Dogs Love Quotes for Instagram

Dogs Love Quotes for Instagram

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Dogs Love Quotes for Instagram

“If you love a dog, who can blame you? They’re lovable and cuddly, with the softest fur. But if you don’t like dogs, then there’s a problem.



Dogs are amazing. They carry your keys. They catch Frisbees. And they love you, no matter how much you mess up.


I don’t care if you are a dog, cat or a human. Puppies are my weakness.


You’ve got a lot of fur, but you have a lot of love to give. ❤


A dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than he loves himself.



I’ll be a lot more determined to get my butt on the couch if I know there’s an adorable dog waiting for me in the corner.


Dogs, because they are man’s best friend.


It’s not the size of the dog in the fight—it’s the size of the fight in the dog.


Dogs are like the humans of the animal kingdom—they’re everyone’s friend, but you can’t completely trust them.



You can’t teach an old dog new tricks but you can teach him to see the world through brand-new eyes.


Life is a series of ups and downs, but the one thing I know for sure is that every down ends in an up.


When life hands you lemons, make lemonade.


It’s never too late to be the best version of yourself.



You are here to grow, not to be comfortable. So push yourself, ask questions and challenge yourself to push your limits.


Dogs are like children, they bring us joy and laughter, but also the challenge of doing something we don’t want to do. #dogslovequotes


“The dog-eat-dog world of Instagram is a harsh place, but there are still some who can rise above it and be our best friends.”


I’m a dog who’s so cool, I have my own Instagram.



How do you feel about dogs? 🐶


Dogs don’t have time for jealousy. They’re too busy being loyal, selfless and always thinking of others.


Dogs are man’s best friend. You can trust them with your friends, your family, and you can also trust them with their own lives.


You’re loved, you’re cherished, and you’re unforgettable.



If you’re not smiling, then you’re doing it wrong. #mygooddog


Life is better with a dog.


Dogs are the reason for my morning runs.


Life’s a beach but your dog is the umbrella?



I wouldn’t be surprised if your dog knew more words than you.


I’ll take you on a walk, I’ll take you out to eat. I can’t wait to see what you do next!


It’s normal to want a friend who will chase after you, but it’s not normal to expect it.


Keep your head up high, always look forward.



the dog love quotes for instagram can be used by you and your pet. It shows that you have love for your pet.


We don’t need to be friends to love each other. We only need to be family.#dogslove


Dog or not, we all love them. #dogsofinstagram


We all have a dog who holds a special place in our hearts. Whether it’s your first, or 10th dog, here are some ways to show your love.



Dogs are a lot like us. They want to be loved and won’t take “no” for an answer.


“A dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than he loves himself.” 🐶 💚


It’s the little things that make a big difference. It’s our friends, family and dogs that make life so special.


When you adopt a dog, it will be yours forever. It’s true.



Life’s too short to hold back  on doggie chow 🐶🥇


If you love your dog, set an example. If you don’t, set a consequence.


I’m not the most popular dog. But I bet I’m one of the smartest.


Dogs are like babies: they never stay with the same person.



You’re my world, and I love you.


True diversity is found in an intersection of cultures and lifestyles.


If a dog could talk, what would it say? #dogslovequotes


Dogs are the best friends you never had



Dogs don’t just love us, they are the one constant in life that never changes.


Dogs and cats are looking for love too.


Dogs make people happy, but they also make life more interesting.


I’m so happy I went with the underdog. #dogs



Dogs love us because we remind them of our mothers


Dogs are the only animal that loves you because they can’t read your mind.


There’s nothing a dog loves more than a good belly rub. A hanging out with your pup can be just as much fun


You can never have too much love.💗



Your dog is your loyal friend and protector, but it’s his tail that does the wagging.


Life is a journey, not a destination.Come with me, let’s go explore this world.


When life gives you lemons, let them inspire you to make lemonade.


We may not be able to change the world, but we can change each other.



Dogs think we’re the company for them.


Can’t wait to dog your day with these pups that make our days brighter


These dogs are just so darn cute!


Dogs love you no matter what.



Dogs are the only things on this earth that love you more than they love themselves.


Life is a series of doggie-pap photos.


“All dogs love is the smell of a good dog.” ― Paul Gallico


Dogs are the only creatures on earth that love you more than they love themselves.



To every dog that has ever looked up to me and followed my lead, I thank you.


Dogs are like passports- they take us to the places we want to be.


Life is full of love and happiness. All you need to do is choose to see it.


I’ve found my forever home.



We travel through life together, and it is so much more beautiful than I ever imagined. ❤️


There’s no place like home.


He that is good for anything is good for nothing, if he only knows it.


Dogs are the best. They love unconditionally and always remind us to do the same.



I love my dog, he’s so cute 😍#tbt


Life is short, buy a dog and it won’t bark all the time.


Dogs are the best kind of people. They love you unconditionally and won’t judge you for eating a whole pizza by yourself.


your dog is a bundle of joy.



The best things in life are fearless. Including dogs.


Life is (almost) better with a dog.


Don’t let anyone tell you that your dog is a burden. They’re not—they’re your best friend.


When your dog looks at you, he sees the world through your eyes.



Dogs are just little humans given to barking.


My dog is my best friend, but my cat’s cuter.


He’s loyal, a friend and always ready to face any adventure.


Barking up the right tree to the right person at the right time



I was born to be your best friend.


Keep your head in the clouds, but keep your feet on the ground.


Dogs are our best friends. They do nothing but treat us, love us and make our lives better. — Will Smith


Dogs are the best kind of people. Their loyalty and positive attitudes are hard to beat.



Dogs are a lot like their owners. They are beautiful and loyal creatures who love to be around you and make you happy.


Ask not what your dog can do for you. Ask what you can do for your dog


Dogs don’t need us. They love us.


You know what they say about dogs with good posture: They have good manners.



Dogs love to play. They also love hugs and treats when you need them most.


Be the dog that makes them laugh when you’re tired and fed them when they’ve been good.


Famous dogs, they don’t care how they got there.


As the saying goes, we should all have a dog at least once in our life.



When you look into the eyes of your best friend, all these years later, they still hold the same unconditional love.


Never underestimate the power of a dog.


The world would be a much better place if everyone had a dog to chase at 3 in the morning.


I don’t choose my friends, they choose me 🐶 ~Lea Michele



I may be small, but I’m mighty.


#dogs are the most loyal, loving creatures on earth. Loyalty and love are what they live for.


Dogs are amazing, we love them so much. They are loyal, loving and good little companions


“The best thing about dogs is that they don’t talk.” -Roy Hobbs



Life’s better with a dog by your side.


There’s something about a dog that just brings out your best self.


Dogs are a man’s best friend. That doesn’t mean they don’t love to cuddle from time to time. 😻


A dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than he loves himself.



Every dog has his day, but the best ones are the ones who never give up.


“You are loved, not just by those who love you, but also by those who don’t.


A dog repeats back to you what you say to him.


So many things you can say with a single photo, so much more meaning can be derived from the simplest of moments.



Life is full of dog days, and we’re not talking about your bad hair days.


“I would walk for miles for you. I’ll swim the ocean and climb mountains for you. I will sacrifice my life to protect and serve you. But you won’t let me, because all I do is make you mad.” -Christopher Marlowe


At the end of every day, I just want to be with you.


You can’t erase the past, but you can learn from it. 😉



Trust me, you do not need me to be your pupper. I will always love you and be there for you no matter what.


The right dog for the right person. Dogs have a way of knowing when you need a friend—and giving one back.


You are not a dog. You are a person. I love you as a person, not a dog.


We honor the dog that shows us his human side.



Dogs love you more than you love them. Sooner or later, they’ll let you know.


The only difference between a dog and aitton is how their mouth looks when they smile.


Dogs are always happy to see you and even happier to do their favorite thing—roll over and play dead.


Dog mommy: no matter how hard they try, they won’t ever be our boss. Dog daddy: when they are at work, we have the right to yell at them.



The best kind of dog is the kind that has a master who has never been dog.


Bark out loud. Your bark can be the most powerful form of communication.


I can bite and I can **** dogs.


Be yourself. Be original. And don’t copy anyone else’s style. Go your own way



I don’t have to bark, I only have to wag my tail.


Life is just one big happy family.


We are not who we were but who we are.


I don’t know what the future holds. I only know that I’m a dog and this is my life—a ragtag mix of fun and happiness with a dash of adventure. And most of all, love. ♥🐶



Dogs are like the human heart. They will give you unconditional love and affection…even if you deserve it.


The best things in life are pawsitively fabulous 😜🐶


Dogs are like humans. They love to be loved and they love compliments. If you want to make a dog happy, compliment him or her!


Dogs are the only thing on earth that loves you more than you love yourself.



A dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than you love yourself.


The dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than he loves himself.


More than just a four-legged friend: It’s a soulmate.


You know the rules. No dogs allowed.



We love to be with you. We may not understand what you say, but we promise we’ll give it lots of love.


Dogs are truly a man’s best friend.


They’re not just the most loyal friend, they’re the world’s best. 🐶


Dogs run in packs and love to play tug-of-war; this is the key to their good health!



Life can be a journey of many miles and many detours, but the destination is always what matters.


When you’re done chasing them, catch up with me.


There’s a dog on your Instagram feed that is going to give you so much more than just a potential life partner 🐶


The sweetest dog ever. #DogsOfInstagram



All dogs are pretty and good at heart. #quote


Dogs are the best.🐶


Dogs are here to make your life brighter.


Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole.



Dogs are man’s best friend. They are loyal, fun and easy to train.


A dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than he loves himself.


Dogs are man’s best friend. They love us unconditionally, even if we smoke a lot of pot and don’t pick up after ourselves.


Dogs love hugs, but cats are better at giving them.



Dogs are the people who listen to you when you’re speaking, but don’t seem to comprehend what you’re saying.


Dogs are the only animals that have to be reminded to sit down.


Life is a journey, not a destination. You gotta have an open mind and live life on the edge


We may be small, but we’re fierce.



Life is not what happens to you, it’s how you handle it!


Dogs are man’s best friend. They will love you unconditionally and remind you how to be a better person every day. #dogslovequotes


Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole.


“There is a dog for every human.” – Albert Einstein



I love dogs. Dogs are like people, except smaller and cuter.


It’s not easy being a dog – but someone has to do it.


My dog hates me. I don’t care, he’s still the reason I get up in the morning.


Dogs are like potato chips—you can’t have just one.



Play hard and let the dogs play.


My dog and I just hang out all day, watching TV. It’s a good life.


Bark. Bark up the wrong tree…but a dog does that every day.


All dogs go to heaven, but cats have nine lives.



Life is full of so many possibilities. It’s up to you how you choose to live it.


“The best of all possible worlds is one in which all creatures are happy.”


We’re not alone in this world. We’re together.


Don’t worry about what people think. I mean, who cares!


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