Tree and Landscape Business Captions and Quotes

Tree and Landscape Business Captions and Quotes

Tree and Landscape Business Captions and Quotes: Trees are one of nature’s most versatile plants. Their leaves can create shade, protect you from the sun, or provide food and shelter. They also hold a special place in our hearts. Come explore these inspiring quotes and captions about trees, shrubs and other greenery!

Tree and Landscape Business Captions and Quotes

Spring has sprung and so has the team at Tree & Landscape Services! Today, we’re going to be planting an Ash tree.

Trees are girls’ best friend. So are landscape companies.

We’re taking a trip through the country and seeing all the beautiful #tree and #landscape photos you’ve been sharing.


Autumn’s in the air and we’re ready to help you get those trees and property looking good before the holiday season.

Getting ready for fall #trees #landscaping

Don’t overlook that one special tree or plant in your yard. Be a hero to your green friends!

The best part of planting trees is making wishes you can’t tell anyone. 😎


When you plant a tree, it’s not just the tree that benefits. It’s the whole community! #TreePlanted

We’re feeling our trees right now.

That one tree that looks like Yoda from Star Wars. No, not that one. I’m talkin’ ’bout the one behind it. Nope, not it. The other one.

Nothing says fall to us quite like the smell of our Tannin & Cedar layering spray. #fragrance #fall


Plants aren’t just beautiful, they’re the building blocks of life—and the lungs of our planet.

Ooh, that’s an interesting one.

We put the tree in landscaping.

The only thing better than a landscape is a beautiful landscape on your property. Let us help you achieve it today!


Happy Monday! Stop by today and get 50% off trees, shrubs, and plants!

Tree-mendous news! Call us about pruning your trees for a beautiful, safe and healthy fall. 😍 We know how much you love your trees and we want to help keep them healthy and safe for many years to come.

It’s a tree’s life…It’s a tree’s world, we’re just living in it.

You don’t have to wait for the perfect day to have a picnic. #treesandmoretrees


Open houses, yard sales and lots of sunshine are what summer is all about. So enjoy it before it disappears as the temperatures dip and fall is just around the corner!

Trees are the best.

If you’ve been waiting on the right time to plant your fall garden, now is the time! We’ve got shrubs and trees for sale now.

Time to break out your shorts, sweaters and boots… and prune your trees.


It’s so nice to have the chance to help with a project of this size and scope. We really appreciate you hiring us in to handle it!

Autumn is no time to be a wallflower. From crisp air to fiery colors, this is the season to strut your stuff.

Growing in greenest of ways.

Cheers to finally enjoying the beauty of fall


How do you celebrate fall?

growing & maintaining healthy trees for 20 years now. Great experience plus great value, talk to us about landscaping needs today.

We’ve got you covered. From stately shade trees to blooming annuals and perennials, we offer a wide variety of quality trees and plants that are sure to make you smile year round.

It’s a good feeling when everyone wants to know who did your landscaping.


Get your yard ready for fall with some eco-friendly tree and shrub care from our team!

The only thing better than looking at the trees, is being in them.

It’s #NationalForestWeek, which means it’s the perfect time to celebrate trees and all of their majesty. From softwood forests to rainforests and the magical #Redwoods to the Northern #Larch, trees are a part of daily life. Trees are truly living breathing works of art that deserve to be celebrated!

It’s almost time for fall, when all the leaves change color, and the smell of fallen leaves fill the air. We love that time of year too.


Summer’s over, but your outdoor decorating doesn’t have to be. Check out our Instagram for plants and trees you can grow from seed!

Rediscover nature.We’ve got all your outdoor needs covered.

Some of the best parts of summer are made even better by a little bit of shade from the sun. Think about it.

It’s a beautiful day to plant some nature 😃


heyyyyy what do you know look who popped out of nowhere my name is tree and I’m here to help

Gimme all the fall vibes!

Hello, leaves. We’ve missed you.

Sending some 🌴 to everyone for a great weekend!


We’re here to make your trees and landscapes happy.

Find the right tree for your site. Selecting the perfect tree for your landscape not only enhances its appearance but also adds value and color to your home. We have hundreds of nursery grown trees in stock ready for delivery today.

We can’t wait to see you at the Arbor Day Foundation’s Tree Tour and Nursery Tour on April 27–30. We hope to see you!

When you need a tree removed, it’s nice to know you have someone reliable.


We’re looking forward to pruning your trees, shrubs and hedges this fall! #landscape #treecare

We’re all ready for spring, too! Drop us a line when you’re ready to start planning your landscaping project.

What’s your favorite tree species? Let us know in the comments below!

The season of plenty is upon us! #treeplantingseason


Thanks for following along this week as we move into the fall season. Here are some of our favorite photos from the past couple of months!

When leaves begin to change, you’ll find us there.

Getting fall ready at the shop. 🍂 #nature

Chestnuts roasting on an open fire, Jack Frost nipping at your nose… you know what’s coming next. It’s Fall.


How are you spending your autumn days? Lifting your spirits with a fresh, fragrant breath of air.

Pour a little bit of your heart out into the world each day.

Urban living is thriving with the wide array of tree and landscape services we provide.

Your yard doesn’t have to be the showcase of your home, but it can be with a little extra attention from our tree & landscape experts.


You are going to love the view from our tree service. And the view from these trees too! (Insert link)

If you love living in the trees, start a career working with them

Tree stand ready for the holidays. Now it’s time to decorate!

Don’t just look at the trees, look out for them.


Autumn is the best season of all. Trees go bare, leaves change to bright colors and everything smells like cinnamon

Fall is here, and the leaves are changing.

These are a few of our favorite things: puppies, pizza, and weekend adventures.

We all need a reason to go outside. What’s yours this weekend?


A little rain never hurt anyone

Some days, it just feels good to be outside.

Don’t just take our word for it.

Sometimes when you’re lost, you’re really all on your own. But actually, you’re never, ever alone.


We are tree people. It’s what we do. We can help you plant the perfect tree for your property, and make sure it stays as healthy and vibrant as can be throughout its lifetime.

Come fall in love with the subtle beauty of trees this season.

Need to get your tree? We got you covered!

Good morning from the team at [insert company name]. We hope you’re having a great day.


Our fall clean up and pruning is done!

There’s something about the way the sun hits the trees in early Fall that makes our little corner of the world look like a postcard.

Life’s most beautiful views are worth preserving.

There are few things more satisfying than a beautiful garden.


Planting new memories here.

Get out of town, take a break from life, and enjoy the beauty of nature

There’s a place you can go and it’s filled with nature’s beauty. Let us show you that #wanderlust is where we belong.

Hey, you. We’re glad to see you again. Don’t forget to share your moments with us!


We’re here to give you a helping hand.

Trees, shrubs, plants, and hardscapes—we’ve got it all! If you want something special and unique, come to us.

We make your yard as unique and individual as you are, so come on over for a chat about what we can do for you.

Dust off your shears, it’s time to take down the summer garden and get those trees reshaped!


The best part about our business is that it brings folks into close contact with nature ❄️

Thankful for fresh air, healthy plants, and a small business that lets me work in nature

Keep calm and plant a tree

Bringing the beauty of nature to your surroundings.


Good morning, neighbors! We hope you’re having a great week and we’re looking forward to seeing you here at the nursery.

Just like the trees, we grow big with time

Welcome to the neighborhood.

There’s nothing short of breathtaking about long, lush grass and so much greenery. It’s one of the reasons we love fall  #winteriscoming


From top to bottom- get yours TODAY!

When we can walk to the middle of a forest, we’re more connected to nature. That’s why we should all get out into our forests more often.

Say hello to the new you

You can’t beat the feeling of a tree and landscape business. Especially when you’re in on it from the beginning


You did such a great job last fall. Now you’re back to make it even better! Thanks for caring for our trees, Steve.

Tearin’ it up in the fall with our full trees service. We love helping you beautify your landscape and yard with clean cuts and pruned plants!

Whether it’s a tree, a bush or a little garden, we’ve got you covered. #trees #landscape #green

Sunday is for trees.


Whether you’re searching for the perfect live Christmas tree or a gorgeous specimen to grace your backyard, you’ve come to the right place!

trees are beautiful #treesarebeautiful

The best treasure a man can find is a tree that will grow—and keep on growing —during all the years he lives! -Greenpeace”

We really love what we do. Are you ready for fall?


We keep it green across the country

Time to refill the bird feeders.

As much as we love the rain, we love it even more when the sun comes back out.

You’ve got to try our climbing trees. I guarantee you’ll love it! #treeclimbing


Ain’t no mountain high enough, ain’t no valley low enough, can’t nothing keep me from you.

How do you like your trees? We take great pride in planting them right and watching them grow.

We plant trees for you and the next generation to enjoy.

You need to plan for your trees’ growth for the year. You can’t just leave them to their own devices. Call us today and we can discuss options. (Mention a promotion)


Rake leaves, mow lawns, plant trees – these are the smells of fall in North Carolina.

Goodbye, beach and pool. We’ll see you next year. Hello, trees!

top 10 tips for making your yard the most beautiful on the block

Ready for some serious fall leaf peeping? We are!


There’s something about this time of year that feels like a great time to put down roots.

Woke up this morning and it was raining, but looking at these lush green trees makes me feel like every day is a beautiful day.

Hanging out with the family today. #NationalFamilyDay

Brighten up your space with these fall-inspired tips to help you survive and thrive till spring.


It’s a way of life. We know you love it—and so do we.

Ready for the weekend? Here’s a preview. 👀 See you Monday.

When you need to get away

Our passion for trees and landscapes is your passion for nature.


With more than 38 years of experience serving the greater DC area and a dedication to customer service, the experts at Jansen Tree & Landscape are here for all your tree care needs.

tree surgery & landscaping specialists, just about anywhere you need us.

We are happy to announce that we will be growing our #trees and shrubs by 25% this fall! Make sure you visit us this season, to see what we have in store for you.

Looking for the perfect tree to cut down for your next holiday party? We got you covered.


Fall is the best time to plant, fertilize and take care of your trees and shrubs.

The loveliest way to decorate your space is with a tree

They say it’s a man’s duty to make the world a better place. So let’s start with the trees

There’s nothing more beautiful than a tree


May your gardens grow and your forests too.

You can’t rush nature, but you can get a little bit greener with her

Hey there, little sprout. How far have you come?

Hey, what’s up? How are you today? We’re doing great, thanks for asking!


Hope you’re having a great day!

We are a local tree and landscaping business based in Detroit, please give us a shout when you need our services.

Trees and landscapes bring people together. We like to think of it as a modern way to be closer with nature

Lawn care and landscaping for every season. We take pride in every job we do, from fall clean-ups to planting a tree or flowers.


Trees are the best relatives. Thanks for being there for me when I needed you most.

A beautiful day can start with a tree

They’re taking shape! Stunning new front yards grow before our eyes. #GreenThumb

Our backyards, streets, and city parks can be magical places. Let our team help you bring life to yours . . .


Just one of the perks of working at Sway Shade:

You’ll never believe what you’ll find in our backyard!

Nothing lifts the spirit like pausing to take in a beautiful fall day.

Happy Friday! Let’s get outside, people. Have a great weekend, everyone.


We’ve planted a seed. But you have to water it. Whether it’s with your time and love, or your money and influence, anything less than your best is the slowest way to grow.

And on the eighth day they rested, but not us. We’re still here and we’re still planting

As our community celebrates the holidays, it’s a great time to give your trees and landscapes a little extra love. #nofilter

It’s a beautiful day to be landscaping your yard with our talented tree crew.


No matter what the season, we’ll make sure your tree is just right. (link to contest)

It’s your time to shine. Let us help you bring out the best in every tree

Let us plant a real tree in your real life.

It’s that time of year again when trees start going bare and giving back to nature. Give back with us.


How do you fancy these fall tree colours?

Summer has been good to us. Trees that have matured and grown through the hot sun are now prepared for the change of season.

How to make your tree look super festive? Wrap it with string lights!

Bring a little bit of luxury to your garden 🌿 #lush . . . . . . . . #garden #gardening #landscape #design


Drink Deep from the Wellspring of an Evergreen.

nancy_meyers_thankful_for_those_long_summer_days #throwbackthursday #thursdayvibes

Towering above the competition.

The best way to embrace the weekend? A good old-fashioned hike. 🚶♀️


We’re going to need a bigger boat.

You’re leafing through the gallery…


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