Instagram Captions for Sandwich Wraps

Captions for Sandwich Wraps
Captions for Sandwich Wraps

Captions for Sandwich Wraps: Sandwich wraps have become a popular and versatile choice for a quick and delicious meal. These delightful creations offer a perfect blend of flavors and textures, wrapped in a convenient package.

Whether you’re enjoying a light lunch, planning a picnic, or looking for a portable snack, sandwich wraps are a fantastic choice. With their wide variety of fillings and ingredients, it’s no wonder that people around the world have fallen in love with these tasty treats.

Captions for Sandwich Wraps

Not getting married, but sandwich wraps are forever.


Fast. Fresh. Wrapped in 10.



Bold. Beloved. Back in 2016, the BLT was named our most popular sandwich of all time. And now the classic favorite is back and tastier than ever!


Ditch the deli with our new sandwiches.


Start your day with this delicious, flavorful breakfast wrap 


It’s sandwich time!



These are the ultimate wraps.


Treat yourself to the ultimate flavors of fall with this wrap.


A wrap so packed with flavor, it’ll make you want to do a happy dance.


We like to call this sandwich a “healthy lunch option” but we all know it’s really an excuse to eat dessert for lunch. 😏



Have you tried our sandwich wraps yet? They’re tasty and nutritious.


This isn’t a sandwich wrap. This is a gamechanger.


Not all sandwiches are on bread. This wrap is just cauliflower and carrots. Let’s Wrap It Up!


When we say “fresh ingredients,” we mean it. Our wraps are made to order all day long for you.



Wrapped. And ready for you.


Boldly delicious and packed with protein, avocado makes the best sandwich wrap that’s good for you.


The ultimate summer sandwich wrap is here, and it’s delicious, #vegetarian, and portable.


What’s wrapped in lettuce and tastes like chicken? 🐔 This sandwich wraps of course!



Don’t let your lunch wrap you around it’s little finger!! Wrap Around it!!


This sandwich looks like a wrap but it’s really a hero.


You’re wrong if you think sandwiches are just for lunchtime. It’s always a good time for a wrap!


The easiest way to wrap your sandwich is with a wrap!



A wrap is a sandwich that’s all sorts of fun! 


Text your chef and get sandwiches delivered from at FavChurro in 5 mins.  

Take your sandwich wraps to the next level with these top hacks. 🥗


If you’re not eating a sandwich wrap, you’re missing out



Grab a sandwich and wrap it up.


These sandwich wraps are ideal for kids’ lunch boxes and picnics. Totes adorbs.


Need a grab-and-go sandwich solution that’s healthy and delicious? These game-changing wrap recipes are perfect for your next lunch break.


The time has come to wrap your mouth around these mouth-watering wrap sandwiches.



You’ll never want to eat another sub again after trying these wraps.


the secret to a perfect summer picnic? Delicious wraps and an adventurous spirit!


Don’t get wrapped up in the same lunch routine. Try our new spinach wrap!


Fun fact: This wrap is the most popular item on our whole menu. 🙌



Sometimes all you need is a little 🌯 wrap to get your day started. Keep it low carb with lettuce. #yummy


Sandwich Wraps are no less than the ultimate wrap, and an ideal treat for all.


Which sandwich wrap will you choose?.


Wrap ’em up this summer!



Fresh, Simple, Delicious.


You don’t have to have a carb and cheese to enjoy a sandwich wrap. We’re here so you can keep it healthy


We love making sandwiches. Like all week long, we make sandwiches. We see sandwiches as an expression of our culture, a vehicle for community, a way to be creative and infused with our love for each other.


Making a better sandwich!



Who said eating a sandwich couldn’t be fun?


Light it up, wrap it up & make life great with the #WeCan grillin’ sandwich wraps!!!


Don’t be afraid of crisp vegetables! Have you tried our Farmer’s Market Sandwich Wrap? 🥚😎


You want to know who’s wrapping your sandwich? It’s me! Me, me, ME!!!



Ready, set, eat your wrap!


Get your wrap on with the latest eats from! Our sandwiches are packed w/ the freshest veggies, meats and cheeses.


Now you can enjoy all of your favorite foods wrapped in our delicious, hearty burrito.


Like, so good. Like, what’s not to love? Just delicious. So good.



Let’s wrap some deliciousness »


Don’t just be boss, be a sandwich-wrapping boss.


We believe that wraps are the next big thing in food.


who says wraps are just for lunch? Pack these easy breakfast wraps for a very good morning.



You’ll wrap up your lunch feeling excited that it’s so tasty and healthy too!


The perfect sandwich is more than the sum of it’s parts.


Wraps are a great way to replace a sandwich for lunch 🥗


need a break from your own cooking, but dont want to eat out? try our classic chicken salad sandwich wrap – its easy to make and tastes delicious! 🥗



Say hello to your new favorite wrap. Freshly made with the best produce, tastiest toppings and freshest bread, this is a lunch you can feel good about eating.


The only thing better than a wrap is a wrap packed with flavor. Try our new Sriracha Crunch Wrap


keep it wrapped let the food do the talking


Bold flavors, bright colors, big smiles. Let’s do lunch. 🍅🥒🌯



Sandwiches are the King and Queen of lunch 😋


Wrap yourself in flavor


Get ready for a wrap experience.


Make your own sandwich wraps with our whole grain tortillas and fill with chicken, cheese, avocado & more .



Forget the bread. Wraps are where it’s at.


A wrap perfectly-portioned with fresh ingredients, ready to grab and go.


Who said you need bread to make an incredible wrap?


Everyone is raving about our sandwich wraps! Grab yours today and let us know what you think!



Get your sandwich wraps on!


You’ll never go back to regular sandwich bread after trying these wraps.


Wraps don’t have to be boring. Get creative with these reinvented classic 🥪


Wrap it up: it’s the perfect on-the-go summer meal!



The perfect sandwich wrap is one that’s easy on the waistline, but satisfying on the taste buds.


No time for lunch? No problem! Our crispy, flakey Panini sandwich wraps are made with your lunchtime in mind.


If you love sandwiches, this is the one. Using sprouted grains and fresh ingredients to make our wraps, we’ve packed in the protein and fiber for a healthy lunch that doesn’t skimp on flavor.


Start your day off right with a lunch of soft, fluffy tortillas that are filled with bold flavors.



Say goodbye to boring chicken salads and hello to the most delicious wraps & sandwiches 🙌🎉 B


Wrap up your day with a delicious and wholesome meal!


Mmm…this is so good!


If you’re feeling a little under the weather right now, these healthy sandwiches can help restore your immune system to perfect health. 



How To Make Sandwich Wraps: Welcome to the future of sandwich wraps.


The end of summer (and our sandwich wraps) is nigh!


With these savory, spicy & zesty sandwiches you get more than a meal with sides, you get a party 


You don’t have a kitchen? No problem. We’ve got everything you need to make the most delicious, easy-to-portable sandwich wraps.



Style your own healthy bites with these sandwich wraps—made with creamy avocado and leafy greens, just for you. #sandwichwrap #multi-grain


This is it, why not try a completely different take on a sandwich wrap? 😎


Wrap yourself in deliciousness #wraps #lunch #holidays #summer


Get yourself a cucumber, some lettuce, and a bit of cheese and wrap it up in one of these scrumptious sandwiches and enjoy.



Make Mondays a little more delicious with one of these easy and healthy sandwich wraps 🌯 💃


This wrap is here to make your catering table the star of the show. Looking good, everyone! #wraps


There are a lot of sandwiches in the world. Most of them are wraps.


It’s sandwich wrap season! Stay cool on hot summer days with one of our four sandwich wrap options: chicken Caesar, sweet chicken, ham + Swiss and Italiano.



This Sandwich Wrap will leave you with a lasting impression 💥


Escape the ordinary with our new tasty wraps, bursting with flavor.


Get the most out of your wrap this summer with these epic sandwich hacks.


These wraps are so good, you might have to fight your children for them.



Wrap, roll and go. @TJFoodie shows how it’s done with this easy breakfast wrap.


Take a bite of this bold flavor made with fresh tomatoes and crisp lettuce. #eatboldly


Can you feel it? It’s sandwich wrap season. Don’t get left out in the cold.


Snack smarter with these October-inspired sandwich wraps. 👊🍂



The original wrap sandwich. No matter who you are, the Original Club is perfect for you!


These wraps are the wayyyy better version of your favorite sandwiches.🌯


Whether you’re a lover of meat, cheese, or veggies, everyone will love these sandwich wraps.


You can put anything in a wrap! Sandwiches, lettuce, falafel, pizza. You name it, it can go in a wrap.



I like my sandwiches like I like my champagne: filled with wraps and cheese. No wonder I’m so bubbly️


Your sandwich wrap says a lot about you: smart, simple, and stylish.


Life’s short, eat the sandwich wrap


Yes, we have all of the sandwiches on wraps. No, you don’t have to choose.



The perfect summer sandwich is waiting for you. It’s a wrap!


You’ll never be bored with these creative sandwich wraps…


Take a deeper dive into our new sandwich wraps & see how this wrap has your name on it.


Literally the best sandwich wraps



Life is a sandwich.


Get your protein on with these fun sandwich wraps 😎


Enjoy your sandwich as it is wrapped in foil.


I will eat all the wraps, and I will like it.



Always found myself in the kitchen experimenting with new ingredients to make sandwiches. Now, I can do a wrap with just about anything!


Eating fresh and filling food-wrapped sandwiches doesn’t get any better than this.


Nothing beats the satisfaction of a fire grilled sandwich for lunch.


I don’t think we’ve ever had a wrap like this, but it sure is good! 😋👍



The best thing about a croissant sandwich is that we can turn bread into whatever we want it to be!


Explore the endless creative possibilities of sandwich wraps with these 3 simple, fresh, and delicious options!


Our new #sandwichwraps are a real game changer. A super light and filling wrap that is as delicious as it is healthy. The perfect lunch to get your day started.


Filled right the first time, this sandwich wrap is the ideal recipe.



Packed with crunchy vegetables, they’re so tasty and satisfying! 👍 #sandwichwrap


The #SandwichWrap. The sandwich that is so good you will travel across the city for it. And then do it again.


We believe in the power of a sandwich—especially when we’re makin’ it.


Let’s make some delicious sandwiches!



Sick of regular ol’ chicken and ham/smoked turkey sandwiches? Try these recipes for your next lunch time.


Sandwich wraps are the gift that keeps on giving, so store them in a freezer bag and continue to enjoy them for all of season!


Hey boy! We got some other stuff too. 😉 #FancySandwichWrap #SubbyBite


The sandwich of your dreams. (PS: They’re super versatile!) #foodie#inspiration#food



No feelings. Just delicious ingredients that make the best sandwich wrap #nofeels


The #sandwichgourmet: compact, filling, and delicious.


You got this! Get the wraps ready


Yes, you can have the best of both worlds with these super delicious and easy to make sandwich wraps. Here’s how…



Wrap it up in your sandwich wraps. Throw on a side of guacamole and call us back to see if you’re still hungry.


Get creative with these delicious sandwich wrap ideas for on-the go lunches.


Sandwich Wraps. For when you want to change up your routine and keep it fresh.😎🌯


Keep it simple and delicious with these easy sandwich wraps! #easyrecipes



Juicy, meaty, chewy. So many adjectives for one wrap! Don’t forget to add pepper for a little kick!


We discovered the middle ground between sandwiches and burritos and it’s called wraps. 🤯


On our wraps we only use delicious produce from local farms. We’re all about healthy food, made with love.


We’re wrapping up summer with these fresh and easy summer wraps.



Treat yourself to a fresh, filling lunch with our sandwich wraps.


All wrapped up and ready to go or serving as a salad, sandwich wrap is put together with the same consistency of a dressing.


If the weather’s good, we’ll be getting out of town so you’ll want to bring a sandwich wrap.


With the right choice of fillings, wraps can make a quick and simple lunch or dinner.



This will become your go-to wrap. It has everything you love about breakfast sandwiches, in a handheld form.


Put your hands up – we’re making our wraps here at @sandwichfriendsf for you. #styllife 🙌🏽


A spicy, delicious meal that’s as easy to make as it is great to eat. And it’s a scrumptious treat for when you’re craving a snack or a quick lunch with friends.


The best part about enjoying a sandwich wrap is the ability to be creative! Whether you love to make your own or find a great store bought version, they’re timelessly tasty and fun to eat.



Get under wraps with this delectable wrap that’s filled with your favorite ingredients. #Subway


It’s no secret that wraps are the new lunch obsession.


Wraps are great because they’re quick and easy to make, plus they’re portable and perfect for lunchboxes.


Hungry for lunch? You’ll be happy to know we’ve got you covered with juicy sandwiches that are perfect for quick picks up and go.#



We have a problem: We love SANDWICH WRAPS. So much so, our friends and family started asking for them at birthday parties. But we didn’t know what to do with them—until now!


Crunchy and flavorful, our chicken sandwich wraps combine juicy grilled chicken, cool lettuce and cilantro, tangy pickled jalapeños, and creamy avocado in a soft whole wheat tortilla for a delicious lunch or party snack. 🥘


Wraps are the ultimate portable food. Get out there and wrap up something good! #feelingfancy


We’re in love with avocado, and these Thai tuna sub wrap packs are our new favorite lunch. 😅



Only the best… no other wraps like it.


Stop overthinking everything you’re eating and wrap it up in a wrap and #loveit

only the best sandwich wraps


Spice up your fall routine with these warm and easy sandwich wraps. . .



Can’t decide between a sandwich and a wrap? How about both?!


These wraps are bursting with flavor.


Pop, fizz, crunch! This sandwich is made with all your favorite things—and then some 😍


We’re wrapping things up in honor of National Sandwich Day 🥪



A Classic Sandwich Wrap Gets a Makeover. A Bold Twist on a Wraps Favorite


We’re so excited to launch our new sandwich wraps!


Wraps are the new sandwich.


Bold flavors in your lunchtime wrap.



The best thing about a sandwich wrap is that you can eat it for breakfast, lunch and dinner 😂


Put together a yummy sandwich wrap with this melty, cheesy recipe! #sandwichwrapper


Hands down the best sandwich wrap!! The soft egg and the pink meatball are a match made in heaven.


I’m the type who, if I get to choose, literally would pick a sandwich wrap over a dinner roll any day of the week.



When you’re done with that sandwich wrap and need to be filled with something new.


My life was just limited to the two inches of the sandpapery side of a tortilla…until I started using #foodwrap myself.


We’ve made it easier than ever to make a delicious, compliant wrap at home!


Twist up our veggie wraps this season with some of our favorite bite-sized veggies.



Wrap me up in a fruit fly sandwich 🍏🍂


Be bold. Try something new today. In this sandwich wrap you get the best of both worlds: the smoked flavor of classic barbecue and the crispness of an artichoke heart seam.


The best part of waking up is making your own sandwich wraps. Thought it was the best, so I made an Instagram post to share my process 😋


Pair up that sandwich wrap and make a double layer.



Make a move and make it a wrap. Superior meaty, crunchy bread is the perfect complement for your favorite fillings.


Get the inspiration you need to make some of these amazing grilled sandwiches and wraps!


If you’re looking for that perfect wrap, choose one made with the right ingredients: love, and the best ingredients.


Wow, a sandwich wrap!



You can satisfy a craving with Subway’s 7-Layer Club Sandwich Wrap #strong


Nothing will stand between you and your hunger. #BeTheSandwichWrap


Welcome to the world of Peanut Butter Joy! We put a delicious twist on the classic sandwich wrap for all you munching, sandwich pairings out there.


When you don’t know what to have for lunch. A Sandwich Wrap will do.



Grab your sandwich wrap, fill it up with all kinds of goodies, and go. It’s that easy!


You want it, you got it! It’s a sandwich! It’s a wrap! It’s both.


These wraps are packed with flavor, they’re a meal by themselves!

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