Turning 19 Birthday Quotes and Captions

Turning 19 Birthday Quotes and Captions

Turning 19 Birthday Quotes and Captions: There’s nothing better than a good laugh, especially when it comes to turning 19. In fact, you can’t really imagine laughing at something as hard as a man who turned 19 without cracking a smile. Regardless of your age, birthdays can be fun and exciting. From parties and gifts to family reunions and gatherings — we’ve done some digging and came up with some birthday quotes and captions that celebrate those special milestones in life.

Turning 19 Birthday Quotes and Captions

19 years, in 19 photos. We can’t believe it but we’re so excited to celebrate you! Happy birthday

We freaking love birthdays at Starbucks.

Happy birthday to my favorite person in the world. I’m so glad to have you in my life and I can’t wait to see what you accomplish next year.


These years are going by like whoaaa, but don’t forget to stop and smell the roses. Happy birthday.

It’s fun to dream about your future, but it’s important to appreciate the present. Happy Birthday!

Just one more sleep to my birthday

Happy Birthday to our favorite year-round bb.


Wishing my friend the best day of her life with lots of love and laughter. Turn up the volume and dance like no one’s watching!

let’s have a cocktail, baby.

They grow up so fast.

Here’s to you, kid.


How ’bout we make this one a red-letter day?

turning 19! you did it

I’ve taken my first steps and now I’m running at full speed. Happy 19th birthday!

Some of the best years are 19 and we’re still going strong. Happy birthday to us.


Wavy AF. Throwbacks to our 19th birthday are just one tap away.

HBD to that sweet, sweet 19.

Hope your birthday is filled with joy, laughter, and love.

Not all birthdays are celebrated the same way. What’s your favorite way to celebrate?


From all your friends at Starbucks. Have a great day, 19!

The birthday club is better with you in it. Here’s to another year.

The best is yet to come. Happy Birthday.

Happy birthday to you! Happy birthday from me! Happy birthday, dear friend of mine.


Nothing says “Happy Birthday!” like a big bowl of cake.

Wishing you a year of happiness and laughter.

I know I’m getting old when all the candles on my birthday cake start to look like pacemakers

I’ve worked hard to get where I am today, but now I’m taking it easy. #turning19 #luxury #19thbirthday


Turning 19, never looked so good

It’s hard to believe you’re already 19. You are the funnest and coolest person we know. Happy Birthday, you big kid!

Vintage vibes for your 19th birthday

Birthdays make me feel like a kid again… too bad I’m still paying for them as an adult #still19inthehead #sooner19thebetter


Celebrate your birthday with friends, family and a cake full of smiles. Happy Birthday!

HBD to my big 19. I’m looking forward to all the friends, good food, and great times ahead. HBD!

Happy birthday to the funniest and nicest guy I know. Here’s to many more years of laughter, friendship, and shenanigans.

Birthday cake for breakfast. Birthday presents for lunch. And another round of birthday cake for dinner. Happy birthday!


It’s never too late to start a new chapter, celebrate another year of life

Today, the first day of the rest of your life. And it has never been a better time to go make something out of it. Happy birthday.

Getting older’s awesome. Getting wiser, even better. Happy birthday, buddy!

If I were to go on a romantic getaway with you, it’d probably be one of those weekend trips where it’s just the two of us and a lot of freshly-baked cookies.


One of these days you’re going to wake up and realize how amazing you really are—and I hope I’m there to see it.

Hot, steaming 🍪 coming right up. Enjoy with all your friends!

So today is my 19th birthday, and I’m pretty thrilled to be here. I’ve been on this planet for 19 years, and it’s been a fun ride thus far.

Share your birthday with friends and family. Make sure to make all your memories count @19


Hey there, 19-year-old. You’re old enough now (congrats!). We hope you can come by and celebrate soon.

At 19, you’ve come so far. Here’s to another year of kicking butt and taking names

What a great way to cap off your 18th year. Cheers to you and your 19th!

Hope your birthday is filled with lots of love, laughter, and a lot of cheesy fries.


happy birthday to the best brother

It’s your birthday, but we’ll take care of the cake and candles. Here’s to years more sweet with your loved ones by your side.

If you didn’t party on your birthday, you missed half the fun.

Happy Birthday, my friend! Have a beautiful year filled with joy and wonder


yaaas, you’re officially an adult now.

All that planning and you’re still 19. Never a dull moment when you’re turning 19. Happy Birthday!

Turning 19 doesn’t mean you’ve outgrown your toys—it just means you can drive them in the street! Happy birthday!

Cheers to turning 19!


These 19 year old memes that’ll make you feel nostalgic for your first year of adulthood.

When we were kids, we were told that the big milestone of our teen years was 18. We scoffed at that. We insisted that 19 is where it’s at. And so here we are!

Did that number just get louder? 19! Happy birthday and cheers to all the sweet things you’ll do.

I’m 19 and I already see a lot of things


HBD to being a grown-up—happy birthday, ya big kid!

It’s your birthday, it’s my birthday let’s celebrate.

One year ago, I was a teenager.

Put on that fresh new number and let’s see if you get lucky!


So many candles to blow out, so little time. Happy Birthday!

In my early 20s I spent a lot of time searching for the meaning of life. In my 30s, I decided to stop and smell the roses.

Come play! #playislearning

Congrats on turning 19! You are now officially a grown up….


Who’s ready to celebrate me turning 19.

If you could travel back in time, what would you tell your teenage self? Turn 19.

We’re turning 19! And it’s the perfect excuse to celebrate today.

Happy birthday to you! It’s been 19 years of friendship and chicken fights, but we’re still head over heels.


Thank you for coming out tonight. Here’s to 19 more years of friendship.

You’re officially two years older, so celebrate with us by using the code 19YEARS to get $19 off your next purchase.

Hope your birthday is filled with lots of love! Happy Birthday!

Let us wish you a very happy birthday, and peace until next year . . . unless you’re 18, in which case, peace for the next 11 months.


HBD! Now you’re officially inching one year closer to the coveted adult hood

And all the best to you on your next adventure. Cheers to year 19!

HBD to our OG. May this day be the first of many more ahead.

Believe it or not, today you’re turning 19! So happy birthday! May all your dreams come true!


Happy birthday to the coolest 19 year old in the world.

So many reasons to celebrate on your birthday—and you’re only 19. Happy birthday, buddy!

Happy birthday, 19!

Cheers to being one year older and wiser! Here’s to 19 and all the great things that come with it.


Happy birthday to the coolest, most adventurous and best looking brother in the world! Hoping your day is as fun and carefree as you are!

I hope your birthday is everything you want it to be. Happy Birthday!

19 is the year to keep your cool as you learn what it takes to make things work.

HBD on a scale of 1-10, you’re an Eleven. Happy Birthday, you talented beauty.


Every birthday holds the promise of a new beginning.

My, how you’ve grown. You’re officially an adult now and there’s never been a better time in history to be you!

Happy birthday, friend. We’re glad you spend it with us!

Don’t be afraid to go get a new haircut. No one likes coming home from school or work to a house that looks like a hurricane went through it, and nobody wants to see your greasy hair curling all over the place.


When it comes to celebrations, we’ve got you covered.

I am glad to be 19 years old and to be alive. I’ve yearned for it so much.

best wishes to __________ on their 19th birthday!

Honestly, I’m just glad we’ve come so far since our awkward teenage years. Happy birthday to my favorite person.


Congrats, 19. You’ve been living and learning. Now it’s time to celebrate and enjoy all the sweet things in life.

Happy Birthday, now you’re legal.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY! We hope you have a year full of smiles and sweet memories.

It’s your birthday, get a free coffee! Celebrate your big day with us, and we’ll give you a free cup of coffee on your special day.


I’m not much of a party planner, but I know an awesome birthday when I see one! Happy Birthday!

That awkward moment when you realize your parents are actually older than you. Happy Birthday—you’re officially an adult!

Celebrate your birthday the right way with a delicious slice of cake (or two).

Just one trip around the sun for you, no big deal. Happy birthday!


May the road rise up to meet you, May the wind be always at your back

turning 19 birthday quotes for son

Happy Birthday dear Son, i hope your special day is filled with love, joy and happiness.

Yesterday you were 18 and legally an adult. Today, you’re 19 and too cool to accept any gifts. Here’s to the next chapter, birthday boy! Cheers


Next up is a cool coming-of-age milestone: your 19th birthday. If you’re 19 years old, you are officially an adult in the eyes of the law.

Happy Birthday, Son! We love you so much and we’ll always be there for you.

Wishing a Happy Birthday to my wonderful son. We’ve been through so much together, but you’ve always made me proud. I love you!

Happy birthday, son! You’re officially a teenager now, which means you’ll be responsible for your own laundry, dishes and meals all pretty soon!


Chilling out and relaxing at the beach before turning another year older. Happy Birthday

Happy 19th birthday, you old timer.

Happy birthday! Hope your day is filled with as much love, laughter and hope as you have shared with us. Enjoy your special day.

Nineteen is a big one, so make it a big one.


Come on over to our place for dinner. We made your favorite: Sugar Cookies and warm milk!

You’re a young, confident adult with a smart head on your shoulders. Your parents and loved ones couldn’t be more proud of you! Happy 19th birthday!

Wishing my awesome girl a day filled with love and laughter. Happy 19th birthday, sweetheart!

Celebrating your 19th birthday is even more reason to celebrate


Last year you were 18, and now you’re 19—congratulations! We’re here to help you celebrate this milestone with style.

Today you’re 19…how in the world did that happen?! Happy birthday, sweetie-pie

The best present you can give your child is a happy family. Happy Birthday.

Just because you’re over 18 doesn’t mean you have to act like it. Happy Birthday


Don’t forget to wish you a happy birthday, from all of us!

You’re not getting older, you’re getting better. Happy Birthday! Keep shining and keep smiling!

My parents were worried I would be a weirdo for being a Scorpio…Naw son, you’re just a good guy. Happy Birthday!

HBD to still being a little kid at heart


Spilled some tea on your birthday suit? Don’t panic. There’s a birthday accident card for that.

There’s a perfect reason you’re a year wiser.

This is the best time of year—all the leaves are changing, there’s a chill in the air ☀🍁+ you have me!

Turning 1 in the 9th, Turning 19 today, Happy Birthday Son.


When you’re 19, you’ll be old enough to make all your dreams come true. Happy birthday, little man!

birthday wishes for a great friend like you

Happiest of birthdays to the sweetest son ever (on his 19th!)

It’s your special day—your big day. Today you’re 19, legal to go out on the town!


Happy 19th birthday! You’re the best friend I’ve ever had, and you’ll always be so special to me. Congratulations on this momentous day!

We’ll be turning nineteen on May 18th. We’re going to celebrate by giving our friends and customers a sweet deal on ice cream

Nothing is sweeter than a 19th birthday. Happy birthday, sweetheart!

What a great day to celebrate the birthday of my best friend. I’m so lucky to have you in my life. Happy birthday, son!


Congratulations! Happy 19th birthday to our favorite nugget.

Happy Birthday! It’s time to celebrate your next chapter.

Wishing you all the best in your new chapter and hope it is filled with good friends, great adventures and beautiful memories.

Happy Birthday, buddy! Here’s to another year of keeping it lit


19 times out of 20, you’re good enough. You’ll find your way.

turning 19 birthday quotes for daughter

A big milestone for any 19-year-old, but especially one as exceptional as you. We are so proud of everything you’ve accomplished and the person that you’ve become. Happy Birthday, Daughter!

What are you doing turning 19? How did this happen ?


Cheers to turning 19, sweetheart. Have an amazing year!

Happy 19th Birthday to our youngest daughter-in-law! Enjoy your day from all of us #toastforall

Happy birthday to my daughter who’s been sweet as can be even since day 1

And now I’m the birthday girl. #19BirthdayGirl


Stay golden, sweetheart. You’re only getting better with age. Happy Birthday.

One more year of birthday cakes, presents and … oh yes, taxes. Happy birthday!

Yay! 19! We’re excited for all the ways our BFF is about to go out and change the world. Cheers to you, kiddo!

The best part of waking up is _________ in your cup. Happy Birthday from Starbucks!


Then do not worry about tomorrow — a new day will come in which your life will develop and you will have other cares.

Happy 19th Birthday! You’ve come so far, little one. We’re so proud of you. Happy Birthday, Daughter!

I’m so proud of you. When I look at you, I don’t just see how beautiful and intelligent you are. I also see how determined and full of integrity you are. Happy 19th Birthday, baby girl!

Happy 19th birthday to the most incredible person I know. How lucky am I to have you in my life.


For the birthday of the girl who has an opinion on everything, except maybe her 19th birthday wish.

I have always wanted to be someone who makes a difference. I’m so happy at 19, I’m making that difference!

we wish you a happy birthday, from your mom and dad.

Happy Birthday, @xxxxx! You’re a full-on adult now.


I love you to the moon and back. Happy Birthday!

I’d like to take this moment to welcome you to the club that no one wants to join. I mean, 39 years old can’t be all that bad, right? Happy birthday, Dad!

Swipe a paw on our new limited edition birthday collection and have the purr-fect #birthday!

It’s your birthday, sweet pea. We know you’ll do something amazing with it. Happy birthday.


Make today the best day ever. To help you out, here are 19 ways to make today a little more fabulous!

The best days start with a cup of joe

Treat yo’ self with a pick-me-up from the Coffee Beanery.

turning 19 birthday quotes for myself


Wishing a fabulous 19th birthday to one of my closest friends who always has the best advice, who always makes me laugh, and who is always there for a fun night out. Love you!

Turning nineteen doesn’t mean you’re getting old. It means you’re not a teenager anymore.

Coffee. Chocolate. Hobbies. Your sweet 19th birthday is my perfect day

Happy Birthday to me. It’s incredible how much you’ve grown.


It’s your birthday and it’s your party—you can celebrate how you want to. What are you doing with your day?

It’s your birthday AGAIN, and that’s a good thing because you’re the only one of your kind. You’re a gem

Cheers to living every day as if it’s your last, because every day truly is a gift. #HappyBirthdayToMe

Proud to be a part of this beautiful celebration of new life.


When you come to a fork in the road, take it.

*sips coffee* Here’s to the most wonderful time of the year

Follow your dreams, but stay out of the deep end.

Time may be moving quickly, but I promise we’ll take it slow together. Happy day after 19th birthday to you!


Happy birthday to the most interesting 19-year-old I know.

Happy birthday to the best friend any girl could ask for. You’re always there to keep me smile on my worst day and hold me accountable when it comes to my goals

It’s your birthday, but we’re the ones who feel blessed to have you as part of our team. Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday to the most awesome, intelligent and loveable person I know. You’re amazing!


Congratulations, you’ve officially reached adulthood.

Happy birthday to the best kid brother in the world. You are fun, you are kind, and you have a heart of gold. I am so lucky that we are family!

19, like a really pretty 19th letter in an alphabet full of frat-tastic letters. Also, it’s my favorite number because it’s a prime number and I’m very into math.

Happy birthday to me. I’m turning 19 today, which means I am finally old enough to make my own decisions!


Happy Birthday To Me! I’m literally only 19, but somehow that makes me feel so much older 😂 #selfie #🍰

Happy 19th, birthday to me.

Jumping for joy that it’s my birthday month!!

Before you know it, you’re out of the teen years and into your twenties.


Because it’s your birthday and you don’t look a day over 18. Happy Birthday, Halle!

Thinking of you on your birthday, friend. Here’s to a year that’s better than your last!

My favorite 19th century is the 1900s!

Baby, you’re a firework. I love watching you shine. Happy Birthday to my sweetheart.


When you’re young, you worry about what others think. When you’re older, you realize that most people don’t think at all.

A year ago, I never thought I’d be on this ride.

I’m the kind of person who has to try anything once. I’m always up for a new adventure.

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