100+ Hilarious Birthday Lunch Captions for Instagram with Quotes

Birthday Lunch Captions for Instagram
Birthday Lunch Captions for Instagram

Birthday lunch captions for Instagram with quotes are a great way to make your birthday more memorable. You’re sharing laughs and smiles with your closest friends and family. You’re eating your favorite food, drinking your favorite drink, and enjoying an adventure with one of the most incredible people in the world—yourself! You can use the quotes to add some humor and create a fun atmosphere around your birthday celebration. It’s also a great way to give back to those who helped you celebrate your special day.

Birthday Lunch Captions for Instagram

• We got the birthday lunch of a lifetime.

• Hey babe, it’s your birthday! I wish that we had time to celebrate, but no matter what time of year it is, I’m glad that you’re here.

• What a better way to celebrate your birthday than with great food and company!


• To celebrate the day you were born, we’re serving up one of your favorite dishes. Happy birthday 🍴 #happybirthday

• Happy birthday to the woman who makes my life better. Thank you for being such a great friend and partner in crime.

• It’s not just a number; it’s your birthday

• Happy birthday to the best person in the world. Thanks for always being there for me and making my days brighter. Here’s to another year of you being an even better wife, mom, and friend.


• It’s not just a birthday. It’s a celebration of life.

• We all need a little reminder of our youth. Happy birthday to the youngest among us.

• Happy birthday to the most important person in my life. XOXO

• What a day it’s been. Thanks for celebrating my birthday with me!


• The only thing better than ice cream is the company that comes with it.

• Every day is a chance to celebrate the small things—a compliment from a friend, seeing your favorite movie, or just taking a walk in the park.

• Life is better with friends.

• A day to celebrate you!


• Birthday lunch, she’s the bomb. She’s the best!

• A girl’s best birthday lunch is when her friends and family bring her to a place where she feels special.

• There’s no better way to celebrate a birthday than by having a delicious lunch and great conversation with loved ones.

• It’s your birthday. You should have a great time.


• The most important meal of the day is served with a smile. Happy birthday

• Happy birthday to the person in your life who makes you laugh every day and encourages you to go after your dreams.

• Looking forward to celebrating with you and making you laugh, no matter how old you get.

• I am celebrating my birthday by eating a sandwich, and also by doing everything else i’ve ever wanted to do.


• I’m so lucky to have you as my best friend! I love you to the moon and back! Happy Birthday!

• A birthday is a great time to celebrate your successes and make new memories with friends. Here’s to another year of health, happiness, and growth.

• These are the moments that are worth celebrating. Happy birthday!

• Life is better with friends over chips and dip.


• Life is a gift. Let’s celebrate it together.

• We’re celebrating you every day.

• Life is short, eat dessert first

• A birthday lunch is all about spending time with friends and family!


• Who’s going to the birthday lunch

• There is life beyond the birthday cake, but it will be incomplete without your friendship. Happy Birthday to my bestie #happybirthdays

• You’re the cream, we’re the bowl. Happy birthday to the birthday boy! Thanks for being so delicious!

• It’s not a birthday party unless we have cake.


• It’s not just the cake; it’s the celebration. Happy birthday!

• Our thoughts are with you on your birthday and a heart emoji to boot. We wish you many happy returns!

• Cheers to your birthday, you’re turning out to be just like your mom 😘

• If a birthday cake isn’t enough, add a couple of gallons of coffee and you’ll be good to go.


• You are always on my mind and I’m excited to see what the rest of your life holds. Happy Birthday!

• Everyone’s a winner on your special day.

• Happy birthday! I hope today was an amazing one and that you have many more to come. I can’t wait to see what the future holds for us.

• Happy birthday to the person who makes me want to create… No really, you did it again!


• Today is the day I turn

• I’m ready for my birthday lunch! #birthdaylunch

• Happiness is making someone’s birthday lunch even better than they expected.

• I am…the birthday lunch you fought for, the birthday kisses you shared, and the birthday cake you ate. Happy Birthday to You


• Ready for a birthday lunch? Let’s make it count.

• Happy birthday to you! I know how you like to stay fresh, so here’s a birthday lunch to keep your appetite peaked.

• Smiling from ear to ear at the surprise lunch that was waiting for me today. Happy birthday!

• It’s your birthday! Treat yourself to a little something extra this year.


• For all of us who have celebrated a birthday, there’s something special to celebrate this month: the fact you’re turning another year older, and that we get to celebrate with you.

• I’m gonna celebrate my birthday like a boss.

• This birthday is going to be filled with surprises.

• The only thing better than cake is more cake. Happy Birthday!


• When you’re a little older, don’t let the number of candles fool you. You’re still as loved and precious as ever. Happy birthday!

• You’re turning a year older in style

• Nothing says you’re turning a year older like a birthday lunch that’s out of this world.

• What happens when you use the power of a birthday lunch to celebrate a new beginning? You get to eat your favorite foods


• Youre the best birthday lunch ever

• I know the best way to celebrate my birthday is with a basket full of friends.

• The best part about birthdays is that we get to enjoy a delicious meal and catch up with friends and family.

• My favorite part of my birthday is when my mom hands me a box of macaroni and cheese and says, “It’s your favorite!”


• We’re celebrating your birthday with a delicious and fun menu.

• The best part of any birthday is celebrating with your friends and loved ones. Good food, good drinks, good company and more vibes than a disco ball.

• It’s your birthday. Celebrate like you mean it.

• I’m celebrating my birthday by eating a pizza with all my new best friends


• Enjoy your special day with a smile on your face and a smile in your heart. Happy Birthday!

• I love to celebrate birthdays because what better way to remember where we came from?

• The best way to celebrate your special day is with friends, great food and a lot of laughter. Here’s wishing you another year filled with laughter and happiness!

• So happy to celebrate with you! I wish I could eat, drink and be here with you all the time. May your birthday be as special as it is today!
• Let’s be real. You don’t need to buy a birthday lunch for yourself or any of your friends.


• Celebrate the best year of your life with a birthday lunch that’s sure to bring back the good old days.

• The birthday lunch isn’t just a meal, it’s a celebration of life. Here’s to many more celebrations.

• The only thing sweeter than your birthday cake is a lunch date with someone you love.

• To me, the sweetest thing about birthdays is not just the cake or presents. It’s you. You’re my favorite thing about this day and every day. Happy Birthday, Mom!


• Life is so much better when shared with friends. Happy birthday!

• I will never grow up. I will always be a kid at heart, even when I’m in my forties. Happy birthday to me!

• Happy birthday to the most amazing friend. We love and adore you so much, you’re the one we need in our life to lighten up all days and bring joy to our hearts

• I wish I could put into words what a great day it was, but all I can say is “Happy birthday mom”.


• There’s no better way to celebrate than with a big ol’ slice of cake, a glass of wine, and a smile. Happy birthday!

• Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday, dear reader. Happy birthday !

• Treat yourself to something special this weekend. We’ve got what you need (and a little bit of everything).

• It’s not always easy being a grown up.


• I got the birthday blues

• This is the life, this is cakedom

• “i’ve got the best birthday lunch ever”. #ad

• I am filled with gratitude for my birthday lunch, which is better than a cake because it’s made of tacos.


• A birthday lunch is the perfect way to celebrate your special day. We hope you enjoy it!

• Birthday lunch: A celebration of life on the brink of death.

• A birthday lunch is a celebration of your life, start with a good meal and end in laughter. Happy Birthday!

• Nothing says Happy Birthday like a good laugh


• Happy Birthday! You’re the best boss any employee could ask for, and we hope you keep treating us well. #birthday

• The only present I want for my birthday is more time to share the joy of life with you. Happy Birthday!

• Life is a party, and i’ve RSVP’d for you.

• Happy Birthday! You’re a big part of what makes our company great. Cheers to another year of you.


• Celebrating the first day of my 30s is like a party all on its own.

• Life is a celebration, not a countdown. Happy Birthday!

• The cake is a lie. I’m 26 years old today and i’ve still got it!

• Happy Birthday We hope you have an awesome day.


• Happy birthday, you can do anything. Now go out and have a big one!

• I’m here for your birthday lunch, and i’ll be damned if you’re not going to enjoy it.

• Your birthday lunch is here. Cheers to you!

• Let’s make this birthday lunch something to remember!


• No matter what happens on your birthday, we’ll be here. I love you to the moon and back! Happy birthday!

• It’s your birthday today, so you deserve our best.

• You are the best birthday gift I could ever have.Happy Birthday to this wonderful person and friend!

• Today is a day for celebration and fun with the people we care about. Happy birthday everyone! #birthday #happybirthday


• Happy birthday to you. Happy birthday to me. How old are you? I’m 13. How old is your dog? She’s 3.

• Cheers to a birthday that’s packed with laughs, new friends and lots of fun! Happy Birthday!

• Happy birthday to the best mother ever!

• Life is a series of birthdays, and I am grateful every day for being alive.


• Happy birthday! Here’s to the years ahead of you, full of laughs and good times.

• Happy birthday, friend! Hope it’s the best one yet.

• Pour yourself a glass of wine and celebrate you—because you deserve it. Happy birthday!

• Lunch with my best friend is always the best birthday lunch.


• It’s your birthday. We’re celebrating by making you lunch.

• When my friends and I say, “Let’s all go out for lunch,” it’s not just typical birthday banter. It’s also a super simple way to celebrate the fact that we’re all still here

• Perfect place to celebrate a birthday: a table full of friends, family and food

• Wishing someone special a very sweet birthday—and all the best in life is ahead.


• The best thing about your birthday is that there’s something new in your life to celebrate. Here’s to another year!

• Let’s celebrate your Birthday in the best way ever.

• You’re a party in your pants and a fashion icon in the real world. Happy birthday, @someone_named_something

• They say you can’t go home again, but here’s proof that you can take it from here. Happy birthday!


• I am so excited to celebrate my birthday, I can barely contain it

• Here’s to my birthday and the great life I am living right now.

• A toast to the best birthday ever!

• Here’s to the days when you want to skip the planning and let us do the heavy lifting.


• A day to celebrate you and a bunch of food

• It’s a good day for celebrating the extraordinary moments that make our world more beautiful.
• Our birthday lunch captions will make your meal feel extra special.

• Birthday lunch is a celebration, but you’re more important than the cake and flowers. Be prepared to sit on your ass if it means you get to enjoy your special someone even more!

• Not a day goes by that we don’t look forward to celebrating you. Happy birthday, dear! We love you so much!


• I’m celebrating my birthday like I want to be a million.

• Happy birthday to the best mother in the world! I can’t wait for our next date, when you share your secrets for staying young at heart.

• Celebrating my birthday with an all-day brunch, mimosas and a selfie.

• Happy birthday to the best mom on the planet!


• You’re so delicious we can’t eat you. But we’ll take this cake and eat it anyway

• Happy birthday to you! Happy birthday to you! Happy birthday to you! What a year it’s been— and the best one yet.

• Happy birthday! I’m so glad we’ve been celebrating you. I love you!

• A day to celebrate everything you are and everything you have accomplished. Happy Birthday!


• It’s not about the destination, it’s about the journey. Happy Birthday!

• Life is a celebration, don’t be all work no play.

• In 10 years, I will be the best version of myself yet again. Happy Birthday to me.

• If life were a slice of cake, I’d get it.


• It’s a milestone birthday lunch! Enjoy this special moment with family and friends, because life is all about celebrating milestones.

• The best part about turning 18 is the endless birthday dinners you can eat for free.

• Get your own unique birthday captions right here!

• Let’s celebrate your big day with a big box of delish sandwiches.


• Life’s a celebration. Every day, a chance to make it better with friends. Have a blast celebrating your birthday with us!

• The best thing about a birthday is when you get to eat cake (with lots of sprinkles, of course) and have fun with your friends. 😊

• I’m celebrating my birthday out of this world.

• Happy birthday to the most wonderful person we know. We’re so grateful for your support and love, dear friend!


• To the birthday girl! Happy birthday and may your day be filled with happiness and joy.

• I’m not a cliché. I’m just your friend celebrating the best year of my life with the most amazing people.

• May your celebration be one of life, love and laughter. Happy birthday!

• Happy birthday to the greatest person who ever lived. 🎉


• Let’s celebrate your special day with these delicious treats!

• Life is beautiful, and maybe we should celebrate it more.

• Your strength is inspiring and your presence is a blessing. Happy birthday to my best friend.

• Who’s gonna be the birthday lunch captain


• The best part of my day was when i was able to surprise everyone by bringing them a birthday lunch

• The perfect invitation to a birthday lunch, every time.

• I’m #superhappy to share this special day with you. May all your days be as bright, happy and fun as my birthday lunch!

• A birthday meal is the perfect way to celebrate your special day. Cheers!


• It’s your birthday. We’re celebrating with a meal you deserve.

• Who’s having lunch today?

• What a beautiful day to celebrate a birthday and eat.

• We’re here to celebrate your birthday. In a word? Incredible.


• Celebrating our birthday with a delicious meal and a glass of wine.

• A little bit of happiness, a lot of fun and some great friends. Happy Birthday!

• There’s a little party in every bite. Happy birthday, sweetie!

• To the birthday girl who makes my heart stop and catch fire like a firework. Happy Birthday!


• Today is my birthday and it’s a good day to celebrate.


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