Ordos Museum Captions for Instagram with Quotes

Ordos Museum Captions for Instagram with Quotes

Ordos Museum Captions for Instagram with Quotes: The Ordos Museum captions for Instagram are really challenging to find. Everywhere you go in Ordos, there’s a museum and other interesting places to see. I’m sure you love this city and wish to share your photos on Instagram, written captions are a great way to do it! So here’s what we’re going to do today – we’ll show you how you can use Instagram captions written by experts.

Ordos Museum Captions for Instagram with Quotes

If you can’t feel the past, touch it #OrdosMuseum

The Ordos Museum is a visual maze that begs you to explore every corner.

Explore artistic visions of the future through a contemporary lens. #OrdosMuseum


A museum not just of the city, but of the spirit of Ordos.

Yay! You made it. That wasn’t so hard, right? We are always open and running here at the Ordos Museum of Contemporary Art. Let’s explore together!

Discover the Ordos culture and history, live it in 3D.

We love to see you smile. Come visit us at our museum in Ordos, Inner Mongolia


One of the most amazing museums we’ve ever seen.

Which of these mysterious animals will you encounter in the exhibition?

If it’s in front of you, photograph it.

When a sense of scale gets overwhelmed by color and texture


We’re so excited, we can’t wait to show you all! Let’s get started with the first post of our new Instagram account.

Stay curious for an adventurous spirit

Combining contemporary art with ancient dwellings, it’s the never-before-seen Ordos Museum.

At the Ordos Museum, a new space opens up to greet you with its serene beauty.


The world’s largest circular building by area is not your typical museum. It’s time to get lost in the Ordos Museum.

If you are in Ordos and looking for something fun to do, come check out the latest exhibition at the Ordos Museum before it closes this weekend!

Many hands make light work. Coordination makes smooth sailing. #OrdosMuseum #groupofartists

From the Ordos Museum. Music: Jamiroquai – Canned Heat


The Ordos desert is home to one of world’s most amazing museums – the Khan Shatyr.

To the people who visit this museum, we welcome you and sincerely hope that your time here will be a memorable one.

We’ll take you back to some of the most defining moments in history with our newest exhibition: Age of Empires.

To the desert people, dominating your neighboring tribes meant the difference between feast and famine.


Your journey begins here.

We can’t wait to see you at the museum #OrdosMuseum

The Ordos Museum holds the world’s largest exhibition of contemporary art.

Discover more than 3000 years of Chinese history at Ordos Museum.


The Ordos Museum, located in Inner Mongolia, China, is one of the most spectacular examples of contemporary Chinese architecture.

Visit the Ordos Museum and explore the history of an ancient civilization, only 9 hours from Beijing.

Built with a unique exterior that is inspired by the earth surrounding it, the Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region Ordos Museum has an interior to match.

You’re holding history in your hands.


We’re glad you could make it.

We’re always learning — and sharing. Which of these are you into?

If strolling across the grasslands, marveling at how Ordos’s nomads live, and finding inspiration in the way they shape their environment is your idea of a fun day trip, it is time for a visit to Ordos Museum.

We’re more than just a new museum, we’re a cultural destination to explore the quest for excellence in China. Come visit us and be inspired by our journey. #OrdosMuseum


Hey there! Come out to the Ordos Museum on Sept 15 and 16 for free admission, drink specials, and awesome music performances from our local musicians! #Ordos #FriendlyCity #Museum.

When you think culture, don’t miss the Ordos Museum. Visit us to marvel at our beautiful and modern architecture, or delve into ancient Chinese art and culture with our fascinating permanent exhibition.

With 50+ artworks, you’ve never been to a museum quite so captivating and interactive. @ordosmuseum

Can’t get enough of the #OrdosMuseum by Herzog & de Meuron. Their idea of a place to live and learn


Come and visit us. If you have some free time, feel free to come see our museum. It’ll only take you half a day to explore the entire place!

Tour guide: Don’t worry, this is the only big hole that’s not an exhibit.

This ancient city has been on our bucket list for a while now. It’s mesmerizing to see this place and see how the Chinese culture is preserved from thousands of years ago.

We’re open! Come and see our fantastic new exhibition.


Last night was fun. How about one more?

Some friends you make in life are already waiting for you.

The Ordos Museum is a perfect way to spend a few hours with your kids. The collection of contemporary Chinese art features some of the most innovative Chinese artists. Kid friendly and fun!

The Ordos Museum is a must-see for anyone who loves modern architecture or contemporary art and design. The museum’s unique sculptures of dinosaurs, insects, and mutant creatures are truly impressive.


We’re excited to be open in #OrdosMuseum from now till the end of November.

Dear visitors, we hope you will enjoy the new Ordos Museum and all its exhibits as much as we enjoyed creating them! #ordosmuseum

Powered by the sun, we welcome you to the Ordos Museum, a place showcasing the art, culture and history of Inner Mongolia.

Come visit us, we’re right across the street from the Ordos Museum!


Made by the Ordos people, this photo was taken at the Ordos Museum.

Flashback to an ancient civilization, where nomadic life was a way of life. It’s now your chance to imagine what these places were like! #TheOrdosMuseum

We’re here to bring you the latest art and culture news from China. Expect us to deliver insightful articles about artists, museums, and institutions across the country.

Dr. Wu, I found an ancient alien artifact in your museum…what do I do with it?


That was amazing! Can’t wait to hear what we missed.

Are you ready for this.

Ordos Museum was created to showcase the art work, culture and history of Ordos.

The Ordos Museum concentrates on the grassland culture, a primary ethnic group of China.


Ordos is part of the history, culture and great civilization of the people of Inner Mongolia.

It’s time to take a trip. [Photo of museum, vast open space and blue sky with clouds]

When you go and visit our museum, you can not just see what it is made of, but also feel the passion behind each stone.

Don’t forget to visit the museum before it’s too late

I love this place, I’ll be back.


Start your day with a real coffee break!

Let’s get some culture

Go beyond the surface to see deeper.

Allow yourself to explore the world around you.


No matter what we leave behind, the past will always be a part of us.

It’s home Sweet Home like never before.

We’ve been getting a lot of questions about visiting Ordos Museum, our newest partner museum in Inner Mongolia.

Let’s start this week with a selfie at the Ordos Museum in Inner Mongolia #OrdosMuseum #TravelChina


The Ordos Museum offers a glimpse into the world of Inner Mongolia. Visit now!

If you are travelling to Ordos this winter, check out the latest exhibitions at the museum.

The Ordo Complex Museum that are made from the ruins of the Mongolian warriors and rulers, and pictorial history of the nomads is open to visitors.

Visit us in Ordos and explore the rich history of the Uighur people, and the Silk Road.


You’re a history buff. You’re also a night owl. You’ll love every corner of our museum, especially when the sun sets and the lights sparkle on our permanent collection. Let’s go!

Discover the past, present and future of what will be one of the greatest cities in the world.

Dig into some fascinating history here. #VisitEmeiBuddha

You don’t need to be a member to take part in all the fun. Come visit us anytime.


Once you enter, you’re in a different world.

All the world’s a stage, and all the men and women merely players.

With the Ordos Museum’s mission of creating a global art exchange and its culture of sharing information and resources, the world is full of unlimited potential.

Huge ancient treasures await for you at the Ordos Museum. Get there with Ctrip, and make this your best trip yet.


A dazzling mix of East and West, ancient and modern, Ordos Museum is a visual delight representing harmony and renewal.

A new 6-story modern art museum, the Ordos Museum, opened recently in northeast China’s Inner Mongolia autonomous region.

What a great day to see the beautiful Ordos Museum! I wonder what they found while they excavated the site.

We don’t need to fight over history, let’s just write it together.


Made you look. Here are some cool facts about the Ordos Museum , an exciting art space located in China.

The natural beauty of Ordos is a story not yet told. Whether you’re an artist, architect, or enthusiast, come explore our museum as we uncover the history and culture of Ordos.

Explore the ancient past of China at our desert museum.

Let us take you on a journey—from the cradle of civilization to the heart of modernity.


There’s nothing wrong with being a little bit thirsty.

This is a selfie that someone took inside of Ordos Museum. The caption can be something like: “For some, selfies are easy. For others, it’s art.”

Discover art like you never have before when you visit Ordos Museum. See the big picture and many other quirks at this one-of-a-kind museum in Inner Mongolia!

Travel + Leisure recognizes Ordos Museum as one of the best new museums in the world – Now that’s something to boast about!


It is always a pleasure to spend time with you! Good night from Ordos Museum. #OrdosMuseum

Let’s take a virtual tour of the Ordos Museum. Come along as we explore what makes it so fascinating!

We found the museum with a stunning view of the Mongolian grasslands and the mountain range of Gobi. We can’t wait to go back in July & September to see the #MongolianBuddhistMonastery

Need a confidence boost? We have some #inspo for your next museum visit to help build up that #museumselfie.


We hope you enjoy the finished product! Let’s remember our history, and have a better future.

What are you waiting for? Let’s go!

Welcome to Ordos Museum! The 1st satellite museum open to public use in China. Take pleasure in the art of our culture!

The Ordos Museum is not just for art connoisseurs, it’s for art lovers living with big hearts.


Don’t miss the Ordos Museum, an architectural wonder that has earned global recognition.

Welcome to the Ordos Museum—a new cultural district built in an ancient city, designed by IM Pei, and located in Inner Mongolia.

Find your inspiration at the Ordos Museum. Visit now to see some of the world’s most unique exhibitions 🌎

Visiting the Ordos Museum? Here are some tips:


Ordos, a new destination for China’s young avant-garde—and you. Explore now.

Stay tuned, at the Museum of Ordos you will be able to have both a spiritual and cultural experience. 😎

You don’t need to be near the museum to feel close to it. Enjoy our captions, rules and photos as if you were right in front of our exhibition 🖼

A place so full of history, they made a museum to hold it all.


Have you seen our latest exhibition? Show us your favourite piece of contemporary art in the comments!

What stories do these faces tell?

Welcome to Ordos Museum! Its history, culture and landscape inspire the imagination.

Time to visit the Ordos Museum. Your archeological site of the year.


Welcome to Ordos Museum, China. The world heritage site was once the residence of a Mongolian warlord who wanted to create his own Forbidden City in Inner Mongolia

Ordos Museum is dedicated to the study, public understanding, and preservation of the archaeological heritage of Ordos. We welcome you to join us in exploring China’s rich past.

Making a stop at the Ordos Museum, one of the five most visited museums in China. #OrdosMuseum #DirectorLiu

Walking through the Ordos Museum in Ordos City, China, is like being transported into an otherworldly sculpture park.


The Ordos Museum is the only one of its kind in China, featuring exhibitions on world art, archaeology and history.

Surrounded by the desert sands and a dazzling view, the new museum in Ordos is a work of art by itself. It was built to last over 200 years so that generations of people can enjoy its beauty.

If you’re up for a brief history lesson, come take a look at our newest exhibit: The Opulent Culture of Ordos.

Visit the mysterious museum that boasts elaborate sculptures and ancient architecture.


One step forward, two steps back… but always moving towards progress.

You can always reach for the stars, but remember you are holding a star in your hands.

If you are a contemporary art museum, it helps to be located in a futuristic city with a sprawling metropolis and lots of potential. Visit Ordos Museum in China.

Northern China’s leading attraction, Ordos Museum was built with the mission of nurturing the ideal of a “Beautiful Country.”


Time to get out and explore our great city! The Ordos Museum is a fabulous place to learn about the history of Ordos and Inner Mongolia. #adventurecity

I want to visit an Ordos Museum so badly.

The Ordos Museum is a contemporary art museum in the Chinese city of Ordos. The museum was designed to resemble the Guggenheim Museum Bilbao, in terms of its architecture and art exhibit set up.

The Ordos Museum uses a captivating combination of historic and contemporary art to bring you the beauty and diversity of the Ordos culture.


Imagine this place filled with thousands of people, artists and pop-ups for you to explore.

Explore the world of ancient Chinese artifacts while highlighting the great China trip your company is generous enough to sponsor

No #MuseumWeekNYC? That’s OK. We’re open year round.

Isn’t it refreshing to see our history depicted in a different way?


Our new exhibition has some fancy footwork, but you can dance along too. Wear ballet shoes or sneakers to experience it—and get a discount!

If you’re planning a trip to China, be sure to include a visit to the Ordos Museum—one of the country’s most underrated attractions.

Say hello to history, our new exhibition at Ordos Museum!

Made in China, witnessed by the world. #OrdosMuseum #Ordos #Museum


Ordos Museum is a new museum in China inspired by the unique tradition and architecture of Ordos culture.

Ordos, the museum without walls.

# Ordos Museum # Ordos # China

Explore the museum and learn about the diversity of our world, past and present. #ExploreOrdos


A museum is a place for people to learn about their history and culture, but this one takes it a step further. Design is an expression of culture, and this museum does just that.

Experience the miracle of ancient civilization and the charm of modern city.

It’s all about the trip, and not the destination, right?

Ordos Museum has already received 3 million visitors from around the world.


Welcome to the Ordos Museum, featuring a unique display of Mongolian culture. Check it out before you set off to see the real thing!

A gordian knot of intense, ornate history. Untie the Ordos Museum.

The Ordos Museum was designed by MAD architects, who wanted to create a larger-than-life structure that reflects a desert environment.

The Ordos Museum of Contemporary Art is now open. Come visit the newest museum in China to explore the cultural richness of contemporary art.


Ordos Museum is the first large-scale woven museum in the world. The artwork, “Ordos 100,” which was completed in 2013, was produced by one hundred Chinese artists from ten different provinces.

Had an amazing time at the Ordos Museum with one of my favorite clients (and long before our photo) 😉 #Ordos #OrdosMuseum

I’m at the Ordos Museum in Ordos, China.

What is your nickname? Don’t forget to get one when you’re at #OrdosMuseum !


What secrets do these strange patterns hold? Welcome to the Ordos Museum of History and Archaeology, where symbolism is an art form.

Guided tour is free, but you’re going to want to pay attention. You could miss out on one of the most modern architectural wonders in China.

Let’s go on a journey of light, sound and beauty.

How do you want to spend your weekend.



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