Turning 10 Years Old Quotes and Captions

Turning 10 Years Old Quotes and Captions

Turning 10 Years Old Quotes and Captions: When turning 10 years old, everybody asks: “what is the best present for your birthday? What should I do for a surprise party?” And we all have the same answer: be yourself. When you turn ten, you are already an adult —you are more independent and mature than when you were younger. But if you would like to become an even bigger adult (remember, age is just a number), try these quotes that will surely give you some inspiration on how to deal with all of life’s changes.

Turning 10 Years Old Quotes and Captions

we’re turning 10 years old! we’ve seen a lot in a decade, but it’s you guys that have made our journey unfailingly awesome. thank you for being here with us. cheers to ten more years

You’ve come a long way, little buddy. Happy 10th birthday, Instagr.am!

Our little friend is turning 10. And just like us, she’s loved every minute of it


Celebrating our sweet 10th birthday with a party that would make Willy Wonka blush (in the picture caption use whisker club filter)

Oops! We turned 10 today. Happy birthday to us!

We’re celebrating 10 years this Month! To our beloved customers who have made us a success, we love you all.

Happy 10th Birthday to us!


Happy birthday to us! We turn 10 on September 20. Hold us, please.

Celebrating a milestone, we’re proud to be part of your family! Thank you for supporting us all these years.

Hey! We’re on instagram now! Post, like, and comment all you want!

Because of you, we’ve seen a lot of things. We’ll keep going for a lot more.


Friendship: like a comet, it passes through the sky but only once.

Happy birthday to me! I turned 10 years old today and I could not be happier with what the future holds. #GrowingStones

10 years + 10 million moments of delightfully unexpected treats and joy. Thanks to all who have made this journey so sweet! ♥

Happy birthday to us! 10 years ago we were just a pair of crazy kids with a website and a dream


Celebrating 10 years of capturing the moments that make life unique.

When we turn 10, we’re celebrating our accomplishments and looking ahead to the next ten years! Cheers to crossing into our third decade with fresh energy and passion.

It’s our birthday. We’re turning 10 and couldn’t be more excited about it. Happy birthday to us!

How do you know you’ve been [name brand] for 10 years? When your parents start calling you by name!


We’re celebrating 10 years of bringing you the best content on all things related to your business and social media marketing. To the next 10!

Happy birthday to us! You’re a big girl now, Instagram!

Happy Birthday to us! We’re so happy you’ve been there for us all these years.

Cake is awesome. Pastry is awesome. Birthday cake is so much more awesome. Happy birthday, us!


Happy Birthday to us! Thanks for bringing the cake and candles.

Here’s to wishing you a happy birthday!

10 years, 4 generations. Happy birthday, Chick-fil-A.

We’re 10 and we still don’t look a day over 8. Happy Birthday, Instagram.


I’m so excited to turn 10! And I’m even more excited to share my birthday with you. #happy10thbirthday

On this special day, we’re sending our sincerest wishes to the Instagram community. Here’s to 10 more years!

We’re turning 10! From our family to yours…thanks for celebrating with us! Cheers to the next ten years, and many more to come.

Celebrating our 10th birthday and looking forward to growing into an even bigger, better school of thought.


Yesterday you were 10, now you’re 11. Here’s to many more happy returns.

Last year, we turned three. This year, we’re 10. Next year, we’ll be 20! Time really does fly!

We have a very big feeling about the next 10 years #HappyBirthdayList.

Wishing you all a very happy birthday from all of us at Facebook.


The last decade has been an incredible ride. Thank you for being a part of it with us.

Here’s a little #tbt to the day we made our first batch of ice cream

Celebrating 10 years of giving you more reasons to love life. It’s been an amazing ride, and we can’t wait to share more great moments with you in the years to come.

Happy birthday, Instagram. Here’s to 10 more years of capturing your most memorable moments


10 years old is the perfect age for anything—you’re big enough to start something new and small enough to still enjoy snacks.

Happy Birthday to us! We’re turning 10 this week. Thanks for the sweet messages and tweets, we ❤️ you back

Cheers to 10 years of bringing you all together.

10 years in the game. Here’s to another 10 years of spreading the good vibes


Hey, thanks for celebrating with us! Today we turned 10.

We’re celebrating 10 years of Insta-worthy moments. Thank you for all the likes (and there have been a ton).

We’re turning 10 in 2018! To thank you for your business, from now until February 28th, we are offering 10% off all orders using the promo code: TENOFF .

We’re older and wiser now. And we couldn’t be happier. #happybirthdaytoyourgut


Thank you to our customers for making us a part of your celebrations and memories. Have a great year ahead.

We made it, but only because you got us here. Thank you.

Cheers to celebrating 10 years with you.

Happy Birthday to us! We’ve been around for 10 years, helping you discover and share the best content online. Thank you for being a part of our community. Here’s to the next 10 years!


10 years of friendship, laughter, and shenanigans! Happy birthday to my lovely friend. I can’t wait to see what the next decade will bring.

We’re turning 10. We’ve grown a lot in the last 10 years, but we still do things our own way. Thank you for being part of it all! Happy Birthday! (filter: transform)

We turn 10! Now let’s celebrate with a legendary cup of coffee ☕️ #vanillacup

We’re celebrating a decade of roasting today. Thanks for being a part of it! Raise your mug to 10 years of good coffee and 3 more years of great friends. Cheers!


So much has changed since you first joined. But one thing’s stayed the same: You. Here’s to ten years of friendship, art history knowledge and maybe some new friends (if you’re into that sort of thing).

We’re X10 today! We’ve come so far that we feel like we’re finally in the right decade.

You’ve come a long way, little guy.

Big things come in small packages.


Time to get your 10 year old on and create a few memories.

Happy 10th birthday to us! Back in 2008, we were small. Now we’re big.

It’s been an amazing 9 years of growing with you, and we can’t wait to see what the next 10 years bring. Happy birthday to us! We’ve loved every second of your support. Thanks a glob for being there.*hug* #iLoVeYou

10 years young and still trying to push past its comfort zone


We’re 10! Thanks for all the memories.

10 years ago, we opened our first shop. Today, we have thousands of shops around the world and thousands of people who love to work at Starbucks as much as they love to drink our coffee. Happy birthday, Starbucks!

We’re turning 10 and we’re not going anywhere.

Wanna know the secret to looking fine at 10? Be eating Chipotle and drinking Coke, natural fountain of youth.


birthday cake made of sprinkles, tiny candles, and a lot of wishes. Happy birthday to us!

Happy Birthday! Thanks for sticking around.

Growing up is optional, but growing old is mandatory.

Time sure flies when you’re having this much fun!


We all have our own hopes and dreams, but few of us think about how to get there.

We’ll be back in the classroom tomorrow, but for now, we’re making like a tree and bolting!

daughter turning 10 years old quotes

Double the love for this cutie, turning 10!


your decade of parenthood is almost over.

Your biggest fan is turning 10. Let’s celebrate her with a card, cake and special present!

It’s almost her birthday! How does your daughter celebrate big birthdays?

Happy birthday little one!! You continue to amaze us with your kindness and generous heart. Wishing you the best year ever!


Congrats Birthday Girl 🎂We’ve got a special day planned for you.

A few days and counting until your birthday, sweetheart. I can’t wait to celebrate with you!

What. A. Blast. Happy birthday, sweetie!

I love you to Pluto and back #happyanniversary @


Having a birthday? Make it memorable with these sweet and savory, oh heck… why don’t you just have them all?

It’s your birthday and I got something for you that’s a little different than a bar of chocolate or a gift card to your favorite store.

My birthday was the other day, but it’s still kind of cool.

Can’t believe my little girl is turning ten. Just like that, she’s off and running with the big kids.


Turning Ten and Loving It

Happiness is having a daughter like you. Happy Birthday, Baby.

Happy birthday, kid! Thanks for growing up with us. Here’s looking at 10 more years.

10 years. You’re 10. Of course you can stay out till 11:30.


happy birthday to my daughter! she’s growing so fast, i can barely keep up with her

I can’t believe how much you’ve grown and changed in the last 10 years. Happy birthday, sweetie.

Happy Birthday, sweet girl! We love watching you grow and change each year. Happy Birthday to one of our favorite people on the planet.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my favorite little #tomboy


Happy birthday!! Keep being you and stay true to who you are! We’re so proud of you!

How time flies when you’re having fun! Here’s to many more years of friendship, adventures, and big smiles.

Happy Birthday to my biggest little adventure buddy! I love you infinitely and more than all the stars in the sky.

Hope you have an extra special day where everything is just perfect!


Let’s celebrate 10 years of being the best friend and sister a girl could ask for! Xo

10 years ago, on the most beautiful summer day, our world changed forever. Happy birthday to our first daughter.

Have a happy birthday, sweet girl! You’re the best sister and friend a girl could wish for.

Happy 10th birthday, Olivia! You’re the coolest kid ever and we love you!


Happy birthday to my girl. You are one amazing person and I am so proud to be your Mommy.

Happy 10th birthday to my favorite little buddy

Love you to infinity and beyond, sweet girl!

When I look at you, I see my smile reflected in your eyes. Happy Birthday, Lil Sis!


The older you get, the harder it is to pretend you’re listening to Mum. So much for the theory that being a grown-up means you’ll have more free time.

happy birthday to the sweetest person in the world. You have taught me more about love and patience than I could ever learn in a lifetime

Her zest for life is reminding me to take nothing for granted. Cheers to my lil

No matter what the occasion, every girl deserves a slice of cake


10 years ago today, you started as my baby girl. Today you are my best friend. Happy birthday

You’re 10 years old now. Congrats and way to be!

We’re proud of the woman you’ve become. More than just a birthday, it’s our special way of celebrating all you’ve achieved and the woman you’re becoming

Hello, you cool, sweet 10 year old. Happy birthday!


Happy birthday, baby girl!

Happy Birthday to my beautiful daughter who I love so much. You make me smile when you smile and laugh when you laugh, which is often. Happy birthday for brightening up my world!

happy birthday to this princess

Celebrating the magic of turning 10. Happy Birthday


We grew up together. I know who you are and what you like. Happy birthday, my friend.

We just want to say happy birthday and hope you have an awesome year

What a year it’s been. Best friends, birthday parties, and soccer games…this is the best 🎂 you could have ever wished for.

Happiest of Birthdays! Wishing you a year of joy, happiness and growth.


Celebrate this milestone birthday with a sprinkle-tastic cake and cupcakes.

son turning 10 years old quotes

Graduation is around the corner— wish a happy birthday to your son turning 10 years old with our products and services.

Congrats on turning 10 years old, buddy! You grew up so quickly. I can’t wait to see what the future has in store for you


Isn’t it just a privilege being with your kids and seeing what they’ll become. Happy Birthday son.

Happy birthday to our little man who’s 10 today. We love you and can’t wait to rock your party tomorrow!

Happy Birthday to our little boy! Thanks for 10 years of laughs, hugs and kisses. We love you more than you will ever know.

You are 10. We are thankful for you. Happy Birthday.


Throw me a party, I’m turning 10!

Turning ten is time to start thinking about your future—and that future involves staying up late and eating sugar.

A toast to you, little one. Happy birthday!

We make cupcakes, you make memories. Happy Birthday!


If you can put a balloon on it, then it’s a birthday party.

You’re never too old to run outside and play…or celebrate a bit. Happy birthday

Happy Birthday! Here’s to my favorite time of year when I get to see you even more than usual.

Happy Birthday! You’re 10 years old today and we couldn’t be more proud of the kind, smart, funny young man you are becoming. All our love, Mom and Dad


10 years old today, little bro. It’s hard to believe how much you’ve grown into a fine young man. Happy birthday!

A few days ’til we celebrate your first decade of life. We love you to the moon and back and so much beyond that.

When we turn 10, the world ends up celebrating us—a pretty sweet deal.

Happy 10th Birthday to my big kid!


HBD! We can’t believe it’s been 10 years; you’ve grown up to be such a handsome and talented young man, here’s to many more. #HappyBirthday

Happy Birthday to my favorite 10 year old on the planet! I love you!

10 years of friendship, affection and fun

HBD to my little man who always knows how to make me laugh.


Happy 10th birthday, buddy! Can’t believe how fast the last decade went by. Happy Birthday!

For us, these are the best years of life—but why wait until then? All the best to you, your family, and your business. Happy birthday!

One decade down, at least two to go. Happy birthday!

Ten years ago today, 10 tiny fingers wrapped around 10 miniature toes.


Throwback to the day we brought you home! Happy birthday to our first born, who is turning 10 years old today!

There’s nothing more rewarding than watching your kids grow up right in front of your eyes.

We may be ten, but we’ll never stop being your little sidekick.

Happy birthday to the best big brother ever. I couldn’t imagine a better brother or person in my life.


Celebrate your kid’s birthday by filling the day with activities that matter most.

We love you to infinity and beyond. Happy birthday!

Happy birthday and welcome to the big leagues little man.

We wish you a happy birthday and hope you have a great year ahead!


Thanks for the steady stream of happy birthdays, bestie. We’ve got 10 years down and a lifetime to go!

Happy birthday sunshine! Hope your day is a blast and that it’s filled with close friends, family & lots of love!

Don’t be afraid to be childish.

Life is short, so try new things. You never know how much you like them until you try them


HBD to a landmark birthday! Thanks for inspiring us with your unstoppable positivity.

It’s your birthday. Treat yourself to cake and frosting.


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