Chicken and Waffle Captions

Chicken and Waffle Captions
Chicken and Waffle Captions

Chicken and Waffle Captions: Chicken and waffles isn’t just a great combination of words … it’s a popular food choice. But that doesn’t mean that there aren’t many excellent ways to create captions using this delicious food combo. Whether you’re creating a chicken and waffle recipe for a photo-caption contest or just looking for some new caption ideas, here are creative chicken and waffle captions that anyone could use in a pinch.

Chicken and Waffle Captions

You deserve a break today. So, how about some chicken and waffles? 🍗🌽😋

We get how hard you work. Even superheroes need to eat something delicious. That’s why we make the best chicken and waffles around.

Moms all over the world would agree: one of the best things about being a mom is chicken and waffles.


Chicken and waffles are not just a meal. It’s a love story.

You’ve had a long day, you deserve a break. Let someone else cook to take the load off.

How are you? Are you tired of having to think about what you’re going to eat? We can help! Just tell us when and where your meal will be and we’ll take care of the rest.

We know that you’re busy. Living life at a fast pace means every minute counts. So when it comes to tasty food, we can make your day a little bit easier.


Looking for a warm meal and some cozy vibes? We’re open until 2 am!

Do you ever have one of those days? You’re in need of a morning pick-me-up or afternoon pick-us-all-up?

Let us help you. When mealtime approaches and you need a break, we’re waiting just for you.

You are hungry. You also want to eat something exciting. We understand that, because we want to eat it too!


A fresh take on comfort food, new waffle chicken sandwiches are here to brighten your lunchtime routine. 👌

I understand you love waffles. So do we. That’s why we’re proud to announce our new waffle chicken sandwiches, made just for you.

New chicken sandwiches are here to brighten your day. Try the new crispy chicken sandwich with your choice of aioli, smoky bacon, and sweet honey mustard.

Craving a snack? Try one of our new chicken sandwiches. With nine flavors and a choice of two coatings, you’re guaranteed to find your new favorite!


Crisp chicken topped with a warm Belgian waffle and drizzled with our signature waffle mix buttery syrup. Your mouth is watering already, right?

Start your day off right with a warm, crispy chicken sandwich.

A warm, golden fried chicken filet served on a buttery sweet waffle.

Break the boredom of the everyday routine with us. We’re here to make your lunchtime amazing.


Just because you can’t travel to the heart of Belgium and try our world-famous waffles, doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a taste of the North Sea.

We know you’re a home body and we totally understand. Now you can take your own home comforts with you to work.

It takes hard times to appreciate the good ones. That’s why it has long been said that if you treat a person well in their darkest hour, they will remember you when the sun shines bright.

You, Us and Waffles. We’re on the same page—and this time it’s gonna taste delicious.


You love waffles. And we love bringing you delicious waffles. That’s how great things happen—when people come together with a shared passion.

Waffles. It’s all about the waffles. We both love them, we see eye-to-eye on that one.

“We believe that waffles bring people together. To us, you are one of the family, and we want to help you enjoy the meal with your family.”

We understand you and we’re here for you, be it with a milkshake, waffle, or something else.


Waffles aren’t just waffles, they’re memories. Good memories! It’s a time to connect with our friends and family. I’m so glad this page exists.

We take our waffles seriously (like, really seriously)—but fun is definitely part of our process, too.

When it’s time to treat yourself, you won’t want to go anywhere else. Delicious waffles with all your favorite toppings are waiting.

We know the true satisfaction of a Belgian waffle cannot be measured. It’s the joy of savoring the perfect bite, knowing this is a memory to last a lifetime


We’re here to make your life easier. We get it—life can be stressful, and you can use a helping hand.

Serve it up with a free side of comfort. #comfortfood

Maybe it’s the sweetest thing, loving that person who you can eat all their fries for them.

Ours is a love so deep and true. You’re the honey to my waffles. Oh and yes, you can quote me on that.


I have a love so deep, it could cover the whole world and then some. You’re the sweetener in my tea. And yes, you can quote me on that.

A love so true. A love so great. It doesn’t get better than this.

Let me make things right again. I know that if a love this deep and true has been shaken, it can be restored. I’m here to listen and to make it right. Together, we are going to rediscover the joy we once knew. I promise you.

We understand that you want to share your love with the world. But you don’t need a hashtag to do it. Trust me, when I say that your relationship is


We’ve been through so much over the years and now you’re my best friend. I love you more than life itself.

My love, we are like a young couple in love. We dream of the same things. We have so many common interests. I appreciate your time and attention.

You are such a sweetheart. I love being with you.

You are the best thing that has ever happened to me. I love you with all of my heart.


I can’t tell you how much your love means to me.

You make me so happy, so proud, and so nervous. I’m glad to have a friend like you.

There is a saying that goes, “Love conquers all.” That seems pretty true. I mean, even plants grow better when being loved. I would say it’s the same for humans.

Life is hard enough as it is. It’s a blessing to find someone who just gets you.


We’ve all had those days when we just need a hug and some good chicken and waffles.

You know it’s going to be a good day when you have a chicken and waffle for breakfast.

Are you one of those people that would be in a good mood if they had a chicken and waffle for breakfast? We know that feeling.

You know it’s going to be a good day when you indulge in this soul food classic…


Chicken and waffles for breakfast. That’s what a good day looks like.

It’s not easy to get up and go on a long day. You know how it feels when you have to stay strong and keep going. So why not get a chicken and waffle for breakfast?

Get ready to start your morning off right, with a chicken and waffle.

Chicken and waffles for breakfast? Yes please!


You’ll love this combination of crispy fried chicken on a soft and fluffy waffle. It’ll melt in your mouth, and the sweet syrup will lick your lips.

We know you love a good breakfast to start your day off. You’ll feel satisfied and nourished with the hearty combination of sweet, savory, and crunchy.

Today was a tough day, and we understand that sometimes all you need is some good comfort food to turn your day around.

Those days when your dog slurps the last of your coffee from your cup start out a little rough. But with chicked, waffles, and some maple syrup, you turn disappointment into triumph.


I’m in a rush to get to work and I could eat whatever’s in the fridge. But I’m having a hard time, so I’ll treat myself to something really delicious from the kitchen.

Tell us your craving to get a bucket of chicken & waffles and we’ll hook ya up. 😋🍗

Craving chicken & waffles? We’ve got you covered. 😋🍗

Hungry for something delicious? Tell us your craving and we’ll hook you up.


Warm waffles, crispy chicken, and endless sauce are only a few clicks away. Get an order of our legendary chicken & waffles delivered right to your table so you don’t have to deal with the hassle.

Can’t decide if you want chicken or waffles? We have the perfect solution for those days when you can’t make a decision. A giant bucket of both!

We’ll help you satisfy your cravings.💯

We know cravings come out of nowhere, so we’re ready when you are.


Tell us what you’re craving, and we’ll get it to you.

We’re a small team that cares. From coffee to chicken, we’ve got you covered.

We want to know your cravings so we can help you satisfy those hunger pains

We’re in your corner and will do whatever it takes to make sure you get exactly what you want.


We know how it feels when hunger hits and you’re craving a delicious meal. That’s why we’ve made a website that helps you find the best food around, wherever you are!

Can I ask what neighborhood you’re in? What’s your address?

No matter how much the world changes, you can always fall back on chicken and waffles

Sometimes it’s really hard to pick a favorite. What’s better, chicken or waffles? These Fries with that?


I know. It’s hard to choose. Fortunately, you don’t have to. Our Fries and Waffles are the perfect match made in heaven.

You agonized over your choice, whereas I just picked at random! You nearly had a heart attack when the guy behind the counter asked if you wanted fries with that.

Picking your favorite food is hard. It’s like choosing your best friend! Waffles, burgers, or ice cream? These are some serious decisions.

We know what it’s like to want too much, having a tough choice about where to eat, or having two great options for dinner and not knowing which one is gonna be better.


We know how difficult it can be to pick a favorite.

We understand your dilemma. That’s why we’ve created the ultimate menu just for you.

We know making choices can be really overwhelming. To help you make up your mind, here’s how we can help.

We know the struggle is real. We face the same difficult choices everyday, and that’s why we built this tool to help businesses communicate better.


Let’s just order one of each and share.

Everyone has those days. The ones where you just can’t make up your mind.

If only life had less choices.

Sometimes things are just better together, like waffles and chicken. 😍


Sometimes things are just better together, like coffee and milk. 😍

Here’s even more reason to love chicken and waffles.😍

:heart: Chick Waffles is the best thing since sliced bread. I’m telling you, waffles and chicken are a match made in heaven.

Sometimes things are just better together. Like you and I.<3


We all have those moments where we just can’t help but think about our favorite foods.

Sometimes it feels like the world is just one big mess, and there’s no way to make sense of it all. 😢

We understand that life can be tough. That’s why we’re here to help you every step of the way. We’ll never leave you hanging, promise.

We understand that losing weight can be hard. The journey is different for everyone, so we’ve designed a plan that focuses on how to improve your fitness and the way you feel, one step at a time.


That awkward moment when you want to eat waffles and chicken for dinner. #Thestruggleisreal

No one should be alone on National Fried Chicken Day. #NationalFriedChickenDay2017

We all know that feeling when you’re too hungry to wait for the waffle to cool.

Mama needs comfort food. And waffles. Lots of waffles. 😋🥞💛


How did your week go? Did you eat at least one waffle?

How were you able to manage your week? Did you eat at least one waffle?

How was your week? Did you enjoy any waffles?

You have had a rough week. We’ll take the waffles for now, and we’ll send you something sweet later on to let you know that we are thinking about you.


I hope you’ve had a wonderful week and that a waffle or two was involved. Good luck with your next week!

I learned about my experience last night by eating waffles! Sometimes I feel like the only person in the world who doesn’t eat waffles, but I was surprised to learn that most people do.

How are you? Did you have a good week? You deserve to take it easy and enjoy yourself. Life is short. Enjoy the weekend!

That’s a great question. It’s normal to have this much difficulty with waffles, and it can take a little while to learn how to eat them correctly.


Hi there. I hope your week has been going well and that you’ve had time to relax and do something fun for yourself.

Hi there. I noticed on Facebook that you have been having a tough time this week. I hope things turn around soon. How are you doing?

How are you doing? It’s wonderful to see you again.

Are you tired of being tired? Feel like you’re just going through the motions?


We care about you.

They’re best friends, and there’s no reason why they shouldn’t be together.

Nothing hits the spot like a soulful dish that brings back memories of momma’s cooking.

It’s a sad fact but most chicken and waffles are served without the chicken. Let’s do better by giving you the whole bird.


No matter how crazy life gets, there’s nothing like the savory-sweet taste of your BFF (that’s waffles) to put you back together.

Having a bad day? Now’s the time to take a break and have yourself some chicken and waffles.

A big moment if your day is coming in the next few hours and you know you’ll want something to restore your energy.

We get it, you’re so over pumpkin spice and everything else winter. But don’t freak out just yet, it’s still September—which means there’s plenty of time for fun fall activities.


Who says you can’t have both? #thestruggleisreal

Every cloud has a silver lining, even if it’s biscuits and gravy.

We know how you’re feeling. #WeDontJudge

We really can’t stay, we’re having way too much fun. Couple of kids, stuck in the middle of some grown up talk. 😂🍗


I know what you’re thinking: “There’s a Waffle House in heaven?” And the answer is yes.

Choosing comfort over style can be hard, but we promise it’s worth it. Whether you’re a Nashville native or just passing through, get your chicken and waffles on!

I’m just like you: I love sweet, buttery waffles with a side of chicken fingers. 😍😍😍

Waffle Captions

There’s no better time than now to give in to your inner child and enjoy a warm, gooey waffle cone.


Go ahead, give in to your inner child. The waffle cone is warm, and the ice cream is piled high.

Life is tough, but it’s so much easier when you give in to your inner child and just enjoy a dang ice cream cone.

It’s a beautiful day, and you’re in the mood for ice cream. Sounds like the perfect moment to have a scoop or two of creamy, delicious ice cream.

Craving a frosty, sweet treat? It doesn’t matter if you’re young or old, we’ve got the scoop on where to get the best ice cream in town.


It’s easy to go for a cone when the weather is warm. But in the middle of winter, it takes a strong, brave soul.

Whether you’re ice cream obsessed, looking to create memories with your family, or just needing a little sweetness in your life, Ben & Jerry’s is always there with a scoop of love.

We’re here to make you smile. Let us help with your sweet tooth cravings and share your love of ice cream with the ones who matter the most.

We know how much you miss taking your kids out to the ice cream parlor. Let us fulfill your craving.


Indulge your sweet tooth and enjoy some well-deserved ice cream.

Sometimes, it’s just what you need to make life a little bit sweeter.Treat your taste buds to a taste of pure indulgence.

Sometimes you don’t feel like a kid anymore. Maybe the world isn’t what you expected it to be. Or your responsibilities seem so overwhelming that you wish you could run away and hide in a closet. But sometimes, it’s OK to be a kid again.

When it comes to waffles, there’s no such thing as too many toppings.


Whether filling or toppings, you can never have enough of your favourite waffle toppings.

Our waffles are made with real ingredients. We offer a lot of different toppings, because that’s what you need to create a flavorful waffle.

We understand what you are going through. You have a sweet tooth, we have just the thing for you. Waffles with toppings.

It’s tough to decide what actually goes best on top of a waffle. We’ve tried it all, and the best we can do is offer you a few options.


From fruit compote to maple syrup and chocolate, we believe that every delicious topping deserves a place on your waffle.

Sometimes a plain waffle is just the thing you crave. Other times, you can’t get enough toppings.

Waffles are a wonderful part of life and should be embraced as such. We completely understand that you typically find yourself in need of more batter. However, we still want you to be able to enjoy the waffle experience, so we’re here to make it easier for you!

It may be easy to think of your waffle as just a waffle, but we see it as so much more. So many possibilities waiting to come to fruition. Just like


From juicy strawberries to creamy butter, everyone knows that no waffles collection is complete without the extreeems.

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