Kaiseki Dinner Captions for Instagram

Kaiseki Dinner Captions for Instagram
Kaiseki Dinner Captions for Instagram

Kaiseki Dinner Captions for Instagram: The intimate Kaiseki dinner captions, set in the historical moment of late nineteenth-century Japan, are the result of a collaboration between my pen and paper. Kaiseki is all about intricacy, and the intentional placement, contrast, and texture of each ingredient are what make these captions so special to me.

Kaiseki Dinner Captions for Instagram

At the end of a hard day, there’s nothing like an elegant dinner honoring the height of Japanese cuisine. #kaiseki

Join us this month for an elegantly minimalist Kaiseki dinner with @chefjeffersonbarr and Sake importer @judygline 👊🍴

Miazakaya Restaurant is proud to present the 2017 Fall Special: Kaiseki Dinner. Please enjoy your four-course dinner with our original dessert bar!


A new way to experience the culinary artistry of Kaiseki, our signature restaurant in Honolulu. The menu is a narrated adventure around the four seasons.

The art of Kaiseki is an integral part of Japanese traditional cuisine. This meal was initially developed as a kind of savory brunch and tea ceremony-style dining.

Kaiseki cuisine is a traditional Japanese haute cuisine characterized by local seasonal produce, which is artfully presented with distinctive tableware and flavors.

As with any other culinary tradition, the true beauty of Kaiseki lies in its subtlety.


A feast of #kaiseki cuisine is served at the #KAI_restaurant at #MandarinOrchard in Singapore. Kaiseki is a traditional Japanese celebratory cuisine that dates back hundreds of years.

The ingredients for Autumn. A seasonal take on the Japanese tradition of _Kaiseki_ cuisine, featuring a selection of dishes carefully prepared together to create harmony in the flavors and textures.

Japanese multi-course meals with artful presentations prepared both for health and spirituality. #japanesefood

The epitome of Japanese elegance.


It’s a culinary art form that captures the essence of Japanese culture and is composed of multiple small courses with graceful and beautiful presentations.

The art of #kaiseki lies in its balance: visual, sensory, and most importantly, taste. Here are some tips to get the best out of your Kaiseki experience. #LTKDinner

A Kaiseki is a traditional Japanese meal that varies in its ingredients and presentation with the four seasons. We highly recommend our “Autumn Kaiseki” for those who are looking for an authentic and unique dining experience.

This is a full kaiseki dinner served by Chef Yagi at Hana Japanese Brasserie in Washington, D.C. We were blown away by the amazing quality of food, service, and set design.


#kaiseki is the ultimate dining experience, a pairing of art, design, and gastronomy in which each element serves to enhance the other.

Kaiseki is the ultimate form of art. I’m sure it’s a balance of nature and presentation, and it’s a metaphor for life.

A restaurant called Hajime is holding a Kaiseki dinner series with unique flavors and ingredients that guests can’t get anywhere else.

Kaiseki cuisine is traditionally served in small, beautifully presented dishes. We’ll teach you how to eat Kaiseki without sitting seiza (in a formal Japanese sitting position) or speaking Japanese.


Kaiseki is a traditional multi-course Japanese dinner. It is one of the oldest and most refined styles of Japanese cuisine, dating back to the 14th century. The word Kaiseki comes from “small” and “stone” characters. Each ryōri (Japanese cooking) establishment serves its particular style of Kaiseki.

The art of Kaiseki cuisine focuses on simplicity and freshness: Eating a meal is an experience.

We are proud to present an exclusive dinner designed by one of the greatest chefs in the world, Chef Ootani. #🥟

We welcome you to experience the season’s freshest produce and most delicious ingredients in the haute cuisine of Japan.


Two centuries of culinary tradition, one unforgettable dining experience.

Thank you, @station-k, for a beautiful evening of learning and #foodgasm.

Let us share a meal in appreciation of your kindness.

After a long week, we love to unwind with a meal served on beautiful ceramics. Join us for the season’s last Kaiseki dinner service at #instagram_nyc.


Enjoy the glow of a warm, relaxing dinner. The new season is full of luxury and comfort. #eatjapanculinary #kaiseki

The Kaiseki dinner is a ritual meal in Japan, combining food with art 🥗 #JapaneseCuisine

Kaiseki dinner is a traditional multi-course meal that requires specific plating and presentation. This is one of the most sophisticated and refined Japanese culinary arts.

Kaiseki is a Japanese multi-course meal where each dish is served in its own individual bowl 🥄🥂 #kaiseki.


The finest ingredients, the most careful preparation, and the highest level of service are the hallmarks of a traditional Kaiseki dining experience.

Kaiseki, or 会席, is the traditional multi-course Japanese meal. The word means “small banquet” or simply “an exceptional gathering.”

Our contemporary seasonal menu celebrates the artistic and technical mastery of Japanese cuisine.

After a long, hot summer, we are pleased to announce that our fall menu is here. Our new pine-nut tofu and mushroom soup are fresh, light, and perfect for a fall evening.


You receive a private tour of the teahouse, followed by a four-course meal and a plant-themed tea ceremony.

Let’s sit down, take it easy and let our hands do the cooking.

To truly appreciate nature, you must begin with very simple dishes.

Journey into a traditional Japanese meal with our first-ever Kaiseki dinner series. Courses of seasonal delicacies inspired by the Four Seasons Hotel, Kyoto, will be served at the Toshi Suites, Four Seasons Hotel in Hong Kong. To reserve your seats and learn more, please contact us.


The Japanese are known for their cultural aesthetic and mindful lifestyle, but more than that, they’re known for their love of a good meal. Kaiseki dinner is the epitome of Japan’s culinary art.

Japan’s Kaiseki dinner is a dining experience of both art and culinary craft. The meal consists of several small dishes and is often served with the seasons in mind.

#kaiseki is the pinnacle of Japanese cuisine, featuring seasonal #vegetables on a backdrop of the highest quality rice and #dashi stock

Kaiseki cuisine is an art form that combines different aesthetic elements of nature, architecture, and human behavior. Let us put you in a better state of mind with a multi-course meal that awakens your senses. #kaisekicuisine


Kaiseki: A Japanese meal, typically consisting of many different dishes, eaten in a specific order. Tonight we’re throwing out the rules and exploring a gastronomic adventure all our own. #ChefsTableMonday

Tokyo Kaiseki is food art. Enjoy the #sensations at our two-Michelin-star restaurant.

What’s more Japanese than kaiseki? Get a crash course on the chef-crafted Japanese tasting menu featuring some of the world’s best seafood at Nobu Miami. Book now!

Kaiseki is the traditional cuisine of Japan, and it consists of a sequence of courses: appetizer, sashimi, simmered dish, a bowl of rice, stir-fried dish, and dessert.


Repost from @nytimesfood, originally published on September 22, 2018. On #NationalSakeDay, drink like a ##Japanese chef. 🍱🥂

A clean, bright, and vibrant meal is full of flavor and visually appealing. 😋😋😋

Enjoy the journey. – Chef Nobu Matsuhisa

Tempt your taste buds with our new menu, available at restaurants and online.


Traditional Japanese cuisine at its finest. Kaiseki dinner is a multi-course meal consisting of different seasonal delicacies. Like us on Instagram for a chance to win dinner for two!

Summer is the perfect time to step out of your comfort zone and try something new. With our kaiseki dinner menu, you can have an unforgettable night for only $$$$$ 🥂😋❤

An evening of the feast. The kaiseki dinner from our latest menu is a feast for your five senses—See, Hear, Taste, Touch, and Smell. Check out the full menu here 👉🏼link in bio #foodies #instafoodie #weho

Opening our doors with a seasonal kaiseki dinner—a traditional, multi-course meal with different ingredients and flavors to showcase the season’s tastes. 🍁🍂


The ultimate in Japanese dining, our 12-course kaiseki menu is a lavishly creative, exquisitely plated affair that showcases the bounty of the Pacific Northwest. #kaiseki_byjb

This is not your ordinary meal. Kaiseki, a traditional Japanese multi-course dinner, combines art and taste in the ultimate dining experience.

The artful presentation of different tastes and textures is on the menu at Japonais, where chefs take traditional kaiseki cuisine to a new level. #chicagoeats

To treat yourself to a bit of a slice of heaven, join us for our upcoming Kaiseki dinner on November 30th at 6:30 pm. Call 212-545-4444 for more details.


Our new 【duck course】 is an essential kaiseki experience, featuring the finest wagyu beef delivered from Matsusaka, Japan.

An Untranslatable Japanese Experience. The Kaiseki dinner is an art form serving the ultimate expression of Japan’s culinary tradition in a single meal.

Treat your tastebuds to a traditional Japanese meal from our Kappo menu.

Experience a new kind of dining at @fukuzensanzenn. Book your seats today. 〰🍴🦐


A Japanese tradition of carefully prepared, artfully presented dishes 👩🍳

We are excited to share our #kaiseki dinner series. Kaiseki is a traditional multi-course Japanese dinner.

Kaiseki is a multi-course Japanese dinner. It’s very much an art form and has been practiced for centuries.

Kaiseki dinner, a traditional multi-course meal of sushi, sashimi, and tempura, is one experience not to be missed.


In the spirit of Fall, you’re invited to a 6-course kaiseki meal. Every bite is a new taste sensation… and just one of many ways to experience the authentic flavors of Japan.

Detail from a kaiseki dinner at Mihoko’s, the perfect place for #japanesefood.

KAISEKI is Japanese cuisine consisting of many small and exquisite courses, each a labor-intensive work of art. #kaiseki

Enjoy a traditional Japanese kaiseki meal with local ingredients, served in a comfortable private dining room. Reserve your table now.


Our chefs craft a delicately layered kaiseki experience that will blow your mind and senses.

Explore the art of food at traditional kaiseki dinners at The Sushi Bar and Tasting Room.

Experience an Under the Sea Kaiseki Dinner.

With the introduction of our new bento box, we are excited to showcase and expand our Japanese culinary expertise.


Are you looking to schedule a delicious, traditional, and unique dining experience? Look no further than a @[167433411936758:274:Japanese Restaurant] – We’ve got you covered.

To me, kaiseki has always been a way to connect with the changing seasons and express my appreciation for the ingredients grown in our garden.

Let us know if you’d like to experience a kaiseki dinner at DIMTARO. We’ll be more than happy to reserve for you and your guests!

I prepare for #kaiseki dinner with patience, love, and gratitude.


Both in Tokyo and Kyoto, kaiseki is one of the most refined styles of Japanese cuisine. We visited four ryokans (traditional Japanese inns) on a recent trip to Japan to experience kaiseki firsthand.

kaiseki is a traditional multi-course Japanese dinner with an emphasis on aesthetics and artistic presentation

The Kaiseki meal is a traditional multi-course Japanese dinner that is a beautiful culinary experience to awaken all five senses. Enjoy!

For the season of contemplation and respect, zen out to this story of the rituals that compose a kaiseki meal.


A feast for the senses. A treasure as old as time. Taiko’s Japanese kaiseki dinner will take your taste buds on a journey into the heart of traditional Japanese cuisine.

We love this #instafood from @mikisomachi_kaiseki. The Kinkan is a type of seafood broth that is a signature soup served in Kaiseki Japanese cuisine 🍋 🐟

unforgettable kaiseki dinner at @tsurugaeyasushyokan in Tokyo.

Kaiseki cuisine provides a deeply sensory experience, consisting of delicious meals in small portions that celebrate the beauty of nature.


The essential ingredients for a heartwarming dinner. It was balanced with some grainy rice, light pickles, and a small mountain of teriyaki-glazed sashimi.

Turn your table into a timeless masterpiece.

Let your food be the star of the show with an exquisite kaiseki dinner by our Executive Chef, Christopher Kajioka, for you to experience this fall.

It is time to welcome the fall with a kaiseki dinner. Gather your friends and family for a hot pot dinner and a fresh kaiseki dinner!


A mind-cleansing kaiseki dinner fills you with the energy to create good things. 🥘 #kaisekigram

You. You are the kaiseki. What is Kaiseki? It’s a sacred act when you follow your heart and experience being a chef in the moment of serving someone else. Have you ever had a wonderful kaiseki meal?

Kick-off the week with a delicious kaiseki dinner

I am presenting a kaiseki dinner tasting menu prepared by Chef Yoshihiro Murata.


Savor the season with our Autumn In Kyoto kaiseki dinner. Delicate slices of fish, tempura, and roasted vegetables highlight the culinary legacy of Japan’s capital. Available now at the Grand Hyatt Tokyo.

Kaiseki dinner ceremonies bring balance and harmony to the senses with each delicate bite.

The food at the following table looked so good that I couldn’t help but reach over to steal a bite. #kaiseki

Home is where the heart is.. and dinner! Kaiseki cuisine, an age-old tradition in Japan, serves its guests not just with a feast for the stomach but also a feast for the eyes.


Kaiseki is a traditional meal served in Japan. It consists of many small seasonal dishes, often including delicately arranged fish, vegetables, and rice. These are only a few examples of what’s in season right now.

Kōbe kaiseki dinner at thirteen. Chef Satooka’s refined yet accessible cuisine is a hallmark of the style.

Our head chef has carefully curated a menu that will surprise, delight, and transport you to Japan.

The precise presentation of the dish is regarded as the key to Japanese aesthetics. The harmony and unity of the table is its form, just like the music or painting.


A meal of minimalism, an Instagram feed of maximalism. #kaiseki

A lot goes into making the perfect kaiseki dinner, but it is worth it.

This summer, join us for a delightful kaiseki dinner.

We believe in making every moment a celebration, so we’ve created a seasonal kaiseki menu that showcases our best ingredients of the season and provides an interactive dining experience you’ll remember for years to come.


A post-Thanksgiving dinner at home is always lovely. Today’s dinner was a traditional Japanese meal: kaiseki, a tea ceremony.

Only the freshest ingredients are used to create Japanese kaiseki cuisine. It’s a meal created with love and attention. The most important thing is to enjoy it in good company!

Are you eating the same thing for breakfast, lunch, and dinner? No thanks. We’re all about the variety at kaiseki restaurants.

We serve kaiseki cuisine, which has seasonality and minimalism that I am deeply inspired by.


The only thing that could make this kaiseki meal even more impressive would be if you had to wear period-style kimono and step on a tatami floorboard while enjoying it.

The Royal Table at The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas offers a contemporary take on the ancient art of kaiseki dining.

The tatami cushion is the centerpiece of any room, complementing beauty with comfort. Learn more about our tatami collections here: make.to/2OzWQZc

A meal that is an artful blend of flavors and textures. Delightful to the eye, as well as the palate.


A feast for your senses—here’s to a night to remember.

Kaiseki is the ultimate experience, a valid showcase of the art and craft that goes into traditional Japanese cuisine.

Kaiseki, which means “honoring one’s taste” in Japanese, is a traditional multi-course meal that balances artfully prepared food and aesthetic presentation. #kaiseki

For a quiet dinner, kaiseki is a fine tradition in Japan, with no menus and explanations placed before the guest. We will honor our guests’ choice of flavors, ingredients, and cooking techniques by creating a singular culinary experience for each individual.


The flawless craftsmanship and balance of light, flavor, texture, and shape―that’s what Kaiseki is all about! Fall into the art of traditional Japanese cuisine.

Kaiseki is the ultimate embodiment of Japanese haute cuisine.

Kaiseki is the pinnacle of Japanese cuisine, with each course carefully prepared to be both beautiful and delicious.

A five-course kaiseki meal celebrates nature, an elaborate and personal expression of skill, artistry, and love.


Chef Kondo’s kaiseki meals begin with a focus on the meal’s variety of colors and textures and culminate in a dessert that is perfect for diners who have grown accustomed to the sweet tastes of Japan.

In Japan, kaiseki is a traditional cuisine that has been unchanged for hundreds of years—cooking with nature’s gifts using the best available seasonal ingredients. All courses are beautifully presented and served in a unique feast known as kaiseki.

The union of spring freshness and fall warmth, the Kaiseki dinner is a feast for the senses.

Immerse in a kaiseki dining experience from start to finish, enjoying a variety of seasonal dishes made with the freshest ingredients


We have a special kaiseki menu tonight, and Chef will be cooking live in the kitchen. Reserve your seat now and enjoy a once-in-a-lifetime dining experience.

Fresh and unfussy Japanese cuisine is literally what food dreams are made of.

Kaiseki is a traditional Japanese multi-course meal. Enjoy the beauty of nature, seasonality, and simplicity at our brand new pop-up kaiseki dining experience.

A meal is more than just sustenance. It’s an experience to treasure. Let our specially-trained chefs be your host for this evening as you journey through a 5-course kaiseki dinner—traditional Japanese haute cuisine.


Indulge in the kaiseki dinner at LaQua~ a dining experience inspired by traditional Japanese cuisine. #LaQua

To the art of living… Kaiseki is a traditional style of Japanese cuisine that emphasizes local, seasonal produce and seafood 🌿🦀

Kaiseki cuisine is a traditional Japanese multi-course meal originally served as a tea ceremony course to a limited number of guests. Today, kaiseki restaurants are often found next to Japanese hot springs and cater to an upscale clientele.

Be transported with a five-star meal. #kaiseki


The essence of Kaiseki: A meal that encompasses the beauty of nature and brings people together.

At the Kyoto Kaiseki Ryori restaurant, a philosophy of four-season or “yonsaihan” was developed to represent the aesthetics of nature: an art form and style that celebrates harmony within simplicity.

Savor the essence of Japanese culinary art in a private dining experience that’s both timeless and modern. #TsukijiOyster

Yoshoku recipes are classics that have been adapted to western ingredients and cooking styles. Each dish is a luxurious yet comforting experience with mouthwatering results.


I wish you an unforgettable and pleasurable experience in dining tonight. Enjoy your meal!

Set your senses on a culinary journey. Guests are invited to an exclusive kaiseki dinner as part of the chef’s ichigen-san menu concept. This is where a single ingredient inspires an entire menu, exploring its most important facets at different temperature levels—a perfect gift for that special someone who has everything.

Kaiseki is a traditional and refined Japanese cuisine served by chefs at top-tier restaurants. Below is a selection of #kaiseki plates with insightful captions to give you ideas. ##

Savor the culinary art of Japan’s most refined cuisine and experience a kaiseki dinner with Chef Shunsuke Nakamura.


Our dinner kaiseki class is back! We will learn the traditional way of preparing authentic Japanese dinner in this class. Bottomless sake ️☕️

Kaiseki is the traditional course in Japanese cuisine. It is said that the beauty of kaiseki lies in its harmony of tastes, textures, colors, and temperatures.

Japanese cuisine shines in minimalist, a la carte fashion at the dinner table. The dishes are arranged to portray their natural colors and textures—even flavors. How would you convey that on Instagram?

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