Candle Holder Captions For Instagram

Candle Holder Captions
Candle Holder Captions

Candle holder captions are an effective way to take your Instagram posts up a notch. Captions can add more context to your photos and draw out a theme that may not be evident at first sight. And the best part is they can be super easy to write, but you don’t need to stress your self we have compiled the best for you.

Candle Holder Captions

Savor the sweet scents of fall with one of these limited-edition candle holders, exclusively available at Crate & Barrel.


Oh sweet, sweet candle holder. Rest for a bit. You’ve earned it.


Breathe a little luxury into your home routine with our handcrafted candle holders.



Light up your nights with candles in glass holders—from sleek and modern to classic and traditional.


Brighten your home this fall with candles in beautiful, unglazed ceramic containers. Enter to win a limited edition set of our fall candles.


Upgrade your fall candle game with our new collection of scented candles in glass lanterns. It’s going to be…so cozy. 🧞


Stay classic with this espresso and coffee candle holder 🍵



Our candles make for a perfect gift for your friends and loved ones or for anyone you want to spread some happiness to. So light one up, happy candle burning!


A candle is a beautiful gift for everyone—the perfect way to say I love you.


Live it up this weekend—your candle is lit.


There’s nothing like a candle lit dinner for two to celebrate the end of the week. #candlelitdinner



Your day deserves a little candlelight.


The smokey scent of candlelight can unite all the senses.


Put your best face forward. Introducing our 8 piece makeup brush set, complete with premium wood handles and the perfect shape for flawlessly applying your favorite complexion products.


Oh, how sweet the scent of autumn 👃🏻🍂



Light up your life with our new candle holder. Images and photography courtesy of @briancraighead


The ultimate marriage of form and function—this candle holder is everything.


Luxury candle holder and Gold Ardeo & Black Quartz cremation urns for ashes burial.


Turn your home into a candlelit sanctuary—with our new world-class candles.



Scent your space with a hint of rose, a touch of lavender and make every day feel like an enchanted evening. Let the darkness fade away as you bask in the light of your candle.🌹


Welcome to the soothing, warm world of candlelight.


Life is short. Burn the candle at both ends and then keep it going with the all new Candle.


Let your candle-lit evenings carry you along a path to tranquility and happiness with fine fragrances and vibrant colors.



We light candles for every occasion. Here are some to get you inspired.


These twinkle lights make every room shine brighter.


If you could bottle the moment when I’ve finished a good book, you’d have this candle.


One of the best things about fall is getting to light a candlelit dinner and linger at the table long after the plates have been cleared. 🕯



We’re dreaming of hot cocoa and fireside cuddles.


Trust your instincts and realize that the journey to discovering your path is just as enjoyable as being on it.


Enjoy the glow from within with these candle holders that bring a touch of elegance to any room.


Bring momentary warmth to your home with our array of cozy candles. Light up the night and fragrance your space with our scented candles, or bring together style, fragrance, and ambiance with our assortment of soy candles.



It’s the little things that count. Light a candle and put it in a holder that makes you feel good for an instant mood-booster.


Effortlessly set the mood and create a perfect ambience with your choice of candles, tea lights or decorative lanterns.


Candles in champagne flutes create the perfect mood for a dinner party. 🍾


Warm up the season with our cozy fall candles and home decor.



Savor the past, embrace the present, and dream of the future with these candles that will scent your home and bring you comfort.


Let the glow of candlelight set the mood for romance, a cozy evening by the fire, or an intimate dinner with friends.


Candle light, the most romantic of all lights, is a symbol of friendship, love and peace.


Light up your ZA candle and set the mood for a night of romance, passion, and fun 😎💕



Oh, how we love the rich and lush feeling of our Autumn candle. It’s a warm welcome to this sweet season.


Chasing sparkles wherever you go! A great gift idea for a friend or a loved one.


Candlelight, Champagne and Roses. What more could a girl ask for?


Settle in with a warm drink, your closest friends and your favorite memories.



Create a moment for yourself with our luxurious candle holder collection.


Fall in love with our new line of candle holders designed to pair perfectly with your favorite fragrances.


Your bathroom is a sanctuary, and the perfect place to set your candle free


As Kevin Bacon once said, “Home is where the candle holder is”



Candle season is here, and these are just a few of our favorite picks. Snag a candle to cozy up with this fall, or gift one to give the gift of fragrance.


Let the light of your love shine brightly this Christmas as you bask in the glow of these candles.


Put away all that summer gear and dust off your fireplace. Fall is in the air and it’s time to break out our favorite fall candles


Turn your phone into a candle with the sandalwood filament light 🔦 available in our shop 🛍



The biggest sign that it’s fall is that you get to break out this candle. 🎃


Aaaah, so dreamy. Let the scents of this candle take you away on a journey to a place that exists only in your imagination.


Fall into a scented evening with the candlelight flickering on your face as you cozy up with a book or glass of wine.


Unwind this season with a candlelit bath – one of life’s true luxuries.



A good friend, a cozy blanket, a fire in the hearth, and a candle 💯


Go from the season’s hottest trends to your fave, comfy pair of jeans with all-night burn 🔥


Hang on to the warm memories and friendships forged along this summer’s adventures.


Rustic meets refined with our latest home decor finds. Light up your space with these candle holders.



We make custom candle holders to fit your style, from modern and eclectic to traditional and 1800’s Victorian.


Light up some romance with our decorative candle holder


Give your space an inviting glow by decorating with the warm light of candle holders.


Warm and charming, our unique candle holders evoke the feeling of home while making your room glow with calming light.



Celebrate your birthday or Mother’s Day with our new custom candle holder. Now you can bring the same elegance to your table that you bring to your life.


Savor the sweet smell of success with this limited edition candle holder.


Chandelier candles are the height of luxury. Make your dinner table sparkle.


Long day? Treat yourself to the sweet scent of vanilla and citrus, and the calming glow of a flickering candle. 💛🌸



Feel the warmth of our fragrant candles brought to you by a passionate family of candle makers. ________________________________________________________


Our chandeliers catch even the most subtle scents and release them into a mesmerizing candlelit atmosphere. #Hallowine


Enjoy the simple pleasures of candle light on this breezy fall evening.


Your evening just got a whole lot better.



Nothing lights up a space like a candle… especially when that candle holder is as beautiful as the candles it holds.


#Candle holder as a focal point in a room design can help create ambiance.


Scents that warm the heart and home.With just a few simple steps, these candle holders will make your living room feel like an oasis in the middle of winter.


You don’t need to burn scented candles to get a whiff of spring. Our inviting collection of glass candle holders will have you dreaming of spring, no matter what time of year.



A winter evening is special only if you have a candle holder. Get this lovely wrought iron candle holder only at ➡️[URL] #IronCandleholder


Let the glow of candles light up your life.


We’re in this together. #candlesbyzoya


Snuggle into the nights with the soft glow of candles and these simple recipes.



Cast a spell on your guests with the enchanting scents of our candles that are made with all-natural soy wax and soybean oil, unlike other candles that contain paraffin, toxins, lead and preservatives.


Sink deep into the comfort of these soft candle scents. It’s a warm way to relax after a long day.


All the candles in one place.


Nothing better than a good book, a warm fire, and candle light.



Relax and unwind with this weekend scent from Jo Malone. Often imitated, never duplicated.


Forget about rules and start living in the moment. Let’s get lost together.


Light up the night with our handcrafted candle holder; the ideal centerpiece for your fall soirees. #candleholder


A rustic look for elegant candle holders and Christmas decorations.



Candles are the prettiest way to set a table. Seriously, this is an indulgent way you can bring color and warmth to your tablescape. 👜


Let these candles light up your life (and space).


Light up your life with candles that reflect the season and your style.


Light, airy, home decor is the epitome of chic. Our glass holders create a warm, welcoming glow in any space.



Live in a house or an apartment? No worries, these candles will brighten up your space and set the right mood.


A little luxury goes a long way. We’ve got you covered with candles in a variety of scents, including our best-selling White Barn Volcano candle and new scents like Beach Wood, Tangerine Quartz, and Gingerpatchouli. To get the most out of your candle, always trim the wick before burning.


Let the light of these candles illuminate your evening.


This is the candle that burns twice as bright. For times when you feel like an understatedly sophisticated spark in the room.



Envelop yourself in the alluring scent of this rich vanilla bean candle.


The autumnal glow of candlelight is the perfect setting for revelry and romance.


From a single spark, the fire rose.


An evening spent with good friends, good wine and dancing the night away.



An open-air adventure—rich woods and greens, a sparkling river. Transcend.

Make your the nights just a little brighter with new candle holders. It’s time to bring out the big ones.


Celebrate the season with the soft glow of our Autumn Flame candle holder.


Live it up. Light up your night with a candle holder from our luxury range that’s gilded in gold. $$



Add romance to your evening by lighting a candle along with the setting sun. #cantwaittosetmytablescape


Treat yourself with a candle from our new Bath & Spa Collection. It’s a calming fragrance that will lift your spirits, and melt tension away…


Make this romantic season even more beautiful with our Flutter Candles. #LetThereBeLight


It’s all about the scent. Our candles are made with premium ingredients and are poured into hand-blown vessels for an indulgent experience that’s like nothing else.



An oasis of tranquility, a moment of utter peace. The soft glow of candlelight creates a soothing ambience while the scents of our candles evoke feelings of warmth, romance and luxury.


It’s getting cooler, so swap out your summer candles for a spicy fall scent like Cinnamon Stick.


Pamper your mind, body, and soul with the candlelit luxury of a spa day.


Take a candlelit bath 🔥 🌝 💦



Set the mood.


There’s something about a fire in the fireplace and the smell of pumpkin pie that just screams “Happy Fall!”


Our scents are inspired by the most beautiful places. This month, we’ll share the origins of Le Marais.


Let me remind you of what the weekend’s all about…



Let us brighten your day with candles, inspired by the warmth and comfort of home. #Candleholder


Luxury candle holders never go out of style.


Dress up your dinner table with a centerpiece. A candle holder gives the meal an aesthetic touch, says Jonathan Adler, founder of Jonathan Adler Collection.


Luxuriate in the lavender-scented candle and soak in the calming bath.



Let your holiday table glow with candlelight.


Light a candle and let the world fade away, the sweet scents of this elegant candle cup will seduce anyone around you.


Feel the warmth of our scented wax caress your senses as you relax amidst our custom-made candles.


Set your table in candlelight and start your next soirée with a magical glow. 💡



Give your home this cozy glow with fresh, fall scents and a warm, glowing light.


How fabulous would this be on your patio or deck to give off beautiful scents and provide light?


Feel the reassuring glow of home; the welcoming warmth of a lighted house on a dark winter evening.


Let our scent-sations light the way to living your best life.



Pillowy-soft blooms in cascading shades of blush and cream 🌸 💕


light the way 💡


Live in a state of luxury and there is no room for clutter.

Crowned with a sparkling crystal, our traditional candle holder glistens, bringing light and beauty to any room in your home.



Engaged in a poetic evening of love, art, and music—our candles are elegant candle holders for all your thoughts.


Light up the night with our new candle holders. 🌙 🌛 💫


Candles are more than just a home décor item. Their mood-altering scents can stimulate the senses and help you breathe easier.


Let’s be real, gifting is overrated. You’ll know you’ve gotten the right gift when she smells these candles, melts into that couch and sighs in absolute contentment.



Every fall, light a candle in a look that’s timeless.


This is what it feels like to be surrounded by the ones you love in a candlelit dining room.


​Sometimes a small thing can change your mood. And, the tiny flame of a candle is enough to make the moment.


Get lost in the moment, anytime, anywhere with a scented candle made from the highest quality ingredients and essential oils.



Candlelight transforms any space into a plush and romantic retreat.


Light up your special moments. In candlelight, life is always a little more beautiful. 💛


The only person stopping you from lighting your heart’s flame is the candle in your hand. Let us help you light a new path.


A fabulous light for any room, we’ll be the centerpiece of your abode.



Let your senses soar with the warm citrus, sweet vanilla, and the freshness of bergamot.


Luxury isn’t about how many things you own, it’s about how your stuff makes you feel when you use them


Throwback to last night’s dinner party. Thanks to @candlesbyellie #candleholder


Light up your space with pure serenity. Our candle holders are made of the finest materials in the world, and designed to be the perfect candle-to-table ratio.



A place for everything, and everything in its place. Stay organized this season with our beautiful candle holders.


Dance among the stars in your bedroom with our constellation candle holders.


Say hi to this candle holder, who will make your gatherings at home even more captivating. Now available in sleek glass 🔥


Lighten up any space with this gorgeous addition to your decor.



Light up your life.


With every gift a candle gives, the giver will receive tenfold in return.


Bold, bright, and lively are the flavors of fall. And they all come together in this scent.


Sip on warm vanilla, spiced plum and creamy sandalwood. Enjoy with loved ones all day long.



Because great things happen when we get lit.


Go ahead and indulge yourself. We won’t tell.


Inhale the aroma of this evening, exhale the stress.


No place like home. #inspirtion


This gorgeous candle holder is the perfect way to create a romantic atmosphere in your home. #Candleholder


Candle holders can be simple, elegant and chic 👠 with a touch of glamour 😍 Take your tablescape to the next level.


Follow your heart and light the way with our luxury candle holder. Perfect for your holiday dinner party, a celebration of an anniversary or birthday, or just for a cozy night in.


Warm sunshine, cool breezes and big blooms are destined to make your summer season bright. (Candle Holder)



Enjoy the flicker and glow of a fresh, fragrant candle. Light some candles now and add a warm glow to your home.


The light at the end of a long day; that moment when you can finally relax after dinner, put your feet up and enjoy the ambience of your candles.


Breathing in the scent of an unlit candle is as good a way to start your day as any.


Pamper yourself with a candlelit bath and lush scented candles 💦



Just light the candle, close your eyes, and bask in the warmth of this little slice of heaven.


Experience the glamour of candlelight in an opulent setting.


Let us illuminate your home with these beauties from our tableware collection.


Warm the room and warm our hearts with the rich scents of the season. Bravo to you.



Feel like yan, but smell like flowers? We’ve got you covered.


Summer won’t last forever. So light up the nights in style 🔥🌞😍


Warm and cozy, but never stuffy.


Bring the glow of candlelight to any occasion with our gorgeous array of candle holders.



Let these captivating candle holders carry you away.


Brighten your home with these soft candle holders.


The candle holders of the season are crafted from the finest brass and birch wood, they are modern yet delicate with a soft patina that will complement your home beautifully.


Someone has to bring light to the world. A candle holder can do just that. We offer a variety of candle holders to bring a bit of luxury and magic into your life.



Whatever your mood, an elegant candle holder adds a touch of glamour to any room.


Candles aren’t just for the holidays. Now’s a great time to light some candles and make your home feel cozy and warm. 🎯☕️


Don’t pretend like you don’t want to be surrounded by hot dudes that smell like pumpkins and spices.


Embrace the season with this fall-inspired scent.



Come home to candlelight, 🕯️.


A perfectly scented experience to help unwind after a long day.


Live in all the light you want. Let me help you with that.


Because the darkness doesn’t have to be lonely.



Here’s to a well-lived year. Let’s make some new memories in the days ahead. 🎁🌃

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