180+ Cute Sleeping Dog Captions for Instagram with Quotes

Sleeping Dog Captions for Instagram
Sleeping Dog Captions for Instagram

Sleeping Dog Captions for Instagram:

Sleeping Dog Captions for Instagram

• Sleeping dogs make the best selfies.

• I’m dreaming of a dog that’s snoring

• Sleeping dog, nothing to see here.


• I’m dreaming of a sleepy dog with a pillow in my mouth.

• There’s no better way to end a long day than with a dreamy, warm dog.

• I’ve never seen a dog sleep like this. This is how dogs dream.

• Even a sleeping dog is still a dog.


• It’s been a while since my puppy slept through the night. I’ll take what I can get.

• She’s sleeping like a baby. #nomnomnom

• Can’t sleep? Stay up, we’ll be here.

• When you wake up to a beautiful sight


• Dog, I’m just not that into you.

• You’ve been a good boy, you deserve a treat.

• I’m a nightmare with my eyes closed.

• If you can’t sleep, lay down with a sleeping dog.


• If your dog tags along for a nap, you’ll never be bored.

• A dog is a man’s best friend. A good dog is a sleepy dog.

• The most important thing in the world is to keep your dog from sleeping on your bed.

• When the world is your dog bed, what more do you need?


• The best dog bed is the one where you can’t tell the difference between your left and right side.

• Where’s your favorite spot for a cat nap?

• The best way to get someone off your back is to put a dog on their back.

• There’s nothing like a good night’s sleep.


• The sleepy dog is a hero, not an idiot.

• Sleeping like a baby, nothing but a smile on her face.

• Guy has dog, you have to share.

• I’m sleeping in the middle of the bed.


• Dreaming of cozy nights in.

• That’s what I call a real dude.

• I love these sleeping dogs. They are so cute and relaxed in their sleep. #dogstagram

• Sleeping dogs are the most comfy bed.


• I’ve said it before, i’ll say it again: Nothing says “I love you” quite like snuggling a sleepy dog.

• They say sleeping dogs are safe, but I’m not so sure.

• Sleep tight little doggie, you’ll dream about great adventures.

• Even the best dog owners need their beauty rest.


• This dog is tired. Can’t wait to go to sleep.

• There’s a reason dogs don’t wear sweaters: You can sleep with them.

• Don’t wake the sleeping dog.

• Sleep tight and dream of running away from home to live with your dog, who is also named Tigger.


• This dog is sound asleep. When he’s awake, he’s restless.

• You’re my best pillow.

• She rolls over every night and turns her head to look at the moon.

• The best things in life are worth waking up for.


• The waiting is the hardest part.

• Sleeping dogs are always cute to look at. But when they’re purring, it’s even cuter!

• A sleeping dog is a happy dog.

• When you’re too tired to do anything but sleep, let the dog guard your bed.


• What if the best way to get a good night’s sleep is to let your dog sleep in your room?

• The only thing I love more than my dog is falling asleep with him.

• You don’t want to wake him up, but he’s so cute you might just have to.

• Sleep tight, my little snoozer. It’s Monday.


• If you love your dog like I love my cat, you will never find yourself in this situation.

• A dog is a bundle of unconditional love, who doesn’t care about your faults but only about your heart.

• Every dog deserves an impeccable collar.

• You shouldn’t have to be alone.


• Sometimes it’s the little things that make a difference.

• The best way to find out what’s on your mind is to ask yourself “why not?”

• Sleeping dogs are the most adorable things.

• The best part about sleeping with a dog is waking up next to one!


• You can’t wake a sleepy dog.

• When you get up in the morning and your dog is still sleeping. It’s kind of like waking up with a beautiful face after a good night’s rest.

• The best thing about being a dog is knowing you can have the whole bed to yourself.

• Don’t forget to kiss your pet goodnight before you go to sleep.


• Sleeping in a different room? That’s just a dog snoozing away on the sofa.

• Sometimes you need a little chill time, and sometimes that chill time is with a furry friend!

• Can’t go wrong with a good dog.

• Sleep tight. I’ll be here when you wake up.


• If you love your dog, he’ll love you back

• I’m dreaming of a dog and you’re in it

• The dog is always watching.

• Wake up sleepyhead. It’s time to go for a walk.


• When you turn down the volume on social media and let your heart beat a little louder

• The best thing about this dog is how it sleeps with its eyes open!

• It’s hard to not be a little jealous of this sleepy dog’s dreamy face.

• When you wake up and your dog is sleeping there with you.


• Even when you think you’re alone, there’s always a sleeping dog nearby.

• “When you’re at home and your dog is awake, that’s a good feeling.”

• Cute captions for a cute dog

• You know, the dog that stays up all night and plays fetch? Yeah, that’s me.


• The sweetest dog you’ll ever meet

• How many ways can you say “sleep tight”?

• I’m a dog and you’re my owner. Homeowners Insurance is extra

• The best part about sleeping is waking up.


• The best way to wake up is to stay asleep.

• I’ve got the best view of the world. My dog, though. That’s the best view of all.

• Your dog is a great reminder of all the things you can’t control.

• The bigger they are, the harder they fall.


• Sleepy dog captions

• Sleep tight, my little doggy. This is the perfect pair of pants for a dog that loves sleeping in bed with you.

• “I’m no dog, but I can still sleep in this doggie bed.”

• We all have dogs that sleep next to us in the bed. This is our dog, she loves to take over and take over


• If you can’t sleep, don’t worry. Dogs are harder to wake up.

• I’ve always wanted to be the dog that sleeps on my owner’s laps, but now I wish I was the one who sleeps in the car

• When you’re on the road and tired, but that pup looks like he’s ready for another nap

• What do you see when you look at me? I look like a dog that won’t shut up so I must be asleep.


• When you’re dog is fast asleep, but you find yourself awake.

• Put your pup to bed, and you’ll find yourself embarking on a new adventure.

• We think that dogs are the best people partners. They never judge, they never complain and they’re always there for you when you need them most.

• The best kind of sleep happens when you can’t quite tell if you’re dreaming or awake.


• Sleeping is overrated

• The most important part of the story is when you wake up from a dream

• The sleeping dog is the most beautiful animal in the world

• It’s all good when your dog is sleeping.


• This dog is obviously dreaming about what a good night’s sleep would feel like.

• You know they say the best things in life are free? But I wouldn’t trade our dog’s cuddles for a million dollars.

• Your dog is a true little genius.

• Be the kind of dog that people don’t even notice is there.


• You can spend whatever you want on a dog, but know where your priorities are.

• I’m the dog that nobody never knows.

• The best way to stay awake is to keep your eyes open.

• A good night’s sleep is the best cure for any ills.


• The best way to relax is with a good book, or a cup of hot chocolate. Either way, you’ll sleep better when you do it this weekend.

• I just can’t seem to get off the couch.

• You had me at hello.

• The best laid plans fall apart. This is one of them.


• When you find yourself in a place where you’re home and not home.

• When you see a sleeping dog, the only thing you can do is smile.

• When your dog sleeps, you can sleep easy knowing that they are watching over you.

• The one thing that will never let you down is your dog…and a good night’s sleep.


• When your dog is the only one that knows how to sleep through a thunderstorm

• Keep calm and snuggle your dog.

• I’m having a nap and I don’t want to get up. Stop calling me, you’re scaring my dog.

• An innocent slumber never looked so cute.


• Sleep tight. Don’t let the bed bugs bite.

• I’m just a dog, but I’m ready to be your best friend.

• When you’re sleeping and someone just has to pee.

• When you wake up in the middle of the night, to your favorite song


• I’m not sure what i’ve done to deserve this, but here’s looking forward to the next time.

• Good morning, my friend. I hope you do well today. Always remember, you can change your destiny!

• A sleeping dog is always happy.

• I’m a dog and I sleep all day long. Lying on my side, legs straight and paws in air. I’m dreaming of you…


• When your dog is so cute that he falls asleep on your head

• You know that dog who sleeps facing the wall and never moves when you walk through the room

• This is why you’re not getting any work done — because you’ve been sleeping at your desk. #dogsarebetterthanpeople

• It’s all good. The dog was jealous of his own doggie snuggler.


• When your dog is the alarm clock.

• The best dog ever.

• Don’t you just love that dog’s face?

• Sometimes you just need a little nap.


• When you know your dog is out there, but you can’t find them in the dark.

• Don’t judge a dog by his bark.

• You’re a great dog, but you’ll never be as good as me.

• Best friends don’t necessarily have to be human.


• There is no better way to start the day than with a smile on your face.

• Stay under the covers and let me be your dream

• This dog looks so comfy, we’re jealous.

• Sleep tight, don’t let the bedbugs bite.


• We’re not the type to sleep in, but we do love a good snooze.

• When it’s comfy, but you don’t want to get up.

• Sometimes you just gotta hold on to the ones you love while they sleep.

• Good morning, sleepyhead! Time to wake up and get ready for another day. Wanna take a nap


• I’ll take a nap when you take a nap.

• Don’t worry, she’ll be fine.

• Don’t worry, I’m a handsome prince.

• Life is but a dream… Take it easy, dude.


• It’s peaceful at last.

• It’s all about the little things in life
• I’m sleeping with the dog.

• A Sleeping Dog is a dog that is not able to go to sleep. We can’t do anything about it, so we might as well get used to it.

• Don’t wake me until you’re ready to go.


• Sleeping by your side has made me realize how much I love you.

• This dog is definitely one of a kind.

• When your dog looks like a puddle on the floor.

• You can never be too comfy for a good night’s sleep.


• I’m always ready for a snooze

• And that, my friends, is how you sleep like a baby.

• Sweet dreams are made of these.

• Sometimes the best things in life don’t come with a home


• There’s no place like home.

• The best things in life are free but you have to go looking for them.

• You’ll never know how much you’ve helped someone, unless they come back to you.

• Sleeping dogs are always adorable.


• Sleeping dogs are always cute but they could also be a coverup of your anger, insecurity or sadness.

• Sleeping dogs never taste the same.

• Don’t judge me for sleeping. Dogs do it too!

• I’m a dog, so I sleep all day. And I just woke up and got woken up by your alarm


• Don’t let your dog sleep on the couch—train him to be a bedwetter by using our puppy pad training system.

• You’re a good dog, you always sleep on your bed.

• You don’t need a reason to lie down with me.

• If you let me sleep i’ll be your cute little cutie


• Pls don’t wake us up. We have things to do tomorrow.

• Your dog is the best guard dog.

• Dog’s don’t look at the past or worry about the future, they just live in the present.

• I’ll let you sleep on this though


• Don’t judge a book by its cover.

• Like a good shot of espresso, the true essence of a sleeping dog is best appreciated in the morning.

• Let’s be honest. You only really need to sleep when you’re a dog.

• Nothing is more charming than a sleeping pup.


• A sleeping dog is a happy dog.

• We all need a good night sleep, so here’s to all the sleepy dogs out there.

• It’s funny how dogs always look so cute while sleeping, even when they’re not.

• Sleep tight from the jaws of a dog, and don’t let him bite.


• Not even a dog can resist the purrfect place to sleep.

• You see that dog? He sleeps like a rock.

• Good dog, we’ve got your back.

• He’s so cute, we could just eat him.


• All dogs go to heaven. But some dogs,rest in peace.

• Waking up to the sound of the sunrise is one of the most beautiful things in the world.

• Be careful what you wish for.

• There’s something so cozy about a sleeping dog.


• Don’t be scared to let your guard down. Rest your tired bones and snuggle up with this cute doggy for a comforting night’s sleep.

• The perfect dog to sleep with.

• Don’t sleep on your dog.

• Don’t leave your dog out all night long. The worst thing that can happen is he’ll wait by the door for you to get home.


• Sleep tight, your bed looks better than ever.

• A tired dog is a good dog and I’m ready for bed.

• You know what they say: a dog is always happy when he’s on top of the world.

• If a dog doesn’t have a home, let’s make sure he gets one.


• I’m counting on you, dog. I’m counting on you.

• Asleep in the middle of work and weekend.

• Dreaming of a good nap.

• I may be sleeping, but I’m ready to play.


• I would prefer to sleep outside, but it seems you don’t allow that.

• I’m running on four hours of sleep, and I need another glass of wine before this gets too intense.


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