Surprise Gift Captions

Surprise Gift Captions
Surprise Gift Captions

Surprise Gift Captions: Did you know December 8th is National Surprise Package Day? Don’t have time to buy a gift or don’t know what to get your loved ones but want them to see your face when they open it? On December 8th, every year, people receive surprise packages from their friends and family. This holiday is a great way to be surprised by the thoughtfulness of those closest to you. Get amazing surprise gift captions for Instagram below.


Surprise Gift Captions

Surprise! We’re giving you a free coffee. What’s yours is ours and what’s ours is yours. ☕

Surprise!🎁We’ve added a surprise gift to your last order.🎁

Surprise! Something special just for you.


SURPRISE! We have a free gift with purchase. Enjoy, and thanks for stopping by!

Surprise! We couldn’t wait to share our new nibble sticks with you. They’re made from all-natural, Farm-Fresh ingredients. Try them out and tell us what you think!

Surprise! We’re celebrating your birthday with this special offer. Come in and celebrate your day with us.

Surprise! I got you something…to replace that old, outdated coffee pot. 😉 Enjoy!


We’ve got your morning underway with a surprise gift straight to your door.

This is the nicest thing anyone has done for me in a long, long time. Thank you!

It’s not every day we get to treat ourselves. So, surprise yourself with a #LittlePawBox and say YES to the pampering!

We’re celebrating 1 year of creating laughs together. Enjoy 25% off your first box with code FIRST BOX.


Happy 350th Birthday, America! Celebrate your birthday with a Starbucks eGift of $5.

Happy birthday, A! We love you and hope this treat from us will help you have an even sweeter day than usual.

Happy Birthday to you. Happy birthday to you. Happy Birthday Dear (name). Happy Birthday to YOU!

Happy Birthday! Hope you had an amazing day and that this special day is filled with more joy than you can stand.


Surprise! Your package has arrived.📦

They’re here! Gift card holders are here! Be one of the first to get one in the mail.

Surprise! I’ve got you this.

A surprise gift to brighten up even the grayest of days. Happy Birthday, from Baskin Robbins. #ShareTheJoy


You deserve a present, and we’re giving it to you…

Gotcha. Here’s a free coffee to make up for our mistake. Hope you still like us (and our coffee).

Surprise! We’re here early with a bonus reward. How’d you guys done?

We’re bringing the season of gift-giving to an end with a little something from us to you. It’s always nice to be spoiled.


There’s something in the bag for you! Who’s in there? Watch out, Santa is coming to town. ☃

What’s this? A surprise just for YOU.

Something came for you in the mail.

Happy Birthday, we got you a present


We’ve got something special for you! Check your inbox for a limited-time-only offer.

I always knew you had it in you…

We’ve got a little something special coming your way!

Surprise! Your favorite jeans gift wrapped in brown paper and string. Now go strut them around town.


Surprise! We’re giving you 20% off the entire store. Use code: OMG

Surprise! You got a double like. 😲We’re showing you how much we appreciate your double taps by giving something back to you. Swipe for more info.

Surprise! You’ve got 1,000 extra points. Happy birthday from us to you.

Surprise! We’ve been keeping a secret…


Did you catch my IG story today? You might have missed it, but I had a little surprise for the 100k follows.

Hey Bae, I got you something.

We’ve got a little something you can unwrap.

Happy birthday! You did it — you’re one year older. Here’s something to celebrate. ( add a gif. )


We’re in the holiday spirit and just want to brighten your day! Drop us a comment below and tell us what you think of our new site design, and we’ll send you $3 towards your first purchase!

I wanted to give you a special gift. I poured my heart into this. I hope you like it.

We got something for you.

Did we forget something? Oh, you’re so sweet to notice. You’re the best! 🎁


Happy happy birthday! And since you’re celebrating twice this year, we’re giving you a present early.

Hey, friend!

Today’s the day. #SurpriseFriendDay.

Surprise! We have a gift for you.


Surprise! We’re giving you this vintage gift as a thank you for your loyalty and support. 🎁

Surprise! You got a delivery!

Surprise!! You’ve been selected to receive a box of our new favorite products! ✔

Surprise! Just because you’re a coffee drinker, doesn’t mean coffee HAS to be your drink. There’s a whole world of new hot chocolate flavors just waiting for you to taste! Try one today!


Surprise! We just added this to your cart. You’ll love it

Surprise! You’ve been given a free month of ad-free Slasher

Giving my bestie a birthday gift is the gift that keeps on giving. Thank you…

It’s your birthday! To get you started, we’re gifting you a free smoothie on us when you check-in.


You just turned #instagramallstars into a treasure chest!

We’ve all had one too many coffees today. In the mood for a free cup of coffee? Stop by before 4 pm, and we’ll hook you up.

Here are three ways to get an extra yummy pumpkin spice latte this fall.

No one told me about the surprise party at work today. Great idea, boss! Thanks for the treat.


Someone had a birthday today—exactly one year ago. Someone who likes to eat cake and never says no to a party. To whom we owe a lot of fun, laughter, and interesting conversations. So here’s to you, dear friend!

You deserve a surprise! Check your inbox.

Surprise! They’re all yours. Again. Happy birthday, Mom!

Surprise! 😭😍😱We love you.


Surprise! We’re giving you a free carton of ice cream for that rainy day. Enjoy!

Surprise! Here’s a little something for you from us.

Surprise! We’re giving you $20 off your next purchase. Be the first to use it at checkout and get free shipping on orders over $50.

Your snooze button isn’t the only gift you’ll be getting from us today—don’t forget about that other surprise we have for you over @our_twitter_handle!


Surprise! A bunch of our summer flavors are back for a limited time. If you’re feeling fall-y, we have you covered.

A little sweet treat for my favorite person. Hint: It’s YOU. Open on 3, 2, 1…

Surprise! We’ve left you a bonus code just for today. Please check your inbox

Surprise! We’re bringing your favorite topic back to the table. We’re talking about [topic].


You did it! Did you know we have a surprise for our most loyal customers? Here’s to the next 100k of fun

🎁We’ve got something for you. Just opened our eyes and found this in the corner. Have a great day!

You’ve been good all year. It’s time to get your hands on something you’ve always wanted…

Hope your birthday is everything you want it to be.


Surprise! You’ve earned %s FREE points, which is equal to $%. How to Redeem Points: Visit our website & go to the redemption center and enter your voucher number. #BarneysNY

You’ve been invited to the surprise of a lifetime. RSVP: Your smile #surprisebob

Surprise! I know how much you love Beyoncé. So happy birthday from me to you: a free Beyoncé album.

Surprise! It’s me. I can’t stop thinking about you 🙂 Have a great day.


Surprises for everyone! To celebrate the return of our Pumpkin Spice Latte and Pumpkin Spice Muffin, shop now & get a free PSL or Muffin. #NationalPumpkinDay

Surprise! We’ve got something special for you when you stop by our North Palm Beach store.


Don’t touch my presents! I’ll be right back. (Excited to see what is in the gift box.)


It’s our birthday and we’re giving you something special this year…a surprise! Check your email for details.

I’ve been a bad boy Santa. Can I still get on your nice list?

You’ve got a package waiting for you at the post office!

You’ve certainly earned a break, so this week, I’ll handle all of your social media posts. Now get back to enjoying the weekend!


I’ll be on vacation next week and won’t be able to ship your order until the week after. Have a great week!

Happy Birthday to my best friend, here’s a little something I picked up for you

Happy Birthday – hope you get yours early!

Surprise! We’ve brought the coffee roastery to your front door. Treat yourself at home this holiday season with a gift from our Roastery Experience Collection, available online and in select stores now.


You’re invited… to our exclusive surprise gift event!

Surprise! ❀︎

Surprise! You’ve won the office pool and get to pick the next location. Congratulations!

Surprise! We’re giving you 10% off your entire online order. Happy birthday 🎉


Surprise! We heard you like coffee, so we made you coffee.


To my best friend, here’s a little something extra to go with that drink I got you.

I’m having a tough day at work, but you just made it better by surprising me with some of my favorite treats.


Got something for you.

Happy Birthday, here’s a gift

We have a special something for those who #OpenWhen ~~~~~~~~~

They say it’s the thought that counts, but you really outdid yourself this time


We’re so grateful that you’ve been here with us on this journey. To say thanks, we’d like to offer you a special gift — just for you.

Surprise! We found you a gift, just for being so awesome. 🎁

Surprise! We bought you a coffee.

We found you a new friend! (or) Be surprised with a free gift inside.


Surprise! It’s a vegan leather jacket for your inner rockstar.

Surprise! I got you a gift.

Surprise! We’ve added some new products to our website. Merry Christmas!

Surprise! We’ve just added some new styles to our website. Get them before they’re gone. -le 3 looks below


Surprise! We grabbed one of our fall favorites for you…

the gift is on its way

We’re always looking for ways to make the holidays a little more special. We hope you had a Merry Christmas (Happy Hanukkah, Happy Holidays).

You have got a package!


You’re in for a treat with our latest feature!

Happy Birthday to my son from his aunt.

Yay! Did you know it’s our birthday? We’re turning 3. We can’t believe it either

The greatest feeling ever is that of giving away a surprise gift to someone special. And what’s more heartwarming than seeing the joy on your friend/family member’s face when they open the gift?


Surprise! These are actually your birthday presents!

Surprise! I bought you a coffee because I know how much you love your daily pick-me-up

Surprise! We just released a limited quantity of this top-selling LaCroix flavor. To make room for new flavors, we’re giving LaCroix lovers an extra chance to get their hands on a pack before it’s gone for good. Visit our website to find out how you can go from crickets to croissants in seconds flat.

Surprise, surprise!


Surprise! We’re jumping on board the pumpkin train with this limited edition latte

We filled the @with_creatines surprise box with the products you love, especially these ones.

To celebrate your birthday and living to see another year, I got you something special. It’s nothing major, but it’s definitely you. You’ll see.

Surprise! Happy birthday from everyone at the office. Hope to enjoy your cake


The holidays are coming! To make it extra special, we’re giving away a mystery present with our next order. What could it be?

It’s a free coffee week—get a free small coffee when you buy a large today!

Surprise! Come by and see what we’re growing in our Community Garden tomorrow.

*surprise* we’re giving you some snacks


We’ve got a surprise for you

It’s the last day of October, which means…

Surprise! Thanks for being a customer. We have something special for you:

Surprise! Happy Birthday to You!


Surprise! We hope you had a wonderful weekend. You deserve it.

Surprise! These flowers just arrived at our office. Thanks, [your friend], for brightening our day

Surprise! We brought you coffee. Hope you’re having a good morning

Surprise! We’re sending you a $5 iTunes Gift Card.


We have a special delivery for you—a coupon to use immediately. #YourTurn

We’ve got a little somethin’ somethin’ for ya. And you’re gonna love it.

You really shouldn’t have, but thank you. We love it!

I have a little something for you… guess what it is.


You’ve heard of out-of-office replies, but how about an out-of-country reply? I’ll be spending my summer in Europe and can’t wait to keep you up to date on all the best places I’m discovering!

It’s the thought that counts.

Captions for Receiving Gifts
If you’re looking to treat your best most-loved person in the whole world, we’ve got you covered.

I will never know love as pure as what is in the heart of someone who buys me a birthday present and gets it exactly right.


Thank you for the card and the sweet reminders.

Thank you for the gift! We love it!

Thank you for the thoughtful gift! You’re the best.

Thanks for the awesome birthday gift! I love it! Here’s a picture of me putting it to good use. Thanks again, buddy.


You’re the best!

You are my sunshine, my only sunshine. You make me happy when skies are grey.

Nice work. I love my new @crateandbarrel cookbook. It was just what I wanted!

I always knew that I was right for you.


You have made my day!

You can never go wrong with the gift of good health. Just ask for our 6 weeks to a better you program for the holidays!

You’re the best! My birthday is next week—what’s your favorite ice cream flavor?

We are so grateful for your loyalty. Here’s to another year of friendship, laughter, and adventure. Cheers friends!


You’ve got a friend in me.

The worth of a gift depends on the heart of the giver. Thank you for always being there in my life. I love you.

Gift-giving made easy and fun. Find the perfect gift for everyone in our shop.

You’re the best! Thank you for the gift. It’s perfect.


Thanks for the gift. It made my day. I hope it makes yours too.

A gift and a memory that lasts forever.

We’re just as excited to see what you’ll get from us this holiday season as you are to unwrap it. 🎁

Thanks for the lovely present! I love to unwrap things so this is perfect.


I love the holiday season because I get to see all of my nearest and dearest

Thank you for the thoughtful gift. How did you know I’ve been wanting one of these?

There’s nothing like the feeling of unwrapping a surprise

This is the best kind of housewarming gift ! Thanks,@lunacycle !!


Treat yourself with a gift this season from our online shop. Shop now! 🎁

Happy belated birthday, Taryn! Sending a virtual hug and stacks of gratitude your way.

It’s the little things. #thankful

How sweet it is to receive your thoughtfulness and this nice bottle of red.


Thanks for the [gift], [name]. I really needed that.

Got the perfect gift for me? Well, give it to me!

For the friend who always gives good gifts: Thank you for giving my skincare routine some extra TLC. This facial mist is just what it’s been craving…

I’m so lucky that I get to spend these little parts of my days with these sweet, big-eyed faces.


Thanks for the sweet birthday party. You’re the BEST!

Thanks for the sweet gift, I really love it

Thanks for the gift! We’ve been meaning to get this for a long time. And also…you’re awesome.

Thank you for making my day a little brighter


Thanks for the new boots, @pete! I was so excited I didn’t even take them out of the box

Have a happy & colorful 🎁 birthday!

Happy belated birthday from all of us! Thanks for the great times and awesome gifts. We’re still enjoying that espresso machine you got us

You make me happy 🎁


Gifts are the best way to show someone you care. We hope you find something special in our #HolidayShop. From all of us at The Container Store, Happy Holidays!

Thank you for thinking of me this holiday season. I really appreciate the thought and effort you put into picking out my gifts!

That’s one way to tell the world I love & appreciate you.

Thank you for the thoughtful gift! I appreciate it more than you know.


Your generosity knows no limits, and for that we are thankful. Just what I’ve always wanted!

I always wanted a puppy, but now I want it even more after seeing how cute and happy my little niece is with her new best friend.

Awww that’s awesome! I’m so glad you like it! I was just going to keep it on my table as decoration after I eat the chocolates 😉 #happybirthday

Thank you for being the light in my life!


Best part of the week: Your new box of @fabletics has arrived!

Thanks to you, my whole house smells like these sweet cinnamon rolls!

You had me at “I’m going to make you breakfast.”

Happy birthday, friend!


Caption for Gift Box

Surprise your dear ones with this gift box that is overflowing with yummy M&M’s milk chocolates!

Our gift boxes are the perfect way to make someone smile this holiday season. Make it an extra special #HolidayGift for someone you love (or, like, love).

Gifts for the creative kids & grownups in your life.


Our gift boxes are filled to the brim with joy, happiness, and gratitude.

A gift they can all enjoy! Indulge each of your friends and family this holiday season with a BarkBox®️.

There are a few things you can’t go wrong with, and flowers are one of them. Here’s a gift box of our favorite spring flowers just for you…

This holiday, give the gift of travel—without having to lift a finger.


Wrapped in a fancy bow and delivered straight to your door.

Thanks for being one of life’s great gifts. Happy Birthday.

Treat yourself or someone you love to this curated box of funky and fun jewelry and accessories

Wishing someone a delightful day with our special gift.


There’s no better reason to stock up on our favorite coffee

Just because.

Coming soon! Get excited.

When you have the perfect gift to give, but not the perfect gift box.


Our gift box is always a perfect fit… for birthdays, weddings, and baby showers. Happy gifting!

You’ve made it through another week. Celebrate with this (insert product name) gift box pack in your lunch bag and always have a treat on hand.

This holiday season, let’s take the stress out of gift-giving and focus on connecting with one another. ✔

Surprise someone you love with a gift they’ll never forget.


You’ve hit the jackpot with this gift box. Fill it with your favorite things—like candles, wine, cheese, and more.

We packaged up a collection of the gifts you need to give this holiday season that is all under $100.

The perfect gift for your loved ones—or yourself…

Treat yourself to a decadent fall assortment of sweet, salty, and savory snacks.


Let’s celebrate the little things.

Pop a look out of this box.

A bundle of beauty to the brave women in your life

For anyone who’s felt invisible.


Hope your 🎁is as amazing as you.

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