200+ best Funny Captions About Waiting for Snacks

Funny Captions About Waiting for Snacks
Funny Captions About Waiting for Snacks

Welcome to the world of anticipating snacks and the funny situations that arise as you wait for those delicious nibbles to arrive. We’ve all experienced the anxiousness, the growling tummies, and the amusing antics that take place as we wait impatiently for our favorite treats.

In this post, we explore the lighter side of snack time, where levity and laughter take center stage. Although the time spent waiting for refreshments might occasionally seem endless, these are the times when we experience unanticipated joy and make enduring memories.

While we wait for refreshments, we all exhibit our lively side, as evidenced by our entertaining facial expressions, amusing chats, and humorous pranks. It is an experience that is shared across many countries and generations, serving as a reminder that sometimes the most enjoyable moments in life involve anticipation and laughing.

We’ve compiled a variety of humorous captions that properly express the feeling of waiting for refreshments in this post. These captions will inject some fun and relatability into your social media posts, whether you’re waiting for a pizza to arrive, popcorn to pop, or your favorite dessert to be served.


Funny Captions About Waiting for Snacks

Waiting for snacks is like waiting for sausage to be made. The ending is totally worth the wait.


Life is tough. Waiting for snacks shouldn’t be.


Every minute feels like a whole hour when you’re waiting for snacks.


We’re not hungry, we’re just waiting for snacks to be ready.



It’s past my dinner, but I’m never too busy to wait for snacks. 😜


I don’t have all day to wait for these snacks. Lemme at ’em! 😥


If you’re waiting for us to finish making your snacks, I can promise you it’s worth the wait. 😝


Always on the edge of our seat, hungry for snacks.



I’m waiting for you like I’m waiting for this to turn into nachos.


We can’t wait to see you at the movies! But we totally understand if you’ll be late. After all, it’s been a long time since your last meal.


I’m gonna need to see some snacks before I’m cool with this.


Eating healthy snacks together is so much better with friends. That’s why we’re offering a snack credit each month to use toward your Snack Pack orders. Sweet! You must be signed in to use this feature.



Waiting for my snacks, like waiting for a boy to text back…


Waiting for snacks like…😂


Waiting for snacks like


When you’re really hungry, waiting for a snack is the worst. But, it’s worse when you’ve got to hunt down your friends to see who has it.



When you order snacks for delivery and the waiter forgets to give them to you.


How long do I have to wait to eat this bag of chips!?


Waiting for a friend to come over so I can bust out the snacks we’ve been hoarding since January.


Everyone knows you don’t rush a good snack



when you order a large popcorn & it doesn’t come for another 10 mins _


The anticipation is killing me! These nachos better get here in the next 15 minutes or else 😤


Whatcha gonna do when the hunger pangs hit? Waiting for snacks to be done is the hardest part!


I’ve been waiting for these snacks all day.



The struggle is real: you’ve got all these snacks, but they’re not ready yet.


be patient young grasshopper, the snacks shall come.


I’m trying to patiently wait for this Instagram story to end so I can eat this whole bowl of chips.


Snack time is coming.



Can we hurry this up? Food is ready. Snacks are ready. And we’re waiting…


I’m here for the snacks.


I’m starting a movement. One that says when you’re feeling hangry, snack on Dippin’ Dots.


When you bring your healthy snacks to work and realize you’ve got an anxious 5 hour wait ahead of you. 🤔



Why does it take so long for my food? We can see you working the grill.


I’m waiting for it, I’m waiting for it… 🍭


Where’s the food? I’m hungry.


Waiting for snacks is boring. Give me something to do!



Waiting for snacks is the hardest part 😁


Waiting for snacks like…


I’m hungry. I’m waiting for snacks. What are you doing tonight?


I’d wait all day for some snacks from the vending machine if I could. I definitely would not be productive but it would be worth it.



The true test of a snack is how long you wait for it. The longer you wait, the more you believe 🍖


Some things can’t be rushed. Like these snacks that are being cooked to perfection just for you.


How much longer do we have to wait? *5 minutes later* Still not done


Munchies are coming. 😉



Get ready to channel your inner kid again, because the much-anticipated snack pillow is here.


I’m waiting for these brownies to cool down before I shove the whole pan in my mouth. #bakingfail


Patience is a virtue. But waiting for snacks is a skill.


I’m not easily distracted by anything. I can sit here and wait until my snacks are ready… and I will wait.



For years, I’ve been waiting for snacks that are both nutritious and delicious. Now my dreams have come true.


Be patient. Your snacks are coming. No need to rush this process.


The feeling of being at a restaurant and waiting for the appetizers to come out, but also waiting for the food you actually ordered.


All the snacks, none of the guilt. New @Billabong snacks are here!



If you liked it, then you should have put a snack on it.


Grab a bag of snacks and get ready to snack seasonally all year round.


Waiting for snacks like…


I’m waiting for snacks.



People say it’s good to wait, but I’m waiting for these snacks.


We know you’re excited to get your hands on your snack box, so we’ve made a video to help you pass the time until it arrives. Spoiler alert: that’s not really a spoiler.


It’s waiting for this snack that makes time go by slower.


We’re waiting… are they ever gonna bring the snacks around? Watchers, watchers.



Snacks coming in 15 mins


viewers may not be aware that the @foodstagram account is run by snack food.


With today’s technology, the only thing standing between me and popcorn right now is several thousand feet of air 🍿


You can either wait for the perfect time to eat or you can just eat (insert snack here).



It’s not a party without snacks. So let’s get the party started!


The hardest part of work–waiting for snacks to show up.


Waiting for snacks. 


Waiting for your snacks to cook is like waiting for the bus in the rain—it feels like it will NEVER get here.



Me waiting for snacks: 😫


Waiting for a snack to cool down cannot be rushed, therefore multitasking is necessary . . .


we’re not just waiting for snacks, we’re going to snack on snacks


What I do while waiting for the popcorn to finish popping at 8pm on a school night.



I can’t believe I have to wait for a whole two minutes for my delicious snack 😋.


Snack time is too important to rush. #SnackIsComing


Waiting for Snapchat…it’s gonna be a long day.


Waiting for the bus is never a waste of time when you’ve got snacks



Have you heard about the latest snack delivery trend that’s taking over?


Hate waiting for snacks?


Waiting for snacks like


Waiting for snacks makes you feel like it’s summer break all over again 😋



I’ll wait for you, snacks. I’ve waited for thousands of snacks before and I’m sure I’ll be waiting for thousands more to come. It’s a long life but it’s worth it.


Waiting for nachos is like waiting for the iPhone 7: interminable.


We are starving. We mean like… actually, literally starving. Waiting for these snacks to be ready is torture #SOBERSTILL


Snack time is a lot like dating. At first you’re really into it, and then after a while you’re just waiting for it to be over.



No matter how you feel about snacks, don’t let a snack make you feel bad. Life moves on regardless of your snacking habits. #snacklife


We are waiting (impatiently) for these chicken burgers.


I’m waiting for it like


I’m waiting for the delivery guy to show a-lil love



Waiting for snacks, like.


I’m waiting for snacks. You’re waiting for snacks. We’re all waiting for snacks. It’s time to snack up!


Waiting for the snacks 


We’re waiting for our snacks . . . which is weird because snacks are usually waiting for us. 



We are waiting for these snacks, and we’re not leaving until they arrive.


I’ll be here waiting for your snacks, in the meantime, enjoy this content about snacks. 👀


Waiting for my toast to pop up is like…


Waiting for dinner like…



Don’t get me wrong, I like to snack as much as the next guy. But some foods are just worth the wait. #harryanddavid


snack attack!


i’ll be right here. patiently waiting for snacks.


I would never wait for snacks. Once I grab one, I’d scarf it down in a flash. *Snack time!*



Waiting for food is like waiting for Godot—it’s never gonna happen.


When you’re feeling snacky, but your snacks aren’t around.


When you’re always hungry, but you never get snacks. 😖


The struggle is real… my snacks are taking longer than usual to come out of the oven.



These snacks are taking forever to make, but I’ll wait as long as it takes.


Snack time is most definitely in the zone.


I’m levitating in anticipation of my #snackchat tonight! Let’s snack chat—hosted by myself and @snack_nation_ – tonight at 8:30pm EST!


Pass the dip, please! (Says the girl who is not actually eating any chips but has her hand out for some sour cream and onion flavoured dip)



Only five more minutes until the next snack.


Munchies are on their way! #hangry


Waiting for snacks is like waiting for your crush to ask you on a date… 🤷


I’m going to take a nap and wake up when these snacks are ready.



The best snacks are worth the wait!


I’m not sure what’s worse…the fact that I have to wait 4 hours for these nachos or the fact that I’m on the wrong side of this door.


And the award for patience in snack consumption goes to…you! 😏


Life is long, but snack time is short.



I used to think I could eat pizza off my shoe, but this waiting is cramping my style.


*dying* can u plz call us instead of waiting for this delivery guy to take 45 minutes to get here


If the only thing you want for dinner is salty, hot pretzels and chocolate, we understand. 


If you like to snack, then you’re going to love my upcoming book about waiting for snacks



Once upon a time, there was a hungry man waiting for snacks.


Fun Fact: Waiting for food is the second most frustrating thing in life. On a scale of 1-10, waiting for snacks is a 6/7.


I will wait here all day, every day for snacks.


If you don’t have anything nice to say, come sit by us. We’re waiting for snacks and we’re not in a good mood.



While you wait for the snacks, why not get some work done?


I’ll wait for you forever. It’s fine. I’ve got snacks.


Can’t wait to eat the snack I had in my hand a minute ago.


*waits*and waits*and waits*and wait



Waiting for snacks like Waiting for Godot


Waiting for a flight, or waiting for snacks? You decide.


waiting for your snacks to arrive is like…


Waiting on snacks like…



You got to wait for the snack man…


When you’re so hungry you’re willing to wait for your food to be made. Hey folks, it’s going to be worth the wait


Sometimes, you just gotta catch your snack.


When your friends order crispy chicken and you’re waiting for your wonton noodles to come out.



How many times have you been too busy to actually eat your snack?


Did someone say snackage? Congratulations! You will receive fresh, tasty snacks when you complete this form.


Snackin’ ain’t easy.

Waiting for snacks is like Waiting for Godot (but with less existential dread).



Waiting for snacks to heat up in the microwave is the hardest wait of your life.


Waiting for snacks feels like:


If you’re waiting for snacks like we are, these quips will keep you entertained!


We’re out here waiting for snacks to arrive.



Waiting for food is torture, but the longer you wait, the sweeter it will be.


Got snacks? Good, let’s wait in line


I’ll just wait here patiently while you get me a snack.


There will be a 30 minute delay in your snack delivery. Here’s a gif to hold you over. 😲



Waiting for snacks is like waiting for the bus…you wait and then it comes!


Waiting for snacks like:


Waiting for the snacks to come out of the oven—we’re prepared with fresh lemonade and a new book


Don’t wait for snack time, be the snack time.



You’ve been snacking all day, and the snacks still aren’t here. #TipsForTheWaitress


I’ll just wait on these snacks like I’m waiting on my favorite book to be adapted into a movie. And it’ll be so good, I’ll watch it more than once.


I’ll wait while you go grab more snacks…


I don’t always snack. But when I do, I snack on my snacks.



Trying to stay patient while you watch these perfectly crispy, cheesy pizza sticks come out of the oven.  Only 15 more minutes!


I’m really good at waiting for snacks…just ask anyone!


Waiting for a snack? Have another one. That’ll hold you over until the next one is ready.


While you wait for your snacks to heat up, the aroma fills the room and your tummy starts to grumble.



When you’re so hungry you’re willing to go on a scavenger hunt for snacks…


Can someone get me a snack real quick? I’m hungry and my blood sugar is low.


Waiting is not a team sport.


I’m dying for this bag of chips. Could someone like, bring it over?



I can’t put you down ’cause you’re my cherry pie! I’m so tired of waiting.


I hope you brought snacks, because I am starving.


Waiting for laundry to finish then going to bed. You know the drill


Waiting for snacks is like waiting at the doctor’s office. It’s excruciating, uncomfortable, and you’re never sure what could happen next.



Waiting for snacks at the movies is like waiting for your ex to be single so you can date again. It’s never going to happen, so stop pressuring yourself. Wait for the good stuff, not the junk.


Waiting for snacks is like waiting for Godot, it’s just not going to happen.


I will wait for food and snacks patiently like a little bear


Waiting for that satisfying crunch! #ChiliCracker #crunchalicious



How long does it take to make a snack anyway?


Dude, Where’s My Snack?


They’re here! They’re here! They’re finally here!!!

Waiting for snacks to cook in the microwave is worse than being on hold with customer service.



Waiting for our snacks is the hard part. The eating of them is so simple, we don’t even need a caption.


Waiting for the snack attack to hit before leaving the house is a drag . . . but sometimes it’s necessary.


I’ll wait as long as it takes for the snacks. You try and rush me, and we’re gonna have a problem. I will take my snacks one at a time, thank you very much.


I’m waiting for you to finish so I can eat your snacks.



Snack time can’t come fast enough It’s gonna be a loooong morning #snacktime


We’re not naive. We know you’ve been salivating for these snacks. So we’ll wait just a little longer. #SaladStruggle


I’ve been waiting for this great snack all day. It can’t get here soon enough.


In a world filled with time-saving devices, there’s still only one way to make popcorn: the old fashioned way.



Let’s get this snack on the canda-cane!


We’re getting impatient over here. What’s taking so long?!


I will wait all day for a snack


Waiting for food is like waiting for a bus: you may never get it and if you do, it’s probably too late.



I am ready to rock this waiting for food thing. My arms are tired already


Hey, what’s taking them so long to make these nachos? They should have gotten back to us by now.


Let the snack feed wait no longer. I’M STARVING!


I’m gonna wait for this pizza, and I’m gonna wait for it all night.



We have delayed the start of the race due to snacks not being served. Please enjoy our entertainers while we wait.


I don’t know about you, but I’m hungry and I’m waiting for my food.


The inevitable never ending cycle of snack preparation.


Get ready for legendary snacks and epic views with a trip to the edge of space atop our glass skywalk.



It took you long enough to make my food, but at least it’s fresh 


Waiting for snacks like…


Waiting for snacks like #sundayfunday


No need to wait for snacks or take a snack break tomorrow. You can have them both now with the new Oreo Double Stuf Craziest Snack Pack!



I could be waiting all day for this snack time.


You can wait all summer, but you’ll be too hungry to wait any longer. Enjoy those snacks now!


I Spy some snacks. I’m gonna crack up if they’re not here in 1 minute and 30 seconds.


Can’t wait to go home and see what I got in my Happy Snack box this week.



Can’t wait to get my hands on these snacks 


Oh look at what the cat dragged in. A box of snacks almost as big as me.


I’ve done it. I’ve waited so patiently while the oven churns out my freshly baked chocolate chip cookies.


The greatest invention ever is the microwave. The second greatest invention ever is the snack fairy.



If you need us, we’ll be waiting for snacks.


I’m so ready for snacks, baby. Wait a minute, what’s that you say? Snacks aren’t ready yet? That’s a bummer…


I’m gonna go ahead and wait in the car, I’ll be out here waiting for snacks


It may seem like it’s taking forever but this snack will be here before you know it. Keep waiting.



I will wait as long as it takes for a pizza. #effortless


I wait for you, but I’m still not sure what you’re going to bring.

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