baby captions that will help reveal more about these little ones.

3 Months Baby Caption

3 months old baby boy. You are looking so handsome today.

Happy 3 months baby

3 months old baby boy. 3 months old baby boy, smiling and giggling like crazy. We love this little guy so much!


3 months in, you’re more than just a beautiful baby. You’re a little person on the way to becoming someone special.

3 months is such a magical time. Those tiny legs, little fingers, and smiles all make it seem like yesterday but really it’s been longer than that!

3 months is a huge milestone! We’re so excited to see how much she grows and develop over the next few months.

3 months, 3 meals, and the most important thing is that she’s healthy. Happy first birthday baby girl!


3 months old: She likes to play with her hands, loves to show off and smile, and loves when we laugh at her. She is growing up so fast!

3 months old. Milestone

3 months. Little words that mean so much.

3 months old and she’s still rocking her baby gear.


This is what it feels like to have a baby for the first time. 3 months old and still not able to drive

3 months down, 3 to go!

It’s been a busy 3 months of this little one’s life. What has your timeline looked like?

Don’t forget to celebrate milestones with your little one this month. It’s way too early to have a baby celebration, but you should be taking advantage of what they can do and enjoy.


3 months since our little one was born and the world is a better place! Happy 3 months baby

3 months is a big milestone and this little guy has been so fun to watch grow!

3 months old, 3 months older and still so much fun! #babyboy

3 months old! He is almost ready for his first birthday party.


3 months old and doing it right.

At 3 months old, she’s still the most beautiful creature in the world.

3 months old and he’s already my little man.

3 months and counting, you’re growing up way too fast


3 months old and still not over it. It’s truly amazing how fast time flies by

3 months already! What a time to be having.

We can’t believe it’s been 3 months since you came into our lives. We love you so much more than words can describe.

Mommy’s little helper! We can’t wait to see this little one’s smile


The most exciting thing in the world is to be a new mom!

It’s hard to believe how fast the last 3 months have gone. I’m so much different now, but the same old me at heart.

I see you made your way into the world! You’re a handful and we love you for it.

Happy 3 months baby


3 months old, smiling for daddy.

Happy 3 months baby

3 months old and so cute!

3 months is a short amount of time, so we still love our tiny baby boy


3 months old- 3 months of big smiles, tantrums and lots of laughs. #binkysprouts

In 3 months, she’ll be crawling and sitting up on her own. We can’t wait to watch her grow up!

3 months and still so little, I can’t believe he’s growing up so fast.

3 months old and still so precious.


3 months old and rolling around like a ball of fluff.

Here’s to the little one who’s growing in you! Happy 3 month baby girl milestone!

Can’t believe it’s been 3 months since your birth. You are so loved, and we love you more.

It’s been so fun watching my baby grow over the past three months. I’m so glad we waited to make a big announcement


3 months and counting! I’m ready to learn new things, see new faces, and try everything!

we are #blessed, love our little man

3 months baby a photo montage of what your little one looks like

3 months baby, 3 months old! Can you believe it?


3 months #babyinlove, 3 months and counting.

3 months is a big milestone for your little one. They are growing up fast!

3 months old and so much love. 💍

Three months old, with a smile that will make your heart melt.


3 months and we have been together since 11 months old. It’s crazy how much time you spend with someone before you realize how precious it is.

3 months, Congratulations.

Three-month-old, our babygirl is growing up so fast!

3 months of fun, laughter and love. 3 months at the beach with you and Mommy, who could ask for anything more?


3 months. Blessed

Our little bundle of joy was born on this day 3 months ago. We are so grateful for him and all the love he gives us. Happy birthday baby boy!

My little one is growing so fast! I can’t believe it’s already been 3 months since she entered our lives.

It’s been almost 3 months! These milestones have been so exciting to watch, don’t you think?


Time to get ready for this big adventure!

3 months old baby photo

3 months old baby, just saying hello

3 months old and already trying to grab the camera


3 months, 3 eyes, 3 smiles. The milestones keep coming!

A baby is a smile in the making, 3 months old and smiling like crazy.

3 months old baby girl. 3 more months till we can meet her! #babytime

3 months is not just a milestone, it’s a whole new world. Here’s to you, little one! #3monthstolife


3 months old of joy non-stop

3 months of being a little one. What a joy it is!

3 months and 3 days! We can’t believe it either. We’re so proud of you, sweet girl.

Three months in and my sweet babe is growing up way too fast


It’s been three months and these little ones are getting so big!

You’re not a baby anymore! Celebrate the big milestones in your little one’s life with these cute milestone prints.

So cute it hurts, so precious it melts your heart!

3 months is just the right age for babies to start learning to smile.


3 months and still the most handsome baby

3 months is a good time to think about the person you’re going to raise.

3 months old

It’s official, you’re growing up. 3 months old baby boy


3 months old and the world is his. Can you believe this little guy has been on earth for 3 months?

Three months old and smiling

3 months and counting. So excited to watch your baby grow!

tiny toes, big smiles. 3 months is an age when you’re still figuring out who you are and what you like.


Three months old and still so cute!

3 months old and still smiling. What a joy to have with you!

Baby’s first 3 months. So much fun and so many milestones!

This little baby boy is growing up so fast! It’s hard to believe that 3 months have already passed since he was born.


Time flies when you’re having fun.

3 months baby! You’re getting big fast!

3 months old and as cute as ever!

3 months old baby boy looking forward to his first birthday.


3 months old and still smitten with his mama

3 months already! Are you ready to meet this little one?

3 months already! We’re so excited to watch her grow and learn so much.

3 months and growing! You are doing so well. Keep up your strength and energy. We love you so much


3 months, 3 diapers. 3 bottles. 3 trips to the mall. 3 karate classes, and lots of crazy faces

Here’s to this little one turning three months old. Cheers!

I think I can say with confidence that this little guy is one happy camper. 3 Months old and in love!

These three months are flying by. Who knew that babyhood would be so much fun!


A picture is worth a thousand words. And so are these gorgeous photos of our baby girl.

She grow more every day, can you believe it’s already been three months?

This little one is growing up way too fast. What a delightful human being he is.

We are so glad to be welcomed into this world.


3 months baby is one of the sweetest things in the world.

Happy 3 months baby! How’s my little guy doing?

3 months old baby and I don’t wanna stop smiling.

Three months old and better than ever.


3 months is just the beginning. To learn more about how we help families like yours, check out our website.

He’s grown up so fast! 3 months and he can walk, talk, and look at you with his big eyes.

Three months old! Time flies. I love this little guy so much, he has been such a joy to have in our lives.

3 months… Woots! You’ve made it past the first trimester and we can’t be more excited! Here’s to a long and healthy life ahead of you


3 months of smiles and giggles. Happy 3 month!

3 months to the day, we’re celebrating our little miracle!

The first three months of your baby’s life can be a magical time. Capturing these moments will help you remember them and cherish them for years to come.

It’s been 3 months since my baby girl was born. I can’t believe it. She’s so darn cute and sweet.


Grown-up baby wearing diaper, and a big smile on her face.

She’s doing well and growing like a weed.

She’s grown up so fast

3 months baby is a special time in the lives of expectant parents. It’s a time to celebrate your growing family and all that it means to you.


3 months baby and Mommy are getting pretty big together. We’re ready to share more moments of our little family with the world!

3 months baby! Here is our sweet little niece to welcome you into this world, and we are so happy that you are here to celebrate these months of milestones with us!

3 months baby and counting!

3 months old! They are getting better at being cute, not so much at eating.


3 months old and still the nicest.

3 months! I can’t believe it’s been 3 months since you were born. Time flies.

3 months of smiles! We’re so excited for your little one’s first smile!

3 months of smiles, giggles and perfect milestones! My little one is growing up so fast.


You’re so cute, pesty and perfect. You’re growing up so quickly! We love you so much. ♥

You’re growing every day, little one. Keep up the good work!

We are just a couple of months away from celebrating this little one’s first birthday. The journey has been great so far, and we’re looking forward to seeing where it goes next.

Have you seen this little guy? He’s growing before our eyes!


3 months baby, you are growing up so fast!

3 months baby, there’s a new face in town. Happy 3 month birthday baby!

3 months baby is crawling, sitting up and smiling all the time. #babytime

The miracle of 3 months old baby.


3 months old baby, now you can roll over for me and say “pretty please”. You are my little sweetie pie.

3 months old, 3 months of smiles, 3 months to go. Love you so much!

Happy #3 months, baby! Mom and Dad love you so much.

Baby’s first smile. 3 months old.


3 months of smiles and giggles, my little man is growing up fast!

This little munchkin is 3 months old today! Time has flown. He’s so big and sweet and cuddly.

3 months ago we were just starting to get the hang of this whole baby thing.

The more I see of my baby, the more I love him. He’s just perfect.


I’m so glad I’m watching this cute little bundle of joy grow up! He’s so happy, funny, and smart!

You were born with a little face and a big heart.

Time flies when you’re having fun.

3 months baby making the most of her first day out of the house. #newbaby


3 months old my little man is the definition of the sweetest, smartest and most loving baby ever.

3 months old is where it’s at. You got this!

The cutest 3 month old you’ll ever see

3 months is a big deal. I’m so proud of you!


3 months old today and…we’re still in love.

Just 3 months old, these little ones are already busy, curious and loving life

3 months ago my little girl was born. Now she’s growing up so fast.

Three months. Three whole months have flown by and our little one is growing up before our eyes. What a blessing!


3 Months to go again! I love this little milestone going by.

The best part about having a baby is that you get to see their growth every day. It’s not too long until you will be holding your little one close.

Ahh, I’m a big sister! My little brother is starting to act more like me.

A little boy grows so fast, I barely recognized him.


3 months old is the best!

3 months is a big milestone. My little guy is growing up so fast

3 months old. Did you know that baby is now able to roll over without falling out of the crib?

3 months and 10 days old! This little guy is growing up so fast.


3 months old. 3 months of growth and learning, 3 months of milestones and achievements, 3 months of giggles and smiles. Let’s celebrate the little ones who are growing up so quickly

3 months old baby boy with his older sister

3 months old and he’s already stealing the show.

3 months…3 more months until this little one is here and we get to meet him or her.


3 months are going by so fast! I can’t believe it’s already been three months since we brought you home. You’re so big and such a big part of our family, we love you little one.

Three months old, still in diapers but now also wearing clothes

3 months already

The three happiest months of my life have been spent with my baby boy.


3 months strong!

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