220+ Perfect Instagram Caption for Plant Lovers with Quotes

Instagram Caption for Plant Lovers
Instagram Caption for Plant Lovers

Instagram Caption for Plant Lovers: If you’re a plant lover, you’ve probably got some pretty great plants in your life. And if you’re a plant lover with some great quotes, you’ve definitely got some pretty great quotes. Plant lovers are not just people who enjoy the beauty and great life of plants, but also anyone who appreciates the rare gifts that these wonderful organisms have. So here’s what we came up with:

Instagram Caption for Plant Lovers

• plant lovers unite! The perfect plant for any space, indoors or out.

• When you love a plant as much as we do, it’s hard to describe how good it feels.

• Plants are beautiful. But sometimes they need a little help to look their best!


• You’ve got a green thumb. We love plants.

• Plants have feelings too. Be kind to them and they’ll be kind to you

• The one thing that can get me through a long day of work and errands is a plant

• We’re all about growing cacti—and we can’t imagine a better place to plant our faith in this little plant than right here at home.


• Plant life is so much more than plants. It’s the magic that exists between us, our communities, and the world around us.

• A green thumb is an excellent place to start.

• You can’t stop a flower from growing. It just might take you a while to let it blossom

• A little nature goes a long way.


• Getting your hands dirty is the best way to go.

• Plant lovers unite. Plant them in your life.

• We know you love your plants. And we do too. Now get your hands on some!

• Plants are the key to happiness. Plant-lovers will be happy that they can get more of this in their lives with green goddess herbal tea.


• We love plants. They are so full of life and promise

• Plants are living things. They breathe and grow and love, too. Make sure every week you give them a little bit more room to live!

• If you love plants, then you will love this post and video.

• “plant, it’s the only thing you can’t buy with money.”


• Plants are living. They’re beautiful and they serve a purpose.

• If you only buy one plant, make it this one.

• We have a plant for every mood.

• Plant your roots in nature.


• The power of nature. A plant is just a wish and a dream coming to life.

• Grow your own food, start a garden, and support local farmers.

• A garden is a haven for the soul.

• Be bold, be brave & get your hands dirty. Working hard for what you want to achieve is hard enough, don’t make it harder by going alone.


• If you’re a plant lover, then you’re sure to love this collection. Mark your calendars now: it’s coming soon! #summeriscoming

• Some plants are just meant to be together

• Plants are the coolest.

• We love plants. So we’ve made a plant-based protein product that tastes good and is good for you.


• You’re gonna love life when you see the green thumb in me

• You are plant, you are potter. Let us grow together

• Start with a seed, plant your favorite plant and watch it grow.

• There may be no greater way to appreciate nature than by tending to it.


• Drought-tolerant, low-maintenance and can grow in any soil. Grow these easy-to-grow houseplants in an indoor environment or outdoors as a potted herb.

• Add a little green in your life.

• If you have lived in a house without any greenery, you don’t know what you are missing. The feeling of raindrops falling on your face when you look at the trees. The cool fresh air of your house after a storm hits…just like that!

• Love is in the air—and it’s not just because lilacs are blooming.


• Get ready to be taken by the hand and guided through this world of nature.

• Plant lovers unite! Take a peek at the world of plants that love our little apartment.

• Plant #lovers unite, we are all about the greenery.

• Plant lovers unite, our new #indoorplant is the best thing ever!


• Plant lovers unite! We love to grow and make sure our customers do too by offering a variety of greens and herbs to choose from.

• They’re the perfect addition to your home, office and work space—plants are the new plants.

• If you love plants as much as we do, then this weekend is the perfect time to treat yourself to a garden makeover.

• Plants are the new flowers


• Some people hate the idea of making their plants work hard. But we love it. The plant world is a whole lot more beautiful than you think.

• We all need a little beauty in our lives, and there’s no better way to get it than by adding plants to your day.

• Plants are the best friends of plants.

• Plants are not just pretty, they’re powerful and complex. They can heal us, create new life and even save our lives.


• The garden is alive with color and laughter.

• Nature is the best medicine. #natureismedicine

• Nature is the greatest teacher, but also the most captivating.

• Starting the day with a clean and green cup of coffee is not only tasty, it’s good for you too!


• What do you love most about plants?

• If you love plants, you know that there’s a little bit of everything in them.

• Plants are so pretty, they don’t need to speak.

• Plants are a source of wonder, beauty and inspiration at every turn.


• Nothing gets us as excited as plants, as they’re pretty much just nature’s art project.

• The best way to take care of a plant is to appreciate it.

• Plants are good for your health, add some greenery in your life.

• Plants are the best.


• This plant is one of my all-time favorites for pots, planters, and desktops.

• We’ve always felt the earth when we walk barefoot. We walk with plants, and the plants walk with us.

• Be the greatest gardener of all time.

• Let’s grow together.


• Be a part of the solution, not the problem.

• Just because you can’t see them doesn’t mean they are not there

• Plant lovers, rejoice! You no longer have to feel guilty when it comes to your green thumb.

• Plant-lovers unite! Meet the superpower plants that can clean up all those harmful toxins in your body, help you fight cancer, protect you from air pollution, and protect the environment.


• Have you seen a plant that captivates your heart? Well, now you can share it with the world

• Keep your eyes on the prize. Plant gardeners are always on the lookout for new, exciting ways to grow. #plantfacts

• We know that plants are the prettiest thing ever. They’re so tiny, yet they can make our day brighter and happier.

• Plants are friends. Share them with friends. Rate this pic!


• Discover the beauty of nature through plants.

• A plant is a gift for the color of your life.

• It’s not just a plant, it’s a friend.

• Don’t underestimate the power of a little green.


• The world is full of beauty. Let’s start noticing it.

• It’s a jungle out there.

• Plant lovers unite! Our beautiful array of plants is perfect for you to decorate your home, office or special event.

• This plant lover is so excited to plant this tree


• Plant lovers unite! We’ve got everything you need to give your bff the gift of greenery this christmas (and every holiday season after that).

• Plants are like human beings: the more you love them, the more you care for them.

• Plants are beautiful, but we don’t always remember to notice them. Our goal is to bring attention and appreciation to the beauty of green plants at every moment of the year.

• A plant is a living thing. It needs care and attention just like we do. There’s no need to deny that you’re a plant


• Bringing you the best plants and blooming flowers for your homes, workspaces, and gardens.

• We’ve got a green thumb and we’re loving it.

• Plant your roots and bloom.

• We’re all about nature, and we’re not afraid to say it.


• You might need to look for a new hobby, but we know you’ll find one. You’re not alone.

• Plant lovers unite, this plant is for you.

• Plant friends, plant lovers unite! Let’s be green and plant some seeds for a more beautiful world.

• We love plants and can’t get enough of them. They’re the most beautiful things in the world. 😍


• The only thing better than one plant is two!

• Plants! They’re not just pretty. They’re healthy, they’re green and they’re good for you.

• Plants are magical and deserve your love.

• Let the plants in your life be the reason you smile today. 🌱


• Embrace the power of nature and plant your heart on a plant.

• The greenery never ends. 🌿 #plantadventures

• A garden full of plants is the perfect antidote to a busy day.

• We thought you’d like to see how our plant-based milk looks compared to the real thing.


• Lettuce is not just for salads. Be a part of the leaf revolution with our fresh and crunchy leaves.

• We’ve got your plant needs covered for every season.

• Let’s be real: you like plants, and the more you can see of them, the better.

• Plants are the perfect gift to brighten up anyone’s day.


• There’s something beautiful about a plant. It doesn’t always have to be pretty, it can be wild and free

• We all know plants can be comforting and calming, but they can also make you feel better.

• You may think plants are boring, but they’re anything but.

• There is no greater joy than watching a plant grow, change and blossom.


• If you want to be happy, be a gardener. #gardening

• Discover the best kind of garden.

• Planting a seed, growing it, and watching it grow. This is the story of one of our favorite plants—the echinacea purpurea (purple coneflower).

• This terrarium is the perfect addition to your home. Give it a click and add this beautiful terrarium to your decor!


• Be a part of nature and grow some good vibes

• A garden is a place to grow and learn. Grow, learn, and spend time in the garden with family and friends.

• Plant lovers unite and bring the greenery into your living room.

• The best way to celebrate #plantmonth: find a plant that loves you back!


• Plants are the best. They don’t judge, they don’t talk back and they can make your life a lot more beautiful.

• Plants are the best company.

• A group of friends who love plants and coffee

• Plants are the best kind of friends.


• These plants will make your house look like a greenhouse.

• This little plant loves being a part of our community and is happy to live on the roof.

• Plants are more than just pretty leaves—they’re living, breathing organisms that do more than just look pretty.

• Let’s grow a garden together.


• Be the first to grow your own food. Plant a seed, water it, and watch it grow.

• If you’re looking for an indoor flowering plant, try growing this lily. It’s pretty, fragrant, and has great color!

• Are you a plant lover? Us too. You can find us at this year’s

• Plant lovers unite! We have the largest selection of potted plants and succulents at the best prices.


• You all know plants are my favorite things. So when i saw this adorable little plant in the market, i knew i had to buy it. And then promptly forgot about it until today!

• Growing plants is great! Growing them together is a million times better.

• It’s a great day to choose plants. You will be just as happy when you look out your window and see green grass, flowers, and trees instead!

• Plants in bloom, plants in pot. Plants on the move.


• The only plants you need in your life

• If plants are your thing, this is the perfect place to hang out.

• When you have a green thumb that goes beyond your garden, you can bet your home is filled with plants that are not just decorative but also functional!

• Our green thumb is full of plans for the future.


• Perennial plants that thrive in the heat & humidity of summer are perfect for gardeners in northern climates

• If you plant it, they will come. Just don’t forget to water it!

• Nothing like a fresh pot of mint to chase away any bad vibes.

• The secret to a happy life is to find something you love, do it as best as you can and never give up.


• Don’t just be a plant, be a plant lover too.

• I ❤️ plants. And i’m loving this new plant-themed instagram account.

• Love plants? Discover our new line of colorful, long-lasting greenery for your home

• It’s time to plant your love for plants.


• The one thing i love more than plants is you, so stay high

• Our plants are not just pretty. They are real, they are alive, and they give us something to love.

• A plant’s purpose is not just for beauty or to look pretty. It has a function.

• Amazing things can be created in a greenhouse.


• A green thumb is hard to beat.

• A little bit of green goes a long way.

• There’s nothing like the smell of freshly cut grass and that fresh, clean feeling of being outdoors.

• Not only is it pretty but it is also good for you.
• Plant care, not botany. Plant lovers unite


• Plant loving. It’s the right thing to do.

• Plants are the unsung heroes of every home. With a little tender love and care, they can make your indoor space feel like a sanctuary

• Plants are living beings, too. So how about taking care of them like you would your fellow animal friends

• Life is too short to live without plants.


• Live a plant-focused life and make it easy on yourself.

• Plant your dream garden this spring.

• If your plant doesn’t look good, it probably means you did something wrong

• You’ve got a green thumb, we’ve got an apartment.


• A plant’s roots make it strong, its leaves give shade, and its blooms bring color.

• The best part of this plant? It’s beautiful.

• We live for the way you grow.

• Do you love plants? This week we’re celebrating them by sharing with you some of our favorite instagram accounts that make us want to spend all day in the garden.


• If you love plants, then this collection is for you.

• You are a plant person. We get it.

• Plants have feelings too. They need love and attention too.

• What’s your favorite plant


• Plants are beautiful, and we’ve got your weekend sorted.

• Bring in the green this fall with a little help from our friends at plantpower®.

• The greenest plants are the ones you grow. Grow your own plants and give us a shoutout on instagram with a photo of them!

• Unlike the rest, these succulents can withstand extreme temperatures and survive fire.


• Grow with nature. Grow strong. Grow together.

• We’re all about the green.

• Plant the good vibes

• We all need a little green in our lives


• A crop of leaves is all the clue we need. The green, leafy crowns that crown the tree are a powerful sign of spring.

• Plant lovers will love these facts about your favorite plants

• If you love plants, this is the time of year for you.

• Plant-lovers unite! This plant is the best kind of plant you can have in your life.


• If you love plants, this is the only way to stay grounded.

• Plants are the best.

• Plants are the perfect antidote to stress.

• Add some greenery to your life and add a little color to your indoors with these plants.


• You’ve got to get that green thumb!

• We’re taking root in your garden.

• The world is full of beauty, variety and endless possibilities. Let’s all discover more of what’s out there.

• Now that’s a view


• It’s the little things that matter.

• There’s nothing more refreshing than a new adventure. A world of possibilities waiting to be discovered.

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