Baby Laugh Captions for Instagram

Baby Laugh Captions for Instagram
Baby Laugh Captions for Instagram

Baby laugh captions are a great way to add some humor and affection to your baby’s photos. They’re especially fun for parents who use a lot of different photo filters and apps.
Babies are the most innocent creatures on this planet, and they think we’re all going to love them regardless of what kind of mess they make. There are many reasons why you should consider instagramming your own baby. From funny to sweet, here are some captions that you could use when you post photos of your baby on Instagram:

Baby Laugh Captions for Instagram

You’re a natural laugh captor, little one

When the baby laughs, it makes my heart melt 💗

A baby’s laugh is contagious.


When your baby laughs and makes faces, you’re thinking about her in ways that are different from before. That’s why you should start recording it all.

There’s no better way to get those cute baby photos that you always wanted.

The funniest thing about babies is that they don’t even realize that they’re funny

All babies are adorable but our littlest one is absolutely the cutest.


Smiling is contagious! So, snap a selfie and send it our way for some laughs.

#BlessedForTheMoment where I am able to share an ode to my mom’s laugh.

You’re going to get so much more done in your day when you have a little kid next to you—they’re the best.

I’m the baby in your family who says “Ta-da!” when you do something new.


Just little laughter from my lil’ one.

I can’t believe I’m such a mom!

A laugh is one of the best cures for any ailment.

A baby’s laugh can make your day.


When your baby laughs at your funny face.

When your baby laughs at a funny face you make.

When your baby laughs at your puffed out cheeks and wide eyes.

When you’ve done something that makes your baby laugh, it makes them feel good. When they feel good, you feel good. We love that our products are made by family businesses around the world because this means they understand what helps their baby to feel important and special. They use only high quality organic fabric that is free from harmful chemicals.


When your little one gives you that smile that says “Thanks, Mommy”!

You never stop laughing when you’re with your child. They can always find something to make them smile and it’s the best sound in the world.

If there was a world of wonder, this is it. Smiles, laughs and giggles.

When your baby laughs every time you tickle him!


When your baby starts laughing at the same time as everyone else in the room, it’s safe to say that you have a pretty chill little dude on your hands!

There’s just something about seeing a baby smile that melts your heart.

These cute little laughs are just too cute, don’t you think?

You’re gonna be fine, baby. Your laugh is contagious and I can’t wait to see what you do next !!!


The sweetest little laugh in the world ✨

The cutest baby in the world!

The biggest smile you can give a baby is their first smile.

We all know laughter is the best medicine


You’re the funniest thing that has ever happened to me

This laugh is contagious. 😀

You’re the best thing to ever happen to me. What are you doing today?

We’ve got some new baby laughs to add to your feed.


When your baby laughs the world stops and listens.

We all know that babies are the sweetest but we can’t help but laugh at their funny faces and adorable expressions.

There’s a cute little smile on this baby’s face

Just like this smiley little one, you’re the best part of our day. We love you, sweetheart.


My baby has the cutest laugh.

Laughs are sweeter when they’re shared with someone you love. Wanna hear me laugh?

Good morning! You’re so cute. Promise not to laugh at you anymore?

I have some great news for you! Today is your first laugh day. How do you feel about that?


The secret to a good laugh is laughing at your own joke.

Some days are like this.

I think I’m going to laugh a lot this weekend.

A smile is the best way to get what you want.


I’m still giggling about this one.

we’re so excited to share our baby laugh with the world!

When they’re awake and it’s time to eat, baby laughter is music to our ears.

When babies laugh, they don’t just sound cute. They conquer the world.


A baby’s laugh is the best thing ever.

Baby laughing, baby giggling, baby giggling at the top of his lungs.

You know when your baby is laughing so hard that tears are literally rolling down their face? That’s the best feeling in the world.

The cutest thing about babies is that they can’t stop laughing.


This little guy can’t get enough of the camera

The cutest thing you’ll ever see.

Are you ready for some snuggles? #babyandme

Life is funny. I can’t believe how much this little guy has grown!


Some days you just need a good laugh.

Laughter is the best medicine.

Life is good when laughter is your main course.

Baby laughter is contagious.


The sweetest sound in the world is a baby’s laugh.

Even a baby can get in on the fun by laughing at silly faces.

Baby laughed so hard, I almost cried.

A baby laughs because s/he is happy, healthy and safe. A mother laughs because she has found the right formula to nurture a child’s natural sense of joy. I have no doubt that a baby’s laughter is contagious; the mere sound of it makes you smile.


There’s nothing better than a laugh—especially when it’s at the expense of mommy and daddy.

Who can resist this little man’s laugh after a long day? ✨

Our baby is so excited to see her family and friends.

A smile is contagious.


I’m a baby. I say what I think and do what I feel. If that makes me a rebel, then so be it.

When their laugh fills the room.

Life’s too short not to laugh.

A new life is starting, and we can’t wait to see what it brings


This is the cutest thing ever. I’m totally head over heels for this baby laughing

The sweetest sound in the world: baby giggles.

A baby’s laugh is pure and untainted. It’s the sweetest sound in the world.

When your baby laughs and it’s like the world stops.


Babies are a lot of laughs

Baby’s first laugh! This is when the baby smiles, too.

The laughter of a baby is like an angel singing to you.

Who doesn’t love a good laugh?


When you find out your baby loves eating, but hates everything else. #babyonboard

Don’t forget to laugh. It’s the best medicine of all.

My baby is growing up so fast!

She’s laughing, she’s smiling, she’s happy.


Feeling like a little kid again? This is just what we needed this morning.

A baby laugh is the sweetest sound

The best thing about a baby’s laugh is that it never stops.

There’s nothing quite like the sound of a baby laughing.


A baby laughs when they’re happy, a toddler giggles when they’re excited and a teenager smirks at their iPhone.

When you’re feeling a little under the weather, nothing cheers you up like seeing your baby’s cute smiling face.

Just like everything else in life, babbling is a process, not an event. But that doesn’t mean it’s just for babies.

Baby, you light up our day. Keep it up and we’ll be laughing all the way to the bank


Watching your little one grow up is the best thing ever.

Don’t worry, little one. It’s just a phase

I can’t stop smiling because he is so cute and funny!

I love bringing my kids to the park and being able to run through the grass and play hard. It’s so good to be a kid again. #momlife


What do you do when you’re in love? You smile.

Does it make you smile when I just can’t help but laugh?

We’re feeling soooo good today.

What’s better than a good laugh? A baby laugh.


Your baby’s laugh is so precious to me.

When your baby laughs, it’s a moment that never gets old.

He’s so cute. I love this feeling when my baby laughs.

Just because the world is a dangerous place doesn’t mean you can’t be a #FunnyBaby. We got your back, boo


You’re not just a baby anymore, you’re a little person

We all need a laugh every now and then. Here’s one of our babies laughing at something we do.

Who doesn’t love a good laugh?

What a smile!


She’s got that cute laugh that just lights up the whole world.

The world is a better place because of you. Happy Birthday, my sweet little angel

You always make me laugh. I love how you always have this goofy grin on your face.

These are the moments we live for.


Baby laughing makes the world a happier place.

Baby laughs are contagious!

Laughter is the best medicine—and my baby girl is a genius at making me laugh!

A baby’s laugh is the sweetest sound in the world.


A baby’s laugh is like music, because it makes us feel good.

You don’t need to be a comedian to make people laugh—just look at this baby.

We’re always amazed when we see a baby smile

Don’t you just love how cute and funny babies are?


A smiley face with a great caption is always the best way to start your caption on Instagram

Aww, that’s a cute shot of your little one. Let us know more about them, we’re all ears!

My baby boy can’t get enough of his new walker

I don’t know about you, but I can’t wait to see what this little guy looks like.


It’s never a bad time for a laugh!

The cutest baby laugh you’ll ever see.

Baby laughs are the best. Here’s to all the laughs and smiles we’ll share with our babies in the future.

Baby laughing. That sound. It’s the most contagious thing ever.


A baby’s laugh is a beautiful, unpredictable thing.

The joy of a baby’s laugh is contagious

When you can’t stop laughing because of your little one’s beaming grin.

Laughing is the best medicine, and you’re so cute when you do it.


When your baby smiles, the whole world smiles with you.

Baby is laughing at you. What’s wrong?

I can’t stop smiling when I caught my daughter laughing. She’s so cute!

Can you hear that soft baby laughter in the background? I can’t wait to see what today brings for you.


Laughter is contagious! Share this post with your friends and family to let them know they’re in your heart too.

Sometimes all you need is a good laugh and the right caption to make your day.

Sometimes, we laugh at everything that goes on in life. Sometimes, we laugh because nothing is happening at all.

It’s a beautiful day for a baby laugh to brighten your day.


It’s the sound of a baby’s laughter that makes us smile.

Being the baby of the family can be tough but with a little help from these funny and cute Instagram captions, you and your little one can have a laugh together.

There’s nothing like the giggles of a baby. That’s why we created this video for you – because we know that there are so many moments where it’s hard to wait for the laughs, smiles, and cuddles of your little one.

Laughing with baby is the best kind of laugh.


When your child is laughing so hard she can barely breathe, it’s okay to let her have a moment. #momlife

Baby is smiling!

Don’t be afraid to laugh. You can do it! A little belly laughter goes a long way!

Don’t let anyone stand in the way of your baby’s happy cry.


The funniest thing about babies is that they can’t tell you their names yet.

You are my little sunshine

The most precious thing we could ever grow, is a smile.

I just love the way you laugh, it’s so contagious!


“If you’re gonna laugh, let it out.”

I’m having the best dream.

There’s nothing cuter than a baby’s laugh and now you can have it in your feed!

When I see a baby laughing, I immediately smile. How about you?


The best way to teach a baby to laugh is by laughing right back.

Baby’s first laugh is the sweetest sound.

When you laugh with your baby and find yourself laughing out loud LOL

You’re so cute, I could just eat you up.


We are so in love with this little baby

Your laugh is contagious, and I want to hear it again.

Laughter is the best medicine. Just wish we could bottle it and give it to everyone who needs a boost!

Your baby just loves discovering the world around him through your eyes.


Smile, smile and you have a heart!

I’m so glad you’re here. It’s no secret that it was a rough day for me but with you, I feel like everything is okay.

Aww, this is cute…

I’m about to start a new chapter in my life, and it’s going to be pretty great.


We may not be able to control the way our baby laughs, but we can sure as heck make our little one laugh!

There’s nothing more cute than a baby laugh

Baby’s first laugh is like a tiny ray of sunshine…but it’s so much cuter.

When your baby laughs and smiles at the same time.


The funniest babies ever!

Baby, you make me laugh. You make me smile. You make me happy.

Silly Baby. You’re just so funny!

You make us happy just by being you.


You’ve got some sparkle. You’ve got some swag. Don’t let anyone take that away from you!

Ah, this is the life!

Life is full of funny moments. Share yours with us!

Sometimes you just have to smile at the end of a tough day.


When she smiles, the whole world is happy.

The best sound in the world!

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