What are Good Sailing Quotes and Captions for Instagram

What are Good Sailing Quotes and Captions for Instagram
What are Good Sailing Quotes and Captions for Instagram

What are Good Sailing Quotes and Captions for Instagram: Here we have a nice selection of sailing quotes and captions for your favorite sailing Instagram posts. Sometimes when you create a post on Instagram it can be hard to find good quotes that match the pictures you have taken. We have an excellent list below of top sailing quotes that you can use, these should fit all your sailing Instagram posts perfectly.


What are Good Sailing Quotes and Captions for Instagram

Get ready for smooth sailing with the best sailing quotes by some of the most famous people in history.

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Sailing is being at home anywhere in the world.


We’re sailing into spring with a double dose of sporty style. #Spring2018

Get out there—explore, swim, fish, and sail. Thanks for a great season! 🌞🎣🌊

Sailboats are a symbol of freedom and escapism.

There’s no better place to be than on the water, #GoNautical and make new friends. 🏊🏼♂️


So much to see and do this summer—let’s hit the sea! #letsgetsailingsome

Departing soon? Don’t forget to check the weather forecast first. #LoveOnBoard

Let’s set sail on a beautiful, sunny day and soak up some vitamin D ☀🌞

Heading into the weekend with a little extra pep in our step ☀🏊


Taking a trip to the salty side ☀🌊

This weekend calls for a little hygge. 🌲

Your crew may have just saved your life, but that doesn’t entitle you to boss them around.

The sea is everything you want if you want the sea.


Sailing is a sport for equal opportunity, encompassing all ages and abilities. Here are some of the best quotes about sailing!

Sailing is a great metaphor for life. The wind and the waves are like challenges in your life ―and these challenges will make you stronger if you sail through them with courage, confidence, and determination 🌊

Sailing: where you don’t have to put up with rude people and lines. 😁

Summer is over, but that doesn’t mean I have to stop sailing! #sailingskills


Setting sail #adventure awaits

🌊Nothing compares to a day on the open water. ⛵️

We’re here to help you find a path to the sea. Sail on, sailors. ☠️☠️

Some days we sail, some days the wind blows us. Some days our sails aren’t big enough, others we take in too much canvas. But no matter what the conditions are, we always treasure the ride.


Every journey begins with a single step. Let’s sail toward new adventures together.

June is the perfect month for tying up a bowline or two.

Throwback to when we were just a few 🌊🌅☀s from home

No wind, no waves.


Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

There is no such thing as bad weather, only inappropriate clothing.

There are tiny valves that open when you’re smiling.

Hook up your sailboat and sail away into this long weekend ☀🌊


There’s nothing like a sailboat on a sunny day…especially if you have a cold drink in your hand. ❄️#Sailing

Life’s a journey, not a destination. So #sailaway with that very important person in your life 😎

Sailing is like sleep. It’s good for you whether you like it or not.

Sailing doesn’t happen on the water, it happens in your mind.


Ready your sails comin’ in hot to port at the #USCGA!

The #highseas are calling your name—here’s to all the adventures ashore and afloat. 🚣

Feeling the breeze in your hair, salt on your lips. And the sun in your heart. 🌊🌞

Summer is almost over but what a good summer it was. 🌞☀ 🎉🎊


The sunsets early on the water, but it’s not too early for a cocktail.

Just like a watch, you can’t tell how beautiful the ocean is until you look at it for a while.

Hi, I’m Samantha, and this is Amber. We’re friends with benefits. ❤️❤️

Smells like… freedom ✌🏻


Taking on a huge responsibility and fulfilling it with competence.

The Sailing lifestyle is all about living life to the fullest. So why not share the adventure by snapping pics of you and your crew having fun on the water?

We’re glad that you found our page, and we hope you’ll find this channel a helpful guide for your sailing journey.

Sailing is for people who want to keep enjoying the sea, even when their friends have grown tired of it. —Jean-Jacques Rousseau


Getting my Sunday #sailing fix on The lake. How about you?

Sailing is the separation of people from the land, and thus, disconnection from social constructs. It is sailing that reveals who you are.

Sailing away with our fam to the tropics. ☀

Ahoy, and happy sailing 🌊 🥇


It’s time to set sail and find your inner explorer.

Sail your ship.

Here’s to daydreaming about the salty sea air, sunny days, and the sound of waves lapping the sides of the ship. 🌊🏳️🌈

May your adventures be filled with a gentle breeze and warm sunshine.


While some head to the mountains, we head to the sea 🌊👣

Well, I guess the only thing left to do is find out if it floats!

Another day, another race.

Got a friend who loves to sail? I think these quotes will inspire them.


Sails set, squalls clearing. 🌪 🍃 🌊

We don’t just sail in a straight line, we sail towards new horizons.

Headed out for a Sunday sail to enjoy the beautiful fall weather ☀️🌊

Sailing makes a man out of you. -Dean Kootz


It’s almost #HumpDay, so, sail away with your friends to someplace warm.

Felt the fresh breeze on my face, the tension of a tight rope, and the thrill of slicing waves. This is the best summer ever!

Good morning good night and tough winds. 🌊🌴

Whenever I think about sailing ships – all my troubles seem to drift away.


The sun, sea, and sand make up the perfect summer day ✔️🌞☀

To many more 🌊🌴😎

There is never a bad weather, just bad clothes ☀ 🌊

Be a part of the most exclusive club in the world.


Say Hello to Fall.

The journey is better with friends.

We’re sailing into summer with boats from our product lineup. For the boat lover in you, here’s a sailing quote that reminds us to keep bonding as a family during these lovely summer days. #keepbonding

Sailing is a form of meditation. If you’re not having fun, then you’re doing something wrong. #sailing


Sailing is a perfect excuse to drink cocktails out of coconuts, breathe in the fresh ocean air, and admire the majestic beauty of the world 🌊.

Sailing is like life itself – constantly changing with each passing moment.

Come sail away with us this weekend. #sailsaboat #yachtsailing

Grab your life by the mainsheet. Sail away with us to a new dimension of fun.


Sailing is not a matter of life and death. It’s much more important than that.

Come sail away with us! 🌊

When friends are waiting in the harbor, it’s time to get sailing.

Summer’s last hoorah. Sail away with us this weekend ⛵


Are you ready to set sail? Because we are! #DiscoverOcean

Ahoy, mateys! Does YE want to sail with ye on the high seas? 🌊

Some of the best memories I have are from when I was out on the water with my family. 🛳✨

Cheers to another year of adventures on precious water ❤️🌊


Sailing is one of the most peaceful activities that you can do. The breeze hits your face and the warmth of the sun warms your skin. It’s a beautiful moment when you just forget about everything else, enjoying every second of it.

Sailing offers a sense of adventure that is unlike any other. Come sail away with us!

Take a risk, sail beyond the horizon. That is where life lives. 🌊🌞

Sailing is a perfect pastime for friends and family, whether you’re exploring the bay or just relaxing on the water. #MolluskCrew


Sailing is simple. All you need are healthy vegetables, a vessel, and a little wind. 🌴

Don’t just sit there. Sail away!

No matter the size, any boat can rock when you have the right crew.

When you realize there is no better way to travel than on a boat.


The open sea, endless horizons, and rocky shores. This is where the adventure begins. 🌊🏝

Packing up the boat for a quick weekend trip to the marina.

Here’s to the ones who always make time for the sunset 🌇



Lit out here (☀)

Spring has sprung! Soak up the sun and warm weather while it lasts.

A great life is not measured by the number of breaths we take but, by the moments that take our breath away.

Sailing is like quicksand: the harder you struggle, the faster you sink 😎 #sailingshit


Summer’s almost here and we’re ready to set sail! 🌊🌅 We’ve got your sailing essentials right here!

Sailing is the greatest adventure you’ll have with your clothes on. -Ralph Waldo Emerson

Ready to sail into summer?

This is where I want to be, the middle of a sail–far from the noise of the world.


Cruises are so much more than just a vacation. They inspire a feeling of freedom and relaxation.

Getting out on the water with your friends is like a mini-vacation.

Got the top-down, breeze in my hair, on my way to an adventure 🌴🌴🌴

Whether you’re an expert or novice, on a lake or the ocean, here are some tips for having a successful boating season.


By the time you read this, we’ll already be sailing away. Shout out to our landlocked friends!

Let’s take to the open waters and discover all that lies ahead.

Beauty is where we find it. 🌊🌻

Get lost with us. #myseastory


Hello from the middle of the 🌊. It’s so beautiful out here. Can’t you just feel the serenity?

It has more space than a studio and less than a loft. It’s the perfect balance.

Sailing away with vacation vibes ☀️🌊

Sail away with a new #Swatch and explore.


No matter the weather, there’s always a perfect day to sail.

Get ready to enjoy some really, really good sailing weather.

I’m always up for an adventure. Especially if it involves me and some good company on a boat.

Plan your summer adventures with #BermudaWednesdays.


Let’s set sail… …on a journey of discovery.

Summer is amazing and all, but we can’t wait for things to get a little cooler. ☀😎

We may not be too big, but the ride will still be big fun. 😎

The ocean is a friend that calls to us, no matter how far away we are.


For us, adventure is a state of mind. We’re always eager to explore new places and meet new people, but we like to keep it simple by using our power.

The voyage of discovery is not in seeking new landscapes but in having new eyes.

There is no such thing as bad weather, just inappropriate clothing.

If you have a passion for anything, it’s important to pursue it. ― Sun Tzu, The Art of War


Naw ay Naw ay. Look to the horizon.

Feeling the wind in your sails? Here are a few of our favorite Sailing quotes to inspire you today:

We’ve got you covered for this weekend’s boat trip. Meet us at the marina with your life jackets, water bottles and Sailing hats ✨ #Sailing #sailorstyle

Wind, weather, and, waves aresailorss pondering on Instagram.


Sailing is not a career, but it is a lifestyle… You don’t go to work. You go sailing.

Whether you’re a first-time sailor or an avid yachter, every voyage with friends and family is more fun when you’re using the right tools.

The tip o’ the hat to a sailing summer. Thanks for helping us make it a success! 🌊🏁

Life’s a sailboat. Don’t forget to enjoy the ride.


Sail into this weekend and beyond with strength, purpose, and grace. 🚢🌅

Falling in love with the ocean is easy. Watching it give over to the morning mist is even easier.☀🌊

Float away on the perfect, breezy weekend—this summer, or maybe next. 🏊🏼

Catch some epic breezes.


Grab your sunglasses and swimsuits. It’s almost time for our annual summer beach trip! 😎 @ dave_linden

The moment you get to the harbor, you realize it was all worth it.

Recognizing and appreciating the chance of a lifetime.

Sailing is a lifetime sport. We’re here to help you get started.


We want to sail with you. ✔️▶︎

Making me feel like I’ve got my own little ship 🚣😎 #sailing

All Aboard! Now in Marina Del Rey. Embark on an adventure with Sailing…

Sailing into the weekend 😎


Sailing is the poetry of life.

Hey sailor, let’s go sailing!😎

Sail away with us today on the waters of joy & success. Let’s adventure beyond the horizon & make wonderful memories

We’re thrilled to be a part of your nautical adventures! We’d love to see you and your friends on the water—tag us so we can 🌊


Soak up the sun, wish upon a star and set sail for your summer goals.

Start your summer off right with a day aboard a tall ship 🚢 Join us on the Mayflower II to celebrate the spirit of exploration and America’s seafaring history. Book your tickets.

Took the boat out on a windy day to do some research…

Nothing beats the feeling of fresh sea breeze on your face!


The best way to appreciate the beauty of your surroundings is to stop, take a deep breath, and enjoy the journey. #RelaxationMoment

A day on the water is worth a day in the office.

If you love the sea, and sailing, this collection of sailing quotes is perfect for you! We’ve got a huge range of different quotes about sailing.

Sailing is both physical activity and an art form. Let your imagination take you wherever the wind blows


Sailing is not a matter of life or death. It’s more important than that.

We love being on the water so much, that we named our company after it 🛥

There’s a reason why you didn’t become a sailor as a kid. You gave up on it too early. Time to sail away.

Get out on the water and #findyourflow this summer.


Don’t be afraid to sail into uncharted waters.

Out on the water, there is nothing like a good friend with a stout boat and a starry night.

Cruising into the weekend. 🏤

Sail wherever the boat will sail,


Hello there, new person. Don’t be nervous. I’m a local and I don’t bite.

Wish you were here!

Let go of what’s behind, and you’ll find what’s ahead.

if you see a shooting star, make a wish!


If you’re sailing in your life, it’s always a good day ☀️

Summer is almost gone. We’re going to miss it. #sailing

Sailing is the art of being well-pleased with your own company.

Wake up, rise & shine sailboat🚢sunshine 😃


I can’t think of a better way to beat the Sunday blues than selling everything and sailing around the world. 😎

Sailing is the art of keeping your ship in the wind, and your sails full.

A fast sailboat is a happy boat.

Catch the breeze of summer. 🌤


Summer may be over, but the #fantasticfriday feeling is taking hold of our minds and hearts.

Visit the shipping company that beats the competition with a better experience, by providing more comfort and security for your goods.

Uncork your sunshine ☀

There’s a reason why it’s called the Great #Outdoors.


The only good tide is made. So go out and make some! 🌊

Welcome to the next level of the wake.

There is no way to happiness. Happiness is the way…

To live a sailing life is to embrace the joys of simplicity, freedom and adventure. Go rest, relax and have fun this summer


The best way to describe sailing? “It’s a little bit of extreme danger, a lot of being in the moment, and a whole lotta adventure,” says Brit and America’s Cup skipper Sir Ben Ainslie.

The best kind of sailing is with a great crew and even better friends. Happy #NationalBestFriendDay!

Daydreaming about my next sailing venture 🌊 🏄

Sailing makes me feel free like I can do anything.


You’re sailing on the most important journey of your life. So, it might as well be fun!

We are pleased to be the boat of your dreams. #easyofficesailing

You can get there from here. #Sailthe7Seas

Always a great time sailing with the crew!


What are you waiting for? Pack your bags and grab a boat. It’s time to set sail.

When you’re out at sea, facing a big ocean, you feel small, it’s nice to have someone next to you that makes you feel bigger.

Whatever you’re facing, the waves are going to be bigger than you are. And if you’re scared, just remember, no matter how bad it gets, a sailor is never really drowning as long as there’s wind in his/her sails.

It’s always a good day for being on the water 💦


Wishing you a relaxed, fun-filled, and sun-kissed weekend.

Making memories with friends is as easy as making memories with food.

Sailing is about being in the present. It’s about letting go of your worries and embracing that one person you’re sailing with.

We’re feeling breezy. What about you? #Sailing


Rainy day? Come sail away. #sailing #instasailing

Sailing with @hartsailors sailboats is so much fun! #easternecho

Sailing is like life, if you don’t go with the flow, you’ll end up in the wrong place. Learn to sail at sunset and never look back. #sunset #sail

When the waves roll in, roll with them. Sail into new experiences and get inspired by the beauty of nature.


Sailing has never been as special as it is aboard a R/V Sea Hunter. Come sail with us!

Sailing is not just a good workout. It’s also the best way to get out on a body of water and:

Wish you were sailing right now?

Time for a spinnaker reset!


Proudly powered by wind, water, and time.

There is something about the sea that calms the senses and sets your soul free.

We’ve got the wind at our back and a whole lot of fun to be had.

Glad you’re here with us. We’re glad we met you.


The ocean is everything that the land is not. We live in a globe of air, and it is only when we are afloat on the sea that we begin to sense the roundness of the earth.

If you like to sail, you’ll like these photos from this week’s Sailing quotes and captions for Instagram

Getting away on a sailboat is one of the best ways to get inspired. 🚣

We’ve teamed up with a few of our friends to help spread the word about good health and lifestyle through sailing!


We’re not just sailing—we’re circling the globe. We’ve got the wind at our back. Half the world to see, and all the time in the world to see it.

Sailing is a lot like life. So much depends on the wind, and so much depends on you. ──Ralph Waldo Emerson

Let’s set sail for new adventures. And don’t forget to bring the GoPro! (And a life jacket.)

Sailing makes me feel like I’m flying above the clouds


Sailing: the constant change between stability and instability

The wind is free, the sun is free, the waves are free! All you need is a boat.

Before you know it, summer is gone. #TBT to a warm summer day in the Mediterranean with our Bare Necessities Best Sellers.

Life is just a boat and we’re all just passengers.


The only way to travel 😎

These two were in their element and had a blast, can you see their smiles?

the most beautiful place on earth is where you find yourself with friends.

There is a theory which states that if ever anyone discovers exactly what the universe is for and why it is here, it will instantly disappear and be replaced by something even more bizarre and inexplicable. There is another that states that this has already happened.


Sailing away to make new memories #sailingquotes

Take your next #sailing adventure with us. Tag a friend you know would enjoy this too. ❤☀🌊

wherever you go! 😊

Having a 🌊 day?


You should always try new things because if you don’t, you’ll never know. If you do, you might end up having a great time.

Life’s better on the water… #Sailing #sailinglife

Our bodies were made for sailing the seas with these pro tips from the pros. 🏄🎣

I love sailing because it’s a ton of fun!


Sailing quotes and captions for Instagram that show our life is an adventure—live it to the fullest.

We’re sailing into summer! #Sailing quotes and captions for Instagram

Sailing quotes for when you’re out at sea

Happy #InternationalSailingWeek!


Sunset sails are our favorite 👌🏼👌🏼. More pics over on our site ➡️ sailingwithaloha.com

It’s always a good day for a sail🌴

Sailing is more than a sport, it’s a state of mind.

Get up, get out, and have an awesome adventure. 🌊


Always reach for the horizon. If you don’t know where it is, move on until you do.

Happiness is having the sea for a sidewalk, and the sky for a roof.

Get out your turtlenecks, sunglasses, and sunscreen: It’s Instagram Caption Contest time! Enter now for a chance to win a prize pack full of sailing gear and apparel.

Get out there and Sail the world.


Sailing into #memorialdayweekend with a special code for 10% off your next adventure with us. Enter SWISAVING at checkout.

Life is like sailing—you have beautiful days, you have windy days, sand sometimes you wanna give up but you never do. Happy sailing! ☀🌲

Sailing: All the fun of a car trip without the hassle of driving.

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