Hiking with Dog Captions

Hiking with Dog Captions
Hiking with Dog Captions

Hiking with Dog Captions: I’m sure many of you are reading this post because you’re looking for the perfect hiking dog to take on your next adventure, or you’re in the middle of planning your family’s next hiking trip. Well, we don’t always want to let our dogs dictate our activities but we also don’t want them to be cranky or upset while they’re with us. Adding a caption might just be what you need.


Hiking with Dog Captions

• Bringing you hiking with dog captions! 😍🐾

• Hiking is one of the best ways to bond with your dog. Here are some tips to keep you both safe and happy while on a hike! 😊

• Hiking with the dogs.


• Walking is bonding time for the dog and owner. Stay active and healthy this fall with fun outings like hiking!

• Don’t worry about me, I’m just going off on a hike with this cool dog and I’ll be home before you know it.

• Just another day hiking with our dog, enjoying the great outdoors.

• Cookie, our favorite hiking buddy. She helped us find adventure and a little peace in the woods. Not to mention she is a cute model for our new dog line 🙂


• The best kind of hiking buddy.

• Take a hike with me this weekend

• It’s us, the dog and the trail. And if we don’t see you tomorrow, it was nice to see you today. 🐾 #outdoors

• Tread with care, my four-legged friends.


• Nothing compares to the great outdoors—not even slobbery tennis balls.

• Italy has a new favorite dog, and his name is Tempo. 🇮🇹

• I need to get out more.

• Join us for a 40-mile walk across Corsica. We’re bringing our friends, and you’re welcome to join us too. 🐾🐾


• Don’t fight the dog 🐶 to come with you on hikes. Just let them be your partner in crime and watch your relationship grow as a result.

• When you’re out hiking with the pups, you never know what kind of adventure you’ll get into. What’s your favorite spot to go hiking?

• Take a hike, but don’t leave your four-legged friend behind! Bring them along for an adventure filled with exploration and exercise. #bringfido

• Hiking with my favorite furry friend 🐶


• Ain’t no mountain high enough ’cause I’m still going to hike it for my dog 👋

• Have you checked out our new hiking trail? #dogvacay

• Loving life when it’s a dog-friendly trail.

• Just another Sunday hike with my dog.


• As long as there are trails to explore and people who love to hike, we will keep making gear that makes you look good even when you’re out of your element.

• Walking through life together—on the road, on the trail, and at home. #keepshewild

• If you love the great outdoors, you’ll love the great indoors too. ☀🐶

• Morning dog walk. Today’s hike is all about the incredible leafage of fall…😍❤️


• Welp, we’ve reached the top. Good job buddy. Now I guess we just pack down our trash and hike back?

• I don’t know too many things that are better than these moments in the world.

• Hiking through the sun-kissed trails with our furry and fabulous hiking buddy.

• Dog hikes offer a chance to see your pup outside of the city. They’re also great because other people will comment on how cute/well-behaved your dog is, so you feel like you learned something (but really it was just your dog being good).


• Get in touch with your inner hiker and explore the great outdoors with your furry companion.

• The mountains are calling and I must go. (I just want to explore the woods and be a part of nature with my dog)

• Ready to hike with Molly? Tag us in a picture of your furry friend tagging along on a hike or adventure.

• Trudging through the trails? Keep your dog happy, healthy, and hydrated with @dogwaterbottle.com.


• Bring the whole pack: Explore nature, hike trails and chase squirrels together.

• We know that the best way to spend a weekend is by getting outside with your best furry friend 👶.

• I know I’m not the only pup that enjoys the great outdoors 🏜☀️.

• Show me a better way to spend a Sunday than hiking with this dude #truestory #bff


• Treating our pups as part of the family is just one way we honor the bond between people and their pets. These loyalty-tested travel companions have an unwavering instinct to stay by your side through adventure and relaxation.

• Out for a morning hike 📍 🕶 #nationaldogday

• Your Best Friend + Your Favorite Place = The Best Day

• This adventure was for my best friend, Lucy. You’re always looking out for me. Always.


• the happiest dog in the world

• Hey, I’m going hiking with my dog and I don’t really care if people think it’s weird.

• Dogs are the best hiking buddies. They’re always down for an adventure, and make going on a quick hike even better.

• Ruff hiking with our favorite furry friends 🐾


• We hike up the mountain, but we only walk down. #dogsofinstagram

• Keep hiking, keep exploring! Here are some tips on how to keep your dog safe and happy when you’re hitting the trails together.

• Discover the best trails in your area with your furry friend by your side.

• First, you climb up a mountain. Then, you climb down with a dog on your back.


• Hey, if you’re not up for a hike today, don’t worry. We won’t judge you. But if you are going to be out there getting all wild and free with nature 🐶, then we’d love to tag along!

• New trail buddy.

• Walking through the woods with my furry best friend 🐾🌲☀

• When you have the right gear, a day outside is rewarded with sweet bonding time with your pup. 👊🐾


• Hike it! 🐶🚶

• What a beautiful day for a hike!

• If you’re trying to walk a day in my dog’s shoes, I’d suggest getting off the couch and outside.

• Get those leash skills on point with the Ruff Hiker Training System by Ruffwear.


• The best part of hiking with your dog? Dog makes crazy faces when he sees other dogs. 🐕 😍

• Hiking is a great way to connect with nature and explore the trails. We want to share this experience with you and your furry best friend.

• Just one of the many reasons I ❤️ fall: it’s time for our annual hiking trip with the pups. 👍🏼

• I feel like there’s a fire burning deep inside our souls—let’s go backpacking! 😎


• Hike on, you two. 🐶🏔️

• A hike with friends is always a good time.

• The weekend is nearly here, but it is so nice out that I’m going to take my dog for a hike first!

• ☀ Let’s get out there, explore and make memories. #dogsofinstagram


• Hike it. Sled it. Love it.

• Isn’t it amazing how dogs can make you feel confident just by being friendly? #doglife

• Approaching the 2-mile mark on this summer adventure 🏕☀️🐶

• Good morning. Good dog.


• Nice work! You made it to the summit 🌲🐶❤

• Hiking with my pup #gopro

• The feeling of taking your dog hiking

• Cara, you’re the best hiking partner ever. With our matching daypacks and matching collars, it feels like we just stepped out of an REI catalog.


• Hey, let’s go hiking! Don’t forget to wear sunscreen 👀😊 And to pack your bear mace 😱 Just kidding – our dog will protect us🐕

• Out for a hike this weekend? Bring your furry friend along to enjoy the views!

• Bring your furry friend with you when you go on a hike. 🐶

• Bringing my favorite hiking companion along for the trek. 😍


• On our fall hikes, we’re always in search of new (to us) trails… and treats for our dog.

• Just like us, dogs love to put their paws in the dirt and hit the trail whenever they can. 😌

• Bear ✌️️ with me… we’re going on a hike! 😊

• Hike your own hike, and I’ll hike mine:)


• Get lost on the trail and make a new friend at the same time.

• Get out and explore the wonderful world we live in. And don’t forget to bring your best friend!

• They’re in it for the adventure, not the prize.

• Heaven. This lake view is the perfect way to end our hike. 😍


• What’s better than a hike with your pup? Nothing! Grab your favorite buddy and head out for a great workout.

• Heading out on a hike with your dog is the perfect way for you to enjoy nature, and for your dog to get some exercise.

• Even if your dog doesn’t care about Instagram, make sure you do. Take photos of them in their favorite hiking spots and make a few caption ideas: It’s time to explore! We’re going to [insert trail here] with our best Exploring Buddy. Dog Hike!

• Get outside and visit these dog-friendly hiking trails this fall. Have a four-legged friend? There are plenty of spots for them to join you too!


• Hiking season is here. Time to explore the trails with your best hiking buddy by your side.

• Hiking with you makes every day better. Thanks for the adventure! 🐾 #BestFriend

• Pretty sure sleeping outside with your dog is the only thing that could make a hike better. #dogsofinstagram

• The heart of the hike is the friendship shared with our furry loved ones.


• Tailgate with us! How do you get outdoors with your dog? Tell us in the comments below

• Get out there and discover your wild side. #‎justdogit

• Ready to hit the trails? We sure are. 🐶

• What a great day to be the best buddy 🐾 🌲 #adventureswithfreddy


• It’s a dog’s life…

• There are four things that go together well with fall—leaves, apples, football, and our dog. 🙂

• Hi there! Have you met my best friend?

• Hiking with our favorite hiking dog 🐾🔥 pic.twitter.com/zq3c4ceOMl


• Howdy, friends! Summer may be almost over but the outdoors are as beautiful as ever. Here’s to hiking with dogs 🐶

• Dog hikes are the best: you get to do something great for you and your pup, plus you never know who you’ll meet along the way. 😻

• Can’t wait to head to the mountains with you, girl! Hope you’re ready for lots of hiking, chasing a stick, and cuddling.

• Take a hike with me!


• These foothills are dog friendly, and so are we. 😊🐾

• The trail to this stunning waterfall was serene and picturesque, but not as much as the trail dog we met along the way. : doggy:

• When the sun has set and the moonlight shines down on the trees, my dog is fearless. He loves adventures just as much as I do!

• Ready for an adventure? We’re hiking nearby trails on National Dog Day. 🐶🌲


• Time to hit the trails with a furry friend and explore. 🐶🍂☀

• Time for an adventure! Who is coming with me to the hiking trails? ☀️

• Take a deep breath, and let’s go for a walk 🐾 . . . . . . . . . #nature_brilliance #insta_landscape #instagoodplus #explorepage #photographyislifee #peopleanddoggos #petsagrams #petstagram _ig_captures_awesome_shots #outdoorphotography

• Get out there and get after it with your favorite furry friend. And don’t forget a camera because it’s always better with a furry friend in the picture.


• Naps at the top of mountains are the best naps.

• You and me. Nowhere but up to go.

• Time for a hike? These dogs say yes—and in this pic, they have the best hiking captions to share.

• What’s better than a hike with your best friend? Not much.


• Hiking is a blast even if you’re not the speediest of dogs. 🐕

• Let’s get out there, people. And take the pooch! Our four-legged hiking companions are so much more than just furry mascots—they’re trained to be in tune with our emotions.

• Let’s take our dogs and go on a hike this weekend ☀️🐕❤

• Let’s get hiking, you and me.


• No need to be a lone wolf, we’ll hike up with you.

• Let’s take a hike.

• What could be more perfect than a morning hike through the fall leaves with your very best friend? 🐾

• I’m so excited to take a long walk with my doggo in the woods!! 😻🐶


• Headin’ out with my hiking buddy today… can’t wait! 😋

• Mountain adventures with Toby 🐶 are the best.

• It’s pawsome to have a dog.

• This adventurer is looking for the next great adventure. Let’s go!


• It’s a good day when you can hike to the top of a mountain with your four-legged best friend.

• Here, you can hike through nature, run through trails, and best of all…take your dog along for the adventure!

• Hit the trails and discover new adventures with your pup

• Ruff weekend plans? The right trails and four-footed friends can make all the difference.


• If you were a dog, which trail would you be hiking on this weekend? 🐾 🏊 🏞

• Lola and I are hiking buddies. We love getting outside and exploring, especially with you!

• Autumn hike with @baxter_the_goldendoodle.

• Treat yourself to a scenic hike in the fall. 🌲


• We’re going on a hike today!

• Let’s get out of the house and into the mountains! 😻

• Just finished a hike to the top of this beautiful mountain and now it’s time to enjoy a cup of coffee and a good book… can’t wait to relax with my pup 🐶👣

• Get out there—nature’s calling.


• Life is like a walk with your dog. The more you stop and smell the roses, the better it is. ☀🐶

• The most rewarding hike of the week with my buddy. We kept each other company for hours and had a blast on this path we haven’t hiked in months.

• You can’t see the woods for the trees, but you get a better view from up here. 😎

• There’s no better way to fall in love than by hiking trails with your favorite furry friend.


• Dogs are adventurers too, and they love chasing the trail with you. #doglife #hikingadventure

• Some of my favorite memories are of being on the trail with my pup. Do you have a favorite hiking buddy?

• If you can’t get outdoors this weekend, bring the outdoors in. Here are some of our favorite fall hikes with man’s best friend.

• Hiking is always more fun with a buddy. We’re looking forward to hiking season, y’all. 🐶


• Let’s go on a hike! This one’s for you, Pied Piper. 🙂 #dogsofinstagram #Hiking

• We’re on the hunt for our next hiking spot- so where are your favorite trails? 🐾 Love our doggie and adventure themed Instagram captions? Get the rest of them here!

• Ready, set, hike. 🌲🐶

• Nothing is more rewarding than putting in the hard work and getting rewarded with a beautiful hike—and nothing is more rewarding than having a good buddy by your side. 😎


• When it comes to the great outdoors, we’re just not that into you. 🐶

• There’s no place like the great outdoors 🚶 👈

• Life is better with a dog by your side. The more the merrier.

• It’s a great day for some fresh air with little paws on the trail—and a smooth-sippin’ cup of Whole Bean Roasted Blended made with 100% Rainforest Alliance Certified™ Arabica coffee.


• Get moving this weekend with your best friend. ✔

• This is us. This is our life. And it wouldn’t be the same without you.

• Have you tried hiking with your dog? It’s the best way to stay active this fall.

• Hey there. I was wondering if you’d like to join me for a hike? How about next Sunday? You can bring your dog if you want! Let’s go somewhere beautiful.


• the perfect hike for you and your pup.

• The perfect fall day: brisk, sunny, and perfect for a hike with your favorite four-legged friend 😀

• Just got back from hiking… with my pup!!! What a great day! 😭 How was your weekend?

• Ready for our next hike adventure at @dogpackinghikes with @jackrussellterrier_socks 🐾😎


• We’re hiking people, hiking! A ruff day to you, a ruff day to you!

• Some dogs don’t just sit and stay, they hike, they play, they stand out.

• We’re back on the trail with a new hiking partner.

• Let’s hike and bask in all that the majestic Pacific Northwest has to offer. 🌲🐕


• Taking Henry for a hike up the mountain today. ☀🏞 I hope he behaves…

• Climb mountains, chase waterfalls and find your peak. Summer wouldn’t be the same without you.

• What a great day to get lost. And found. With you, of course. 🐾

• Off on another adventure with my dude 🐶


• Tail-wagging good fun on a cool autumn romp through leaves 🍂 😎

• Where are the best places in San Diego to hike with your dog? We’ve got you covered!

• See how easy it is to create a customized hiking plan with our app—and make sure you never accidentally bring the dog on a trail where pets are not allowed.

• If you can’t walk with the big dogs, stay on the porch. Or better yet, take a hike. #DownWithTricks


• Go fetch some beautiful fall leaves on your next hike with your furry friend. 🍂😊

• Take a hike!

• We’re going on a hike. Wanna come? 😜

• Walking my dog is the very best way to explore new places.


• Mountain hikes after work with my two favorite people 🐾🏃🏻

• I’m not a #dogmom—I’m a dog dad.

• I give thanks for a weekend of trails with this guy 🐾

• Here comes the sun—and your furry best friend. ❤️🐶


• Enjoying the long weekend with @Mason_and_Gracie.

• No matter where you are, we’re there too.

• Pets like the sun every bit as much as we do. We are here to help them enjoy it with you!

• Visit your local park and take a trip to the beach to play fetch with your best friend.


• Your furry best friend is happiest when he’s with you.

• Embrace a day of sunshine and enjoy the company of your furry best friend.

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