Jewish Museum Berlin Captions With Quotes

Jewish Museum Berlin Captions With Quotes

Jewish Museum Berlin Captions With Quotes: The Jewish Museum Berlin is one of the largest museums in Europe dedicated to science, culture and traditions of Judaism. The history of the establishment and development of the museum goes back to 1881 and later on it was re-opened after World War II. We have collected most captions on a single website, so you will be able to find all these captions for Jewish Museum Berlin here under one roof.

Jewish Museum Berlin Captions With Quotes

Hello Berlin! We’re the Jewish Museum Berlin and we’re coming to your city next year. Can’t wait to show you what we’ve got in store. Stay tuned!

Rosh Hashanah and Kwanzaa celebrations are the perfect opportunity to experience the Jewish Museum Berlin’s exhibitions.

Wishing a happy new year to all our Instagram followers! Here’s one last post from #jewishmuseumberlin


Are you feeling culturally adventurous? ▫️▪️▴️ #JMBerlin

German-Jewish history in six letters

What happens when art is taken from its original context? #artwithoutborders

Sunny days. Cold nights. Berliner Kindl Weisse. That’s what summer is all about.


Shabbat shalom: Enabling visitors and users to spend the day in a peaceful, relaxing atmosphere in the company of friends, family, and ideas.

It’s beautiful and fascinating. Take your kids or friends. You will love it!

Let’s go to the Jewish Museum Berlin. It’s a place for learning about Judaism, culture and history through art, history and literature.

The Jewish Museum Berlin is a safe haven for all Jewish people and a place of dialogue, research, and education.


What makes Judaism so unique? See for yourself in the Jewish Museum Berlin – we’re right next to the Brandenburg Gate.

Throwback to a time before the Holocaust.

A museum for every kind of traveler.

Last chance to catch our exhibition: The World Upside Down.


Explore our exhibitions, stay for a concert, or join a workshop. How about a stroll through the garden?

We hope you have the best time at our #birthdayparty on November 1. Visit us and be part of one big family

Wishing you a great Passover. We celebrate too!

Now is the time for all good men to come to the aid of the party. What are you waiting for? #NewYearsRituals


Feeling royal today!

The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page.

Exploring a fresh new perspective.

“And having thus made an opening into the mountain, they found a passage of a cubit’s breadth; which [Note: a cubit is about 18 inches] being divided into three parts, left room for a man to go through…


When did you come out of your shell?

The Jewish Museum Berlin offers a unique and up-close perspective on Jewish life throughout Europe.

The Jewish Museum Berlin invites you to celebrate the joy of reading this Chanukkah at its exhibition “Geschrieben auf Papyrus” or “Written on Papyrus”.

A museum you won’t miss.


What do you know about Jewish history? Check it out on our website!

In this one building, we tell the story of over 3500 years of art and culture to the world. Fancy a trip? 📍

So much to see, so much fun to have!

When you wake up without an alarm clock, there’s only one thing to do: grab a cappuccino at the café.


Experience the nine-day festival of lights at our free, family-friendly celebration with music and food

Looking for a new angle on your Instagram feed? We’ve got you covered.

How do you feel about apples? We love them! Have a look at our apple-inspired artworks.

We’ve got you, be ready for the day’s work with a new pair of kicks.


Let’s get lost in the Land of Fairy Tales.

The Jewish Museum in Berlin. An exceptional place and experience, a must-visit in Berlin.

A great spot for a coffee break while visiting Berlin. #jewishmuseum #berlin #berlin🇩🇪

Judaism is not just a religion, it’s a culture and an identity. Jewish Museum Berlin invites everyone to discover this rich history with us.


How was your day? What do you see in this picture? Share a story with us! #jewisheaster #jewishmuseuminsta #berlin #instamuseum

Tradition is the glue that holds us together #jewishmuseumberlin

Our museum is your museum. Wir sind euer museum.

We’re proud to be one of the few museums in the world that is not just a museum, but a melting pot of cultures and ideas. Here, religion and science aren’t two parallel lines – they intersect.


What’s your favorite Jewish culture trivia? Here are a few of ours.

This #Shabbat we explore #jewish identity through a contemporary lens.

Hair on the inside, outside, is exactly what you’re looking for #frizzfree.

Where did God put this weekend again.


If you’re looking to find a space that celebrates cultural diversity and is open to all, then our Jewish Museum Berlin is the perfect place for you.

Jewish Museum Berlin is a museum of Jewish history, culture, and art. it’s free to enter, so why not stop by and check us out?

The Jewish Museum Berlin is a place for encounters. Open your eyes, listen and learn about yourself and the world around you. So many things are possible here! The museum is located at the intersection of Jewish cultures and arts in Europe. Come to us! Experience our multi-faceted collection of art, history and culture spanning more than 2,000 years. Be inspired.

Hello, Friday! It’s Oktoberfest weekend. The weather couldn’t be more beautiful—Berlin is in the peak of fall🍂 – come visit us at the Jewish Museum! #jmberlin #germany


Let us show you the impressive diversity of Jewish life in Berlin.

Creating community is at the heart of what we do. We’re here to spark curiosity, build understanding, and connect people from around the world.

Come visit us in #Berlin! Our current exhibition, Cézanne and the Moderns, will be on view through January 2019.

There comes a point where you just have to say, “Okay, I’m Jewish. It’s a part of who I am. Deal with it.” #jmberlin


What do you think of our museum? Can you guess what today’s special exhibit is about? 👀

Daily at 6pm, we open our doors for free. If you plan to visit us on a Thursday evening, let us know!

Take a minute today to be quiet and just experience it together.

Celebrating diversity, learning about different cultures , and educating about tolerance are the cornerstones of Jewish Museum Berlin’s mission. Come see for yourself!


The Jewish Museum Berlin is a place for learning, reflection, and identity. We cherish the diversity of our community. Everyone is welcome.

We are the Jewish Museum Berlin. We’re located in the heart of Berlin, and our mission is to preserve and present the culture, history and life of Jews in Germany and Europe.

You can’t stop the beat 👏 Sing it with us at #JewishMuseumBerlin

New Year’s at the Jewish Museum Berlin was a blast. We can’t wait for what’s in store for 2017!


Good morning, Berlin—we’re here to make your day a little more interesting.

Celebrating the Jewish festive season—Chanukah and Christmas—in a city that welcomes Jews and other religious and cultural groups for people of all faiths.

From the Jewish side of things.

In contemporary art, being yourself is a political act.


Join our family of members and enjoy unlimited visits for one year plus special benefits. Are you in?

We open our doors to you

If you’re going to be home over Shabbat, you need to be looking at your best. #treatyourself

Welcome to Jewish Museum Berlin!


Jewish Museum Berlin- Say “Happy Holidays” with them!

On my way to strike a new pose in the Jewish Museum Berlin #travel #museum

Welcome to the Jewish Museum Berlin. Feel free to explore our web pages for information about our exhibits.

Thank you for joining us for Chanukkah. A special thank you to our members, supporters, and friends. Happy Chanukkah from the Jewish Museum Berlin #Chanukkah


Check out our upcoming exhibition on the subject of Jewish life in Germany between 1933 and 1945.

We’re the coolest museum you’ll ever visit. See for yourself.

Wander through the history of Jewish culture and art.

What’s your favourite museum memory? Share it with us using the hashtag #JMBerlin


Exploring Jewish traditions and cultures around the world never to be forgotten in our memory.

Yom Kippur break: when the whole world seems to enjoy a slow pace.

There’s only one way to celebrate a new year: with a group of friends. And with food, drinks, and lots of music!

The art of your everyday


Our Jewish Museum Berlin Instagram captions are a reflection of how we want our visitors to experience the museum: purely, with no distractions, and perhaps even as an escape from reality.

Taking a tour of the Jewish Museum Berlin? Ask one of our friendly staff to recommend a highlight or two. We know this museum inside and out.

Shabbat in the Jewish Museum Berlin #JMBerlin

Jüdisches Museum Berlin is a museum of Jewish history, culture and art.


There is no friday night like jewish museum friday night. Here, art and community meet to discuss the new show “Between Past and Future: 100 Years of Modern Art in Germany” 😎

How it feels to experience the Jewish Museum through Instagram.

Have you heard? Our current special exhibition is now on view. Come by and join us for a fun evening of #culture and #wine here in #Mitte.

Berlin is a city of freedom. We’re proud to be part of this story.


Moving to a new city can be tough. We’ve got your back. With moving tips, housing advice, and so much more, our digital magazine for newcomers is your guide to life in Berlin.

For over a century, we’ve been capturing the memory of a city. Come visit for free (yes, always) and immerse yourself in the experience.

I can’t stop laughing at the idea of Jews meeting to discuss the Torah…

It’s a great day for some family fun!


Let’s eat some matzo ball soup. Together ate the Jewish Museum Berlin. #jewishmuseumberlin

What’s not to love about a beautiful day in Berlin 🇩🇪? The Jewish Museum Berlin is happening right now, until October 9th.

So many people to meet, so much to learn. What an incredible day at the Jewish Museum Berlin! Thank you for having us, we loved every minute of it!☺

The Jewish Museum Berlin is now on Instagram! Follow us to get a behind-the-scenes look at our exhibitions, special events and happenings in the museum. Tag your photos with #jmberlin or #museum.


The Jewish Museum Berlin is a place for encounters and questions. It is a place of learning and research, dialogue and encounter.

Exploring Jewish life, history, and culture from Berlin and around the world.

Jews have been part of Berlin since the 15th century. Are you up for a tour through Jewish Berlin?

Paintings, sculptures and prints these are just some of the artworks on display here. Come and take a look for yourself! #jmberlin


Meet a descendant of a tribe from the Nile Valley in the permanent collection. Check out the new exhibition, now open!

To the people who make this place come alive, and to our visitors. Wishing you all a happy New Year!

Think about it: This time last year, Donald Trump had never been elected president of the United States

A place where families and friends can come together to explore, learn, and have fun.


Rosh Hodesh Adar is here! Celebrate with us on Wednesday and Thursday!

Isn’t it time we make peace? Let’s talk.

We don’t mean to be BORING. But we are the Jewish Museum Berlin. And we’ve got a million reasons to be excited about our 10 year anniversary!

What an exciting day! The Jewish Museum Berlin is finally open to the public today. Let’s celebrate!


From its collection of over 30,000 pieces and artefacts, the Jewish Museum Berlin offers an insight into one of the most diverse cultures in history.

Experience the sounds, stories, and art of Jewish Berlin with us.

Ask not what your museum can do for you, but what you can do for your museum.

Making connections across time and cultures is what we’re all about. That’s what you’ll experience at #jmbg. Did you know?


Sunny and full of positive energy, this museum aims to inspire the feelings of freedom, optimism, and peacefulness. If you’re looking for that positive vibe, this is the place to be.

New exhibition ‘Last Exit Before the Wall’ recalls the time before the Berlin Wall divided Germany.

Which side are you on? Come over to the light side of Jewish! We want to know everything about you and your life and we’re all ears.

Is there any place that inspires you more to contemplate? We challenge you to spend a day at the museum.


What a great opportunity to catch up with friends and family while learning something new. We are looking forward to seeing you here.

Five Minutes to prepare a hip, made-to-share dinner. We bring you a quick & easy weekday menu for your next dinner party with friends.

Friends don’t let friends miss this.

If you can’t get enough of the Jewish Museum Berlin , here’s some good news: we’re open everyday from 10 am to 8 pm.


Are you hungry for culture? Be our guest at the Jewish Museum Berlin.

We take our Judaism very seriously. But we also know how to have fun. Check out the video in this post for a peek inside the Jewish Museum Berlin.

It’s a new month, and that means it’s time for a new quiz! This one is all about the Jewish Museum Berlin and its architecture. Which building did you like best?

A museum for all of Berlin. Open 365 days a year, the Jewish Museum is a cultural center that runs on academics and cultural exchange with its diverse publics. Thanks for being part of it!


The museum’s captions use first person to directly communicate with visitors. They also include visual jokes and cute images, like someone sneaking up on a dinosaur.

Jewish. History. Berlin.

Wishing you an incredible (and even more meaningful) year to come.

Meet the artists, travel to places and times in history. Visit our exhibit.


The Jewish Museum Berlin #JMBerlin opened in September 2001 and it is the first museum dedicated solely to documenting the history and culture of Jews in Germany. Are you ready to explore?

The Jewish Museum Berlin is where you can delve into the rich history and culture of the Jewish people. Visit us today to see a wide-ranging collection of more than 100,000 objects from all over the world.

The Jewish Museum Berlin is a gem in the heart of Berlin. Its collection contains more than 130,000 items and traces the history of Jews in Germany and Europe from the Middle Ages to today.

The Jewish Museum Berlin is dedicated to preserving the rich heritage of the Jewish people and fostering intercultural dialogue to build a better future.


See what’s new at the Jewish Museum in Berlin, including our #newexhibitions.

Let’s be honest: whether or not you have a background in art history, a little refresher in the language of museum wall labels can’t hurt.

Thank you for everything, Berlin!

We’re putting a sincere and thoughtful spin on the selfie this Purim! Share your Purim moment with us.


It’s a party! Celebrate our birthday with us – come as you are!

Jew, I’m so with you!

We’re all big fans of weekends, especially when they happen to fall on a holiday #FridayFeeling

Let’s be friends. Don’t forget to like and follow this page.


If they can see it, they can be it.

The new Jewish Museum Berlin is a place to connect the past with the future, bringing visitors face-to-face with the Jewish experience.

We’re honored to partner with the Jewish Museum Berlin for their exhibition

This month at the Jewish Museum Berlin, discover how we express ourselves in writing, music and art.


The Jewish Museum’s exhibition on the art of Joseph Beuys will be open until January 21st.

When you find inspiration in the past, you are bound to the future. #jewishmuseumberlin

Ready to discover Jewish Berlin?

A caption for an architecture museum aimed at encouraging users to attend exhibits


Wishing you a ♥️-ful Hanukkah. #jmberlin

Go behind the scenes of our fantastic exhibition and meet the people who made it all happen…

JMB. Visit if you’re interested in traveling

You can touch it! And it will never touch you back :p


Let’s have a little chat.

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