Potato Sack Racing Captions for Instagram Quotes

Potato Sack Racing Captions for Instagram Quotes

Potato Sack Racing Captions for Instagram Quotes: A potato sack race is an event where people with potato sacks run across a long distance field. The sacks usually have some kind of slogan on them and they are usually painted up in different colors and designs. This simple type of race is extremely fun to watch because it involves people competing against each other but also trying to cover as much ground as possible without falling into a ditch or being disqualified. Inspired by these types of races, I wanted to create a high-quality series on Instagram quotes that would be great for your Instagram feed.

Potato Sack Racing Captions for Instagram Quotes

Get ready! We’re hosting the biggest potato sack race of the season this weekend. Who’s in?

It’s time to make (and eat) some memories! Bring the family together and join us at the annual Potato Sack Race!

Looks like someone’s ready for the ultimate potato-sack race.


Remember when we were kids, how much fun it was to race around a field in potato sacks? Well we’ve got a good feeling that those carefree days are coming back soon.

It’s always a good time to throw on a potato sack and get outside with your friends.

We’ve got your back. Potatoes beat bruises, every time. #SPTpotatosackraces

This Labor Day weekend, we’re hitting the hayloft for some good old-fashioned fun. May the best potato win.


Fancy a sack race with us? We’ve got all the supplies necessary for some healthy-comedy competition.

Ready, set, go! Thanks for the great time at the #OdellBeerFest.

Gearing up for a day of play with friends and family. Bring it on, summer

Here’s to the last of summer, kids. Give Mom a hug before school starts.


When it comes to fun, you’ll find lots of it at the state fair.

Beat the heat—and your friends—in our potato sack races.

Who’s ready for a sack race? We’ve got some sacks you can use. #potatoeverything

No rules. No shame. Just the wild, wonderful chase after this spud.


Watch out, I’m coming through! The #potatochallenge is on.

There’s still plenty of summer left to get this done! #GetYourSack

Ready, set, let’s go! #potatogame

Fun runs are the best runs Po-tay-to, Po-tah-to. #BostonStrong


Summer’s almost over, but there’s still time to have some fun! Get your team together and head to a party store for the supplies.

To the moon! 👽… And back.

Can you beat the clock, collect gold coins and make the 2nd level?

We’re all in this together.


Come out to the potato sack race this Saturday at the [insert location] fairgrounds starting at [insert time]. We’re betting on team [insert name], let’s show them some support!

We’ve only been waiting since last year, but we’re finally ready to throw down at this year’s potato sack races.

We love a good game of potato sack race. What’s your go-to move?

Get your spud on! Fall into the world’s largest potato sack race at Great American Food and Music Fest in Denver, Co.


Time is flying, guys. The leaves are changing, footballs are flying, and the potatoes are getting sacked at the 50+ Fall Festival

Bringing a little shenanigans to the dinner table #sackrace

Oh snap! I kicked butt in the sack race at my company picnic.

We did it! We beat the record, and we couldn’t have done it with you. Thank you to everyone who helped.


I’m ready to play! What is your favorite activity on a rainy day?

Nothing’s better than hanging out with the whole family on a Saturday afternoon.

The ultimate family tradition.

Make room for all the things you want in life


Let’s have a good time!!

Last weekend we were in the

Someone is about to get dumped in a very unsexy way . . . . #potatoesackrace #dumpsterdiving

We’ve been waiting for you to come over and play with us all summer long. We always put the potato in the sack, but we never count how many we put in. Do you want to try?


Time to come clean your closet, call up your friends, and buy a potato sack.

It’s a race to see who can stuff the most spuds into their burlap sack at our Farmer’s Market this weekend!

You’re not over it until the potatoes are out of your sack. Event: #familyfunday

it’s time to get your sweet potatoes ready: it’s time for the 19th annual Maine Potato Drop #HappyThanksgiving


It’s that time again. Spud season is here. Tag your bestie and let’s go racing!

Ready. Set. Get your potatoes on!

Pumpkin spice, crisp orange leaves and the smell of hot chocolate. There’s no better time to #getoutside and play.

The best things in life are bound to happen when you’re at the track.


It’s time to hoist up your favorite buddy and go for a ride.

There’s nothing more fun than running around with your friends in a giant baked potato, we love this video by you guys #spudsackracing

This is the best idea for a potato sack race… Yeah, Right!

Sack races are back on the menu—and so is the anticipation of instant fun ✌🏼️


Attention all teams—start your engines! It’s the first annual sack race and we’re stoked.

Each weekend we’ll be hosting a sack race at the market.

Prepare for the ultimate chill competition: a sack race.

Relive your childhood this weekend at one of our giveaways, and see if you can beat the fastest grown-up sack racer.


We can’t wait to see you at our next event. Will you be there?!?

No need to feel clumsy. It’s always easier with friends.

Did you know today is Pi Day? Celebrate the mathematical genius of pi, because pie just isn’t as fun.

Every day is a new start. Wake up, make a plan, and get it done. Phew, what a relief!


Like the leaves, we must also fall at some point in life. Sometimes it is better to fall than to never have climbed at all.

The best thing about fall? Potato sack races!

Tag your bestie—you might need to carry them. Happy National Potato Sack Day

Are you ready for the potato sack race?! The winner gets a sweet prize!


The rules are simple… Only one potato per sack.

Grab a sack, grab some friends and get your potatoes ready to race.

Come out and join the fun at our Annual Sack Race Contest

Grab your spud-buddies for some fun at the fair! #FunAtTheFair


We’ve got the perfect fall party poutine. The best part is that it’s made with only potatoes and cheese.

It’s the Great Pumpkin Pie Race and Charlie Brown will be there

It’s the world’s best race, hands down. It’s a day that brings out the kid in everyone.

Did I do that? Oh no you did.


We’re down to our last minute of #NationalPotatoSackRacingDay, so grab some friends and get ready to…

Summer is over, but it’s not too late to dust off your old potato sacks and get your friends together for a good old-fashioned potato sack race.

It’s the Great Potato Race! Grab a buddy, fill up a potato sack, and get running.

What’s fall without a little friendly competition 🎃👟 #PotatoesackRace


Racing with or against your friends has never been so fun!#potatocircus

Touchdown! It’s a touchdown! Thanks for the memories.

Pumpkins, costumes, candy. ‘Tis the season for all things pumpkin spice.

It’s time to get down and dirty. Let’s have some fun in the mud!


Come on down to the Strawberry festival parade to celebrate this delicious fruit!

Bring on the festivities! We’re ready to have some fun.

Here’s looking at you, kid

Who will win the race? ☆When there is a beginning, there must be an end…


Running towards a brighter future.

Get your adrenaline going and make a mess—we’ll get the clean-up crew on it. #PotatoSackRace

Brother, can you spare a potato? We need supplies for our sack race.

It’s time to get your groove on in these backyard games that’ll get the whole family laughing, running, or even crying for joy.


Bringing the spirit of fun and adventure to your favorite fall pastime. #NearlyThere

Stay in school. Or at least finish your potatoes.

Throwback to the weekend when our team had some fun playing with the kids in the park and made a memory that will last forever.

It’s fall y’all! And that means it’s time to get rid of those summer body woes and put on some pounds with this easy baked potato dinner


It’s almost time for the annual Sack Festival 😄. Are you in?

Racing towards the finish line. Escape to a place where freedom and happiness are as easy to find as a spot in the grass under the shade of a leafy tree.

We’ve got some really interesting characters in our office, so we decided to get them together for a friendly fall competition. Turns out these guys are great athletes!

Turn on your creativity and release your inner child with a classic eapg race.


Nothing better than a cold drink and some good company on a hot summer night.

Let’s all have a reason to smile

Hey #bunch, it’s national potato sack race day—how are you celebrating? #NationalPotatoSackRacingDay #celebrating

Forget about the pressures of the week and put your mind at ease with a fun day of potato sack racing. Ahhh, that was great!


Get ready for the 9th annual potato sack race and join us in the spirit of fun, community, and potato sacks.

Cue the spuds! Grab your partner, a potato sack, and get ready to race #spudbuddytuesday

Hey, kids! It’s time to trade in your video games and surfboards for potato sacks and water balloons.

Bringing the magic of Sack Races to life! #potatogames


You may not win the race, but at least you’ll have a few funny pictures to share on Instagram.

Before you get to the finish line, make sure you don’t drop your spud before you cross it.

Let’s do this. #sackrace

Keep a close eye on the spuds, but don’t hit any players—delicious baked potatoes are just a few minutes away.


We’re all in this together, so grab your cousin and let’s go.

Fall is about having fun with friends and getting some exercise like we’re having so much fun!

Relive your childhood. We hear the adults are wearing pants this time.

potato sack race bags captions


These potato sacks race bags are so fun I can’t wait to put my hands on one.

Bring a potato sack race to your next party and enjoy this fun game together with your friends

You bring the potatoes, we’ll bring the sack. A perfect activity for your next backyard bash!

Grab your spud sack and get ready for a fun day of play at the beach. Better yet, bring one for your friends too!


The same old sack race is good for a laugh, but we think there’s a better way to have fun at your next get together.

Here’s your chance to dive into the funniest day of the fall—with our Rivalry Power Potato Packs.

We’ve got the right thing to grab so that you finish the race in style. #HappyHolidays !

Time to get your team in gear and create some fall memories before the snow starts falling.


It’s a fun tradition that brings people together.

Let’s go get our party on!

It’s the little things in life that matter most.

Hey, you! Yeah, you. Me too. Tag a friend to get excited with us this #nationalpotatobagday


Free potato sacks are available on a first-come, first-served basis.

The only thing better than hot dogs and potato salad is hot dogs and potato salad in a cute DIY sack

It’s the most fun race you’ll run, and at the finish line, you’ll find a whole new world of delicious mashed potatoes.

Bring the family together for fun at the park and all the delicious eats you can handle.


Hey guys can y’all take your bags and line up in an orderly fashion. We’ll take a 10 minute head start before we let the other teams know

We’ve got your back—and bag.

Getting ready for Thanksgiving 🍗? Here’s a few of our best sides

It’s time to hit the sack. Hashtag it so I can see your photos!


Now that you’re scooped, it’s time to get the party started!

Gather the food and friends, then take a seat at the picnic table.

It’s never too late to have a happy childhood

Bringing a side dish to potato sack races is soooo last year. These bright, bold totes make it easy to haul everything you need—including the baked potatoes! Giddyup!


Hey there, neighbor! Grab a friend and register for the #PotatoSackRace at The Tom Sawyer Days Festival

Bag it and tag it! Celebrate #WorldPotatoDay with some spudtastic potato sacks.

We can fit all your goodies for this weekend’s party in these potato sacks with room to spare.

we’ve got a new way to play! Our potato sacks are the perfect accessory for your backyard games. Get ready for a fun day—goofing off with friends, family, and of course, potatoes.


Which ones are the kids? The cutie pies wearing our potato sacks 🍚 #FallPicnic

You can’t spell fun without a sack of potatoes.

Grab your plastic spuds and get ready for the greased pig 🐷 of fun.

We’re all in this together!


Don’t be a sour apple. Go for the gold!

staying cool on a hot day

Pack your stuff and get ready to race with these potato sack races bags.

Your next best potato sack race accessory is here.


Gather your friends and family. Race. Laugh. Potato and Potato Sacks included. #PotatoSackRace

You’ve successfully completed the Potato Sack Race! Congratulations to you and your team.

Who’s ready to play a game of “catch a potato”, or let’s just be old school and do the sack race.

Ready for some fun? It’s all about the bag.


Bring this treat to a tailgate or potluck. The best part? You don’t have to share.

We’re going to need a bigger bag!

You’re gonna wanna sack race with us.

School’s almost here and we’re ready to join your team!


Don’t be a bummer. Be an end-of-summer filler! #beablenotawaster

More often than not, the best memories are born from the simplest moments. #GetBackToTheBasics

Lace up those sneakers and grab your potato sack race bag!

Let the good times roll with this friendly potato sack race set. The set includes customizable race bags, a variety of decorative stickers and shapes to personalize each bag, and a personalized name tag for each runner to wear. Happy racing!


There’s nothing quite like a good old-fashioned game of potato sack race.

Ah, the potato sack race. The perfect way to get kids to exercise while getting them to laugh their heads off at their friends falling down.

Grab a friend or four and get in the sack. #PotatoSackRace

We’ll help you find that perfect sack to get the party started.


How do you keep your potatoes in line?

Tag someone you’d bring to the Fall Festival ☀

Get ready for some friendly competition…but most importantly—have fun.

Keep on running… until it’s time to eat!


We’re still waiting for yours to arrive.

You got this! #tacklinglife

We got you covered.

Bring on the next adventure!


Our potato sack race bags are ready to haul the kids back to school. You know what they say, you can’t put a price on a great education

There’s nothing like a potato sack race to get everyone involved in the fun. #potatosackrace #companyparty

Fun fact: Every potato sack race was inspired by a group of old men falling down drunk in Ireland.

Do you have the guts to strut your stuff on our potato sack race? Don’t be shy, come join the fun!


Ready. Set. Sack! We’re going on a sack race around the office with our colleagues to celebrate the end of another successful day in the office! #potatobag

If you’re feeling like it’s time for some games, these potato sacks will make things a little lighter.

It’s back to school time. Make sure you get all your gear in one of our comfy new potato sacks.

funniest family game ever


come on friends, let’s race the clock and gather for a day of good times.

Give thanks for this weekend’s harvest of food, fun, and friendship.

Bring it to a friendly gathering! Teehee!

Thanks for helping us celebrate the season with our family and friends— you’ve been a great audience!


It’s a race you can’t win, but that’s what makes it fun.

Work hard… play harder.

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