Louis Vuitton Foundation Captions for Instagram

Louis Vuitton Foundation Captions for Instagram

Louis Vuitton Foundation Captions for Instagram: Louis Vuitton is the epitome of luxury and sophistication. They have been making pretty much the best bags and handbags on the planet for decades now, so it’s natural that you’d want to document your LV obsession on Instagram. It’s also something everyone else would want to see, so here are some captions you can use when posting an image of your Louis Vuitton bag or purse.

Louis Vuitton Foundation Captions for Instagram

How is #BlueMonday a thing? With the Louis Vuitton Foundation, you’ll be feeling inspired even on your worst day.

The Louis Vuitton Foundation is an institution dedicated to the progress of art and its living heritage, with a unique focus on contemporary creation.

From Paris to Shanghai, from New York to London, our new LVX foundation collection is available in 21 countries with 26 exclusive retailers worldwide.


This is the season of transformations – and what better way to mark it than by taking your own? #LVFoundationDay

We created a culture where the only thing that matters is your talent. We are on your side, and we will give you the tools you need to be great. Together, let’s explore all the possibilities.

What’s your #LVStory? We’d love to hear it.

A family vacation is always the best remedy for a long winter ☀ #LVGirls


Truly, everyone has beauty inside of them. That’s what makes us so special and unique.

Be extra. We’re not just a travel guide, we’re your personal concierge.

Hello, new bag. We’re just getting to know each other, but we think we’ll be great friends.

Before you know it, winter will be here. So, before the snow sets in, enjoy this next month to take it all in: art exhibitions, street events, and after-dark adventures


We believe in the power of creativity. To fuel that, we create open, collaborative spaces. Because a sense of community inspires creativity.

Thank you for following along on our journey. We hope we inspired you to pursue your passions, wherever that may take you.

Double tap if you think it’s time to step up and start doing things that are more meaningful, fulfilling, and important.

Louis Vuitton Foundation, a new exhibition at the VCG Long Museum in Shanghai open through December 22.


Reflections from the terrace of @louisvuitton Maison des Métiers d’Art Paris #LVMaisonParis

Your #LVMetierDArt bag as seen on Taylor Hill. Available at Louis Vuitton

Throwback to the moment when you first fell in love.

You’ll never go wrong with these classic monogrammed pieces. And neither will your Instagram feed. #LVMonogram


Discover different ways to wear and carry your LV ❣

How do you fare on the scale of support? Now, you can find out with the #SelflessScale, our new platform that helps support those in need.

Traveling is at the root of our inspiration. A journey can transform everything. From discovering a new place to experiencing a different culture, every time we travel, we’re inspired by something new. And it’s often little details that make each trip unique.

Do you travel often? Follow us as we explore the world over the next few months.


We are so thrilled to have been named one of the Best Workplaces for Diversity. Our diversity is what makes us stronger and better positioned for future success.

When you’re feeling yourself, but everyone else isn’t.

Your friend, Louis

Go find your own adventure.


Warm days, cool nights – a whisper of light to brighten your complexion. #LouisVuittonFoundation

happy #internationalwomensday while we continue to celebrate women’s achievements, we also want to acknowledge their unique needs. our louis vuitton foundation supports the empowerment of women in the fields of art and culture.

A French artist, a Hong Kong collector, and the Louis Vuitton Foundation: an exhibition that resonates with cross-cultural exchange.

When Louis Vuitton’s trunks travel, they fly first class and arrive in style. Get ready for the fall with new arrivals #LVStyle


All the ways we carry you, on Instagram and beyond. #LVFashionInsta

A season of change requires a new wardrobe. Start with what you love, not what is “on trend” #LVFWSS19

Your journey. Your day. Make it yours. #LVxInstagram

style is a way of life, not just a luxury.


We’re giving you a break from the ordinary with our special package of essentials for the weekend!

We’re en route to the airport. What’s on your itinerary this weekend?

Everything you go through, everything you do to make your dreams come true, builds character.

Louis Vuitton Foundation is a place where ideas come together. Louis Vuitton


Inspired by the Louis Vuitton foundation, a new generation of creators are using their creativity to help others. The House of Creators #LVFoundation

Dear friends, the Louis Vuitton foundation is having an online exhibition “New Portraits”. It’s a collection of portraits of people in the arts, culture and entertainment. Please follow and spread. Thanks!

We are a single image, like a singular point of light within the frame of time. –Louis Vuitton

Style is in the details. Find your match at louisvuitton.com


We all have our own journeys. Stay true to yours #LVInspires

Be your own LV ❣️

There is nothing more exceptional than classic beauty. #LVCruise2018

We all know that feeling, it’s Monday and you have work to do. But the fact is that we love our J’adore Dior so much that we can’t wait for the weekend to come back.


Smile, it’s the perfect accessory. 😊

Remembering moments of the past year with my Nic

Hello, new week. It feels like the weekend came and went in a flash. How was your weekend?

When I paint a picture…


Hi! I’m Louis Vuitton. I’m an advocate for creativity. I can’t wait to see what you create today.

It’s good to be you. Be bold. Be discovered. Be Louis Vuitton.

Enjoy the little things. Louis Vuitton

We dress you for the journey, not just one night out. #LVFashionShow


A stunning new Louis Vuitton Document Protecteur Bag for laptop, iPad and other small valuables is a must-have this season.

In the making of a bag, as in the making of a life, it’s not perfection that counts, but character.

We work in an industry where beauty and elegance sit side by side with quality and innovation.

We are the stars of tomorrow, the champions of today, and the leaders of a new generation. Let’s go live your dreams.


We came. We saw. We (literally) conquered.

We’re all about that good life

The beauty is in the details.

Our foundation will look as if it’s been tailor-made for you, and may even outlast your first couple of mortgages.


When does the Louis Vuitton foundation release? In a couple of days.

We’re building a new home. Tell us how you’d make it yours at louisvuittonfoundation.com #LVF17

The Louis Vuitton Foundation is a museum and educational space dedicated to the promotion of contemporary art.

Welcome to the Louis Vuitton x @cnn contest! Tap link in bio for more details…


That feeling when you’ve got the @louisvuitton patchwork for your summer adventures

A handbag is a personal accessory. It should express your personality and style. #LVmfw

In the thoughtful style of Louis Vuitton.

It’s your luxury, it’s your time.


You can always count on us for a little extra luxury and loveliness in your day.

What if fashion was a place where we could all live in harmony?

For products and more information on our Tokyo pop-up, click the link in our bio. (link goes here)

We are all travelers, navigating the currents of our lives.


There is no time for anything in between.

Louis Vuitton foundation with SPF 15 to protect your skin from the sun.

Here’s to the ones that never take no for an answer. #LouisVuittonFoundation

Wishing you a #HappyNationalBestFriendDay from all of us at Louis Vuitton


Discover the look that captures your signature style with #VuittonFoundation.

We’ve all been there, on the #firstdayoffall. @louisvuitton 👟

To make you feel good about your world, one LV creation at a time. Welcome to the world of Louis Vuitton.

Ooh la la. Let us introduce you to our new signature cases for iPhone 8 Plus. What do you think?


A big part of our neighborhood story is that there’s a sense of community, shared experiences, and mutual support. So every year we host a fundraiser, inviting locals to join us for a night of food, wine, and live music. #citylife

Traveling can make you a stranger to yourself, but that’s where you’ll find the true essence of who you are.

There’s a light that shines in the darkness, and it never goes out. #Resist

Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind. -Dr. Seuss


Have a day full of adventures.

What I love most about…a Louis Vuitton foundation bag is the fact that it can go with any outfit or accessory. You’ll make your mark wherever you go, and leave a trail of inspiration for others.

Let’s #TravelLuxuriously: the Louis Vuitton Foundation Residency is calling all photographers, filmmakers and sculptors passionate about art, travel and exploration to apply! Visit louisvuittonfoundation.org/residency for details.

A bit of self-love for Louis Vuitton is always in style. #vuitton


The Louis Vuitton Foundation works to preserve and promote the cultural heritage of France.

We are here to share the rich heritage of Louis Vuitton and its timeless artisanship, but also the modernity for which the brand is renowned.

My Louis Vuitton fall handbag and I

The first step in creating your own personal style is knowing your own personal story.


Celebrating the individuality of all women, because every individual deserves to be en vogue.

Hello, just popping by to fulfill my fall outfit planning quota.

The things that are most important to us, we keep close to us.



Let your picture book be like you: simple and natural, a little mysterious, always interesting.

Creating a world where everyone is welcomed

Innovation and expertise. The latest from the Louis Vuitton foundation.

Shine on, Louis Vuitton x Supreme.


To those who dream beyond their reach, we say: go ahead and reach a little higher. #LVCVAccess

Foundations are back.

The beauty of the world is that you can capture it in a perfect frame and worthy of being displayed in your suitcase.

We’re here to help you get closer to the people that inspire you. Follow yours today!


The holidays are that much brighter when your dog is dressed up for the occasion.

We believe that everyone shares a responsibility to make the world a better place.

What is your most precious travel souvenir?

You don’t need to go everywhere to discover. That is enough for the journey.


A new Louis Vuitton foundation that can withstand mist, rain, and everything in between? If you’re going to do it, do it right. Once again, Louis Vuitton brings style—and a little bit of fun—to the table this week.

We create moments. #LouisVuittonMoments

Introducing Louis Vuitton’s new Journeys collection. A colorful, vibrant capsule that celebrates a place’s story and the people who live there.

We are all travelers on the journey of life, and the world is our home. #myLVlife


Instagram us your most #Vuittonalife moments!

We think everyone’s a traveler at heart. #LVxFord

One can never have too many handbags.

We are not perfect and we don’t aspire to be perfect, it’s how you embrace the imperfections that makes you unique.


Keep calm, carry on, and let them.

I’ve got my heart set on you.

When only perfection will do.

We offer freedom of movement, rationality and a new way to find the beauty within.


Our newest @louisvuitton foundation shades are here! Which one will you try this fall?

Traveling for fashion? We’ve got you covered. Here are the essentials you’ll need for your trip. Don’t forget to tag #louisvuittonfoundation when you’re out and about!

Playful, confident and beautifully effortless, #LouisVuittonBeauty has all the beauty essentials to suit your on-the-go style. #LVBeauty

The Louis Vuitton foundation is made up of a board of directors and an executive committee, all led by the Louis Vuitton Foundation council.


The Louis Vuitton Foundation is key to the brand’s heritage. This institution of creativity and art gives new meaning to luxury and culture.

This month’s @louisvuitton #LVss17 charity giveaway is inspired by a classic American road trip. Enter to win→ louisvuitton.com/ss17

We love this Louis Vuitton campaign. This is our inner rebel – let yourself roam

When your outfit makes a statement, even your bag has to up its game.


There is no greater power than the power of a woman. Find your voice and raise it to change the world. Join the movement.

This fall, make a bolder statement with our new ‘Falling Leaves’ collection.

See the world through our eyes.

In the morning, when you start your day right, life feels just a little bit easier.


Life has no remote control but you do.

Pastel pink and green. The Louis Vuitton Foundation spring/summer 2017 collection is presented.

For a smile as big as the Louis Vuitton Bridge, this new #Foundation will help you put your best face forward 😜

Louis Vuitton has been making handbags and travel accessories since 1854, which makes them one of the oldest fashion house brands in the world. They have a long history that they are proud of and they enjoy sharing it through Instagram captions.


We’re always working, from new retail space to our latest innovations. See all of our latest news on Instagram Stories. #LouisVuitton #LVinsideout

Still obsessing over this look! #LVface

We’re all about dressing up the walls of our brand new Flaneur store, located on LVMH Tower 5th Avenue.

Imagine… through artful creations, the world becomes more beautiful and we become more sensitive to its beauty


We’re always amazed by the strength of our women. Always powerful. Always inspiring. Always magnificent.

We’re choosing to #beherenow with you.

True friends are the family we choose for ourselves.

We all dream of a world where everyone sees their potential and achieves their dreams. Let’s do it together. #AmbitionLIVE


When you’re moving at a faster speed than everyone else, it’s easier to travel light. #LVTraveller

Hello, It’s me, your new best friend.

No matter where you go, there you are.

Louis Vuitton Foundation: a refuge, an encounter, a place to stay while travelling the world.


Occasionally denim is not just denim – it’s an iconic Louis Vuitton garment. #Foundation

Hello, gorgeous! Early access to Louis Vuitton’s latest creations.

To be a guest of Louis Vuitton is to be welcomed into a world where everything is perfectly in place: perfectly groomed gardens await you, perfectly cut dresses and suits are at your service, impeccably trained staff attend to you.

New #AnneSophieMarré LV foundation. It’s the trending liquid foundation. Shop now on louisvuitton-usa.com


Wear colorful your way. In a monochromatic ensemble or with an unexpected pop of color, Louis Vuitton’s new fall collection is like a personal artistic expression of your mood that sparks in every glance. #louisvuitton

Give a little more, ask for a little less. Respect the people you care about. #JourduVuitton

This foundation is the perfect natural canvas for a flawless face. Its fresh and dewy finish adds a touch of radiance to your complexion while it moisturizes your skin.

Let’s meet in the middle of today and tomorrow. #LVMeetTheMiddle


Every piece, every journey is a story. What’s yours?

Hello, Monday morning—How are you feeling?

Happy to offer you some warmth from sunny California as a little gift from us.

I always said… I’m never too old to dream.


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