Blue Sky and Green Trees Captions with Quotes

Blue Sky and Green Trees Captions with Quotes

Blue Sky and Green Trees Captions with Quotes:  Blue Skies and green trees…that is the mindset I want to take when I look outside. It’s not all about the weather, it’s about what you see. We live in a world that is full of distractions. As technology progress and grow everyday, we are becoming more and more disconnected from nature. For that reason, these quotes about nature really hit home for me because they remind me to slow down and appreciate what I have around me.

Blue Sky and Green Trees Captions with Quotes

Feeling a little blue? Greenify your day and get outside.

Hello there, baby blue sky!

Somewhere between the tree-covered landscapes and bright blue skies, the inspiration for our closest shave yet was born.


The weather is getting chillier and chillier—and nature is turning on her crazy-colorful palette.

Catch the sunny weather before it’s too late. Pull up a chair, grab a coffee and watch the leaves turn.

The sun is shining, and it feels like every day will be a good one.

Discover a world where everything is better – one bite at a time. Made fresh, with care. And never anything artificial.


I love this time of year when the weather is just perfect!

Time for some cool crisp morning walks with my pup

Sipping on something delicious over the weekend? Whether you’re having a cup of coffee with friends or a glass of wine with dinner, we’d love to see it. #shareacoffee

Let’s find out if this tree is made of chocolate cake or vanilla icing. #nationalforestday


Live every day to it fullest.

The only way to get through the weekend is to survive it.

When you see blue sky and green trees, the weather’s getting warm…

Cozy up in the season of sweater weather and walk with your friends along peaceful trails under bright blue skies.


A great way to start the day: with a smile on your face, a glint in your eye, and all that nature~~~l around you.

The grass is always greener… on the other side of fall.

Making every day feel like a walk in the woods…

Seeing the leaves start to change to orange, red and yellow is a sure sign of Fall.


Life is better when it’s spent outside.

The sun is out, and so is our array of fruits, veggies and greens. Shop now at Whole Foods Market.

It’s the perfect day for a road trip. Or maybe just enjoying the view from your backyard. Have a great weekend!

That feeling you get when you’re driving home on a sunny day.


Happy #beautifulwednesday ☀☀☀ and happy hump day!

Celebrating the return of the sun

The sun’s out and summer’s not over yet! Celebrate the end of a great season with us at our park locations across Canada.

It’s the most wonderful time of the year!


It’s Thirsty Thursday! Stop in for a cold one, and you never know, you might win the daily giveaway.

Forever young, blue skies and green trees.. You never get older. But you can’t stay young forever…

Glad you’re enjoying the beautiful fall foliage, friends. We are so proud of what we’ve been able to accomplish with our new recipe and packaging.

Celebrating those summer and fall adventures that make you want to slap on the sunscreen and a smile


All the reasons to be “outside” this weekend: Here’s to getting outside and exploring all that nature has to offer! #getoutside #findyourpark #findyourtrail

Go outside. Stay active. Drink more water.

Deep breaths, fresh air, and renewed energy.

Happy Spring! What’s your favorite season?


Fall weather is the best! It’s the only time of year when it’s appropriate to wear cozy sweaters, drink hot chocolate and be outdoors ☀

This time of year, we’re thankful for so much—family, friends and everyone who makes the world a better place. Have a Happy Thanksgiving.

Oh, how we love you.

No better feeling than waking up at the start of a long weekend.


I love waking up to a rainy day. Smells like blue skies and green trees.

Green and blue will always be our favorite colors.

The grass is greener here. We’re looking at you, fresh air.

Beautiful Boulder, Colorado. The city where the outdoors are so accessible, you’d think you were in a national park everyday.


We’re ready for spring. Can you tell by our new collection?

When you’re this in love with the place you live, it shows. Happy #NationalLoveYourPetDay, from our pet-friendly apartment homes to your pet-friendly pets! #FallinLove

Wow. It’s beautiful outside. It feels like summer again.

Falling in love is beautiful. Falling in love with the Falls is even better. #NewYorkFalls


Time to get out and enjoy these nice days

The summers are getting longer, and the days are getting warmer. Keep it up with our Vitamin D supplements.

It’s the little things that make life great. Happy Friday, everyone!

Yeah, it’s been a hot minute.


Fall leaves are falling

The world is your brother’s keeper.

Looking at the sky and trees makes me think of how grateful I am to be alive.

Thinking of all the possibilities with a sunshiny fall day.


Some days you just need to get outside and soak up the rays ☀☀

Get outside and enjoy the what’s left of summer

Of course it’s raining, it’s Seattle…

People say that April showers bring May flowers, but you’re blooming way earlier than that.


Can you hear the birds?

Here’s to a weekend of long walks, perfectly pressed pant-legs, recycled recipes and good books.

Blue sky and green trees are the best thing about spring. The weather’s just right, not too hot and not too cold.

The sky is blue. The grass is green. And Instagram captions are an excellent opportunity to promote your company and products!


Feel that warmth ☀️🌳but embrace the beauty of crisp air and changing leaves.

It’s an amazing day out there. Time to get outside and enjoy it!

It’s the first day of fall, and our tree is finally changing colors because we’ve been wearing shorts.

The sun is shining ☀, the breeze is blowing 🌬, and I have nothing else to do today but enjoy this beautiful weather.


we are feeling adventurous and green this week

Start the day off right with a cup of delicious Starbucks coffee.

The beauty goes on and on.

You’re going to love today 🌧☀


Gorgeous day for a cookout

It’s a fresh new day, and that means new opportunities. #MondayMotivation

in the midst of it all.

Spring has sprung and so have we. We’re all ready to dance in the (blue sky + green trees) light.


Nature’s beauty isn’t just something you see—it’s something you feel.

I like this photo because it reminds me of a place I love.

What a beautiful morning! ☀

It’s that time of year again—when the days start to get warmer and the sun shines brighter


This crisp Autumn day is the perfect time for hot cocoa and a hike in the mountains.

Summer is for catching up with friends and enjoying every last bit of sunshine ☀☀

What’s your favorite part about spring? Let us know by tagging us on Instagram @basilbluestate.

What a new day brings! A crisp, warm spring day that makes you want to get out and get going.


Happy #NationalForestDay! Where do you find peace in nature?

It’s the perfect day

The weekend is calling. Time to get out there and enjoy the weather.

The weather’s finally cooling down, and we’re over here like


School is out, and of course it’s time for some fun. Here’s to the weekend!

It’s all blue sky and green trees when you’re with us.

The greener this earth is, the bluer the sky is. How ’bout a hike? We’ll pick up some supplies and meet you at base camp…

You’re looking positively fall with these autumnally colorful colors, and that’s a good thing.


I think I’m in love with the colors of fall.

For all the dog lovers out there, we made this custom hashtag just for you! Here on Instagram, share photos of your pups in this beautiful outdoors.

We’re ready for you, spring. #happyspring

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Picking up that crisp fall feeling

National parks are ready and waiting to be explored. We can’t wait to hear all about your adventures in the great outdoors.

Say goodbye to humidity!

Blissfully breezy.


Welcome to Shore-to-Shore, Burlington’s summertime tradition. We’re happy you made it!

Just that morning feeling.

You can share this desire for clean air and water with your friends by using the hashtag #BlueSkyAndGreenTrees

Yay for a clear blue sky and crunchy green trees after the rain, and spring


We’re feeling the leaves changing and greening over here—especially our fresh Kona coffee!

Bling out your nest with our fresh fall collection. The sky’s the limit!

Fall has arrived! Take your coffee outside for fresh air and good vibes on the patio.☕

Happy first day of spring! ☀☀


Howdy, all. It’s a beautiful day here

We’re breathing in that brisk fall air—and it’s giving us all the feels.

It’s Saturday but we’re already getting excited for fall.

What a beautiful day it is. The perfect time to chill with a good book.


It’s that perfect time between the chilly mornings and long summer days.

Fall is the perfect season to step outside, pull on your favorite flannel and sit around the campfire. Enjoy the outdoors, we’ll make sure you’re outfitted with all the tools you need.

Ready for today’s adventure!

There’s nothing like the smell of crisp morning air and the beautiful scent of green leaves. It makes you want to get up early, walk around and enjoy #nature at its most pure


Get out, play, and be in nature with your friends and family. No filter required.

Warm weather ☀ and fresh air soothes the soul.

The crisp days of fall are finally here! What better way to celebrate than to enjoy a smooth cup of our fresh-roasted coffee served with a smile.

Hello, fall! See you at the park, in these new shoes from our collection. #BootsAndBeans


Sitting in the park and enjoying a beautiful Saturday. I love the weather today!

Whoo-hoo! Look at you all! Fall is almost here! We can’t wait to enjoy all the season has to offer, starting with this beautiful weather. Happy fall, everyone!

Sending you all some love, from the windy city.

It’s chilly, but the sun is shining. We could use a walk in the park


Happy weekend. Hope you’re enjoying the outdoors.

We have a wonderful friend who is as beautiful on the inside as she is on the outside. We are so glad to have her in our lives!

Wish you were here!☀ #vacation

Shout out to the weekend.


Blue sky, green trees. Let’s go

A perfect Sunday all around. #HappySunday #GreenTree #BlueSky

our blue skies are making us feel all the feels, and we’re loving it.

What a beautiful day! Enjoy the scenery, and remember to get outside.


Fall in love with the whole world all over again, because it’s fall.

Hey flower child, you look like spring today.

Happy Sunday, beautiful people! The morning sun is smiling on us all.

Easy breezy sunshiny days at the beach


Come hang out with us in the park.☀

Making a new friend and relaxing outside

Sweet summer solstice!

Wishing you and your family a joyous Thanksgiving.


Wishing you a wonderfully restful and renewing weekend.

13.7 acres of land with unlimited possibilities. Where can you grow?

Tackle the day: clear blue skies, crisp cool breeze, and sunny yellow leaves.

We’re falling in love with nature’s palette lately.


You’re my favorite color. 🌳🌲🌳

Trees, trees, and more trees.

Dress in the color that makes you happy.

The days are getting shorter, but you’re getting a little brighter!


Happy spring and welcome to spring! Here are some of our favorite looks that you’ll want to try. Have a great week, everyone!

Ornamental grasses are among the most versatile plants in the landscape. With their soft texture and gentle movement, they’re a great choice for adding color and texture to your outdoor spaces.

It’s the perfect day for a bike ride.

Happy May, everyone! Here’s hoping the weather continues to be nice so you can get outside and enjoy it.


Oh sweet baby groot. I’ve found you, and now I’m never letting go.

Sending warm wishes for a good day ahead.

Loving this time of year when the leaves start to change color, the air gets cooler, and the sky is always so blue.

Fall is my favorite time of year. The leaves are falling, and the sky is turning the bluest blue you’ve ever seen.


These long days and cool nights really have us longing for the outdoors.

Hello, gorgeous fall morning.

Fall is in the air, and we’re more than ready to welcome its crisp days, bright colors and cozy comforts.

Fall is here! The leaves are turning, and your weekly routine can too. Try these new ways to shake up your morning—and enjoy the season! ….


Hi there! We’re so glad you found us. Thanks for reading our bio. Let’s be friends.

Pineapple Upside Down Cake, a classic summer dessert—and now the perfect pie to celebrate #NationalPumpkinDay

How about an early morning hike? I’ll bring the coffee

Feeling like a kid again in the back of dad’s truck on the way to grandma’s house.


We’re looking forward to grilling with family and friends this summer!

These beautiful photos make me want to go outside and breathe in the fresh air—let’s do it.

Let it shine. The weather’s bright and the sky isn’t cloudy all day—so we’re feeling sunny.

It’s gonna be a bright (bright) bright (bright) world today.


The most beautiful time of year is here. Welcome to the change of seasons. Have a forest day.

The leaves are changing! Are you? I’m always up for #fallcolors.

A refreshingly cool morning at Spring Park in Farmington, Utah #outsideisfree

Mornings like these make you think that winter’s never gonna come.


That perfect time of year between swelter and sweater weather.

You’re my favorite person for all these reasons. Have a sweet Sunday

Carpe diem, my friends!

I need *this* weekend to last forever.


We’re looking forward to the long weekend, just like you. #FridayFeeling

What’s your favorite color? ~That’s easy! I like all colors, especially blue sky and green trees.

Somewhere in that blue 🌈 sky is a green 🍃 tree just for you.

The sun is out, the sky is blue, and the trees are green.


Green grass, blue skies, and a cool breeze? I’ll take it.

Nothing compares to the happy feeling of a day at the park. Enjoy the view.

It’s the perfect day for a hike and time to show the world that you’re all about the outdoors with our new Camo Tote Bag.

It’s a beautiful day in the neighborhood.


It’s no secret that fall is one of our favorite seasons here in the Northeast. We’ve rounded up our favorite ways to celebrate the colorful, cozy season.

Hello gorgeous!

You call this cold? Come on down to NC and see how we do winter.

This weekend, we’re hiking and biking, grilling and camping, cooking on the grill and roasting marshmallows. It’s gonna be a good one.


Day 3 of this weekend

We’re so excited for summer to get here and so are these kids. #summereve

Life is better when you have a dog

One big thing we don’t have to worry about.


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