190+ Best I Love My Cat Quotes and Caption

I Love My Cat Quotes and Caption
I Love My Cat Quotes and Caption

I Love My Cat Quotes and Caption: You know you’re a cat person when you can’t even look at a cat without smiling. Your cat is your best friend, and there’s nothing better than having one that loves you back. Let’s face it, cats are pretty independent. They don’t need much in the way of human interaction, and they certainly don’t need you to tell them how much you love them. But there are ways to show your cat that they’re important and that their presence in your life means something to you. Here are ways to show your cat how much you care:

I Love My Cat Quotes and Caption

• I love my cat, he is the best kind of pet. He loves me and I love him.

• I love my cat, he’s always there for me when I need him the most.

• I love my cat. She’s just so ADORABLE


• I love my cat so much, it tells me when to eat and what TV show to watch.

• You can’t love a cat and not appreciate how cute they are.

• My cat has the most amazing smile, with eyes the brightest blue. I don’t think I could love a more perfect creature.

• I love my cat so much, I don’t even mind when he eats my dinner.


• My cat is perfect in all the ways I can’t be.

• Every time I look at my cat I have to remind myself that there’s a world in which she doesn’t exist.

• See, just like my cat. Always ready for adventure

• I’m a cat. I’ve got nine lives, and I’m using them up on you.


• He has the cutest little face ever and I love him to bits.

• I love my cat. She’s so cute, and funny, and she loves me back.

• I love my cat with all my heart. #catlove

• I love my cat. She is the best part of my day.


• I love my cat. He always knows what I’m thinking, even when I don’t.

• I love my cat but I don’t know why. Maybe because he lets me take pictures of him.

• I love my cat. He’s the sweetest little thing, but I have no idea why he scratched a hole in my bedspread.

• There is nothing more comforting to me than my cat and coffee in the morning.


• “I don’t know why people are scared of cats. I think they have a lot of great qualities as well.” – Michael Douglas

• Hug your kitty, because she’s likely to be in a better mood than you…

• I’m not a cat person, I’m a human being with an affinity for felines.

• The only thing that brings on my rage is when people bring cats into my home. They are neither here nor there, and you’ll never know how to use them to kill a spider.


• I’m a cat person, so I’m always going to love you. Even if you don’t always like me

• “I can’t think of a single reason why I would ever leave you.”

• “My cat is my best friend and I love her more than any boyfriend.”

• I love my cat, I would do anything for him.


• I love my cat, he’s the best. He makes me smile, purr, and cuddle all up in his fur.

• I love my cat. She has four legs, purrs, meows and she makes me laugh.

• I love my cat because he makes me look good, but I love him even more for being the best listener ever.

• I love my cat, especially when he ignores me for a few days and then comes back to me.


• I don’t like cats, but I love my cat.

• Cats are mysterious and adorable creatures who deserve to be noticed.

• Cats are the perfect pet: they always land on their feet.

• My cat? He’s the one who decides what I eat


• You are the person that my heart beats for.

• Life is too short not to be happy.

• I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream.

• I’m looking for a best friend that can make all the cute little noises, who will not talk back or bite when i touch them.


• I love my cat and she loves me back.

• I love my cat, because she looks simple but really packs a lot of personality.

• I love my cat. He makes me happy, no matter what.

• If you love your pet, it will love you right back.


• Cats rule the internet and it’s all because of my cat.

• Cats are intelligent, independent beings who deserve all the love we can give.

• “When you’re cat calls, you don’t want to be a dog. You want to be in the show.” – Sarah Jessica Parker

• Cats give you unconditional love, a sense of belonging, and the ability to stay in a comfy state of affairs even after hours of uninterrupted catnapping.


• The perfect way to start your day – a nice big snuggle with my sweet kitty

• I found my cat in the middle of the worst storm ever. But at least now she’s warm and dry

• It’s not the size of your heart, but the size of your love that matters.

• Life is a combination of moments and days, but living is about the latter.


• I love my cat, he makes me happy when I’m sad.

• I love my cat, she’s a dreamy little furball with amazing powers.

• My cat is my partner in crime, my best friend and confidant. She is always there when I need her the most.

• “My cat used to be my best friend, but now she’s my other best friend.” -Anonymous


• I love my cat more than he loves himself. His purr is as loud as a jet engine, and his body is tougher than anything in the outdoors. I can’t help but smile when I see him…

• My cat is a blessing. He’s got more personality than half of my family. #catselfie

• When your cat is in love, he won’t even notice you’re gone.

• Cats make the best companions. They love to be stroked and petted and will give you a lot of affection in return.


• Cats are very wise. They have no money. They don’t know how to spend it and they never buy a vowel.

• “Your cat is like a big orange sun with big, floppy ears.”

• I’m still not sure if she understands the concept of ‘service’ but she really likes the fish

• Life is like a box of chocolates. You never know what you’re gonna get.


• Life is a journey full of unexpected adventures. Travel with joy and laughter, wherever you go.

• I love my cat so much ! Get this t-shirt and show your appreciation to the love of your life.

• I love my cat. She’s such a cutie and she always knows what to say.

• I love my cat because they are life. They remind me that everything has its time and place, and sometimes a good petting session can keep us happy for hours.


• I love my cat. He’s great but he doesn’t care that I’m his owner…

• I love my cat…because she is a queen

• I love my cat so much that after she died I got a new one.

• I love my cat. He’s the only one who doesn’t talk back


• My cat is my soulmate. She’s better than coffee and she doesn’t judge you.

• My cat is my heart, the key to my house, and I love him.

• I’m a cat. I don’t need human approval, but I love it when you let me sleep on your keyboard

• My cat is my reflection. The person I wish to be.


• I’ve never met a cat I didn’t like.

• My cat is the reason I’m alive. He keeps me company in my old age, and he also keeps bugs away from me.

• Cats are the only animals that purr when you scratch them under their chin.

• What a cutie, right? But there’s more to this fella than meets the eye.


• You know the saying, “I love my cat”? Well, we do too.

• My cat is the best part of my day.

• You’re a purrfect companion, my cat. Thanks for being my friend

• Sometimes, you just need to sit back and let your cat talk to you.


• If you are lucky enough to have a pet, then you never really own them.

• Life is better with a cat by your side.

• Cats are the only ones that can teach you how to care for yourself.

• Friends help you move things. Cats help you relax.


• Cats don’t just purr, they smile.

• Life is short, and cats are long.

• Cat people: a small group of introverts who talk a lot and would rather be outside.

• The best things in life are cats and coffee.


• I’m just going to print this out and frame it.

• I love my cat because she’s so cool.

• I love my cat, he’s so happy to see me.

• “The more I think about it, the more I love my cat. He’s so cute and all-that-I-can’t-believe.”


• I love my cat because she lets me sleep with her all the time.

• I love my cat, she’s so smart and cute, her name is Muffin.

• A cat with a caption. The perfect hashtag for all your followers who love cats too!

• I just want to sleep with my cat in a bag.


• My cat’s pretty. I’m not so sure about you.

• The best part about my cat is that he never leaves a hair behind.

• When your cat stares at you, she doesn’t know what to do with her face.

• Cats love to play. Cats hate to be left alone. But most of all, cats just wish they could talk.


• Cats are good at everything. And they never waste time with the small stuff.

• Cats are funny. They’re like your cat-astrophysicist: they understand relativity better than you.

• A good boy with a bad attitude.

• I love my cat. She brings me joy, unconditional love and reminds me of the beauty in this world. I can’t think of anything better than that.


• I love my cat so much. He should be a model for all the cats out there that are cute, cuddly and sweet

• I love my cat. She is my best friend, she always keeps me company, and when I’m sad, she makes me smile. But most of all, I love her because she is just so darn cute!

• I really love my cat. He’s just so cute and puffy, I can’t help but feel better about myself when I see him.

• I love my cat. He’s so cute and fluffy, I could eat him every day, but I choose not to because he’s too good for me.


• I love my cat. He makes me purr.

• If you love your cat, set him free.

• I love my cat so much I have to take the cat out of my house.

• I don’t know about you, but I’m pretty sure my cat is a much better friend than most people I know.


• I’m a cat person.

• I like to think my cat has a lot of personality, but I’d be lying if I said he was always happy.

• Cat meow! Cat! Cat meow! Cat! Cat meow! #cats

• “I don’t own the world, but I’m pretty sure that cat does.”


• The little things that make you happy always end up being the best things. – Unknown

• Life is just too short to be boring.
• I love my cat. I don’t know what i’d do without him.

• I love my cat because she’s the only one who can make me smile when I’m feeling down.

• I love my cat. He’s so cute, he doesn’t even try to be cute.


• I love my cat because he makes my life complete. He’s quite, but also a bit of a dictator. He rules the roost, and I’m his queen.

• I love my cat so much that if I were a cat…

• I love my cat so much, I don’t even mind when he meows.

• I love my cat so much, she’s the only one who doesn’t care if I’m hungover.


• My cat may not be a genius but he’s definitely my sidekick.

• “The cat doesn’t care if you understand him. He’s not asking for your approval, he’s just being himself.”

• Who said cats are boring?

• Cats are the most independent creatures on earth. They don’t need you to tell them what to do and they always know what to do for themselves.


• “I am a cat. I’m not a person, I’m a cat.”

• If we’re not getting enough snuggles, it’s probably because he’s busy being a boss.

• The cat’s got your tongue, but her eyes are telling me something different.

• Cats are the most civilized of all creatures. They have no nationalism, no hatred for any race or creed. Their only prejudice is against humanity.


• I love my cat because he is my best friend and we always make time for each other.

• I love my cat. He’s the best, he loves me back!

• I love my cat. She makes me purr.

• I love my cat, she is so cute and purrs like a motor.


• My cat is a beautiful thing. She can be sweet, she can be naughty! But mostly she’s just a my little white pussy

• I love it when cats are afraid of me and purring because they love me as much as I love them.

• Cats are the only animal that cares about being able to use a computer.

• A cat is a lot like a wallet—you can never have too many


• Loyal, loving and a little bit crazy.

• I just want to be a permanent fixture in your heart.

• Cats are like snowflakes: no two alike, but all beautiful in their own way.

• This is my best friend in the whole world.


• I’ve always been told that I’m a little too much, but I don’t think my high energy is anything to be ashamed of. It’s just who I am.

• I’m not afraid of heights, the real challenge is staying on the ground.

• Life is too short to drink bad coffee.

• I love my cat because he is the only one who knows what I want to do with my life. #cat


• I love my cat like I love the sun, rain and tacos.

• I love my cats, they are always there for me when I need it the most.

• I love my cat. She’s a princess, and she deserves the best.

• I love my cat. He does not take showers, he doesn’t wear clothes. He’s just…mew.


• I would love to be your cat. Cats are cute, cuddly and sweet.

• The only thing that makes me happy is my cat.

• Life is short. Hug your cat.

• I think my cat is cooler than yours.


• No matter how long you’ve owned your cats, for them, it is still new.

• You can’t teach a cat to appreciate life by sitting in front of a TV all day.

• Meow, meow. I’m just the best.

• I’m a cat-a-holic, but I KEPT my head up.


• You can’t see the stars at night, but you can always feel them.
• I love my cat. She’s always been a great friend and companion. She’s a real animal lover!

• I love my cat so much. I don’t know if you need a reason but that’s why!

• I love my cat, but he doesn’t really appreciate me.

• I love my cat so much I can’t even.


• I love my cat so much it’s not even funny…

• Cat lovers, we salute you. You’re the best!

• Life is better with a cat pic.

• “My cat, she’s a creature of the night. She doesn’t wear any clothes and she’s a little bit evil. But I love her anyway.”


• Fire up that Instagram, we’re about to celebrate the cutest day of all: cats are born every day. Which one is your favorite?

• There’s a lot of love in the world, but there’s no room for hate. That’s why I like cats.

• “I know you’re not a cat, but you act like one. You’re as happy as a cat can be and just as curious.”

• There’s a reason cats are so revered in mythology. They have this ability to bring out the best in us.


• You can’t refine the cat, but you can refine the owner.

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