Clever Muffin Captions for Instagram

Clever Muffin Captions for Instagram
Clever Muffin Captions for Instagram

Clever Muffin Captions for Instagram : Are you looking for funny captions for Instagram? One of the most important parts of a photo is the caption. Whether it is used for engaging or getting more likes, it’s good to have both unique and catchy Instagram captions. Get eye catchy muffin captions for your gram.

Clever Muffin Captions for Instagram

Snuggle up with your favorite muffin from Love Muffin. Give into that sweet tooth and you won’t regret. 😉

We understand what your sweet tooth is craving. Snuggle up with a Love Muffin and give into that sweet tooth, you won’t regret it.

Looking for something sweet and delicious? Snuggle up with a warm muffin from Love Muffin. Enjoy the cozy atmosphere and treat yourself to something yummy.


Love Muffin is the home of the best muffins anywhere. They’re tasty, delicious, and baked with love. Go ahead and give into that sweet tooth!

In the mood for a delightful treat? Reach for a Love Muffin. You won’t regret it.

We know how hard it is to resist a sweet treat. We’re here to help with that muffin. It’ll be our little secret 😏

Break up with your diet and fall in love with a muffin. We make fresh muffins just for you.


Sweeten up your morning with a delicious muffin. The smell alone will make you crave more!

You’re going to love our homemade muffins. We use only the finest ingredients, like real chocolate chunks and hand-picked bananas, to create the best muffins in the game.

Sure, you crave a little chocolate every now and again. But did you know that it’s good for you too? Check out what recent research has discovered about the benefits of eating dark chocolate!

Wellness and mental health depends on many factors. While having a healthy diet is important, your body also needs a steady supply of carbs from carbohydrates to keep you going.


We feel like today we might have met our muffin twin. 😍 (Your photo can be the photo for this caption)

Today, we felt like they were our muffin twin.

Muffins. They’re so cute and tasty! We were lucky enough to meet our muffin twin today.

If you love Big Al, vote for the Northwestern film program. (Your photo can be the photo for this caption)


We’re switching our feed over to a donut theme. Why? Because you’ve been looking at muffins all week and we’re worried that you might be bored of following us.

It may have been love at first sight for us when we came across this stunning photo of your muffins.

{{photo}} We’re so happy we met you today in the park.

One muffin says “Help! I’m hungry!” The other muffin says: “Shh. We’re twins. Shhh.”


This looks like the perfect selfie for a day like today.

These are our favorite foods to show love to those we care about.

That moment when we get to eat four pieces of cake in one day because it’s someone’s birthday.

When did your kid start liking the same things you do?


We’re glad your day got that much better. It’s the little things in life that count.

As the leaves turn from green to gold, so too can a muffin 🍠 change from sweet to savory.

From green to gold, the muffin 🍠 transforms from a sweet treat, to a savory sensation.

Just like the colors of a fall landscape, muffins are surprising. In one bite, you can experience sweet flavors and savory ones.


The leaves are turning, the air is crisp and we’re all thinking about fall. This year, we wanted to take our love affair with the season a bit further by creating the ultimate guide to converting plain muffins into show-stopping fall treats.

It’s tough out there. Sometimes you just want a muffin. Sometimes, you want a muffin so badly that you will turn vegetarian to achieve it.

Autumn brings with it the cooling of the air and we start to crave warm, hearty meals. We want people to follow us for comfort and a sense of connection.

Autumn is a time of change, a time when nature shows us just how great life can be if we embrace it.


I know you’ll miss eating sweets when the cold weather hits, but don’t worry – there’s always savory potatoes!

Once a year, the seasons change and with it comes the opportunity to adapt in life.

When the weather gets cooler, our tastes tend to get heartier.

Eating the same type of foods over and over again can get boring. Try adding vegetables to your favorite recipes for an easy way to expand your palate.


I get it. It’s is a lot to ask of little cake. But… We’re asking anyway.

What’s a breakfast without the best muffin in town?

Put your best muffin forward with these low carb and low sugar recipes.

Just another day of being a real muffin top 🍪 🍩


We feel you on this early morning muffin run 🍔 😡

Life is like a muffin… You always find a way to make it work.

Coffee, you’re the best part of waking up—Unless I’m eating a delicious Muffin.

We are so with you on this. These muffins will definitely get you back on your feet again.


Life is hard, but muffins are harder. —Bilbo Baggins

Bilbo’s observation that life is hard but muffins are harder might seem silly, but sometimes it’s the silly things that keep us going.

I know your pain, Bilbo. I can relate, my friend. Sometimes all you want is a nice muffin, and life gets in the way.

You can’t buy happiness, but you can buy French fries. —Bilbo Baggins


Life can be tough sometimes, but that’s ok. We all have our own journey. I’m here to support you and your muffin.

Life can be hard, but sometimes a muffin is all you need to get through the day.

Bilbo nods his head in agreement as he watches his friend unexpectedly pass away. He realizes how precious life is, and how it can be taken away from you in an instant, like the muffin that was just stolen out of his hand.

You may fear failure, but the muffins fear your eating them.


You have to make life what you want it. But it. Pick up a muffin, and start changing your story today!

While we all struggle with life, it can get harder. We know you’re stressed about work and want to help you solve this problem.

Things don’t always go as planned, but we’ll help when they don’t.

To lose wish is to have lost everything.


Sometimes the muffins just want to be eaten 😋

You know how sometimes the muffins just want to be eaten? Us too. That’s why we make Muffin Monster™. Now you can always have your muffins 🎉

Our muffins are incredibly moist. That’s why we put “moist” in the name 😋

Sometimes your muffins just have to be eaten.


I’m just going to say it… It’s a bummer when you can’t find a muffin 🙁

It’s been a long week, and sometimes you just want to unwind with some tasty muffins.

You’re actually on your 30th muffin of the day and you wish you’d stopped at 10. We’ve been there!

Hungry? We got you covered. Delicious muffins made with only the best ingredients.


Are you hungry? Because we are! Today, we’re whipping up some muffins. They’ll be ready in 20 minutes. Let us know if you’re interested…

Here is a confession, we ate your order.

Nothing is impossible if you just believe. 😎

You don’t have to be a baker or an artist to create a beautiful muffin. All you need is muffin love.


The struggle is real but you can have your muffin and eat it too when you have a clever muffin like this one.

A muffin a day keeps the doctor away. Not that you need to hide this fact from your doctor… but just in case.❤

Don’t let life’s small injustices get you down. They can be pretty tasty if you just add a little muffin to them 😊.

At Muffin, we’re making food that’s empowering, nutritious and delicious—to fuel your dreams.


It’s not easy being a muffin.

Doughnuts, crullers, donuts, muffins. I’ll just have one of everything to celebrate Induction Day. #NationalMuffinDay #Dunkin

Hey. I get it. I get you. You’re Muf-fin, and I’m Muffin. That all fell apart for me too…

Sometimes you eat a muffin and you just wanna…


My muffin has a crumb problem.

The best kind of love story never has an ending.

The best kind of love story never has an ending. It’s love that lasts forever, and a life together full of love and laughter.

Share a story of a date where you and your partner had endless conversations.


When love strikes, it never comes at a good time. It can be hard and awkward, but it can also be the beginning of an incredibly deep connection with someone special.

You’ll always be my forever, even after the lights go out and the stars fade.

I always believed in fate. I was convinced that there was a love out there for me. And boy, did I find it! You are my soulmate.

Your story has inspired me in ways that words can’t describe. You’ve changed my life and you changed my perspective on the world. I will always cherish our time together.


Love inspires us all. It’s why we love to see a good love story. In this book you will find true love. You can’t put it down!

Even when the world turns its back on you, love will always be there to keep you company.

Love is a journey that lasts a lifetime.

We come into this world with only our passion and love to guide us. Our life stories are a testament to our purpose.


We’re not perfect. And that’s perfectly fine. Everyone has struggle, so take a deep breath… it gets better.

That sinking feeling when you realize that you forgot your keys, again. #GoodMorning

Beep beep! This caption works well for a caption that is tagged to an image of Muffins.

Snap a pic of your sweet treats with these #muffinmonday ⊰️and tag us!


We get it—you can’t choose between homemade muffins and a slice of cake. #NoJudgmentHere

I understand why you’re so delicious! 😋 #MuffinMonday

Muffins and coffee, the best of both worlds—we get it.

Ahhh, the feeling when you get home from a long and hard day at work: finally able to enjoy a yummy muffin 🍩☕️


After a long and hard day at work, you deserve to treat yourself to a warm and delicious muffin with your coffee ☕️🍩

Ahhh, the feeling of the warm sunshine on your face ☀️

After a long day, you deserve to treat yo’ self. Come and enjoy your favorite muffin while reading one of our books.

The feeling of being able to relax after a long day is one of life’s many pleasures. Enjoy your muffin, enjoy your day!


There’s a peaceful, yet happy feeling that comes from being home, especially after a long day at work.

Feeling the stress of work getting to you? Set aside some time to enjoy a tasty, sweet treat today. You’ll love it.

You’ve worked hard all day and you deserve a treat to put a smile on your face. Reward yourself with a delicious cupcake or pamper yourself with a massage.

You’ve been busy all day, and now you’re ready to relax. The last thing you want to worry about is cooking – that’s why we’re here!


Today was really tough. You feel exhausted and upset. You need to find some way to relax, or you’re going to go crazy!

Is it too early to have this feeling again? We know that.

Lately you’ve been looking for another job. You don’t like your boss and feel unappreciated. We give you the power to find exactly what you’re looking for, wherever in the world it is.

The best part of waking up is…. a freshly baked muffin with coffee in your face 😜


What’s the best part of waking up? We think it’s a steaming hot cup of coffee with a freshly baked muffin in your face.

Helping you start your day off right is our goal. We believe that the best part of waking up is a freshly baked muffin with coffee.

Waking up is getting harder and harder. For me, I need my morning cup of coffee with a freshly baked muffin in my face! It’s the best! What about you?

There’s nothing better than waking up to a freshly baked muffin and a cup of coffee in the morning.


A hot, freshly baked muffin and a cup of coffee sounds great right now.

While coffee helps us make it through the workday, freshly baked muffins help us enjoy its morning moments.

I feel your pain. The soothing moment of that first sip of hot coffee waking up starts the day off just right!

Morning my friend! Before you begin your day, remember to be gentle with yourself. Everything will be ok.


Customers love our pastries. That’s because we bake them fresh every morning.

You have committed to learning English. We are here to make sure you achieve your goal and to be there for you 100% of the way💪👊

The relationship between coffee and people is as close as the relationship between muffins and bears.

We all have our bad muffin days. We’ve got you covered.


We all have our bad muffin days, and sometimes we just want to step away and hide in the closet (until the storm passes). We’ve got you covered.

We understand that sometimes you feel like your life is in shambles. We’re here for you, because no one should have a bad muffin day.

Some days we just have terrible muffins. We’re here for you.

We know, life isn’t always perfect. You break things, you got a bad day, and sometimes your muffin doesn’t rise up. No worries, we’ve gotcha covered.


The last thing you need on a bad muffin day is feeling judged. With us, you don’t have to worry about that.

It happens to us all. The kids are playing up, you’re late for an important meeting, the car won’t start, and you forgot your coffee! The day doesn’t seem to be getting any better. That’s why we have created a solution to help with those bad days.

We know how you feel. You deserve a treat, and we’ve got a great one for you!

Life isn’t always smooth sailing. At our bakery, you’ll feel right at home. We are a family, and we will help you through those bad days one sweet treat at a time.


Sometimes it just doesn’t work out. That’s okay, we’re here to help you get back on track.

Some days are good, some days are bad. Don’t let your muffins ruin any day.

We know you. We are you. And we get it.

Muffins can help you get through hard times, no matter when they occur.


Muffins for breakfast everyday, no shame.

It’s hard to focus on anything when you’re hungry. But these muffins are just so cute, you won’t be able to stop staring at them 😋

I can’t believe we made it to the weekend without a muffin emergency.

You can’t always control life, but you can at least control your ingredients. Love your muffins fresh!


Did someone mention coffee and muffins? We’re in, like, totally.

Don’t mind me, I’m just talking to my muffin. It’s a long story… 😋

Cup of tea and a muffin anyone? Or maybe just muffins.

Here’s hoping the week ahead smooths out like the buttercream on these cupcakes.


Remember that time we ate all the muffins.

I hear you. The struggle is real. Chew on this funny take on the struggle to eat healthy.

You can’t have a muffin and eat it too, but you can have this Instagram caption and eat your muffin.

We get it. You’re tired of muffins in your feed. But our new fall flavors are begging to be shown off, like this Wild Blueberry Banana Muffin.


Hate muffin tops? Us too! 😔 What better way to keep your muffin top at bay than with this delicious recipe that gives you the best of both worlds: the cakey goodness of a cupcake and the wholesome healthiness of a breakfast muffin.

The muffin man is on a mission to make sure everyone eats their fiber.

Treat yourself to a non-stop deliciousness with our range of deliciously inspired muffin flavours.

We’re not just muffins, we’re coffee muffins. Coffee with a side of coffee. #MuffinTime


Our muffins are so good they’ll put a smile on your face 😊

You know what’s as big of a waste as using a muffin pan to bake cupcakes? Using it to bake boring muffins.

Like a couple in love, these muffins are sweet, light, and always in good company. Blessings on your morning ☀🍞

Tasting is believing… (with a muffin emoji)


It’s okay if you’ve got a little muffin top. You probably earned that 🍑

Lately I’ve been eating a lot of muffins while watching The Great British Baking Show. #GBBO

I’m really sorry I ate your breakfast. I know how annoying it is when people eat your breakfast. ❤️

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