Caribbean Airlines Meals Captions

Caribbean Airlines Meals Captions
Caribbean Airlines Meals Captions

Caribbean Airlines Meals Captions: Caribbean Airlines Meals Captions – Travelling to another destination with Caribbean Airlines is a treat in itself. It is even sweeter to be served delicious meals accompanied by free newspaper and wine. Here are some captions to help present the memories.

Caribbean Airlines Meals Captions

Caribbean meals are gourmet international cuisine inspired by the islands of the Caribbean.

Caribbean Airlines meals take you on a tasting journey of flavor from the Caribbean to the world.

Feast your eyes on this fine Caribbean meal. #CaribbeanAirlines #IFlyCaribbean


Traveling with Caribbean Airlines will transport you and your taste buds to the Caribbean.

Caribbean Airlines is the Caribbean’s number one airline, serving 34 destinations in 18 countries.

Grab a bite of home-cooked Caribbean delicacies 🌯 from our delicious in-flight menu. . . . . . .

Endless blue sky, endless history, and endless possibilities. Fly Caribbean.


Our meals are prepared using ingredients with the flavors of the islands.

Everything tastes better on the move, including our onboard meals.

Hand-made with just four simple ingredients, our jerk chicken wraps are the perfect snack for an on-the-go lifestyle.

Our meals are made with passion from the best local ingredients.


We’re always thinking about what will delight your appetite when it comes to meals. We’ve curated an eclectic menu to celebrate the diversity of food that brings us all together.

Let us take you to where the air is warm, and the breeze is gentle ☀.

Caribbean Airlines’ meals are delicious and nutritious. Enjoy yours with a cold Carib beer 🍺 😋 #CaribbeanAirlines #Foodie.

We’ve got the best Caribbean food around. Stay tuned for more mouth-watering meals from Caribbean Airlines 🍳


Caribbean Airlines flies to #CaribbeanIslands. Our meals are made by chefs trained to cook with the finest local produce and authentic Caribbean spices. #CaribbeanFoodie

Our meals are made fresh, using the freshest ingredients. We love what we do, and it shows. What’s your story? #Caribbeanairlines

Caribbean Air is your reliable source for all things delicious…See how we’re moving you ‘Beyond The Seat.’

Savor your Caribbean vacation at 30,000 feet. Find meals and recipes here


Get up to speed with the Caribbean’s new meals. Fit in just a moment.

Welcome on board! Where we’ll be sharing the best of Caribbean cuisine 🥘 🍴 🥒 🇧🇷 🌯

Enjoy the best of Caribbean flavors on the islands.

The sweet and delicate flavors of the Caribbean. Enjoy fresh island style with flavorful authentic dishes from our new menu.


The joy of a Caribbean cruise-inspired meal—without the seasickness. 🌴

Pair your trip with great-tasting meals from our chefs.

It’s time to get away from it all once again. Be the first to know about our new flight deals and vacation destinations by following us on Instagram! (link in bio)

Our meal pairs perfectly with inspiring music and our award-winning service ✈️ ‼️


Let our chefs take you on a journey of new flavors.

A meal for a lifetime of memories. Caribbean Airlines meals are made with love and authentic Jamaican flavors.

Delight your taste buds and travel light with Caribbean Airlines meals sourced from our Caribbean markets.

Catering to our passengers’ island lifestyles, Caribbean Airlines offers a delightful range of choices in meals and beverages from around the Caribbean and beyond.


We’re taking you on a summer vacation aboard Caribbean Airlines. Experience the fresh tastes of our Caribbean Cuisine.

Looking for a tropical escape this winter? Caribbean Airlines makes it easy to get there, and you can always find inspiration in delicious island fare:

Experience the Caribbean. For your next holiday, choose Caribbean Airlines and our warm and friendly hospitality.

Take a bite out of the Caribbean this summer when you fly with Caribbean Airlines.


If your vacation plans include travel to the Caribbean, check out our meals to help you get there. Our Caribbean-inspired dishes are a great way to enjoy some local flavor while you’re in transit.

Let us take you on a tropical vacation with our Caribbean-inspired meals. Available for flights in the Caribbean and Latin America.

Enjoy the best of both worlds—a comfortable, convenient flight upfront and an elegant sit-down meal in the air.

The Caribbean flavors of Martinique


Our meals are the way to go when you’re hungry for something delicious, something a little out of the ordinary, or something that will keep your stomach full and happy.

Caribbean Airlines meals are tasty, healthy, and nutritious. # CaribbeanAirlines

Enjoying a delicious Caribbean Airlines meal doesn’t have to be an experience that is just for the nose and the mouth. It can also be a treat for the eyes 📸😍

Caribbean Airlines is your premier international choice for relaxing in business class and getting served exquisite meals.


The most impressive first-class meals you will ever see?☀️😍😍 #CaribbeanAirways

Caribbean Airlines #BAWAGirls serving up some quality umphf for your days off from cooking 🥘😋

From sun-kissed islands to crystal blue skies, #CaribbeanAirlines will take you there. Stay tuned for more updates on our flights and exciting deals this Summer!

Enjoy delicious Caribbean food for your next flight.


Caribbean cuisine is a mix of African, European, and Indian influences. We are a mix of many cultures and traditions. So let us take you on a voyage that’s like no other.

We’re taking #flights to the next level with free meals. Click the link in our bio to find out more.

A taste of the Caribbean with Coconut Prawn, Curried Goat, and Trio.

Now that’s a meal fit for a vacation.


Traveling has never tasted so great.

Time flies when you’re having fun, and what better way to spend time than with family and friends on the islands?

We feed you like no other! We use only the freshest ingredients, sourced locally and from around the globe.

Treat yourself like royalty with Caribbean Airlines Meals. Try Caribbean Airlines’ delicious meals today!


Caribbean Airlines meals are made fresh by our internationally trained chefs, who take their inspiration from global flavors. Unlike other airlines, where meals are soggy and flight attendants make announcements every 10 minutes, you will enjoy a quiet and relaxed Caribbean airline flight atmosphere.

Treat yourself to the delicious new Caribbean Flavors on our new in-flight menu ✈️

Experience our onboard meals—food that’s bold, flavorful, and full of spice. Just like the destinations, we fly to.

An affordable escape from the daily grind—#CaribbeanAir is where you get a lot of room to move.


Relax and enjoy our tasty Caribbean meals made with authentic Caribbean food.

These are the meals you need for a perfect holiday in the Caribbean. : @bonifaciosa

The Caribbean is known for its beauty, and Bajans are famous for their hospitality, but what could be better than a bit of both in one?

We fly around the world and back, knowing what makes a meal taste delicious. Our chef carefully crafts our meal recipes to take you on a culinary journey from one destination to the next. ⛵️


Relish a taste of the Caribbean with Jamaican jerk chicken, roasted pork and rice, and grilled fish.

You can expect a meal off the charts when you’re up in the air.

Smartly designed to keep you full and focused on your destination.

Enjoy epicurean cuisine that takes you on a culinary journey.


Caribbean Airlines Meals captions talk about the convenience of ordering meals online, the ease of having them delivered straight to your home, and the joy of enjoying a delicious meal in your own home.

Caribbean Airlines meals offer a wide variety of cuisine, from our signature island dishes to international fare and dining options.

Caribbean Airlines meals offer a taste of the Caribbean on your flights 🌴👫✈️

Our meals are all freshly made with the freshest ingredients. Make your next meal special, and make it Caribbean Airlines.


You’re traveling on a Caribbean Airlines flight today. Here’s what you can enjoy for breakfast, lunch, and dinner (use an image of the menu as the cover photo to highlight the meals).

Our meals are inspired by the Caribbean, reflecting a fusion of authentic local flavors and international fare. We have carefully selected which ingredients and spices to use in your meals to ensure that they taste as good as they look.

Relax and enjoy a Caribbean vacation anytime with our Caribbean-inspired meals.

The Caribbean is truly the best possible destination. There are so many things to do and see. The food is fantastic, the people are friendly, and you can always be guaranteed warm weather. You’ll never get bored on holidays in the Caribbean!


You’re going to love the taste of this dish—our chefs have created a mouthwatering take on classic Caribbean cuisine.

Enjoy a delicious Caribbean cuisine for lunch this month with us. Download our app to place your order now!

We’re taking you to a tropical location without the hassle of seat sales, delays, and lost baggage.

Our meals are made from the freshest ingredients and are just as delicious as they look. Bon Appetit!


Are you feeling hungry? We have what you need.

Caribbean Airlines meals offer you the best Caribbean cuisine. Enjoy delicious and fresh meals from The Caribbean today.

Caribbean Air Meals are tasty, nutritious, and large enough to share! So if you are planning on treating your loved ones this EID, don’t forget to book your flight with Caribbean Airlines.

A warm welcome to A&W, the official airline meal provider of Caribbean Airlines.


At Caribbean Airlines, we like to keep our meals simple. So even if you’re a picky eater, there’s bound to be something for you. Enjoy your flight. 😉

Now that you have chosen Caribbean Airlines, It’s time to savor the flavors of the islands.

Make every taste a vacation experience. Whether it’s your first time or your fiftieth, you’re in good hands with Caribbean Airlines 💕

For over 50 years, Caribbean Airlines has been transporting guests to the island of their dreams. They are making life a little sweeter at 30,000 feet.


We’re taking you there, Caribbean style. #CaribbeanAirlines

Treat yourself to the freshest meals no matter where your journey takes you. Treat yourself to the freshest meals 🥗 . We have fresh meals every 3 hours on board for our Caribbean and American flights.

Beautiful sunsets 🌅The Caribbean way of life 🌺Food for the soul 🥰

We don’t serve just any food. We serve Caribbean Fusion Cuisine.


You’ll need all your strength on this flight, so we’ve made sure there’s a wide variety of food choices just for you. ✈️🍹

Our meals are made with no artificial colors or flavors. We’re pure eating pleasure.

Food is so good; it could be on your bucket list.

Get away from it all with the new Caribbean Airlines Meals. Stylish, contemporary, and made for sharing.


We’ve got you covered if you’re looking for some beautiful and delicious meals to celebrate the upcoming holidays. Call Caribbean Airlines today to reserve your seat.

Catch the highlights of our food and drink specials aboard Caribbean Airlines flights.🍔🍹

Celebrate the return of a new season with a taste of the Caribbean. Book your flight now and experience the local flavors. Visit

Come on over for a great meal, Caribbean style. We have lambi, stew chicken, curry goat, and more! 🍴 #CaribbeanAirways


This holiday season, just sit back and fly the Caribbean.

Delight your taste buds with the Caribbean’s fresh and authentic cuisine. Click below for more details:

Catch us on your next flight to Trinidad Tobago and make the most of your holiday with our signature dishes

We love to take a bite of the Caribbean with every one of our meals. Whether we’re preparing a tasty meal on board or enjoying Caribbean-inspired cuisine…


Enjoy another Caribbean-inspired meal on board #CX828. Chef Derek has prepared a colorful and tasty feast that will be sure to satisfy your taste buds 🍠🍬

So much flavor in the new Caribbean classic meals ✈️🍴

Dinner is served, and we’ve got the ingredients for an epic Caribbean vacation. The ocean is calling. Let’s go.

Our premium meals are 100% guaranteed to make you feel like you’re miles away from the ordinary. 😎


The class goes shopping at home! The ultimate comfort food to get away on a long-haul flight.

Smarter travel. Caribbean Airlines meals cater to your taste, schedule, and mood. To find out more about how we can deliver a better in-flight experience for you.

Traveling through the sky is only as good as the food onboard. Let ours be your favorite part of the journey. Caribbean Airlines meals are proudly made with Trinidadian ingredients.

Flights should be nourishing and enjoyable, so Caribbean Airlines offers freshly-prepared meals made with locally grown and harvested ingredients. – Caribbean Airlines


Feast on a delicious, high-protein Caribbean Airlines meal and tackle those long flights with gusto.

As Caribbean Airlines expands its network, the menu’s got to keep pace. Discover a taste of our destinations, served with a side of world-class service.

Warm and healthy Caribbean meals: get it all at #CaribbeanAirlines.

We’re looking forward to taking you there. Caribbean Airlines flights from Boston are convenient, comfortable, and affordable—it’s the perfect way to getaway.


Packed with all the makings of a vacation, these meals will take you to paradise 🌴 🍹

Let us take you to a place where the view is always breathtaking, and the memories last forever. #LifeIsBetterInTheCaribbean

Popular Jamaican dishes plus authentic strains of island flavor to make your taste buds dance. #BonAppetit

We welcome you to the islands, where food is our passion, tropical drinks are our identity, and life is simply paradise.


We started with Tenderloin Carpaccio and Chicken Liver Gelatin appetizers for our three-course meal to keep us going throughout the flight.

If this summer has been a scorcher for you, get ready for something deliciously refreshing. Calypso Captains Club members can now enjoy the new Caribbean Harvest Box and Caribbean Breeze Box with our signature grilled chicken to lessen the heat during these days of summer.

Wind down with Caribbean Airlines meals. Your journey starts here ➡️

Lunch is served onboard Caribbean Airlines, which celebrates the company’s 83 years of flying the Caribbean and beyond. 👩🏾🍳


This week’s #MealsonMIA Menu is out. It’s a delicious choice for this month. Find your favorite meals before it’s too late on

Caribbean Airlines Celebrate 30 years of soaring higher with the Caribbean’s Best Airline Fleet ☀

The wing of Caribbean Airlines.

You are overlooking one of the most beautiful spots in Florida. This is the view on Caribbean Airlines departing SXM for Miami. — DavidStuartTravels #CaribbeanAirlines


Meet the New Meal Deals! Now on flights to and from the Caribbean, we’ve made it more accessible and fuss-free for you to purchase meals. We’ve also designed these meals with you in mind—your taste buds will thank us later.

Welcome to the Caribbean, where sunshine and hospitality shine. When you’re miles away from home, we’ve got you covered.

Beach Babe: Caribbean’s Signature Chicken dish with island lime

Bring home the taste of the islands with these delicious Caribbean recipes.


CARI’s new lineup of healthy snacks served on flights makes your journey more enjoyable.

The taste of the Caribbean. Now you can have it for your next meal.

If you’re one of the many who have said they’ve never had a bad meal on board, we salute you. And so do our chefs. 😉

This is the true beauty of traveling: seeing how people from different cultures live, their food, and how they dress.


Treat yourself to this Coconut Rice and Peas dish. It’s nutritious and delicious and a meal in a bowl. Enjoy your flight!

Caribbean Airlines meals use the best local ingredients in their dishes. Find out what to eat on Caribbean Airline flights at!

Caribbean airline meals are lighter and healthier than other airlines. Enjoy our Sweet Potato Soup, Sandwich, or Salad, knowing that you’re getting a wholesome meal.

Caribbean meals that make the perfect pair for your Caribbean adventure. #CaribbeanAirlines


Soak up the sun and take in a sea of possibilities. This is your world. Global flights with @CaribbeanAir

For our Caribbean flights, we offer a variety of meals ranging from light snacks to full meals. Whatever you’re craving, we’ve got you covered.

Keep it light and hearty for your next flight. We’ve got you covered with tasty options like our Caribbean Salad and Caribbean Jerk Chicken!

Wherever you may travel, enjoy the taste of the Caribbean.


Indulge in the flavors of the islands this holiday season with a mouthwatering combination of Caribbean-inspired dishes.

A menu that fuels your journey… and the people you’re flying with.

Travel in the sky. Enjoy our world-famous meals.

We enjoyed a traditional West Indian dessert of Breadfruit, Coconut, and Sugar.


Are you feeling hungry? We’ve got you covered with our three-course meals to satisfy your hunger and back up your energy levels.

Travel offers new flavors, experiences, and stories to tell. So enjoy your journey with Caribbean Airlines meals and receive a meal on board whenever you fly Caribbean Airlines.

The food on your plate reflected where you were from and headed. Caribbean Airlines puts the flavors of home at your fingertips when you travel, with an extensive selection of Caribbean-inspired dishes.

Plan your pause. Book a Caribbean Airlines flight and enjoy an inflight meal that is pleasing to the palate.


Seamless travel. Uninterrupted meals. Our flight attendants have your cabin service covered—from the galley and at mealtime; Caribbean Airlines is with you every step of the way.

Caribbean Airlines promises a smooth flight every time… and here’s to having the smoothest weekend. 😎📍

Our legendary onboard meals are made from the freshest Caribbean ingredients. But if you feel like skipping them, order a Premium Economy meal and eat the same great food at your seat on our flights*.

Our meals are prepared fresh. Enjoy our Caribbean flavors in your favorite dishes.


Let our warm hospitality spoil you like homemade Caribbean meals

Our meals are so tasty; you won’t forget to fly us again. 😋🍙✈️

Delicious meals to keep you going at 35,000 feet…

Stay cool in the hot weather with various fresh, healthy snacks and meals.


Your journey doesn’t stop here. Let us take you places.

Experience the fresh taste of Caribbean Airlines meals. Visit for your flight options and menus.

We want to make your Caribbean Airlines Meal a good one. So, get ready for that authentic flavor from home.

Take off on an island getaway with these delicious Caribbean Airlines meals.


We are pleased to announce a one-of-a-kind Caribbean dining experience on Caribbean Airlines flights. We want to help you put together a meal that will make your flight more pleasant.

This week’s #CaribbeanAirlines meal deals are all about the Caribbean: jerk chicken from Jamaica, a seafood feast from Trinidad & Tobago, and island classics such as Eddoes with Peas and Rice from Barbados, and Arroz con Pollo from Cuba.

As part of the airline’s sponsorship, a star-studded lineup of the hottest stars in international and local entertainment will set the stage at this year’s Caribbean Airlines National Dance Championships on April 23rd at the Queen’s Park Oval of the event.

Treat yourself to a tropical escape every day. Caribbean Airlines flights are now available instantly.


Enjoy this hot and spicy Caribbean dish with a kick of sweet tanginess.

There’s no better way to see the Caribbean than from above.

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