320+ Best Dog Grooming Captions for Instagram with Quotes

Dog Grooming Captions for Instagram
Dog Grooming Captions for Instagram

Dog Grooming Captions for Instagram: Dog grooming is a lot of work and some dogs are easier to groom than others, but it’s something you’ll want to get right if you want your dog to look its best. As with many things in life, there’s an art to it as well. If you take away all the time spent learning how to groom your dog then you won’t be doing it correctly.

There is nothing more important than having your dog look his best. Grooming a dog is an essential part of owning one because it allows you to maintain their skin and fur. But where do you begin? It may seem like a daunting task, but it doesn’t have to be! Grooming isn’t difficult if you’re willing to invest in the right tools. Enjoy these newly dos grooming quotes.

Dog Grooming Captions for Instagram

• This is what happens when a dog gets groomed by a pro 👌🏻

• We groom your pet so you can be more productive—and more adorable at work.


• I was born to be a pet groomer.

• You can’t bring yourself to groom your #furkid? Let us handle that for you.

• Don’t just groom your pups, groom their minds.

• Let’s get the dogs looking their best this season.


• You’re a dog—there’s no mistaking it. You love to run, play and chew on things. The only thing you don’t like is being brushed!

• Don’t let your dogs fur up, we can get the mess in order.

• Proof that the best dog breed is the one you love most.

• Our furry friends are our best friends


• Ready to play fetch?

• I’d rather be your best friend than a good boy.

• She’s a lady, she knows it.

• She’s a gem you can’t find anywhere else.


• The best part of your day is just getting here.

• Dog grooming is a business, a craft and an art.

• Your pup gets groomed by a pro. They’re going to look their best for their big day!

• The best dog grooming is a happy dog, groomed by you.


• No dog deserves to be kept cooped up in a kennel. Let’s make grooming fun again!

• Time for a trim. Get your dog’s fur in shape for summer with our new grooming kit!

• How to make your dog look good in just 15 minutes: 1. Brush 2. Brush 3. Brush

• The only grooming service where you don’t have to worry about the groomer defecting on you


• It’s time to get your dog in check.

• A clean dog is a happy dog.

• What’s cuter than a puppy who just wants to dance?

• A dog is like a child who hasn’t grown up yet.


• Nothing says “bestie” like a fresh haircut.

• I’m a dog, I thought I was human. Now I think I’m a dog and I want to be a cat!

• Let’s get growling.

• He’s never looked better.


• Grooming your dog is like having a part-time job, but you get paid in treats

• The right haircut can change a dog’s life.

• A dog with too much hair to wear a doggie day-care is your best friend

• There is no better feeling than the sound of a well-manicured dog.


• If you’re not a dog owner, you’re a little bit crazy.

• This dog deserves its own show on Animal Planet.

• My fur is always ready for anything.

• Smartest dog on the block? Yes, indeed.


• Ex-kibble, ex-hair.

• Behold the power of a good haircut.

• We love it when our clients are on-the-go! Keeping you looking your best helps with that travel schedule.

• We’re bringing out the best version of you.


• I’m always ready.

• I don’t always get a lot of exercise, but when I do, I like to run.

• Just because they are your favorite, doesn’t mean they have to be the same.

• This Saturday treat yourself to a fresh new look, and a good old-fashioned grooming at the dog salon.


• The only thing I love more than getting my pups groomed is watching them play.

• Who says you can’t groom your dog too?

• The dog is groomed, the right way, the first time.

• Be a good doggo and get a haircut!


• If a dog’s hair could talk, it would be a story of you.

• Life’s a beach, get your pup in shape for the summer season.

• Lots of love and kisses to your new doggy friend

• We do more than just walk dogs.


• A puppy’s tail is very important, so brush it with care.

• She loves to be petted and pampered.

• It’s not the size of the dog in the fight, but the size of the fight in the dog.

• All I want is to cuddle up with you and watch Netflix all day.


• You’re the best version of you. You’re a goddess in your own right, hottie

• Looking like a million

• I’m a dog groomer, I know how to groom your best friend.

• I’m just the groomer. You’re the dog. Who am I to judge


• We’re gonna do it. We’re gonna make your pet look great again. Let’s roll!

• Growing up, I always knew that grooming was my calling.

• There are no shortcuts when it comes to grooming a dog—everyone starts at an absolutely baseline level.

• The look of a well-taken care of dog.


• Your fur may be different, but we’re always consistent with our services.

• You may not be a dog but you know a good one when you see one.

• A haircut? No, a makeover.

• So many moments in the day. So little time to feel luxuriously pampered by your best friend.


• You can judge a man by the company he keeps.

• Step into my world.

• Best day ever!

• It’s all about the details.


• He who can whistle a song can also tell one.

• Dog grooming is the one thing I do that makes me feel like a real grown up. #boyabow

• The perfect dog grooming is the first step to a better, healthier pet.

• When you’re groomed, you feel like a new dog.


• My dog is not a “dog show” participant. He just wants to be happy and feel pretty.

• What’s your dog like? It’s the cutest thing we do.

• I’m always down to get groomed.

• The best way to a man’s heart is through his dog’s fur.


• Being groomed by your best friend is the greatest gift you could ever give me.

• Some dogs are just more fun than others.

• A dog’s love is like a puppy’s bark. Loud, annoying and always on time.

• It’s not the size of your dog, it’s the size of your heart.


• The cut of the dog is a mystery, but the signature is always quite clear.

• I don’t want to be the reason you miss out on a good thing.

• It’s been a long week and you’re feeling it. Let us do the hard work

• Your dog will love the way they look and feel after a groom appointment!


• When they say you should never judge a book by its cover…me, I say that you should never judge a dog by its haircut.

• Grooming your dog is an investment in their health and happiness.

• All the hair and fur of your dog deserves to be pampered and looked after.

• Your dog has been looking for a job.


• Our dogs are like little kids: They don’t know how cute they are until you show them. 🙂

• Your pup’s tail is the ultimate accessory.

• Here’s to a #spoiledfluffydog who needs no pampering. And here’s to the #allnatural, #homemade and #stylin’ pooch who walks into my life everyday!

• Shedding your old coat and getting ready to accept new opportunities with this matching set of grooming tools.


• When your fur looks like it’s been through a windstorm, you’re ready to go out and make some friends.

• Easy as a walk in the park.

• Let’s get this over with.

• Your dog’s grooming is a personal art form.


• The best way to show off your mutt is with a freshly groomed face.

• We’ll take care of your pups from nose to tail!

• Grooming is the secret to a happy dog.

• Doing the dog for you is my pleasure


• The only thing cuter than a dog is a happy dog with a clean butt!

• You’ll never look at the dog’s hair the same again.

• Your pet is the best! I can’t wait to meet him.

• What do you get when you cross a Labrador with a pit bull?


• How to take care of your fur baby’s hair

• We’re the best at what we do because we love it.

• I tried to get my hair back in shape while you were gone.

• Who’s the star of your day? Who’s the one who takes center stage? You, my friend.


• I know what you look like when you’re washing your hands and I love it.

• The best things in life are done with a friend by your side.

• If you’re looking to add a little sparkle to your life, look no further than Minty Dog Grooming.

• Seize the day and show your pups some love with grooming.


• You don’t have to be a dog whisperer, but you do need to learn how to groom.

• Brush up on your grooming skills and let’s get our pups looking good.

• Your pup deserves the best of both worlds, so let us take care of you.

• I’m the definition of a beautiful dog.


• The cutest dogs are the ones that can jump around and shake off coat after coat of snow.

• When you put a collar on a dog, you’re not only giving them the love and affection they deserve, you’re also doing it to yourself.

• Good grooming is a sign of good health and well-being.

• We love you, boy. You are the best obedient dog in the world.


• All done with my man. He looks classy and handsome, like always!

• Bring on the compliments and walks!

• Nothing like a good wash to keep things fresh.

• If I could give you one gift, it would be the ability to wear your coat with pride.


• We do it all, from bathing to styling and grooming. We’re a dog groomer, people.

• Your dog is the best thing to happen to you and your schedule, don’t be afraid to get him groomed and look his best!

• Life is better when you’re with your best friend. #doggieday

• You just can’t bring yourself to give a dog a haircut? Why not ask for help?


• Whip it up, make a dog fall in love with you and get her ready for the weekend.

• Don’t know what to do with your dog today? No worries, we will take care of them 🙂

• My dog is just as cute as I am.

• Nothing says cute dog like a fresh, clean pearly whites


• Show your dog some love and give them the pampering they deserve today!

• A bath and brush can make a dog feel so clean and happy.

• If you want to see our world with different eyes, look at it through the eyes of a dog.

• Spritz a little pep in your step and let’s go make you look good.


• I’m so happy to see you that I could just bark.

• She’s ready for her close up.
• The dog groomer is the best friend of my life. He always does a great job and it doesn’t matter if he’s been at it for 3 hours or 3 days!

• Real dog grooming is hard work, but we’re committed to making sure your pet looks good and feels even better.

• Exquisite grooming is my hobby.


• Grooming your dog is the best thing you can do for them.

• The way I was groomed is the way you should treat all your pooches.

• Your dog’s a star and you’re a star, too.

• She’s the perfect dog, just like her special doggo.


• We’re grooming you with a razor sharp wit and a down-to-earth style. Our way of saying, “You are as beautiful as you think you are.”

• I don’t cut your hair, I just make it look good.

• When you get a haircut and your tail falls right the way.

• Look who’s grown up, handsome


• The beard. The mane. The coat. The cuteness.

• It’s not just a hair cut, it’s an attitude adjustment.

• The secret to a perfect hairstyle is the right haircut

• Let’s groom your pup, so you can get back to your best life.


• The best part about grooming your dog is watching him look back at you with those big, soulful eyes.

• Grooming your dog is an important responsibility. If you are not up to it, hire one who can do it well.

• Brushing your dog’s hair is a rite of passage that they’ll appreciate every time.

• Professional grooming is an art form.


• Every dog deserves a chance to shine.

• The cutest dog in the shop is right here.

• My dog doesn’t like me to do anything…but i’ll keep trying.

• When the weather’s too hot for a dog to walk, but you still need to go outside.


• Not all dogs are created equal. Some require more energy and effort to care for, and others are easier to train than others.

• The dog is an animal that loves to play, but also a partner in crime.

• It’s time for a cut and some love

• Don’t roll over. Don’t give up. Don’t show weakness. Just keep on doing what you do and we’ll be there for you! #youhaditright


• My life is complete when I’m with you.

• You’re a cute little dog, but I’m taking you to the groomer!

• Dog grooming is the cutest thing in the world.

• Let your pup be a little more confident with these grooming tips from @wagsandtails.


• He’s so happy to be groomed, who needs a vacation when he gets to go on a grooming vacation?

• Don’t let the coat fool you. He’s a dog who can keep up with you in your new life.

• The most important things in the world are a good haircut and a good dog.

• Always a good idea to brush up on your grooming skills.


• No matter the breed, it’s never too late to teach your pups manners.

• If you’re not looking at them, your dog isn’t happy.

• It’s said that a dog is the only thing on this earth that loves you more than he loves himself.

• My fur is the softest, it’s fluffy.


• My little beast…I never knew how much you could love me until I lost you.

• I know what you did last summer.

• There’s a little something in the air tonight.

• We’re not your average dog groomer. We’re the real deal.


• Some dogs are better groomed than others.

• My dog, who is not afraid to get his hair done by anyone. Even me.

• What happens when a stranger stops you on the street and asks to pet your dog?

• When your dog is clean and the whole world smells good.


• In this age of “man’s best friend”, we like to think that our dogs are our best friends too.

• Good morning! It’s your best friend grooming you for the day.

• Going the extra mile with my pups.

• Bring my best friend along with you everywhere you go.


• I’m so handsome and cute right now, I’m not even joking.

• My bffs with their fur-ever friends

• Life is happier, stronger and more fun with a good hair day.

• He looks good enough to eat.


• You only live once, but what a beautiful life you choose to live.

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