Neue Nationalgalerie Captions for Instagram

Neue Nationalgalerie Captions for Instagram

Neue Nationalgalerie Captions for Instagram: The Neue Nationalgalerie (New National Gallery) was one of the first galleries in Europe to be designed to be a modern attraction that also has a true sense of atmosphere. It’s an impressive building with a lot of light and natural colours, but the Instagram captions can sometimes feel like they don’t fit or are too generic or dry. This is a list of captions for Neue Nationalgalerie. You can use these captions to Instagram.

Neue Nationalgalerie Captions for Instagram

The world as we know it will never be the same. Neue Nationalgalerie Berlin

We’re proud to present our new photo series, curated by the talented artists of #neuenationalgalerie .

Learn about the future of art in Germany.


This week’s featured artworks are by Jeff Koons—a German artist best known for his sculptures of balloon animals and other similarly playful forms.

Let’s be honest with ourselves: When we look at a work of art, what do we want to feel? Awe, beauty, energy…even enemies and injustice can catch our breath.

Discover the new art the old way

There are so many great shades of blue


The Four Seasons of Arnold Schönberg

Let yourself be moved. Let yourself be enchanted. Maybe even let yourself be transformed.

We’re all made of stars.

Not a friend of museums? We still think you’ll love this place. Oh, and here’s some proof: last year, someone proposed to his girlfriend on the terrace of Neue #Nationalgalerie 👉🏽 #NeueArt


Be inspired. Be curious. Be challenged. Be part of our community and be a Museum Member. Neue Nationalgalerie offers a wide variety of ways to get involved!

The Freunde der Neuen Nationalgalerie are here to help you feel like a local in Berlin! Be sure to check out the #neuenationalgalerie hashtag to see some of the great things people have been discovering in this amazing city.

We’re moving! We’re excited to announce our move to the Neue Nationalgalerie in 2019! Stay tuned for more details this fall.

Neue Nationalgalerie Berlin 🇩🇪


Keeping it fresh and clean to prepare for the week ahead. . . . . . . . #nationalgalerieberlin #nngberlin #karlhenleinpark #berlincity #instagram_berlin

Daydreaming of a certain someone? The Nationalgalerie has you covered.

Let’s get cultured with our guide to the best art exhibitions in Berlin

Looking for some inspiration? Here are some of our favorites #nationalgalerie


Treasuring works of art is one of life’s greatest pleasures. Hypnotizing, complex, and sometimes even thrilling: it’s in the detail.

Opening hours: 11-18h, closed on Mondays and during some national holidays.

We’re pleased to announce that our new space has officially opened to the public. What are you waiting for? Come see it all for yourself!

Life’s more beautiful when you’re artsy.


Cultivate an appreciation for the arts.

Berlin based art gallery, Neue Nationalgalerie and their captions show what they’re all about on their Instagram account:

Be inspired by all of the magic that happens on both sides of the camera at the Neue Nationalgalerie. #NeueHouse

Neue Nationalgalerie is the New National Gallery! The new Neue Nationalgalerie offers an innovative way of looking at art and the museum experience. We are open for your pleasure!


Colorful, crazy, and always changing: the Jackson Pollock retrospective at Neue Nationalgalerie is a journey through the American artist’s work.

This weekend catch some #motivation at the @neuenationalgalerie & join our complimentary docent tour at 11am on August 28th. Find out more here:

Neue Nationalgalerie wishes you a very happy National Day!

One of Berlin’s most iconic buildings is filled with an equally iconic collection of international modern art. Explore it now, on the #BerlinArtWalk


Good morning, Berlin. It’s your art. Now get to it.

Contemporary art and an excellent view. #nngbomberstrasse

The German Nationalgalerie has been a secular temple for art and culture since its founding in the 1930s. The collection features works from around the world, spanning the Medieval to Modern periods.

Wondering how you can get into the German mood for #wgldn2017? We’re here to help. So much culture, so little time…


Art for everyone! We’re open today from 10-18. Hope to see you there

Looking for something to do this weekend? We’ve got you covered. #NewNationalGallerey

Your museum awaits.

– Neue Nationalgalerie is the perfect place to #gooutandexplore Berlin.


Coming soon #NeueNationalgalerie

The sun’s radiant shine, the perfect temperature, museums and galleries galore—it must be #BerlinWeekend.

Artwork is meant to be seen, enjoyed and discussed with others. We’re giving you a chance to do just that. Come visit us and share your thoughts

What are you waiting for? 👌 Just one day until #reopeningnnd and new permanent collection!


The new national gallery opens on March 27th. I hope to see you soon at the opening!

The world is a work of art. Join us on Instagram and see the world through the lens of works in our collection.

A museum that doesn’t take itself too seriously. 3 floors of pure happiness.

The only thing better than looking at art… is seeing it with friends. Let’s grab lunch.


It’s not always easy to be the one who follows your dreams, but when you see someone else doing it…it helps.

The art of the collective

Overlooking the city at Neue Nationalgalerie, a contemporary art museum in Berlin. . . . . #neuekultur #berlinart #artmuseum #nngallery #berlin #germany

Enjoy contemporary art, architecture and design. Free admission. Every day 11am-08pm. #NeueNationalgalerie


#Germany has a lot of amazing art museums, but this is the one you’re most likely to run into celebrities and royals at.

New things are in store for you at the Nationalgalerie – new things to see, new things to learn about, and new people with whom to share it all.

What a view! From atop the Haus der Kulturen der Welt in Berlin. #gasprüfungberlin

Let’s get ready to party this weekend with our latest museum show tickets. DM us for details!


Endless creativity. Endless inspiration. endless possibilities. endless #art

It’s raining, it’s pouring #fuggedaboutit…get lost in our first-floor galleries 🛬

We’re ready for you and your friends to visit—and stay awhile.

Play with art. Play with each other. Join us for our Autumn Afternoon, filled to the brim with fun activities!


Dear Monday 🙋 Our #CultureTrip is ready to take on the week.

I always laugh at my mother when she tells me she misses the leaves changing colors, but then I remembered that the best is yet to come.

You can’t rush art. But you can visit the Neue Nationalgalerie and spend some time with works that’ll make your heart race.

If you love art and design, we’re sure that you’ll love the new #NeueNationalgalerie in Berlin. Here are photos to show why we think so…


Hey, enjoying your visit? Make sure to tag us so we can see your pictures! #NeueNationalgalerie

The opening of the new neue Nationalgalerie has been a long-time coming. We are so excited to see the museum revitalized and modernized, celebrating its position as one of the most important art museums in Berlin.

On May 8 at 6 pm: a stroll through the Old Masters. A guided tour from the Neue Nationalgalerie.

We’re here for you. Welcome to our first Instagram account! We love art and we hope you do, too. See more of our work at


A #MuseumSelfie with an impressive art piece.

Make plans to visit us soon. Our smiles are bigger than our art! ☺︎

Schwabing, Munich, Germany

We are so happy you joined us for Brunch today. It was a delight to meet you. We hope to see you again soon!


Before we all head back to work, let’s take a stroll through history

The art of perfection is a goal never fully attainable.

Neue Nationalgalerie is a German art museum in Berlin. We want to share with you the wonderful world of art and culture. Welcome to our new Instagram account!

There’s only one place to be on Sunday Sept. 24th: the reopening of Neue Nationalgalerie! Take a look 👀


Nature, art, and architecture all join hands to create a breathtaking experience with the Neue Nationalgalerie. #BFF

How to spend your Berlin summer: visit our spring exhibition and have a delicious ice cream at the same time.

How do you show your #loveforart It’s #nationalmuseum month after all. . . .

The museum of modern art we’re most excited about right now. Get your tickets and check it out.


You’re never alone when you visit our art museum—we’ve got a crowd of artworks waiting to be discovered.

Guten Tag! We’re so happy to have you. First up: See the gorgeous @jamesmcguckin exhibit all week long through October 1st. Free admission on Wednesdays from 5-9pm. #nngliving

The art here is beautiful, but you’re gorgeous—and the most captivating work in this room.

It’s never the destination that matters. It’s the journey there that makes life interesting.


Wanna know what I’m seeing right now? Check out the new @neue_national_galerie in Berlin #NeueNationalgalerie

The clock is ticking… and there’s only one solution: time for a spontaneous summer break at #neuenationalgalerie

When you’re in Berlin, you must visit Neue Nationalgalerie. One of the most visited art museums in Berlin. This museum has a great collection of masterpieces.

There is no wrong way to experience art. We look forward to seeing how you take in the new exhibitions at Neue Nationalgalerie.


On Instagram and interested in culture? Our weekly Insta-Posts will keep you up to date on what’s going on at the Nationalgalerie.

On view: #german and contemporary art from the collection of #helgaussler, including masterpieces by #petergabriel, barbara kruger and other hot #artists

We ❤️ our newly finished building that connects the old and the new side of Berlin. It’s our first weekend in the building, so let us know what you think! #nextion

Anyone who’s experienced a #museumsunday will know how great it is to just walk around, stare at art and share a smile with the other visitors.


The sun is shining and new works by @_karlheinzstockhausen have just arrived! Come see the latest addition to our collection.

The finest masterpieces of Western Art, including the world’s largest Picasso collection.

Thank you to our Members and Friends. For a limited time, show us your Membership card to receive 20% off at the Museum Shop.

Explore new ways to enjoy the Museum—from hands-on family events and interactive installations to tailor-made experiences for kids and teens.


Cheers to the weekend!

New beginnings are just around the corner. What will you do with your time?

Take a tour of the Neue Nationalgalerie with our Instagram #travelinart series. Our next stop: The permanent collection!

Enjoy a day of art with your dear ones at Neue Nationalgalerie on Sunday, November 26th. Discover an extraordinary collection of German and Austrian Expressionist painting and sculpture.


Art is a conversation. @neue_ngalerie #NeueNationalgalerie

We’re mesmerized by this colorful work of art by Yayoi Kusama at #NeueNationalgalerie.

Neue Nationalgalerie: A window to the world.

Museums are cool, but they can also be pretty confusing. We’ve got a solution: follow our Artful Guide. 🇩🇪


Explore contemporary art with us

Art is a place of relaxation and peacefulness. The perfect escape from the outside world.

What’s on your mind?

Each day is a new opportunity to be more curious and courageous, to take chances, and to go where you’ve never gone before.


Looking for a weekend getaway? @neue_nationalgalerie has the art you need. #VisitBerlin

The art of the museum: We’ve got it. #NeueNationalgalerie

It’s time to rediscover the magic of art with our weekly tours at Neue Nationalgalerie. Like and tag a friend who loves art too.

Brutalism is back. Come explore the Neue Nationalgalerie while it’s still here.


A captivating story of an art gallery in Germany. #NeueNationalgalerie

New National Gallery on Instagram. We really like this page, especially the architecture and art it posts.

Dear Berlin, we’re so lucky to have you.

There’s something for everyone in our current exhibition, from Wonder Woman to a new batch of German Expressionism.


From the temple of art to a home for contemporary art #MuseumWeekend

Art has no limits, right? This museum is a literal translation of this beautiful statement.

Experience history, art, and architecture in a modern setting.

Remembering the history behind every piece of art, every view from the window, and even the building itself.


A museum that is not only a place of art, but also a place to meet, to exchange ideas and concepts.

A new season is the perfect excuse to get curious about art.

Neue Nationalgalerie’s Instagram is all about sharing what you love and finding inspiration from the arts world.

If you’re in #Germany and you love art as much as we do, come visit us at the #NeueNationalgalerie. We’re open until 8pm on Fridays.


Opening day! Berlin | Neue Nationalgalerie #NeueNationalgalerie

Neue Nationalgalerie is a museum that brings together art of yesterday and today: past, present and future.

It’s so beautiful here. Follow us for more photos from the museum #NeueNationalgalerie

Like you, we want to experience art in its purest form, without barriers or restrictions. Let the works of art come alive with #NeueView


Let’s be honest – you’re only visiting to see the works of Yves Klein.

Hello there.Come visit us in Berlin soon. It’s our first time in the city! We’d love to show you around.

Looking for a visual representation of the current trends? We’ve got you covered. Follow us to keep up with the latest art, design and architecture.

A glass of white wine. Late summer afternoons. Art and culture. Life doesn’t get much better than this.


You’re a winner no matter how small the victory. #agameoflife

Enjoy the always-changing art exhibits at the Neue Nationalgalerie for free.

There’s something for everyone at Neue Nationalgalerie. Whether you’re a seasoned art lover or just getting started, there’s always something new to see.

The @london_designfestival at the @neue_nationalgalerie , that’s what we call an Octoberfest: get into it. #NDG #MadeWithDesign


Browse our current exhibitions online, including ‘The Sculptures are Among Us’ and ‘Jeff Koons: A Retrospective.’ #NeueNationalgalerie #Berlin @jeffkoons

Guten Morgen! In the gallery, you’ll find some familiar faces from the past. Be sure to stop by and visit #NeueNationalGalerie for a look at modern art today.

Förderkreis der Neuen Nationalgalerie e.V.

You’re invited! ☀☀ Join us as we explore the art of architecture and design, from Gothic cathedrals to contemporary furniture. #NeueHouse


Between the masters, the moderns and the contemporary, there is something for everyone at our beautiful museum in Berlin.

A museum for art lovers and curious minds. Where modernity meets culture.

Take a break from art-viewing to enjoy some delicious food + drink in the museum’s cafe. You can grab a bite before your visit or during, and stay as long as you’d like.

Art holds us all together, in the same way we are a community of many different cultures. So appreciate that, and spread the word: it’s beautiful.


The gallery is closed today, but it will reopen on Thursday at 12:00 p.m.

Welcome to the weekend!

How long have we been friends? Let’s just say the word “Forever”. And drink some tall beers.

Get your culture fix this summer at Neue Nationalgalerie—the art museum in the park. #cultureisart


The open, spacious architecture of #NeueNationalGalerie provides a great backdrop for #fashion shoots.

From March 12-July 22, this is the first exhibition to explore the development of Pop Art in Germany. Learn more about the exhibit at

A museum for new art? Does it get any more modern than that?

Sunday, the Monogram exhibition is open again. Do you want to come


A great way to visit the collection is with the help of a docent. Tours are offered in English and begin at the information desk.

Let’s be sideways today #letstalkaboutart

A museum so good, we’re putting it in our mugs.

You can’t go wrong with a little blue and green. #art


The museum is free from 6 – 8 pm on Thursdays.

The art of combining black and white

Let’s find art for you.

We wish a flawless summer to all our followers


For the curious and open-minded.


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