Good Hawaiian Airlines Meals Captions

Hawaiian Airlines Meals Captions
Hawaiian Airlines Meals Captions

Hawaiian Airlines Meals Captions: Many people prefer airline food, and it’s no surprise that Hawaiian Airlines meals are so popular with customers. The airline has been known to have some of the best meals in the industry, and they’re healthy too. That is something that every customer wants to see. One thing that customers love about Hawaiian Airlines meals is that they contain fresh fruits, which are healthy for them. So, we have come up with a caption to help every customer who flies Hawaiian Airlines.

Hawaiian Airlines Meals Captions

Lihue to LAX, 48 degrees and partly cloudy with a light breeze. Your flight will be served with one of our signature meals, built for travel #hawaiianairlines

Your #HawaiianAir meal already came with a side of island flavors. But in case you need a little extra, you can use the below fruits and veggies to create your island masterpiece.

The secret to a great vacation? Great food. #HawaiianAir


We’re always on time and in flight, but sometimes our meals are unforgettable. #HawaiianMealTime

A Hawaiian Airlines flight is about to take off, and our Chef is already in destination mode. Waiting for your flight to be delayed? No worries, we have what you need to feel right at home.

Take flight on the islands with our award-winning Hawaii-inspired meals 🌺 🍍 🥝 😋

Enjoy the fresh tastes and vibrant flavors of Hawaii with our new meals.


Island flavors and comfort cuisine make this meal a true Hawaiian treat.

When you’re flying with us, there’s no need to skip a meal—we offer a range of choices Created by our chefs using the finest ingredients. From breakfast to dinner, you’ll savor every bite.

Heavenly, tropical meals for an island getaway.🌴👀

Our chefs are working hard to create your meals for you. We appreciate your patience and apologize for any inconvenience.


We put a lot of thought into our recipes, and we appeal to all kinds of taste buds #haonamestreetfoods

When you travel, remember to eat fresh ✈

We’ve got the best seat in the house for a delicious meal—just for you.

Are you flying with us? Hawaiian Airlines meals are fit for royalty. Get your food taste buds ready because they’ll be dancing in no time.


Hawaiian Airlines offers warm, delicious meals for our guests onboard all flights. Enjoy! 😋

Summer vacation just got a lot better with award-winning meals from Hawaiian Air.

We’re taking you on a tropical vacation with our new Kauai meals. Try the Kiawe-smoked Kalua Pork for lunch 🌴 🍗 #HawaiianAirlines

Meals from Honolulu ✈️ Maui ⛺️ Molokai ✈️ Kona ✈️ Big Island


We’re there to ensure warm and welcoming Hawaiian hospitality from when you board your flight.

Experience our new menu and inflight entertainment on flights to Hawaii.

Ahhh. That feel when you’re flying over the ocean, and you realize you’re eating our newest tropical creation. Mahalo ✈️🌴

Enjoy a delectable meal with your choice of wine on all of our flights.


Our chefs have been busy in the kitchen, and now you can taste their creations with our new meals ✈️ ❤️

Our meals are made from scratch with fresh ingredients. Find yours, and we’ll bring it to your seat!

We all dream of places far away. Our goal is to make it easy to get there.

An epic feast to help you travel in style.


Hawaiian Airlines meals reflect our culture, communities & the warm hospitality of Hawaii. Let us take you home today.

Delicious, nutritious meals that are inspired by the cuisines of Hawaii. Hawaiian Airlines—let us serve you today.

Our meals are so fresh; they’re picked right on the ground and brought to you in minutes. If it’s not 100%, it’s not Hawaiian Airlines.

If you had to eat one meal for the rest of your life, what would it be? With Hawaiian Airlines, there are no wrong answers—because you can now fly to Honolulu and choose from two great meals when departing select West Coast destinations. 😋


Our commitment to great meals is part of the reason you’ll always find something that suits your taste on Hawaiian Airlines – no matter how far away you’re flying.

Take off for a taste adventure. The Hawaiian Airlines fleet of Airbus A330 and Boeing 717 aircraft serves fresh; delicious meals purposefully made to maximize your flying enjoyment, with options that include vegetarian, kosher, low-sodium, and gluten-free fare.

Hawaiian Airlines offers the best in-flight dining with a wide menu selection, served on real china and accompanied by warm, genuine hospitality.

Enjoy the delicious flavors of our Hawaiian fusion cuisine. It’s always a pleasure to #feed on flights.


When you think of Hawaii, you think of fresh and local ingredients. Here are some dishes that pair perfectly with our Hawaiian Airlines flights.

The perfect Hawaiian-inspired meal you can have on a flight.

Our meals are inspired by you, delivered from Hawaii to the world.

Our meals are made with premium ingredients grown on local farms in the heart of Hawaii, like this macadamia and pineapple cheesecake, served with a side of fresh pineapple.


The very best way to enjoy the Big Island.

Our love of food and travel is your gain. Whether you’re a seasoned traveler or just starting, we have something for everyone.

We’ll take care of your holiday meals and snacks. Just bring yourself, us, and a few others. ❤❤

Mahalo (thank you) for flying Hawaiian Airlines. Did you enjoy our fresh and delicious meals?


You can fly on the merriest of wings with a Hawaiian Airlines meal. We’ve covered all of your taste buds, from our signature poke featuring fresh Ahi to our famous Island Tacos.

The perfect Hawaiian vacation starts with a great meal. Hawaiian Airlines offers the BEST meals in the sky. Let us do the work so you can enjoy your time with family and friends. When they ask you where you’re going, tell them – ʻŌlelo Hawaii!

Hawaiian Air meals offer savory, nutritious, and delicious meals.

Let our Hawaiian cuisine make you feel like you’re on a beach in the Aloha State.


Mmmm. Enjoy many delicious Hawaii food without leaving the state.

Relish the view—and the meal. #HawaiiFlight

A leafy green salad to get you primed for your flight or enjoy on arrival. Mahalo! 🌴

Bring the islands home with a taste of Hawaiian hospitality.


The perfect way to celebrate Thanksgiving. Enjoy a turkey meal with all the trimmings in 7️⃣ hours as we fly nonstop from Honolulu to Los Angeles ✈️

Experience the best of the Hawaiian Islands—now in flight. 🌴

Enjoy tropical tastes with this sweet and tangy meal made with fresh pineapple, honeydew melon, and mango chunks 🍍🍅

After your summer travels with Grilled Beef Skewers and Pineapple Salsa.


All roads lead to a delicious Hawaiian sweet treat.

Now, you don’t have to choose between having your cake and eating it ✈️

We’ve designed our Hawaiian Airlines meals to make you feel good before, during, and after your flight. Aloha

For an unforgettable experience, visit the Hawaiian Airlines Official Instagram page for the latest travel inspiration and more.


This year, give the gift of travel. Hawaiian Airlines offers excellent deals to fantastic destinations all year round.

Hawaiian Style meals are served with a side of Aloha Spirit.

We believe in treating our guests to a meal they’ll love while celebrating the authentic Hawaiian culture through the stories, tastes, and art behind it.

Maui salad for lunch? With grilled fish and pineapple 🍍 ✔️ 🌴 🌽 🍍


Ohana means family. And on Hawaiian, that includes our customers. Let’s get you home for the holidays! 🌴👨🎓

Bask in our tropical daydream with today’s lunch special, Kalua Pork Tacos, served with Pineapple Fried Rice.

Our chefs create meals that are perfect for any taste with various flavors and spices.

Get psyched for summer. Eat a fresh and healthy meal to power up your day.


Eating healthy should never be so delicious.

Treat yourself to an epic journey of taste, rich aromas, and local flavors ❤️

Hawaiian Airlines meals feature local flavors, fresh fish and seafood, tropical fruit, and a variety of whole grains.

A delicious way to start your vacation. Hawaiian Airlines meals are made with the finest ingredients and include complimentary beer, wine, or non-alcoholic beverages.


Hawaiian Airlines offers the best in-flight meals to keep you from getting hungry.

Hawaiian Airlines is pleased to offer passengers a wide selection of complimentary meals and beverages for their enjoyment. Our chefs with the freshest ingredients especially thoughtfully prepare every meal. If you have any special requests, please inform your flight attendant.

Hawaiian Air meals are designed with various ethnic flavors, making it easy to find a favorite meal that perfectly matches your tastes. We do the same thing here at Hawaiian Airlines. Whether you’re coming from or going to North America, Asia, or Europe, we have what you need to start or end your journey right.

Bold flavors of the islands make a great meal in our premium Main Cabin meals served on Hawaiian Airlines.


Inspired by the spirit of Aloha, our flight meals are made with local, fresh ingredients and served on real plates.

There’s nothing better than a meal that pairs perfectly with the relaxing views of our Hawaiian paradise. #Mahalo

There’s more to Hawaii than beaches, sun, and surf. Our meals reflect the diverse culture of the people, places, and fare of our island home.

Our meals are an extension of your hospitality. We’re committed to providing you and your guests with the best dining experience possible.


Get inspired on your next trip. These meals will make you want to travel the world from fresh fruits and vegetables to artisan cheeses and locally sourced fish.

Here is a healthy and delicious meal perfect for a snack or on the go.

Let us take you to a beach 🏝 charming restaurants, or a mountain 🏔 – wherever your heart desires. We’ve got some incredible meals in store for you. #HawaiianAirlinesMeal

We all have to eat, so why not enjoy it? With Hawaiian Airlines Meals, the time-honored art of cooking with genuine Aloha is alive and well, delivering inspired meals that are made from quality ingredients.


Your Hawaiian Airlines meals are made fresh daily with our signature sauces, salsas, and toppings.

Hawaiian Airlines is the only primary carrier to offer in-flight meals. We created these meals with the best ingredients and flavors of Hawaii. Let our chefs bring island tastes to your plate.

At Hawaiian Airlines, we are committed to providing you with memorable in-flight meals that taste good and reflect the best of our island heritage. Enjoy your meal!

We at Hawaiian Airlines are always thinking of ways to serve our guests better. We recently upgraded our inflight menu to serve meals inspired by the islands. These freshly made meals taste like they just came off a beachside grill, and we think you’ll love them as much as we do.


When you’re up there on the clouds, everything looks delicious. Thank you for choosing Hawaiian Airlines. Aloha!

With nearly 1,000 flights daily to the Hawaiian Islands and Asia, we understand what it’s like to travel. 👨🍳 Our onboard meals cater to a variety of tastes and diets. 🌿 🌱 ✈️

Hawaiian meals are always delicious and fresh, thanks to our state-of-the-art kitchens and dedicated chefs.

Nothing chills you out like a Pau Hana (after work) drink with friends followed by a meal enjoyed under tropical skies. Let Hawaiian be your memorable getaway.


Are you traveling with us? Our meals are designed to help you keep your cool in any situation.

We always take pride in ensuring our guests are comfortable and well taken care of on every flight.

A meal that helps us recharge with the right mix of flavors and textures.

Hawaiian Airlines meals are made with fresh and seasonal ingredients, from island-grown cashew nuts to mixed greens grown in volcanic soil. Our culinary team carefully prepares each bowl of our delicious Maui onion pasta salad with various flavors to delight your palate.


There is no better way to celebrate the start of your vacation than with our Hawaiian Airlines meals. Book them today at!

Hawaiian Airlines meals are designed to keep you energized and ready for your next adventure. Let us do the cooking so you can focus on fun.

Hawaiian Airlines has some of the best in-flight meals in the sky! With our new and improved menu, there’s something for everyone.

When you’re on the go, remember to pack a snack. Hawaiian offers delicious meals for all your flight needs, wherever you go.


With warm food and excellent spirits, Hawaiian Airlines delivers you to your destination relaxed and ready to explore.

All you need is a Hawaiian-made lunch and a Hawaiian destination. Find your perfect pairings here.

Hawaiian Mealtime: A perfect reason to fall for #Hawaii. We’re all about savoring every little moment with island-inspired cuisine and luau entertainment ☀🍣👯%

We’re celebrating #Hawaii’s best foods—the local flavors that have become the signature of Hawai’i’s diverse culture. 🍍✈️


Let our meals take you to the islands.

Feed your inner adventures with delicious meals made for every island. 🍍🏝⛵️

When you travel, your meals are our priority.

Our signature dishes go from strength to strength—in taste, quality, and presentation.


Executive Chef Mark D. Medeiros designs Hawaiian Airlines meals focusing on local and sustainable ingredients. #hawaiianairlinesmeals

Hawaiian Airlines meals are designed to give you a taste of our islands. Enjoy! 😋

Hawaiian Airlines meals are prepared fresh for your health, taste, and enjoyment. How does it feel about flying like a local?

The Hawaiian Airlines team is best when we’re working together. That’s why every member of our crew receives meal training to ensure you’re served delicious meals and snacks that are healthy and fresh ➡️🍍⬅️▶️


Hawaiian Airline’s chefs and culinary specialists are inspired by our beautiful islands’ tastes, smells, and sights.

Thank you for choosing Hawaiian Airlines ✈️

An Aloha Taste of Hawaii is just a flight away. Our bountiful island lifestyle inspires our award-winning cuisine. Pono means “righteous” in Hawaiian, and our meals are created with aloha. So sit back, relax, and Cheer to an Aloha Taste of the Hawaiian Islands.

Our chefs are like little children when it comes to crafting their dishes. They take pride in preparing authentic Hawaiian meals that you can enjoy in the air or on the ground.


We’ve handcrafted a menu that ties together the Hawaiian theme and the international spirit of our team.

Forget #instastyle. These meals (and cocktails) are the real deal. 🍍🍹

Sun-kissed foods to keep you healthy, happy, and feeling like you’re on vacation even after you arrive home.

The meals are made with fresh-from-the-garden ingredients and flown out via our catering service. Some highlights include:


A new take on an old favorite. We are introducing Baked Salmon and Corn Chowder with Avocado & Lime Vinaigrette.

Hawaiian Airlines meals are made with fresh, seasonal ingredients and thoughtful flavor combinations inspired by Hawaii’s diverse and unique tastes.

Travel the world without leaving home with Hawaiian Airlines Meal Delivery.🌎 Order today!

Hawaiian Airlines meals are more than sustenance on your next flight. They’re a taste of this distinctive state and its culture. Let’s talk #Hawaii travel.


This is a snapshot from this week, where we’re celebrating the spirit of adventure at our destination-inspired meals. #HawaiianAirlinesMealtime

Food brings people together. Find your perfect place at Hawaiian Airlines. Cheers!

Aloha! Celebrate summer with a Hawaiian meal you can only get on board ✈️

We are so grateful for our award-winning Hawaii chefs, who give us the freedom to be creative when serving your meals.


Whether you’re seeking out new tastes or revisiting your favorites, we’re serving up delicious dishes with a side of aloha.

We’re in the air, but our taste buds are still on vacation. Enjoy your flight with a meal that takes you to the tropics.

Our chefs have gone wild with these dishes. Avocados 🥑 are in season, and we’re celebrating with a Hawaiian-inspired feast.

We’ve created a menu for your next flight that features fresh, locally sourced ingredients.


You can try our delicious new meals delivered right to your home or office for a limited time only.

Hawaiian Airlines meals are made fresh from scratch, with natural ingredients—100% of the time.

Hawaiian Airlines is a special place where you can experience Hawaii’s culture, activities, and natural beauty. We know how important it is to savor the more delicate moments in life, so we served up some delicious meals that let you do just that.

When you’re at 35,000 feet in the air, you’ve gotta eat. Hawaiian Airlines prepares meals with a balance of taste, nutrition and value.


The best meals started with a Hawaiian Airlines flight.

Traveling on Hawaiian Airlines? Here’s what’s on the menu this week.

Spread it out, get some sunshine & enjoy your Hawaiian Air meal 🌴

From the islands to your plate, enjoy Hawaiian’s culinary offerings at 30,000 feet.


We’re bringing FEELING fresh to you with our delicious, healthy meals in all your favorite Hawaiian flavors.

Lucky to call Hawaii home, but always eating like I’m on vacation. Hawaiian Air ✈️👨✈️🌺

For a limited time, enjoy a taste of Hawaii aboard every flight with our Signature Series entrees.

Serving you our authentic Hawaiian tastes since ’87.


Traveling to Hawaii? Let us take care of everything for your flight.☀️🍍

Maui Sunrise: Fresh pineapple, banana, papaya and a dab of cream cheese icing.

Even though you can’t get here, we’re bringing the Aloha State to you.

Made from the best ingredients flown in from around the world and prepared by our in-flight chefs. Hawaiian Airlines meals give you the freedom to fly in comfort and style.


Hawaiian Airlines: meals so good…they’ll make you wish every flight was longer.

📍Hawaiian Airlines: Sample the best of what Hawaii has to offer.

Sparkling Mimosas, hearty sausages and so much more. With Hawaiian’s fully Westin-Branded amenity kit we’ve got all you need for a relaxing flight.

Enjoy delicious, made-to-order meals and friendly service from our flight attendants 24/7. Click below for flight meal menus and info.


We are proud to be changing the way people think about food on a plane. Here’s the proof:

Culinary inspiration from the pacific rim – try Chef Alex’s award-winning chicken tataki and peach jalapeno salsa. The perfect meal for your next long-haul flight ✈️ 🍐🍏

Our new meals made with real ingredients like fruits, vegetables, and lean proteins are the perfect fuel for an upgraded flight experience.

#AlohaFriday The cool breeze of fall is here, so we’re serving up our favorite way to warm things up—Tropical Shrimp Salad!


This is a meal that celebrates the warmth of our islands.

You’ll love our meals on our flights ✈🍙

The secret to getting a well-balanced meal: Eat like a Rainbow 🌈

We all have that one friend. You know, the one who makes an annual (or monthly) pilgrimage to their home island. Let us take care of them, and you.


We’ve got the tools to make you shine, no matter where you go. We’ll see you soon.

Eh, you can’t make an omelet without breaking a few eggs.

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