Prince Edward Island Instagram Captions

Prince Edward Island Instagram Captions
Prince Edward Island Instagram Captions

Prince Edward Island Instagram Captions: I love being on the water and playing my mandolin. I also love looking at nature and admiring the beauty of the world. That’s why Prince Edward Island is one of my favourite places to travel to. And to share what else it’s famous for, I’ve created a list of creative Prince Edward Island Instagram captions that’ll make your photos shine like katy perry.


Prince Edward Island Instagram Captions

🛥Prince Edward Island is home to sweeping landscapes, rich history, and unforgettable experiences.

Take a photo tour of some of the most beautiful places on Prince Edward Island 🌊

The stunning beauty of Prince Edward Island is best enjoyed in a custom @autocratkia .


Vibrant and breathtaking, Prince Edward Island is a jewel of the Atlantic coast that’s rich with history, culture and natural beauty—there are endless ways to experience PEI. #Explore_PEI

Prince Edward Island—Canada’s ocean playground.

The beaches of PEI are calling your name. ☀🏝

Prince Edward Island:Canada’s Nature Playground


Warm, even in the chill, this is Prince Edward Island.

Introducing the next generation of Islander and a big part of its future. Meet our new son. 💙#DiscoverPEISland

Visit Atlantic Canada’s most eastern province, Prince Edward Island!

PEI, the place to explore, discover, and enjoy the simple things in life: getting lost on a country road, diving into a lobster feast, or laughing with friends around a bonfire.


P.E.I.’s culinary scene is as brilliant as the island’s blue skies and ocean views, thanks to the abundance of fresh seafood, local farms, and wineries.

Traveling across PEI in search of the perfect landscape, that perfect fall foliage, and the perfect light.

For the #followfriday eve, we thought we’d show some love to @feastrestaurant in Charlottetown, PEI.Treat yourself on your next stop through Canada’s East Coast. 😋

Explore the authentic Island that is known as Canada’s Playground.


Let these #PEI Instagram Captions and Quotes motivate you to travel, fall in love and make memories. 🇨🇦

Discover the best of Prince Edward Island. Book a getaway to The Crown Province ⛺🌴🏝

Prince Edward Island is a place where you can relax, rejuvenate, and restore your sense of wonder. 360˚ views of the Atlantic Ocean, sandy beaches, quiet coves, lush forests and farmland—all await.

Prince Edward Island: A land of quiet beauty and natural heritage, a place where the pace of life is slower and days are longer.


Prince Edward Island is one of the most beautiful places in Canada. We are committed to protecting and preserving our environment, so we’ve made it a mission to be as sustainable as possible.

Prince Edward Island is full of beauty, but sometimes you just have to look a little bit harder to find it.

Experience the quality and character. Prince Edward Island

P.E.I.’s maritime scenery is some of the most beautiful in the world 😍


P.E.I.: Imagine a place where the beaches are pristine, the air is crisp and clear, and the water is crystal clear. #YourIslandNow

Discover a place with more than beaches and lighthouses. Explore the natural beauty of nature, the food of farmers, and the seafood of fishermen. #PEIisBeautiful

Be part of the P.E.I. experience. Let our welcoming staff and breathtaking landscapes be your personal tour guide at The Kingsbrae Arms Inn on Prince Edward Island, Canada’s Island Garden Province.

P.E.I. Home to some of the most beautiful beaches in the world


Whether it’s a special occasion or your everyday vacation, the best way to savor PEI is to do it slow. Soak in the sights, sounds and smells of the Island and all it has to offer.

Come for the festival, stay for the island. Hope to see you at PEI Comic Con tomorrow & Saturday! ❤️

The place we call home: the most beautiful place in Canada.

Discover the beautiful, unspoiled natural paradise of Prince Edward Island. Browse through our #beautifulpei photo gallery. 🌴 🖼


Prince Edward Island: a vacation destination like no other. #PEI

The beauty of a stunning island. This is Prince Edward Island, Canada #lovecanada

Prince Edward Island, the land that inspired countless stories like Anne of Green Gables. #PEI

P.E.I. is Canada’s laid-back little island province, but don’t let our size fool you—we’ve got a world of great products and experiences waiting for you.


Discover the heart of #Canada, from PEI’s stunning scenery to vibrant cities like Charlottetown. 🇨🇦👑

PEI is for lovers, and we are lovers of PEI.

PEI has more coastline than anywhere else in the world, which makes it the perfect place to get outdoors.

PEI, you look as fresh and beautiful as ever.


Discover PEI, a place of natural beauty, rolling hills and coastal shores.

We want our island to be famous for its beaches, seafood and small town charm!

Life is better when you Live on the Island. #HereForTheFrost

Award-winning 10-acre farm, @penpeifarm. When you visit, let them know we sent you! 💛🌿


Be inspired by our island’s breathtaking landscapes that call to mind the beauty of nature and the serenity of the coastline.

We crafted this authentic, island spirit from the sea, sand and sky.

Check out the sweet island life on Prince Edward Island as we take over PEI this summer. 🌴 🍁 🍂

From windswept vistas to cozy country towns, Prince Edward Island is home to the warmest of welcomes. Come and see for yourself.


Prince Edward Island, Canada – An island full of opportunities to create a life you love. Wanna share?

Prince Edward Island – Dreaming of a winter filled with endless sunny days, beautiful soft sand and friendly people.

Prince Edward Island—where the sand and sea are made for summer escapes.

Discover our unique culture, spectacular scenery and delicious seafood. Hop on the ferry to Prince Edward Island.


The #1 must-see destination on the East Coast this fall is P.E.I.! Swipe ⬅️ to see why you need to book your fall escape today!

Discover PEI: where arts, culture, natural beauty & stories become every day adventures.

Come see why none of us have ever wanted to leave our home, PEI #welovepei

P.E.I., one of Canada’s most spectacular destinations.


Fall in love with the island all over again. Plan your next visit to discover PEI in the fall

Love, love, love is all you need to create an unforgettable island vacation. ✔️

A Canadian original, this sweet spread is perfect slathered on a fresh biscuit.

Discover the True North strong and free with a visit to Prince Edward Island, Canada. P.E.I. 🇨🇦 #ExploreCanada


Canada’s destination for beaches, golf, and the freshest food. Just three of the reasons why we love Prince Edward Island. 🌊🏌🏝☀

The sun sets over the Bay of Fundy on Prince Edward Island, Canada’s smallest province. #peipol

Canada’s smallest, but most beautiful province, Prince Edward Island.

Visit PEI, one of Canada’s top travel destinations for a truly unforgettable vacation.


Warm, woodsy, and wistfully whimsical-just like the island itself. The Globe and Mail says the #PEI is “perhaps the most lush place on earth.” We tend to agree.

Discover the charm of PEI this fall^^ *^ Visit our website to plan a tailor made trip

Visit P.E.I to discover the incredible beauty of this island and the people who call it home.

This gorgeous shot was taken of PEI, Canada by @kristy_pike ❤️


Discover all that PEI has to offer—from beautiful beaches to bustling cities.

Be it known to all that the Island of Man is a sandy, low-lying island…

O’er the ocean 🌊 glistening in the sun, O’er the ocean 🌊 I can go again.

The elegant simplicity of our products is the perfect way to bring warmth and texture to the rooms we live in.


The beauty of a single candle can be the light of a thousand. Happy Birthday to you @ca.nabrielle.!

The confluence of Atlantic Ocean tides and freshwater rivers create the perfect environment for farming mussels.To find out more, watch the video below:

Prince Edward Island is filled with so much to see and do: rolling hills, wild coasts, and a vibrant food and wine culture.Visit the island this summer 🇨🇦 😎

No other place on earth compares to our beautiful, sun-drenched island. #PrinceEdwardIsland


Prince Edward Island is Canada’s smallest, yet most dynamic region offering a year-round of wonderful experiences. Make it yours.

Follow along with us as we explore the beautiful landscapes of Prince Edward Island.

Coming soon.

The jewel of the Atlantic, P.E.I. is the place to be for summer adventures on land and sea 🌊 🌎


Naturally stunning. Naturally You. Naturally, PEI.

We love PEI! Beautiful place to visit in September!

PEI is a place that looks like it’s from another time, with its red soil, ocean vistas and forest-lined shores.

Discover PEI, Canada’s stunning ocean playground that has it all: lighthouses, rolling hills, sandy beaches and waterfalls. Find your perfect golf resort, beach house or historic inn.


#Canada150: The red sand beaches of the island are spectacular. Welcome to the birthplace of Confederation! 🇨🇦

Canada’s island province is among the world’s most beautiful, with dramatic landscapes and a rich cultural history.

We harness the power of the ocean to create healthy, affordable seafood that tastes great.🐟

Discover the food, drinks and amazing sights on Prince Edward Island this summer.


Discover Prince Edward Island, Canada’s unspoiled gem, where you can enjoy the great outdoors and unique island culture.

Explore the beautiful landscapes, peaceful wilderness and local food products of Prince Edward Island.

Discover more than 100 of Prince Edward Island’s hidden gems at

Proud to be one of Prince Edward Island’s largest seaweed harvesters. Learn how we get it done. #seaweed #P.E.I.


P.E.I., Canada: The Island of the True North, strong and free. 🇨🇦 #DiscoverTheIsland

P.E.I. Grown. P.E.I. Made, since 1974 #bestofpei

Did you know Prince Edward Island’s claim to fame is being the sunniest place in Canada? Come and see for yourself.

Visit PEI this summer to see historic attractions and events as well as beautiful beaches and landscapes. #TravelPEI


Let’s get down to business. The Island is your oyster, but don’t forget to take the time and savor it.

Queen Elizabeth II has a summer home on this island and it’s so beautiful that she visits every year.

A perfect day on the East Coast. 🏝

What’s your favorite part about the island?


We believe in being a part of the communities we are proud to serve.

It’s beach season again, but this time we’re not going to let our insecurities get the best of us. We’ll apply sunscreen and actually enjoy ourselves out there!

Prince Edward Island, Canada. A Maritime treasure with a rich history and an even brighter future. #PEI

Discover unrivaled beauty on the island of Prince Edward. From sparkling beaches to rolling hills, PEI has it all. Ready to explore?


Visit Prince Edward Island, the very best place to connect with nature, relax and re-create.

Discover the true heart of Prince Edward Island. Only a ferry ride away.

We got our feet wet 🌊 and our fill of wind 💨 as we cruised around beautiful Prince Edward Island.

Discover all the things that make Prince Edward Island an amazing place. Explore PEI


The most beautiful place in Canada. We want to be here. #BestPEI

P.E.I., Canada—a place you can always call home.

Join us at the Official Travel and Tourism Board of PEI! 🌲 🍁🍂

Plan your trip with the help of our P.E.I. travel guides and get the latest updates on things to see and do in this Canadian gem. #PECanada


For the best roads, stunning fall colours, and delicious PEI oysters, follow @tourismpei

Charlottetown is the capital of Canada’s smallest province.And sometimes,the most exciting things happen in the tiniest of places.

P.E.I., Canada’s Island Garden.

The Island, the ocean, the sand: Life is @prettyperfectpei


To each their own, but Prince Edward Island is up there in the top 10 best places to live. 🌞💕

Growing up, I always knew I wanted to spend my life on the land. Here are some of the things that make Prince Edward Island special to me. 🌲🇨🇦 #PEI

Drive, shoot, score. Let the sun shine in because this is Prince Edward Island.

Our award-winning cruises are the perfect way to experience Prince Edward Island. Come see why we were voted the best tour in Canada by Lonely Planet!


Located in the heart of North America, Prince Edward Island is a must-see destination. Learn more at ➡️

From sand dunes to red cliffs, PEI is filled with naturally beautiful landscapes. ✈️ 🎥 @zoe.eaton31

Named Canada’s #1 Island by TripAdvisor, PEI is the perfect destination for a restful getaway.

In the heart of Atlantic Canada, there’s a place where the ocean meets the sky… #PEI


P.E.I. is Canada’s smallest province and offers a taste of the country’s history and culture…

P E I Preserves: #TrueBlueTaste on the Island.

To this day there remains questions surrounding the fate of the ship—but as a destination, PEI has become a place where people come to experience its world-famous red soil that glows in contrast to the province’s forested landscape.

Explore, relax, and take in a little slice of paradise on the Island.


Wondering what it’s like to grow up on an island, this is the place to find out.

Getting you to where you need to go. Voloair Incorporated #PIEcabs

Among Canada’s Maritime Provinces, Prince Edward Island is the smallest in size but it’s big on charm. If you’re looking for a relaxing getaway this fall, Prince Edward Island will be your ideal destination.

Prince Edward Island: a world of wonder with a small-town feel. What is your favourite thing about PEI? #ExplorePEI


Prince Edward Island is Canada’s smallest province but packs a mighty punch when it comes to experiences and natural wonders.

Plan your next trip to #PEI. We are the Island of parkas and potatoes, sunsets and sandy shores. Let’s hiketrek our way around together! @visitpei

PEI is renowned for its incredible scenery, seafood, and hospitality. Come see why we’re so lucky to call this island home.

To one of the most picturesque and peaceful places in Canada #ExplorePEI


If you love the water and fishing, you’ll love these moments from the beautiful island of PEI that I’ve been fortunate enough to call home 🏝 🎣 🏊🏼♂️

Canada’s smallest province is also the most charming. Learn why it has some of the best beaches and lighthouses in the country…🌊 #pei

PEI is a destination of firsts. Where the first European settlers arrived, where the first potato was grown commercially and the birthplace of Confederation.

We gave these vineyard-raised sea scallops a delicious, crispy crust using the best of PEI ingredients: wild caught Atlantic cod, local potatoes and fresh herbs.


How can you not want to visit a place surrounded by this view? #Canada🇨🇦

Canada’s smallest province, with the biggest heart.

“There is a magic in the island, without which life would be insupportable.”—Charles Dudley Warner #ExplorePEI

The island guides you, soaks you in. Softens your cares and blows through your cobwebs. 🌊


It’s an A+ day for a walk on the wild side 🌳🌻

We think fresh produce should be fun to eat. And it is. It really, really is. #PrinceEdwardIsland

As Canada’s Birthplace, Prince Edward Island has a lot to be proud of. From our breathtaking landscapes and history, to our passionate people and thriving culture, it’s truly a place like no other.

We’ve got some island inspired ideas to help you plan your next Prince Edward Island trip.


This Friday is #ProudlyPEI all day long on our Instagram Stories. We asked Islanders, “What makes you most proud to be from [Province, Town name]?” and “If you could tell the rest of Canada one thing about your home, what would it be?”

Discover the best island on earth, Prince Edward Island.

Gather around the table for a taste of Prince Edward Island. Join us for an excursion down the long, winding road toward a tasty destination.

Welcome to beautiful PEI. Picture perfect beaches, historic red sandstone architecture, and a thriving arts and culture scene.


P.E.I. Come and visit us! #IslandLife

Playing tour guide to P.E.I. with these fresh #PEI experiences for every day of the week.

P.E.I. is a life-changing experience, you’ll be inspired by the beauty of the landscape and the friendliness of the people who call it home.

Come for the views, stay for the gourmet dining, and never forget to experience the beach towns of this province. PEI, Canada at its best!


Where the tides meet the sky, where the past meets the present. Where a warm welcome awaits you now and always—Sunny PEI

The province that started it all. (Motto: Spoken Here)

Where food and drink are always in season

Our vision is to be an industry leader through our commitment to be environmentally responsible in the products we market and sell.


Our taste of #Canada—showcasing the beauty of Prince Edward Island.

Welcome to Prince Edward Island. We’re so glad you found us.

Experience the authentic beauty of Prince Edward Island.

Known for its lighthouses and red clay roads, Prince Edward Island is a colourful place to visit.


Prince Edward Island, a place where beauty and nature are peaceful, intertwined.

When you’re in #PEI, the view is always good. 🇨🇦

Discover the world’s most beautiful island. Prince Edward Island, Canada.

Prince Edward Island: The Cradle of Confederation. Pretty much the cutest place in the world.


We’re proud to partner with the P.E.I. Potato Board and to serve Prince Edward Island potatoes all summer long! #PEIPotatoes

P.E.I.’s pristine beauty is an inspiration to us all, and our hearts swell when we see the work of so many Islanders who value and protect our home for generations to come

Don’t just get away from it all, get to it all. #ExploreP.E.I

As the leaves change in PEI, so do the menus. Take advantage of our region’s peak season and sample some of Chef Colin Maclean’s new fall creations.


Home to more than 100% of Canada’s registered saltwater fishing boats, the most golf courses per capita in North America, and the world’s only fiddle playing bear named Fred. P.E.I – Where life is a tune ➡️

Experience easter island isle of edward newfoundland and labrador, a prince edward island providence.

Prince Edward Island is Canada’s smallest province, but it’s one of its most special. 🇨🇦☀️

Escape to Prince Edward Island. The perfect place to unwind, recharge, and reconnect with friends and family.


PEI, you’re looking good today. #PrinceEdwardIsland

Come and experience the natural beauty of Prince Edward Island where you’ll find a wonderful array of fresh seafood, local produce, and PEI’s famous potatoes.

Join the P.E.I. Tourism team and discover why Prince Edward Island is #discoverpei

Welcome to Prince Edward Island, Canada’s smallest province, and one of its most memorable.


Come for a tour and stay for the island. Welcome to Prince Edward Island

Discover the beauty of Prince Edward Island, Canada!

Spend your summer at The Kedgeree Inn—an idyllic retreat on Prince Edward Island, Canada. Enjoy the breathtaking 118 acres of landscape, the freshly-caught seafood, and a fine selection of local wines. Make The Kedgeree Inn the next stop for your Canadian adventure!

Proud to call #pei my home. Follow me on IG stories as I capture a day in the life of PEI 💙


Your taste buds, ocean views, and sandy shores all have one thing in common: P.E.I. nature is this island’s best-kept secret.

PEI is the destination of choice for your 2018 summer vacation

Follow @TravelPEI on Instagram to experience the best of PEI and share your favourite photos with us using #lovepei.


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