Half Marathon Instagram Captions

Half Marathon Instagram Captions
Half Marathon Instagram Captions

Half Marathon Instagram Captions: Half Marathon Instagram Captions Half Marathon Instagram Captions. Use these inspiring, fit-themed Instagram captions paired with your next half marathon photo and you’ll gain likes!


Half Marathon Instagram Captions

Join the Half Marathon for a cause, and run your way to a stronger you.

Getting up early on a Saturday is never easy, but you’ll be so glad you did when you cross the finish line of the [Insert City] Half Marathon! It’s going to be a great time for a great cause. Get pumped, and we’ll see you there!

I’m just a girl, standing in front of a half marathon, asking it to start 😏 #SundayMotivation


Half marathon today! 🏃🏻♀️👉🏼gainz are on the line. #thetoughgirlclub

It’s never too late to start. It’s never too soon to finish. We’ve got you covered with all the ways to train for a half marathon this fall.

Training for this half marathon has been a lot of work, but I’m ready to run the distance and hit my goal.

Good morning! It’s a bright, colorful, beautiful day in the neighborhood. Do you know what that means? Go run a half marathon or two, why don’t ya.


Hungry, determined, and a little bit crazy…that’s how we award medals at this 13.1-mile race.

Break a sweat, break records. Join us at the #sprixifallhalf on 10/21.

The #WTM will be here before you know it, so start training with us today. We’re here to help you reach your goals and make sure you cross that finish line feeling strong and confident. Let’s get moving!

Get motivated and share this with your training friends! 🏃💪


We’re warming up for tomorrow’s 13.1 with a little pre-race dance party 🕺🏽

Now it’s dark out, and all I wanna do is run with my dogs in the cold.

It’s time to get going and get after it 🏃💨

We challenge you to see how far you can go. Finish in your best time at the AMC Half Marathon and 10K on Sunday, Oct. 22 in Charlotte. #RunAmphitheatre


Training for my first half marathon 💪🏻 #runhappy

Gonna run a Half Marathon this March? Check out my friend’s Half Marathon Training plan on her blog: http://www.marathontrainingparis.com/2016/03/road-to-half-marathon-training-plan.html

Almost 20,000 runners have signed up for the #race13.6 Half Marathon. Come join us on Oct 7 and get your running shoes ready! Visit our website at www.race13six.com for more info

We all have days we would rather sleep in or skip the gym. But that’s what makes a half marathon so special. Because after you hit the snooze button, and pull on your sneakers, you’re still out there doing it.


10K done! Half marathon to go!

T-minus 12 days, 12 hours, and counting! Kick off the countdown to the big race with this week’s #MotivationMonday and don’t forget to tag a friend who’s running for the first time.

The days are getting shorter, but the miles are getting longer. One step at a time. 🏃🏻

We didn’t choose the running life, the running life chose us.


Racewalking is the best way to get to the finish line.

I hope your last week of training goes great. Now go out and crush that race!

We’re in this together, so let’s make our finish line 🏃🏾

As you make your way to the finish line, think of how far you have come. You are stronger than you know. Finish strong!


There’s no better way to bring a friend than by doing a #halfmarathon with them!

Get off your couch and get ready for some action. Half Marathon season is approaching very soon!

9.3 miles of people cheering you on and the knowledge that at any moment the bar could drop from beneath your feet. That’s half marathon running.

Big day today! Training for the DC Turkey Trot Half Marathon. Major thanks to @underarmour for my new gear! #underarmourrunning


Good luck to all you runners out there! We’re cheering you on 🏃🏻♀️

From the shores of Lake Michigan to the city streets of your hometown—the race is on. We’re cheering you on. 😜😜

Whether you’re running your first 5k or are a marathon pro, we’ll be cheering you on. Good luck and have fun!

Sharing this moment with more than 20,000 people at the #TCSNYCMarathon is an unforgettable experience.


Throwback to training #1: running 9 miles around the lake with my dad and my brother. Why didn’t anyone tell me that Long Island had so many hills?!

You’re part of the reason why South Boston is the best place to run. Thanks for running with us!

Runners on the run, this Saturday from 3:00-5:30 join us for a pre-race pasta party at our store with @portabelloroad and celebrate your accomplishment!

You’re not just running, you’re running towards something. That is the best kind of run.


Let’s get this road work out of the way so we can have some fun on race day!

Good morning! Ready to start the day. 😃

Together, we are the beating heart of our city.

Hiya friends. Your neighborhood @target team is ready to cheer you on! Thanks for choosing our Brooklyn Half event and all the hard work you’ve put in to reach this point. We’re so psyched to see how far you’ve come. You earned it!!


This year, we’ve got the perfect half marathon training plan to help you crush your goal and chart a healthy course for life. Running is more than a physical activity—it’s a lifestyle. Let’s go places together.

You aren’t the kind of person who settles for less than the best, right? This city is made to run. You’ve signed up for this half marathon—this race is meant for you.

T-minus 2 days til @marathon_mama Half Marathon Weekend ’17! Are you ready to run? We know we are 😃

You’ve never really run before unless you’ve run a half marathon. #thestruggleisreal


Running is a great way to stay fit, feel better, and share your passion with others. Take part in a local half marathon and see how far you can go! The race is always more fun with friends.

Hey _! 👋 I’m running the _ half marathon and raising funds for _. If you’re thinking about donating, it would mean the world to me. Thank you in advance!

Runners, you’ve got this. You trained hard and pushing yourself is what you thrive on 😊 #runhappy

You don’t have to run around the world to feel like you’ve accomplished something big. Run for the distance, wherever that is for you.


Get your race faces on with us!

It was so great running with you today! I hope this caption motivates you to keep up the great work.

I’m ready to run my race. I feel strong today. I’m rested and healthy. I’m happy and grateful for every mile, for every day. You’re with me, aren’t you? Ready to do this thing? Great! Let’s go!

Now more than ever, we need to support each other through love, acceptance, and above all else, kindness. Let’s run together! ☝🏼


👨‍⚕️ We hope this one goes to eleven 🎶: @zodmack

Run with us from the Wild West to the Big Apple. Get inspired, get motivated, and get ready for an amazing Half Marathon experience!

Getting ready for the @hellorunboston Half Marathon with a classic Boston breakfast. . . . . . #easylikeabrooklyn #hellorunboston2017 #primesports #training

Fueling up for the race with @PowerBar. Be sure to follow our training partner, @AdidasRunners, to get their race day tips 🏃🏻♀️


I’m training for a half marathon! I wouldn’t mind if anyone wishes to join in this experience.

Training hard for your first half marathon? Here are some encouraging words to help you finish strong!

Run the race, finish the fight (then raid this epic spread of snacks and treats 😏). Come out to #runwithus this Sunday!

Sharing the joy and pride of accomplishing a goal you’ve been working so hard for with all your friends! #milebymile


Our community is cheering you on. We’ll see you at the finish line!

You don’t have to run far to be a runner. Run for today, run for tomorrow, and always keep running.

That feeling when you cross the finish line and get a big hug from your friends. 💪🏾💃🏼

We’re ready to run this! Go, running mom!


You can do this, you’ve got this. Keep going! 🏃

You don’t have to be a winner to be an inspiration.

Remind me again why I wanted to run a half marathon? Oh yeah, because they’re freaking amazing and I love to do them.

If you can’t catch ’em, join ’em. Shout out to our runner friends at the @denverhalfmarathon! #thisiscolorado #runnersofinstagram #letsgotogether


As you train for your next Half Marathon, run these lines with us: I am strong. I am fast. I am fearless.

Running my first half today in honor of a friend who passed away from cancer…running because she loved the sport and her spirit will always inspire me and others. Happy Race Day!

Thank you for helping make running a part of my life again. Not just for competition or training, but the pure enjoyment of it. I think we can all agree that there is no better feeling than crossing a finish line. And that’s why we run!

We’re so excited to be running the #tucsonhalfmarathon—you should sign up, too! 😉


Congratulations on running the BolderBoulder. No matter what time you finish, you belong to an elite group of people who have dedicated their time and effort to better themselves.

Test your limits. Step up to the start line and give it everything you’ve got. You only have one life so make it count.

Thank you for running with us. Your dedication and hard work paid off!

If you’re up for a challenge, join us at the #CherryPieHalf to get that cherry pie 🍒feeling!


You can do this! Just one foot in front of the other and don’t forget to enjoy your accomplishment. Cheers! 🏃💨😊

The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step—and 26.2 of them… 🏃 🏻

Hello, all of you amazing Half Marathoners! I am so excited to see all of you rocking your race gear this month and ready to tackle this big accomplishment

Hey, you! Lace-up your sneakers and run a Half Marathon with us this fall in the Twin Cities! We have 5Ks and 10Ks too.


Couch to Half Marathon, one step closer to PR! We got you with our Half Marathon Training app: [link]

Good luck! Weekend warriors and full-time athletes can all start with a half marathon. It’s a fun way to set a goal, challenge yourself, and make new friends along the way.

It’s one thing to run a half marathon. It’s another to make it fun. That’s why we brought you the #UnderArmourCup: a separate, shorter distance race to celebrate runners’ skills and ability. Celebrate with us at our first-ever Under Armour Cup in Washington, D.C., this July!

Friends, family, & followers: Get ready to run with me! I’m so excited to run my first ever half marathon this weekend and am looking forward to crossing the finish line with you all. I hope you’re as excited as I am…

Good luck, runners! May the road rise to meet you, may the wind be at your back, and may your 🏃🏻’s never be forgotten.


We’re here to inspire you, motivate you, and support you as you train for your next half marathon! Now pick up those sneakers, lace ’em up and get out there!

You’re almost halfway done. Amazing work. Keep it going. #ilovemycitymarathon

Get motivated for your big race with a cup of joe ☕ 🏃 🏆

You won’t find a more charming and scenic course than our 14.5 miles through the city of San Diego. 😎


Welcome to the Savannah marathon! Come for the history, stay for the view. 😎

To the finish line and beyond―you got this!

Funny Marathon Instagram Captions

More miles, fewer smiles #marathon

If you’re running a marathon, you’d better bring your A-game.


Running 26.2 miles is no easy feat, but you have to keep a sense of humor about it. Good luck out there today! 🏃🏼

I ran a half marathon – 13.1 miles, and all I got was this lousy t-shirt.

I go through phases with my fitness. Right now, I’m into drinking wine and running marathons.

I can’t run with you, but I’ll run alongside you. We will sip mimosas when we’re done. Let’s do this!


A Marathon is 26.2 miles, 385 yards, and a million steps.

Gotta Go, Gotta Run! Gotta 😉

Going the distance. 26.2 miles of a good time.

Don’t let the end of summer get you down. The only way to beat the heat is to embrace it and run for the water!


I top my pumpkin streusel with a hefty scoop of ice cream and die a little bit on the inside.

I don’t run a lot. But I do walk around the house a lot saying, “I run a lot.”

I’m going on vacation this weekend…to the bathroom. That’s one place where I know I’m not welcome.

Tapping my toe in this race and I’m not even walking. 😉


I may not be fast but at least I’m the slowest. (said sarcastically with a smile)

When you are out of breath, but still thinking about how to post a funny marathon caption.

You know you’re a runner if…when asked what you did this weekend you respond with “I ran a marathon.” – @adam_shapiro

Cheering you on from mile 1. Beer mile: 4 Beers, 4 Laps. #FunRun


I hope everyone running a marathon this weekend has low expectations about what they’re going to look like on the other side.

The only marathon I run is from the fridge to the pantry… I mean refrigerator to the pantry. I mean refrigerator to the cupboard…😍 #goodbyefatty

Just as fast as you can say I’m running a marathon, you can also say that it’s done.

Got training on the brain? Well, we can’t help you with that. But we have the perfect gear to keep you comfy, dry, and cozy through your next event. And wherever you are, we can get it to you fast.


You better run, you better do it fast. You better get ready for the big night 🏃🏽

Running is so hardcore they even have a drink named after it. That’s pretty much the only thing running is good for.

Stretch your legs—because these babies will be racing through the streets of a major metropolis soon enough.

Woke up like this… with a side of pancakes.


I can’t believe I’ve already finished two miles. Now, how do I get my stuff?

The best way to get over someone is to run right into someone else.

Last minute Halloween costume ideas: a) the runner who died after finishing the NYC marathon, b) a NY bagel, c) Dead Bart.

The only thing running faster than people during a marathon is Starbucks.


How I feel when the only running shoe I can find is a left. #BlackRunningShoesMatter

I just ran a marathon. I’m going to go lay down for 12 hours. 🏃🏾

It’s called a Marathon because you have to run and not take any breaks.

Good morning, runner. Don’t forget to stretch.


There’s no place like…the starting line. Wait, where are you going?

I only trained to run while listening to podcasts. I guess I failed at that.

I ran so far today, I saw the sun! ☀🍁

I think I was born to run. Everything else is just an excuse.


No running man, just walking.

If you can’t win the race, join it.

My body is ready for this, but my legs are not.

My friends are so supportive, when I told them I’m running a marathon, they said “oh my god, that’s so great! You have to train for it.” And then they bought me a beer.


Switching from “summer self” to “marathon self” is no easy feat… Shout out to my running buddies for keeping me sane!☀

Good morning runners, stop staring at your feet and start staring at your phones.📱 I love this race because the worst part is the running and the best part is the food.

You think you’re going to need a lot of water for a long marathon, but really, you just need the right shoes.

I took a break from my HIIT training to refuel with some #noorthisbutthat 🥣#marathonmonday


Going to #snakesonabicycle. To get my mind off the fact that I’m running a marathon.

This to anyone who says running isn’t for them.

I’m just running until the ice cream truck comes 🍦

My fridge is like a running buffet. I don’t even have to get out of my house to replenish my calories.


Training is like underwear; it’s important to wear it, but not when you have company over.

I don’t like running, but I love the excuse to eat gummy worms.

I just finished my first time running a marathon and now I get to celebrate by doing only thing better than running: napping.

Even though you will see fewer selfies this week, we hope you won’t mind that our social media is focused on the 26.2 before us…the one in the mirror. #runningselfie


You know your marathon is rough when you feel more accomplished at the water station than at the finish line 😉

I’m training for a marathon… I’ve decided that pizza is my carb source of choice.

You’re not running a race. You’re running a marathon.

Running a marathon but at a walk/run pace. They don’t even know what day it is.


Some days you just have to put on your running shoes and make the world a better place.

I thought the marathon would be fun.

I love the Olympics, but I’m not obsessed with them.

Traffic is looking slow today, but we’re running late for work so we might as well start walking.


How many slices of pizza can you eat in one sitting? I’m going for a record.

Trying to catch up on sleep after a long weekend of…trying to catch up on sleep. #notatallworthit

Running 26.2 miles is no joke, so we better get a good laugh while training.

Running a marathon this week? Need some inspiration to keep you going?


I’m not running a marathon. I’m not even running a 5k. I’m just out there trying to run through the grocery store faster than you.

Somewhere out there this runner is running for pancakes – and that’s all I need to push for 26.2.

Of course, I’ve run a marathon. What do you think this is, some kind of costume?

I once ran a marathon backward. It was the longest 26.2 miles of my life.


Chill out, we’ll make it! 🏃 #RunItFast

Training is the best way to get physically fit. Looking for a way to get mentally fit? Keep up with us on Instagram.

You had me at this race starts with a ‘g’. You’ll have me at the end of this race too!

Running is like the road of life, you encounter a lot of different bumps and potholes. But if you just focus on putting one foot in front of the other and moving forward, you will get there eventually (just like in life).


Run like a giraffe, you’ll be faster than all the other animals.

I’ve got two left feet. But I’ve had two right drinks and I’m ready to run a marathon.

Are you ready for #26.2? Because I’m going to need a nap after this.

Our bodies are temples. Our treadmills are gyms.


If I could take a nap right now, I would. Unfortunately, my knees disagree with that decision.

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