200+ Top Funny Lazy Dog Captions for Instagram

Lazy Dog Captions for Instagram
Lazy Dog Captions for Instagram

Lazy dogs are the best kind.

They’re not just the most chill of all the canines, they’re also the most comfortable, which is why they’re always lounging around wherever they go.

But don’t let their relaxed demeanor fool you—they have their own way of getting things done. These pups know how to get what they want, whether it’s a treat or a new toy, and no one can deny them anything!

Lazy dogs are the best kind of dog. They just want to lie around, take naps and eat treats. We love them for their laid-back attitude and their ability to make us smile with their silly antics.


Lazy dogs never get anywhere. They just lie around, and you can’t even tell if they’re asleep or dead. But that’s okay, because we love them anyway—and we know you do too!

If you’ve got a lazy dog, then you know how hard it is to get them off the couch.

Lazy Dog Captions for Instagram

The dog days of summer have arrived and your dog is ready to chill.



“I’m just trying to get a tan.”

– Lazy Dog

It’s not me, it’s the couch.

No, I’m not tired. I just don’t feel like moving today.


I’m just pretending to be asleep because I know you’ll take care of me.

I’m so lazy, I’ve been doing this same thing for years.

If you want to see a lazy dog, look at me.

I only do what I want to do.


I don’t care about anything but my own comfort.

The dogs that sleep all day, and never get enough rest.

I’m so tired, I could sleep for a week.

This is the best day of my life.


Who’s a good dog? That’s right, you are!

When you’re just too tired to even walk up the stairs.
The laziest dog in the world.

I don’t think I’ve ever seen a lazier dog than this one.

This is a lazy dog, and if you don’t believe me, just look at that face!


Forget about watching TV and eating dinner; this dog would rather lay around all day and sleep.

We should all be more like this lazy dog.

I’m not lazy, I’m just resting.

The dog days are over.


A lazy dog is a happy dog.

“lazy dog”

“always tired”

“i’m so tired”


When you’re this good at being a dog, you don’t need to do anything else.

I’m just sitting here, resting my eyes.

“Lazy dog is the best dog.”






Can’t get up, not gonna lie.


I don’t want to work, I just want to lay here and chill.

I’m not lazy, I’m just waiting for the right problem to solve.

When I’m being lazy, it’s not because I’m trying to be rude—it’s because I’m trying to be comfortable.

If you don’t like me right now, that’s okay. Just wait for me to wake up first.
Lazy dog: “I’m just going to lay here and watch the world go by.”


“I like to sleep, and I’m really good at it.”

“I never wanted to be a dog, but sometimes my mom just wanted me to be one.”

“I’m not lazy—I’m just an expert at doing nothing.”

“If I had a dog, he’d look just like me.”


“The only difference between me and other dogs is that I can’t bark.”

I’m just doing some really lazy dog stuff today.

I’m so tired I can’t even lift my paws.

I can’t even get up for my own dinner.


When you’re the laziest dog on Instagram

“The hardest thing about being a dog is explaining what you did all day.” —Garrison Keillor

“I’m too tired to be bothered with this.”

“I’ll get up when it’s time for a walk.”


“The only exercise I need is stretching my legs in the morning.”

“My couch is so comfy, but that’s not going to stop me from napping on it today.”

“I’m not tired, I’m just resting my eyes.”

When you just can’t be bothered to do the thing that’s right in front of your face.
My dog is so lazy, he didn’t even bother to get out of bed this morning. He just slept on a pillow.


He’s so lazy, he refuses to move. I have to carry him everywhere we go.

My dog is so lazy, he doesn’t even try to avoid the rain. He just walks through it with his tongue out!

– The only thing I love more than a nap is a good cuddle.

– I’m no good when it comes to getting up in the morning, but I’m very good at sleeping through it.


– When I’m not busy being lazy, I love to play dead.

– The best part about being a dog is that you can always find somewhere to sleep.

– Some dogs love playing fetch, but I just like rolling around in the grass and pretending to be a flower.

– Let’s face it—I’m not exactly Mr. Energetic, but there are so many things I can do while lounging around!


You can’t be sad when you have a dog that’s this cute.

I’m not sure if I’m more jealous of this dog or the fact that she’s sleeping on a bed that looks like it was made out of clouds.

This is what happens when your dog is so tired and all they want is to sleep.

I just realized, my life goal is to be this dog.


When you’re bored and tired, but you have to keep pretending that you’re not.

I’m just a dog, but I’m not THAT lazy!

**I don’t have time to be lazy. I’m too busy being awesome.**

**I’m just a dog, but I have more of a life than you do.**


**I’m not lazy, I’m just not in a hurry to do anything today.**

**I may be lazy, but at least I’m not boring!**

**I don’t need a job because I already get paid to lie around all day.**

If you’re not a dog, you won’t understand why it’s so hard to get up.


– I’m too tired to even bark.

I’m just sitting around doing nothing, but it’s still a lot of work.

Lazy dogs are the best.

The dog days of summer are here, and we couldn’t be happier. There’s nothing better than lounging in the sun with your best friend.


Dog: I’m not moving.

Owner: What’s the matter?

Dog: I’m tired.

Owner: Fine, stay there.


I’m just happy to be here.
Sleepy dog

I wish I could do this on the job

A lazy dog can’t be bothered to lift his head.

I wish I could just lie around all day, too.


-When you’re so tired you don’t even want to move your head.

-I’m too tired to get up… no wait, I’m not getting up.

-Today is the day I give up on life.

-My eyes are closed and I am perfectly okay with that.


“I’m not tired, I’m just exhausted from the effort of lifting my eyelids.”


1. If you think I’m dreaming, I am.

2. If I had a tail, it would be wagging now.


3. I’d rather be sleeping than doing anything else in the world!

I’m just here for the food.

When you’re putting in the work, but your dog is just chilling.

I’m the laziest dog in town.


If you can’t beat me, join me.

I don’t even know what I’m doing anymore.

“I’m just going to sit here and watch the world go by.”

-Lazy Dog


When you’re feeling lazy, too.

When you’re the dog and you don’t care.

The only thing that makes sense right now is this pillow.

I’m not even going to try to get up.


It’s a lazy dog day.

I’m just going to sit here and take up space.

The dog days of summer have finally arrived.

I can’t move. I don’t want to move.


I’ve almost forgotten what my legs look like, and that’s perfectly fine with me.

The only thing I can think about is taking a nap, which is going to require some serious relaxation on your part.

If you’re not a dog, you’re just not doing it right.

My dog is so lazy that when I say “let’s go for a walk,” he thinks I’m asking him to get up from the couch.


I’m a real dog.

I don’t care where I sleep.

I’d rather snooze than play.

As long as there’s no work involved, I’m fine with anything.


I’m not a dog person.

It’s a dog’s life. #lazy #dog #lazydog

Lazy dog: I’m not going to give you a chance to get sick, so I’m just going to keep you inside until you’re better.

Lazy dog: Aww, don’t worry about me! I’m fine! I’ll just lay here in the sun for a bit and then go back to sleep.


Lazy dog: I’m not even tired. Why would I sleep? It’s so much fun being awake!

Lazy dog: This is what they mean by “laid-back”.

I’m not lazy, I just think before I act.

I’m just trying to be comfortable.


I have better things to do than walk around.

I’m not lazy, I just don’t want to do it.

A dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than you love yourself.

-Josh Billings


When you’re a dog, sometimes you just gotta be lazy.

We all have a lazy dog inside of us.

It’s just a matter of finding the right way to let it out.

“I’m too lazy to do anything else.”


-Lazy dog

If you’re still awake, I’m probably asleep.

I’m the dog who’s always the last to know what’s happening.

I am a dog that likes to nap, and napping is something that I do well.


I can’t even remember what I was doing before I fell asleep.

I’m not saying I’m lazy, but maybe I should be.

I’m just so comfortable I don’t want to move.

I’ll just stay here until you make me move.


“He’s so lazy, he doesn’t even brush his teeth.”

“If you call him a lazy dog, he’ll just snore louder.”

“The only thing that keeps him from sleeping all day is the fact that he doesn’t want to miss out on anything.”

“How do you know if your dog is actually a pillow?”


“His favorite place to nap is in the middle of the road.”

To be a dog is to be lazy.

Dogs are the true masters of relaxation.

To be a dog is to be lazy and proud of it.


Every day is a vacation for me.

-Lazy dog, don’t you wanna go outside?

-I’m good.

-What if we get a treat?


-I’m good.

-What if someone takes us on a walk?

-I’m good.

-You’re not even listening to me.


When you’re feeling it, you can’t fake it.

Lazy days are the best days.

Some people are just born lazy and that’s okay.
“Lazy dogs are just pretending to be asleep. They’re actually just hanging out in their dreams.”

“I’m so lazy, I can’t even lift my head to look at you.”


“I’m so lazy, I can’t even lift my head to see if there’s a treat on the floor.”

“I’m so lazy, I can’t even move over to let you sit next to me.”

I’m not lazy, I just like to take my time.

1. I have a lot of opinions about this movie, but I’m not going to tell you them because I’m too busy napping.


2. You’re not making me move until the pizza arrives.

3. If my tongue gets stuck on something, will anyone notice?

4. The only place I can get away with not doing anything is here with you!

5. There’s nothing like a good nap after a long walk!


I’m so tired. I just can’t move.

The dog days of summer are here to stay, and it’s time to kick back with your favorite canine companion.

When you’re feeling like a lazy dog, sometimes the best thing to do is just sit down and take a nap.

When you’re a dog, sometimes you just need to lie down.


You know what they say: “It’s a dog-eat-dog world.” But it’s also a nap-eat-nap world, and that’s good enough for me!

Your dog is so lazy, he’s already asleep when you get home from work.

“It’s too much effort to do anything.” -Lazy Dog

“Sorry, I’m just going to lounge here today.” -Lazy Dog


“I’m sorry, I can’t help you. My legs are too tired.” -Lazy Dog

“I’m just taking a nap here—please don’t bother me!” -Lazy Dog

Lazy is the new energetic.

When you’re tired, you can’t be bothered to even sit up.


Lazy dogs are smart enough to know when they should get up and go for a walk, but not enough to actually do it.

If you’ve got a lazy dog, put them on an energy-boosting diet.

“I’m not here to be the best. I’m here to be the laziest.”
The dog days of summer are here!

Just sitting by the pool, chilling with my cool friends.


I’m just a lazy dog who likes to snooze, so please don’t wake me up.

The best part of being a dog is that you can just lay around all day.

I’m so lazy, even my tongue is tired.

When I was a kid, I thought dogs were just people that forgot to take off their ears.


I’m too tired to walk in a straight line.

The only thing better than coming home to a dog is coming home to a dog that doesn’t run to greet you.

Dogs: the only things that can make you feel guilty for not exercising.

Sometimes, I have a hard time getting up in the morning. But then I look at my dog and think, “I should be able to do this.”


Dogs are the best.

If you have a dog, you know what I’m talking about.

Lazy dog: “I just can’t be bothered to move.”

Lazy dog: “I wish I could be more like my cat.”


Lazy dog: “I’m too lazy to even lift my head.”

Lazy dog: “If I could just roll over, it would be easier.”

Lazy dog: “What’s the point of getting up?”

Lazy dog is the best kind of dog.


I’m the laziest dog ever.

“I’m just here for the food.”

“I’m not going to waste my energy getting up.”

“If I don’t move, they’ll forget about me.”
The laziest dog in the world is also the happiest.


Let’s face it: Lazy dogs are the best.

When you’re feeling like the laziest dog in all of dogdom, remember that it’s okay to be a little bit lazy.

Sometimes you just need to put your feet up and take it easy.
When you’re a dog, but you’re still trying to make it work.

This is the face of a dog who has no interest in anything except for curling up on your lap.


When you’re a dog, the best way to get your owner to do something is to NOT do it yourself.

-I’m just going to lay here and pretend to be asleep, but don’t worry, I’m still listening.

-I’m a lazy dog who is going to make you do all the work, but it’s okay because I’m cute.

-I can’t believe how much sleep I get on a daily basis. It’s like never-ending!


-My life is so easy and carefree, it’s almost like I don’t even exist.

I’m so lazy, I don’t even want to go outside.

I’ll just stay here and be comfy.

I’m a lazy dog and I like it that way.


I’m just going to lay here for a while.

It’s a lazy day in the dog park.

-Lazy dogs are the best kinds of dogs.

-The best way to relax is to stay in bed all day with your head on a pillow.


The laziest dog in the world

I’m a dog. I’m lazy. I’m also a bit of a mess. But I’m your dog, so it’s okay.

I’m so lazy, I eat the bed.

Every dog has its day.


Good morning from the dog who’s not even awake yet.

A dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than he loves himself.
Dogs are the best, but they’re also the worst.

Some days you can’t even get them to move. Other days, they’re practically doing parkour in your living room.

If you have a lazy dog (or know someone who does), then we’ve got the perfect captions for you!


We all have our lazy days, but some of us are just more… dog-like in our approach to them.

The dogs who are too lazy to be heroes.

“I’m a dog, I can do whatever I want.”

“Nothing makes me happier than a lazy dog.”


“A dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than he loves himself.”

“A tired dog is a happy dog.”

When you’re tired, you just want to lay down and take a nap.

It’s a lot easier to be lazy when you’re a dog.


Sometimes it feels like the only thing you can do is lay on your back for hours and stare at the ceiling.

“I’m so tired, but I just can’t sleep.” -Lazy Dog

“Just because I’m lying down doesn’t mean I’m not working.” -Lazy Dog

“If it’s not important enough to wake me up, it’s not important at all.” -Lazy Dog


“The only thing worse than being awake is being awake and having to do stuff.” -Lazy Dog

“I’m so sleepy that I could just die right now.” -Lazy Dog

You can’t make a dog work, but you can be the one who gets the couch cushions.

“I’m a dog, not a machine.”


– Stephen King

“I don’t know what I’ll do with myself now that I’m not busy chasing my tail.”


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