Couple Captions behind a Tree with Quotes

Couple Captions behind a Tree with Quotes

Couple Captions behind a Tree with Quotes: Sometimes the best way to tell someone how special they are is through a picture. Which is why we’re sharing this amazing photography of two people with each other behind a tree with quotes. We can see the love they have for each other shining through their eyes as they stare into each others’ eyes. Check out these great couple captions behind a tree with quotes.

Couple Captions behind a Tree with Quotes

We’re so lucky to have found a two-for-one deal on this tree. Now we can practice our selfie skills and decorate for fall at the same time.

We’ve got you covered. Photo prints, calendars, and more.

We interrupt your regularly scheduled lives for a few moments of affection and silliness.


“I love you more than trees!” -Brandon Sanderson

We’re so happy to be together. What a beautiful place to spend our 1st anniversary.

Can’t wait to go on a picnic with you.

Boy, you’re sure swell. Here’s to the best relationship ever!


Summer’s all about getting in touch with nature—and, boy, do we know of the perfect spot.

The happiest of fall weekends to you!!!

Having a picnic in the park, really enjoying the warmth this fall

You always make me feel like I am at home! ☺


Good vibes only! So good.

There are no shortcuts to anywhere worth going.

Getting cozy under a tree, here’s to the weekend.

Hi there! We’re the Smith’s and we can’t wait to meet your tree


Share your weekend plans with us at #thetreehouse!

Cuddling in the shade…just enjoying each other’s company.

We may be #couplegoals, but we’re no match for Mother Nature.

Venturing off into the woods together.


I’ve been up since 7am but it’s not even noon yet. Wanted to let you know I’m in love with our new fall collection and hope you’ll join me for the long weekend!

The best things in life aren’t things, they’re memories.

I like you a latte.

Always remember that you are braver than you believe, stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think. – A.A. Milne


Leaves of three, let them be.

Like the only two people that show up for a party, let’s go on an adventure.

Endless photo ops at this loca treehouse wedding

It’s the little things like snuggling under a tree that make me realize why I fell in love with you.


Our love is like a tree, strong and sturdy. All you have to do is trust it.

We’re walking a little straighter these days, just so we have an excuse to look at one another. #HBD

It just got a little bit more magical. (For the ones you like)

We think you need a little break from work. And we have just the spot for you—Delhi, India. #YouNeedAGreenerSpace


Looking forward to some healthy debates over this controversial #politicalseason 🌳🇺🇸

Ain’t nobody got time for that. #idontwasteyourtime

How’s your weekend going so far?

Good morning! We hope you have a wonderful day!


We’re in that galaxy state of mind.

Me: C’mon, we’re already late! My partner: Nope. Not yet. But we can’t stay in the park all day…

In a spot we both love, surrounded by people we love and capturing the moment with you.

If we were Pokémon and this tree was a water Pokémon, we’d be really strong right now


Here’s to the couple that hikes together, stays together

We’re so into the fall-fling vibes of crisp air, cozy sweaters, falling leaves and colorful cocktails

The best kind of love story is when two people aren’t looking for something new, but somehow find something exciting in each other. Thankful to have this kind of love.

autumn days are here!


Who needs a filter when you have a friend like this?

You know you’ve found the one when home isn’t a place but a person.

Here’s to the adventures that bring us back home again.

You’re the peanut to my butter!


This is going to be a good week.

Hiking through the woods together like:

We’re so glad that you love this board as much as we do.

Tag a friend who should try this!


Off to a #treefortiversary on the West Coast. See you soon, #cityofcharm

Yesterday for the first time we carved our initials into a tree—and it felt just like falling in love

Two trees make the best kind of shade on a hot day.

Thankful for some damn nice weather to hang out by the trees with you #besties


Fall Foliage won’t last long, so go now before it’s too late.

We’re so glad we found each other…enough said.

Fall is here, and we’re ready to celebrate. ☀🍂#fall #autumn #morningslikethese #friends

Me and this lil’ guy 😊


When you come back after so long, it’s hard to hide the fact that I’ve missed you.

We have our moments, but we’re just happy that we can share them with each other.

Here’s to the weekend, and here’s to the friends who make it awesome. Cheers! 🍻

we love you so


Fall has finally arrived and we are here for it!

where I lie in the arms of my lover and gaze into the infinite

After this, we’re going to meet up with our friends at the beach for a day of sun and surf.

You, me, and this tree


You’re the best kind of tree hugger—the kind that feeds me

Plant a tree today. It will change the world tomorrow. With our love.

We’re smitten with you! Happy #NationalLoveYourPetDay to our furry friends

The best part about long distance relationships is that you always have something to look forward to. #LongDistanceRelationships


When your toddler says she made a best friend in the park. #toddlertime #friendshipgoals

Spending the day with you is my favorite.

It’s time to reveal our secret.

g:PS: I’ll be out of the office for the next few hours


How do you do it all? We’re here to help☀

Enjoy the weekend. See you on Monday.

Sending positive vibes to all of you.

Hiking and chilling


It’s the little moments that make life big. Found these two goofballs admiring nature through our trees at #forests for All.

Trees provide us so much! Shade, oxygen, and inspiration to get outside.

I get lost in your eyes, every time I look at you.

Dropping this photo of us in the woods because you’ve been missing some good content on the GGW blog. Hope you’re having a nice week!


Campfires and s’mores…and cuddles ☺ #fallishere

Happy #nationalkissingday!

Our favorite fall tradition—with the ones we love.

As corny as it sounds, I’m really glad we took that chance and followed our hearts.


Taking a break from the grind to #chill and just hang out with my love.

Time to share a cookie

Next to you is where I belong

We may be two, but we are one.


Where’s the best place to have brunch on a Sunday morning?

When you’ve been friends for as long as we have, a little bicker like this doesn’t amount to anything.

You are my favorite picture to look at on this tree.

We fell in love with this tree and thought it was the perfect spot to rekindle our relationship.


We’re a big fan of friends and trees here at Adorn. Friends because our jewelry hangs from them, and trees because they help keep our planet healthy and beautiful.

Tree canopy picnic in the park with my love

His:I want to hang this picture of you and me on the wall.

Here’s to better days ahead and to the time we had. We’ll always have.


Joyful times with the ones you love.

Hanging out at the park with some new friends

All out for a stroll in the forest. #SUMMER

How we spent our Friday night


Fall means it’s finally time to enjoy long walks on the trail with your best friend.

Friends without benefits right?’

Happy🐢to see you again!

Let’s take a walk.


We’re taking a selfie in the forest.

The best things are worth the wait. Like these ring pops that we swear we’ll only eat AFTER the proposal

like eating our feelings #nature

Fall is here #fallthroughtheleaves #bestdayever


The perfect place for a pic.

Behind every great man is a woman rolling her eyes. #relationshipgoals

When you find the one who makes your planets align.

Leaves of three, let it be. Let it be.


We’re so happy to be celebrating our second anniversary today! With you we’ve planted roots, and we’ve grown so much. Thank you for always being there for us. We love you.

We’re so excited for our most recent friend dates—grocery shopping, checking out the new community playground and sharing a homemade pineapple upside down cake. We love our new friends! #friendsdate

I call the left one, you call the right one

Strangers in the night…


Taking photos, like the one below, behind big trees feels so natural and connects me to nature.

Casio cameras are small, but the subjects you photograph needn’t be.

Isn’t this the perfect spot for a romantic picnic under the tree

Hey, who wants to climb the tree with me?


Couples who love to do everything together, stay together.

Turns out, he was the perfect fit for this quirky girl named me.

When you think about it, we’re all just passing time until we meet the right person and fall hopelessly in love.

When you and bae match


Hold my hand and we’ll conquer the world

Working on a puzzle together is the most fun way to spend a rainy afternoon.

Your best friend since preschool could be your better half.

Love you more than…


When you finally make it home after a long day of work, and your roommate is already asleep on the couch…

You’ve got a friend in me!

Nothing like a hike through the fall leaves to give you that feeling of true love.

You’re my best friend, partner in crime, and the love of my life.


Can’t wait for the crisp days of fall and the perfect apple cider donuts

What do you do when someone asks if you want a piece of candy? You take it. (shared by @mynameisscott)

Celebrate the love that we can’t quite put into words—because it’s bigger than words.

When a boy and girl are in love, they will make fun of each other.


#Fall is the best season.

How did we get so lucky? We’re growing old together, step by step. #RelationshipGoals

We’re a big fan of fall but we can still appreciate a good summer week-end.

A walk in the park is always a good idea—especially with your significant other.


The only thing better than an adventure with friends is an adventure with family.

Love is seeing each other better after time has passed.

These two things are happening right now

Getting married in a tree-covered forest would be the most magical day ever.


Good thing we believe in #forthebirds—we’ve been hiding behind this one all week. 😜

They say that true love is when you can act like yourself 🌲

The perfect date night with my favorite star.

I’m so lucky to have found a person who challenges me, and encourages me to be my best self. I’ll love you forever.


I have such a crush on you, like the size of Utah.

Wishing you a weekend bursting with memories that’ll last a lifetime and filled with love. ❤

Hey cutie, you’re looking pretty fine today.

Marking our spot.


It’s so lovely to have you here.

Had a date night in with my girl @rebeccadrake

We’re really just the same person when it comes to coffee.

Halloween on a Sunday, who says no to that?


My favorite kind of date night is sitting back with my boyfriend and having a good conversation over a couple bottles of wine.

Happiness and sadness become one, like two small fish in the sea. (Parting is such sweet sorrow.) #grouplove

If you need us, we’ll be hiding behind this tree.

We’re just a few trees from being totally alone. Let’s get out of here.


There’s a reason they call it #couplegoals.

Hawaiian style Christmas

Some days are meant for sitting in the grass, and some days are meant for crunching through leaves. Either way, it feels good to be together.

Adventures on two wheels make for the happiest memories.


Having the cutest date night with my little lady

We’ve been best friends since 7th grade. And we’ve been going out since 10th grade. And now we’re married.

We’ve been so blessed to have a great year with our friends. Can’t wait for more.

Oh, hello there love.


How far would you go for a sandwich? Our new ad campaign features a couple who are willing to risk it all to get $2 off their sandwiches.

Fall weather is finally here! Which means it’s time for me and my honey to snuggle up with our favorite blanket

When you say, “I do.” to our coffee, we’ll be there to celebrate your union with 10% off

Sitting and talking to you-u-u, I find that time has slipped away.


meetup somewhere in the neighborhood tonight?

Sure I’m behind a tree but you are only a bike ride away !!!

I love that you’ve been my best friend for so long. It means you’ll always be there when I’m just hanging out under this tree on a nice day with a delicious beverage in my hand.

Picking pumpkins with the one I love. How’s your #fall mood?


Here’s to the kids we were

Did someone say #couplegoals? 😉

The world is so bright, when you’re running through it with her.

Fall means a lot of firsts for us: Walking our dog, wood fires, and weekends at the cider mill!


Girl: I love fall. I get to wear cute sweaters, warm pajamas, and lazy days on the couch 💕 Boy: yes, but you don’t get to go outside

Had to snap a photo for you friends!

I love you like a fat kid loves cake.

Throw me a like if you like 👍to get all my updates of the day


Together, we make a great team!

When you know, you know.

Fall foliage is so pretty! Look at it!



You’re my forever fall.

Our love isn’t lost in translation. We’ve been best friends since day one.

If you don’t have anything nice to say, come sit by us.

Taking a little time out on this Saturday morning, to reconnect with nature.


We had a blast seeing friends and family last weekend. Here’s to the rest of 2018!

For two as one, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health.

We are feeling so blessed this fall, come visit us at our new location and join in the festivities!

Hello, beautiful.


Mornings spent with a special someone are the perfect way to start our days.

Of course I’ll move the table and chairs, dear.

Less talk, more action.

P.s., if you’re curious about the photo, this is my favorite place to take photos in DC. The tree is beautiful and the mural behind me adds a little extra flair to any picture.


Pumpkin spiced everything, leaf peeping, cozy sweaters and boots, apple picking, and all of the cozy fall things.

Here’s to the couples that have stood the test of time.

We saw these two in the park and had to capture this moment. The lighting was perfect; it was like the sun was shining just for them.

#duluthnationalpark #blackforestroads


There is nothing better than relaxing in the garden with my husband and our dog after a long day at work.

It’s ⭐️⭐️ing fall and it’s time to get cozy.

You’ve helped me fight off the Mondays all week. Now, let’s go get a latte and see if we can’t do it again

Just a little hint of you makes my whole world brighten.


Fall is just around the corner.

People who are crazy enough to think they can change the world 🌍, are the ones who do.

I’ve stayed away too long, I’ll come back again, to beg your pardon.

Good times at #themasian drum and bass set last night


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