Pregnancy Captions for Instagram

Announcing a pregnancy is a joyous occasion, and what better way to share the excitement than with a captivating Instagram post? Welcome to our curated collection of Pregnancy Captions for Instagram, designed to accompany your heartfelt announcement or adorable baby bump photos. Whether you’re looking for sweet sentiments, humorous quips, or touching quotes, we’ve got you covered. These captions are crafted to perfectly capture the anticipation, love, and wonder that come with expecting a new arrival. Get ready to sprinkle some extra charm and personality onto your Instagram feed as you embark on this beautiful journey to parenthood.

Instagram Pregnancy Announcement

• We’re getting ready to have a baby.

• We’re expecting! #babybump

• This is not a drill. I’m pregnant


• I’m pregnant, and we’re having a boy!

• I’ve made a few big changes in my life. I’m pregnant and it’s the best news!

• Anyone else ready for a new addition to the family?

• I am pregnant, and I think I’m having a baby girl. I’m super excited to see what this little alien growing inside of me looks like!


• What’s more exciting than having a baby? Have a baby with your best friend!

• Growing another life, growing together. Happy birthday to our precious baby boy!

• She’s going to give this world the gift of her sweet, sweet love.

• We’re excited to announce that we’re expecting our first child


• I’m pregnant, and I’m so excited to share the news with you.

• I’m so excited to announce that I’m expecting a baby girl

• There’s a baby coming!

• That’s a wrap! We’re expecting our first child together.


• Nothing says “I’m ready for this baby” like a big balloon.

• We couldn’t be happier to share the news that my wife and I are expecting a baby.

• I’m pregnant. No, wait. I’m not pregnant. Whatever it is, you’re going to be a big brother or sister!

• You’re going to be my little bundle of joy!


• Here’s to the little one that’s about to make our lives so busy.

• Celebrating the miracle of this pregnancy with a photo of my growing belly.

• I’m pregnant ❤️🙌 I cannot wait to have a little one of my own. 💕

• We are having a baby!!! We are so excited to share our news with you.


• I’m pregnant. I’m so glad you’re here to share this journey with me.

• There’s a little life growing in my belly, ready to make its appearance. We can’t wait to meet you!

• I’m pregnant. We’re so excited! We have big plans, you guys—big, big plans. And we can’t wait to share this news with you.

• Hi there baby! I didn’t want to tell anyone until I was good and ready, but it’s official. We’re having a little baby.


• I did it. I’m pregnant! 🎉 😍You are one step closer to making your dream of starting a family come true!

• I’m so excited to be expecting our first baby in March! This pregnancy has been quite an adventure, and I love every minute.

• I’m pregnant! We are so excited to share this news with you.

• You’re about to become a mom. Welcome to the family!


• Proud to announce our little bundle of joy 😍

• You’re going to have a baby. You can do anything now!

• This is it. This is our little one. We’re so excited to meet her in the next few weeks—we can’t wait to share her story with you!

• Hey, future mommies! The both of you are so beautiful and the world is a better place because you exist. Happy pregnancies! 💍


• I’m growing a new life inside of me. And I can’t wait to show him off when he’s born.

• When you’re expecting a new addition to the family, remember this is more than just a bump in the road.

Pregnancy Captions for Instagram

• “Pregnancy is a time to reflect on the innocence of life, the beauty of nature, and how fragile we all are in this world.”

• Can’t wait to smile while I grow a human in my belly.


• It’s not just a baby, it’s a person. We’re excited to watch you grow.

• This is the most amazing time in my life. I can’t wait to meet you little one.

• The key to any healthy pregnancy is getting plenty of rest and keeping up with your regular workouts.

• When you get pregnant, your body goes through so many changes. You’ll never be the same


• I’ve been having a bit of baby bump, but I’m not letting it stop me from enjoying this season of life.

• You can’t stop the mother-to-be. She has her own way of doing things and she’s not afraid to go all in.

• This is what you’ve been waiting for.

• Life is a journey, not a destination. Be brave and take the steps that lead to the places you want to be.


• I’m so ready for this little one to be born.

• When you’re pregnant, every day is a miracle.

• This little baby is growing so fast!

• Hey, if it looks like a duck and quacks like a duck, it’s probably our baby.


• When you’re pregnant, your body is a walking inferno of hormones and ecstatic anticipation.

• A little bump on your belly is the cause of all things good.

• This time next year, they’ll be your little one!

• When your belly starts to grow and you can’t stop laughing.


• My body is changing at an incredible speed, but it’s not nearly as fast as my little girl’s.

• When your growing bump is the size of a soccer ball, there’s no room for waste.

• We don’t just grow one of the most miraculous miracles in the world—we grow two of them.

• So many feelings. Happy, nervous, excited…you name it. We’re all led by this tiny person that doesn’t even have a name yet.


• Love. It’s not just a feeling. It’s a choice.

• Don’t even think about touching my baby’s belly. The thought of you makes my face hurt.

• you’re bigger than the world, my baby. i promise to keep you safe and safe from harm.

• I’m pregnant, but I don’t feel it. I’m going to have the best time of my life.


• When you’re carrying a little baby, everything looks different.

• A new life is growing inside of me.

• It’s hard to believe this little baby is already 7 months old.

• Babies are the best, especially when they’re so small it takes a second to realize what’s going on.


• When you can’t feel your hands and feet, but everything else feels just fine.

• A photo is just a snapshot of life, but when you caption it, it becomes art…

• Life is so pregnant—you just gotta make it better somehow.

• How do you feel about being pregnant? #pregnant


• Everything about this is a miracle. I’m so happy to be pregnant!

• Your body is changing as quickly as you are!

• When you want to cry and laugh at the same time.

• The morning sickness is a thing of the past!


• Ready or not, here she comes! The time you’ve been waiting for is now.

• The reality of pregnancy and the miracle of birth.

• I’m so happy to be pregnant.

• I’m so proud of my growing belly.


• We’re getting bigger, but the baby keeps growing inside us.

• Hailed as the most beautiful time in life, the journey of carrying a child is an experience to behold.

• When you can’t decide between the two love languages, just speak your baby’s language.

• When you’re expecting, it’s all about being ready for anything.


• No matter the bumps or bruises, your baby is healthy and strong.

• When you’re expecting, every day is a celebration.

• What happens when you get too pregnant to walk? You take a seat.

• I’m growing a human inside my body and I feel all kinds of emotions. 🧡


• Are you ready for a baby boy?

• When you wake up with your baby in your arms. Feel the love, #30weeks.

• We’re here, we’re growing and we’re ready to take on the world. 💛

• What’s scarier, having your baby or going to the doctor?


• Your last quarter of pregnancy is like a second full moon.

• Let us know if you have any questions, we’ve got this.

• At this stage, you’re literally growing your family. Enjoy every moment of it!

• Mama bear and cub are getting closer.


• No matter where I go, or what I say, my belly keeps growing.

• I don’t know how to explain it, but I’m feeling so…

• Every morning is a blessing. Every new day can be a miracle.

• Pregnant. No, really. I’m pregnant


• Pregnancy is the most magical time of your life.

• Get ready to be the mom everyone has been waiting for.

• I’m about to find out what it’s like to be a mom.

• Every pregnancy is an adventure, even the one where you’re just chilling at home.


• You’re not just growing a human, you’re growing a world.

• I’m so happy I can’t stop smiling. This little baby is going to be the absolute best thing in my life!

• I’m so in love with you, I can’t even tell you how much.

• It’s not the size of the dog in the fight, it’s how you fill him out.


• We’re a bundle of joy in the making, but we know you deserve this moment all to yourself.

• There’s nothing like the feeling of being in your own little world.

• Preggo or not, this mama is ready to make your world a little more liveable.

• When you’re pregnant, there’s no such thing as just one.


• Baby bump, I’ll be your favorite lipstick on this mauve lip.

• One of the most beautiful things I’ve ever seen.

• A baby is coming, so I’d better start thinking about what to call him.

• Ready to be the best mommy you can be? 👶🏽


• The real journey starts when your belly starts to grow.

• I’m ready to be your little miracle 🙌

• I’m getting so big. I can’t even see my feet…

• I’m getting bigger by the day!


• Everything is happening so fast—and I am so grateful.

• Life is a roller coaster, but every ride is worth it.

• #pregnancy is a beautiful thing.

• Proud to announce that I’m PREGNANT!!


• You’re not just having a baby, you’re creating a life.

• A bundle of joy, who is about to make her debut.

• Keep an eye out for this little bundle of joy in your stomach.

• What’s not to love about being pregnant?


• Holding your tiny life in my hands. 💗

• Can we just take a minute to appreciate this little human? #blessed

• The most beautiful stage in life

• I’m pregnant, but I don’t know how to bump yet. What should I do?


• You’re creating life, we hope you have fun.

• A new little life is growing inside my belly. It’s a little massive

• The most important part of your pregnancy is the journey.

• I’m pregnant again, but this time it’s different. I’m going to be a mom!


• I feel beautiful. This baby just keeps growing and here we go again.

• Your belly is growing and you’re going to love what it does next!

• A million thanks for your support and love! We’re so excited to meet our little one next year!

• You’re growing and changing like a supernova.


• This is why you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover.

• You are loved and cherished, my little bean.

• I’m finally showing, and it feels pretty darn good.

Pregnancy Bump Captions

• This bump is bigger than the other one.


• It’s not just a bump. It’s a person, too.

• Maternity clothes that fit perfectly and provide the comfort you need to feel like yourself again.

• Pregnancy is such a wild ride, let’s take it together.

• When your tummy is the size of a watermelon, it’s all about the little things ✨


• It’s a bumpy ride, but we’re so excited for this new adventure to begin!

• I’m so ready for this ride to be over.

• Bump baby bump. You’re almost there #bumpbabybump

• When you’re pregnant and you can’t stop looking at your bump.


• Just after the bump, but before the baby.

• This is the best time to be a mom. #pregnant

• The bump is growing! I’m so excited to be a mom already.

• Bumps aren’t just for baby bumps, but also for happy milestones.


• Baby on board. Time to grow this thing!

• Be the mother your baby deserves.

• I was almost too big to fit into my pants, but now I’m twice as pregnant.

• There’s nothing like the joy of growing a human inside of you.


• I’ve got the most beautiful baby bump in the world.

• Life is a bumpy ride, but we’re here for you. #BabyOnboard

• She’s growing one baby and she’s always got a smile on her face.

• Is there anything better than seeing and feeling a baby bump?


• Bump. It’s here. Are you ready?

• Oh the joys of being pregnant. Let’s just say, I’ve been working on this cliche for years…

• Welcoming a new life into the world has never been so joyful.

• What’s better than a little extra padding? A lot of extra padding.


• Get ready for the sweetest ride of your life.

• I’m growing a human, but I still have time to do the things I love.

• Wishing you a smooth and bump-free pregnancy journey.

• I feel like a pregnant lioness.


• We’re super excited for the arrival of our little one 💕

• The bump is growing and I can’t wait to meet my little man. 👶🏻

• It’s a bump what else do you need to know?

• You are growing. You are changing. You are loved.


• The only bump you need to worry about. 😊

• Baby’s growing up fast.

• It’s a bumpy ride but I’m ready for anything this little one throws my way. 🥰

• What am I going to do with all this baby?


• A little bit of a “pregnant” look.

• My bump is ready for the spotlight!

• We are so excited to share the news that this little one is on her way! #pregnancybump

• You’re gonna be a mommy!


• Don’t forget the bump! A healthy baby bump is important for both mom and baby.

• This mom-to-be is all of us! 👶🏻

• I’m growing. The baby is growing. Our whole lives are changing.

• It’s not just the baby bump, it’s everything around it. I love this time in my life.


• There’s never a dull moment when you’re growing a new human 💕

• Behold, the goddess of things that sound like they were made up by a 5-year-old.

• When pregnancy bumps become your new best friend.

• Pregnant with a chance to have the baby of my dreams.


• This baby bump has been making me smile.

• Don’t get too comfortable–you’re growing a kid in there!

• Oh, there’s a baby growing in me. I feel like I’m going to burst!

• Baby bump alert: it’s only been a few months since this was just your regular pregnant belly.


• This is not just a bump. This is my baby’s home and this is where she grows. 💚

• No matter how you feel about it, the fact is, you’re growing a human.

• She’s got a bump on her that looks like it could be a baby.

• Hey, ♥️ It’s a bump baby!


• There’s nothing like the feeling of a growing baby bump.

• While the bump is growing, get ready to make some memories.

• If you’re pregnant, you can feel pretty much anything. Except tired.

• The journey of pregnancy is beautiful no matter what your age! ❤


• Bumps are an ever-changing reminder that you’re growing and changing.

• It’s one thing to be excited about your pregnancy. It’s quite another to feel tiny in the middle of this.

• The size doesn’t matter, the love does.

• She’s a little Buddha for you.


• Here’s to this amazing journey we’re all on. Here’s to the unexpected and beautiful life that grows inside you.

• When you’re growing a human, you’re never done. Stay strong, friend.

• I’m almost there! You’re so close, baby. Keep up the great work and we’ll be here when you get home.

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