190+ Best Duck Hunting Captions for Instagram

Duck Hunting Captions for Instagram
Duck Hunting Captions for Instagram

Duck Hunting Captions for Instagram: Duck hunting is a great way to enjoy the outdoors. It’s also a fantastic way to spend time with family and friends, and it’s a great way to get into shape. If you’re thinking about trying duck hunting, you should know that it’s not just a game. There are many different types of ducks, and they all have their own distinct characteristics and traits.

If you’re looking to get into duck hunting, make sure that you know which ducks you’re looking for and when they’re likely to be around in your area. If you’re looking for ways to connect with other hunters and catch some ducks, you’ll want to check out these duck hunting captions for Instagram.

If you want to become one of the best duck hunters around, then this is what you need: patience and accuracy; awareness of your surroundings; mastery of your weapon; and good eyesight. Check this out!

Duck Hunting Captions for Instagram

• Gotta hunt me some ducks. #duckhunting


• There’s no such thing as the wrong time to hunt ducks.

• You’re duck hunting, but I’m just standing in the water.

• It’s duck season, so get your ducks in a row.

• There’s no better time than now to start your duck hunting season.


• What’s better than a good duck hunt? A GREAT duck hunt.

• The ducks outnumber the hunters—which could mean you’ll have to wait for your turn.

• When you’re on a duck hunt, it’s all about the moment.

• When you’ve got a duck on the line it’s all about the shot.


• You can’t shoot what you can’t see. But duck hunting is better with a scope

• Here’s to the good times and all the ducks you’ve hunted.

• The best things in life are the most simple. The most memorable moments never have a caption. #huntinglife

• I am the king of the waterfowl on this hunt.


• The hunt is on.

• Love is a feathered arrow.

• The only thing better than a duck hunt is the people who get to go on them with you.

• There are three types of people in the world: those who love duck hunting and those who are going to get rid of you before fall.


• If you see a duck, shoot. If you don’t, duck hunt!

• Here’s to the duck hunters who endure long, hard days of tedious work. You’re the reason we get to eat on these weekends. Thanks for your dedication and commitment!

• There is no dearer friendship than the bond made between a man and his duck.

• The best way to kill a duck is to cut its head off with a sharp knife and then wipe your hands clean.


• When you kill a duck, you should make sure to take it home and put it on the table for dinner.

• This season, hunting is a sport of skill, patience, and luck—all three of which are on your side.

• In the fall, it’s all about the hunt.

• Be the hunter. Be the hunted.


• The hunt is on!

• Shoot first, shoot second and shoot third.

• Just another day at the office…

• This is how we do it


• A duck hunting caption is an image of a hunter with something in hand, such as a gun or binoculars.

• Duck hunting is the only time I feel like a man.

• The only thing better than hunting ducks is hunting ducks with your buddies.

• Leave the hunting to us, we’ll bring back a ton of duck to feed your friends and family.


• If it’s a duck and it quacks, then it’s got a valid hunting permit.

• When you’re duck hunting, it’s all about being prepared.

• I miss the ducks, especially when I have to go on a camping trip.

• If you’re not on your duck hunt in the morning, something fishy is going on.


• I hit the mark and got duck number 1.

• Taking a break from duck hunting to enjoy some ice cold beer.

• If you’re going to hunt, be sure to put on your big boy pants.

• I’m looking for @duck


• That’s one way to hunt.

• Meet your shot. Flush, my friend.

• The hunt is on!

• Hunting season is here and we’ve got a whole heap of duck hunting captions for you.


• Are you ready for a duck hunt? I don’t think we’re going to need a duck call.

• We’re hunting for ducks.

• A duck hunter’s worst enemy is the wind.

• It takes a hunter to catch a duck, but we’re here to make sure you get the prize!


• I’ll be the first to admit it: I’m an old duck hunter. But that doesn’t mean my youngest is incapable of taking a shot!

• Shooting ducks is what I live for….

• Hunting ducks with a bow is the best.

• Life is like a duck, you’re better off not getting shot.


• We’re going to go ahead and assume the animals in this picture are pretty pleased about their kill.

• When you’re in the hunt, and you know where you’re aiming.

• You get the best seat in the house.

• If only I could be as cool as my gun


• Getting ready for opening day

• This is where I come from…

• Duck hunting captions are a lot like shooting – you don’t always hit the target

• Duck hunting’s not just for the outdoorsy type… it’s for the dumb ones too.


• Duck hunting is like a blackjack table. The dealer always wins.

• They say “duck, duck, goose” for a reason—it’s fun to hunt!

• I’m on a mission. To be the best duck hunter in the world.

• If you love duck hunting as much as we do, you’ll definitely want to get your hands on this limited edition shirt!


• “A dead duck can’t tell you how good your shot was.”

• So. Much. Duck.

• Ducks are not the only ones that get hunted for their feathers. Man’s best friend is also hunted for his fur.

• Come on out and hunt with us.


• The best way to hunt any creature? In the water, of course.

• The hunt is on.

• Finding your prey.

• This is what happens when you’re a duck hunting master.


• Strongest hook: It’s duck hunting season.

• Hunting for ducks like this is what I live for.

• When you’re in a duck hunting mood, it’s never too late to get the season started.

• We are hunting for ducks.


• When the moment comes to take a shot, it’s not about who has the best rifle. It’s about who can stalk the best duck.

• Don’t worry haters, you’re ducks.

• Ready to go hunting?

• You only have one shot. Don’t miss it.


• For the most accurate shot in the field, it’s all about the neck.

• The hunt is on.

• Quack, quack, quack.

• I’ve been looking for you.


• We did it.

• Soaking up the sun like a duck hunting caption.

• My favorite thing about duck hunting is when a bird jumps right off the marsh grass into my rubber duck blind and I get to shoot it.

• Going duck hunting with my new first generation i-Phone.


• You see this duck? It’s my greatest hunting trophy. Measuring 11 inches from beak to tail, it has a wingspan of 20 inches and weighs 2 pounds.

• Take aim—it’s duck season.

• It takes a lot of ducks to make a duck hunter, but it takes just one hunter to bring them all home.

• Our ducks have been extra-hibernating this winter, but now they’re ready to hunt with you—and they’ll get the job done.


• The best duck hunting is always right on schedule. Just be sure to have your game plan in place before the season starts. Check out our website for more details!

• If you’re looking for a duck, you’ve come to the right place. Keep your aim sharp and bring it all back home!

• He finds his ducks.

• The morning hunt begins.


• Can you feel the adrenaline?

• Cozying up with a good book is always better with a cold beer in hand.

• I’m in a duck hunting mood.

• The only thing better than duck hunting is winning at duck hunting.


• Nothing like a good duck hunt to take the summer heat

• The only thing better than shooting a duck is hunting one.

• I’mma duck huntin’ this weekend.

• Straight up, this is the best duck hunting story to come out of the swamp.


• It’s duck season. The birds are in the air, and it’s time for a hunt. Time to find that perfect moment on the field when you can let your skills fly and take them down with a well-placed shot from a bow.

• The only thing better than a duck is a duck with a bow

• When the ducks are looking up and your gun is ready.

• No matter how many times i’ve shot a duck it’s always new and exciting.


• When sand and water mix, it’s duck season.

• Hunt with us.

• A perfect shot at the ideal moment.

• If you want to get the job done, you’ve got to roll up your sleeves, don’t half-ass it.


• Who says you need a hunting license to go duck hunting

• Duck hunting is an adventure waiting to happen.

• The only way to get a duck is to go hunting

• The duck is floating on the water, with the hunter’s boat in pursuit.


• When your duck hunting buddy falters, have a ready supply of flossing material on hand—it’s always good to keep your ducks and yourself shiny.

• I don’t hunt to kill. I hunt to quack.

• Let’s get your duck hunting season off to a great start with our new lines of duck blinds.

• The best hunts are the ones you never get on camera.


• This is a buck”s world, and we’re just living in it.

• I believe in the power of a good hunt.

• I need to eat something that’s not duck.

• I’ll be the one to you hunt, when you’re done with the others.


• He who shoots first, shoots best.

• Appreciating the simple things.

• Are you ready to go hunting? Bring your duck hunting hashtag, we’re in the field already!

• It’s time to get duck hunting, this season.


• I’m about to go duck hunting and this is my shotgun.

• Don’t let the duck fool you. This is strictly a manhunt.

• The best part of duck hunting? Shooting your blind partner

• Can’t wait to go duck hunting with my new toy!


• When the hunt is on and you are going to get that duck.

• One of the best things that comes with duck season is the fact that you’re spending more time outside, enjoying nature and all it has to offer.

• I’m going to bag some ducks today.

• Waterfowl season is here and we’re ready.


• I don’t know what it is, but there’s just something about hunting season that makes me feel more alive.

• A duck is a bird that quacks like a dog.

• You’re the real huntin’ man.

• A duck is a bird that swims by using its wings – as well as its legs.


• A good shot is like a good book, it’s the one you read over and over again.

• It’s duck hunting season, and we’re not just talking about the food.

• We’re hunting some ducks tonight and we’re looking for your help. Tag a duck, share this post and let’s hunt some more!

• It’s duck season and one thing is for certain: you gotta pull your weight.


• There’s nothing like the thrill of duck hunting in a classic fly rod.

• The best duck hunting is when you can make a successful shot without calling.

• You can’t outrun the big bad wolf. But you can outrun a duck.

• Like a duck hunter, I can see the seasons changing. Just like the weather, the seasons will always go back to normal eventually.


• When your target is a duck, anything can happen.

• Gobble, gobble, shoot your duck.

• There’s nothing like a morning hunt with the perfect partner

• Nothing like a good hunt to get you in the mood for fall.


• You’re gonna need a bigger boat for this one.

• Sometimes to be great, you gotta get messy. You need to be the hunter and not the hunted

• Pack your guns and get ready to go, ’cause it’s duck huntin time

• For the duck hunter who can’t stop smiling, always thinking about ducks, and always finding them, we’ve created a new line of camo wear.


• No matter the situation, a duck hunter never gives up.

• I promise to never hunt any animal smaller than a duck.

• Get in the zone and hunt your ducks with the right equipment.

• The duck is at it again! It’s a good thing I don’t have to wear any orange today.


• When you’re out in the woods, not all ducks will be afraid

• When the hunt is on, you need a gun that can handle the little ones who want to play with it.

• When you’re out hunting, you can’t be too careful.

• The only thing better than a warm duck dinner is a cold beer after.


• Every shot has to count, so you need a gun that doesn’t.

• A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush.

• Duck hunting is the best

• A duck hunt can be a challenge, but it’s always exciting.


• Duck hunting is about more than just killing a duck. It’s about the pursuit of perfection, control and discipline.

• Shooting the ducks is a sport that requires skills, tactics and a lot of patience.

• When you’re duck hunting, you know it’s time to eat.

• Love the smell of duck hunting in the morning.


• It’s duck season. Ain’t no stopping now.

• The season of hunting is upon us. Get your duck call and dog ready, the hunt is on!

• Hunting with friends is always better when you’re hunting ducks together.

• As the hunter, it’s your job to bag your duck, but if you’re not careful, you can bag yourself.


• Hunting ducks on a dark and stormy night, with an old faithful shotgun…

• When the hunter knows the duck, there is no competition.

• When it comes to hunting, there’s just no substitute for a good dog.

• It’s not just bread and water for ducks. There’s plenty of protein in this bird feeder!


• It’s hard to miss the real show at our place.
• Duck season is open, so get out there and take a shot.

• You can’t be serious. I’m just not sure if you’re really serious about hunting ducks or just really into duck hunting.

• Duck hunting is the sport of kings.

• We have a duck hunting tip. Always shoot high.


• Duck hunting is not just a sport, it is an art. It takes patience and skill to shoot ducks with a shotgun.

• This is duck hunting at its finest. Feel the call of the wild, and let your inner animal out.

• This is what it looks like when you find your duck and shoot it.

• The more you duck, the more you win.


• You’ll be the first to know when I’m hunting.

• The best hunting never gets old.

• It’s all about the hunt.

• It’s the hunt that makes the kill.


• The best hunting calls are the ones you make yourself.

• Only the best for you, babe.

• With a bow in hand, I give thanks for the life God has blessed me with.

• I can’t believe I’m saying this, but duck hunting is way better than sex.


• Time to get into the duck hunting spirit.

• If you want ducks, get a gun

• The best duck hunting takes place in the heart of the season…

• At last, a way to honor my duck hunting past and present


• Ducking and weeding, hunting season’s on.

• If i’m not on a duck hunt. I’m probably in the bathroom.

• Never get too comfortable hunting ducks.

• You know the only thing that can stop me from shooting birds? A duck in my face.


• Life’s a hunt. You better be ready to shoot.

• What’s better than a great hunt? One you share with the best hunting buddies.

• Hunting season is open.

• I’m always looking for the perfect shot.


• The biggest lake in the world. You never know what could be lurking under the waters of this giant lake

• Getting ready for the season


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