Turning 32 Years Old Quotes with Captions

Turning 32 Years Old Quotes with Captions

Turning 32 Years Old Quotes with Captions:  Do you ever feel like you’re losing touch with the people that you used to know? It happens to all of us. No matter how close friends, family members or colleagues may be, when we get older and see the world through different eyes, our memories are often blurred — even the memories that were so vivid to us as youngsters. 32 years is a special milestone no matter what year it’s in your life. Enjoy this newly written quotes about turning 32 year old.

Turning 32 Years Old Quotes with Captions

Hey there, 32. Happy Birthday to my favorite age so far. You’re gonna be amazing.

Happy birthday to the best 32-year-old out there, who also happens to be my sister.

Life’s more fun when you don’t take it too seriously. 32 is just a number…so enjoy yourself!


I’m 32 years young and I plan to make the MOST of it.

I’m proud of my age because I’ve lived a lot in 32 years

happy birthday, dear me. 32 is the new 40. (or likely better!)

Happy birthday to my favorite big sister!


haha! we are having a laugh and enjoying life: Happy Birthday to you

Happy Birthday to you! Happy Birthday to you! Happy Birthday dear [name], happy birthday to yoooooooou!

Happiest of birthdays, one year closer to the over-the-hill cliff.

Being 30 isn’t so bad. In fact, I’ve never felt better. Happy birthday to me!


There must be a special place in heaven for those who can make people laugh.

Here’s to another year of friendship, adventures and more #friendstogether

And you know what? I feel awesome.

I try to accomplish at least one good thing each day, whether it is a small act of kindness or a big accomplishment.


Happy birthday to ME!🎂 #HappyBirthdayToMe #32YearOldQuotes

Happy birthday to the greatest 32 year old I know! #bdayquotes

Happy birthday to this amazing man who always makes me smile. I look forward to our new adventures together. ❤

The best present you can give yourself on your birthday is to spend the whole day doing something you love.


Happy birthday to the friend who has no filter. I appreciate your “brutally honest” honesty.

My boyfriend is the kind of guy who gives me a card on my birthday instead of a cake. I’d take that any day over a #cakefail

Another birthday… another year to get all of my dreams accomplished.

You’ll never be younger than you are today, so I’m gonna take full advantage of my youth.


My heart belongs in San Francisco, my head belongs in San Diego, and my soul belongs anywhere there’s you. -Miranda July

Happy birthday to me… and you, because now there’s another opportunity for us to celebrate in style #Birthday

That awkward moment when you realize you’re finally old enough to rent a car.

What’s on my mind today? The usual.


You can’t celebrate with us? Well, you can at least have cake.

There’s no better way to celebrate than playing frisbee with your dog on a beach while drinking rosé.

Turning 32 isn’t so bad when you know there are over 800,000 people just like you celebrating their birthday today. Happy Birthday!

Wonderful things will happen when you are 32. Let’s see if I need to start a list.


I’m not afraid to admit that 32 is going to be my best year yet.

I think I get to be a 32-year-old and not a millennial. People forget that millennials are young people, too. They’re just younger than us. We’re millennials, too.

When it comes to being in the prime of your life, 32 isn’t. But with Gillette on your side, we’d argue that it is. #GILLETTEPRESSCENTER

Wishing a very happy birthday to the coolest guy I know! ☺️


The best part of the birthday cake is enjoying it with the people you love.

Friends are the family we choose for ourselves. Happy birthday to one of my favorite people in the world @salty_gargle !

Got crêpes? Happy birthday! ✌🏻

I’m officially in my 30s and the key to feeling young is not focusing on numbers, but rather staying focused on what you’re doing.


Throw another year in the books — how’d you do? Happy birthday!

No matter how old you are, always be a Pollyanna. Always look for the best in people and situations.

It’s my birthday, I’m finally 32 years old, and these are just a few of the many privileges I have never had in life.

In love with this new online magazine, Ohhh! 32″ about living an inspired life when you’re over the big 3-0. Happy birthday to me!


32 isn’t as far away as it seems 😜 Happy birthday, dad!

Happy birthday to this lovely lady! I’m so glad you’re in my life.

You’re not getting older, you’re getting better and wiser! Happy Birthday!

Happy 21st birthday to my best friend (and little sister 👸🏻 )! Thank you for always being there to celebrate special moments with me.


It’s another year older, but who’s counting? And hey, it could be worse—at least you’re not a year more dead. Happy birthday!

I’m growing old disgracefully. I refuse to grow old gracefully, it’s too much work

I’m a viver, a person who lives for experiences. I want to see, hear and feel life around me. It’s not just about age, its about how you live life.

To the man who makes my heart sing


Hey, my birthday’s coming up. Just saying.

Birthday wishes to one of our favorite product designers and creatives, Clara!

Celebrating with a slice of pumpkin pie 🍰 and a glass of cold milk.

turning 32 years old quotes for daughter


happy birthday to my favorite 32-year-old, you’ve brought so much love and joy into our lives. we love you so much!

Dear Skylar, Happy Birthday! Here’s to a wonderful 32 years and many exciting new adventures as you embark on the next chapter of your life. Love, Mom and Dad

On your 32nd birthday, I hope you feel…

You’re an amazing 32. I can’t wait to see what comes next. #happybirthday…


Happiness is a journey, not a destination. 32 is my age, not my identity.

Dear daughter, here’s to the first day of the rest of your life.

Can’t believe that my baby girl is turning the big two-three today. 😊Wishing you a day filled with sunshine and love, sweetie.

Happy birthday to the most beautiful and amazing lady in my life


Hey birthday girl, we’re here for you with a year of wisdom from the women who came before.

may your life be full of these beautiful moments with your little ones.

So much fun on my birthday! I feel like a kid again. And I mean that in a good way.

HBD, to the mom who has always been my biggest supporter and greatest fan ☺


Treat your mom this Sunday, okay? Because it’s her birthday. And we all know that it’s the thought that counts.

In just 3 more days, it’s my birthday! I can’t wait to spend it with you.

You’ve got a lot of people rooting for you. Today’s the first day of the rest of your life, so let’s all do what we can to make it a good one.

Turning 32 feels like: Good Things Come To Those Who Wait


Turning 32 is pretty great

Hey daughter, you’re the best reason to celebrate life. Happy Birthday.

Happy Birthday to the best daughter and friend a dad could ask for. I love you!

Happy birthday, daughter! You make me proud every day and I can’t wait to see what you achieve next.


You’re forever my baby girl, but today you’re all grown up. Happy birthday princess

I’m so glad to have a daughter who’s growing up with the same passions I had at her age. Happy Birthday!

Happy birthday, dear daughter! Here’s to another year of shaving your legs.

A little princess goes a long way. Happy birthday, honey!


Happy Birthday. I’ll believe your lie about being old enough to drink legally as soon as you believe I’m old enough to be your dad.

Hope your birthday is swell!

Hope your big day is everything you want it to be and more—you deserve it!

Next year we’ll double our number of years on this earth together, Sis. Time to celebrate!


We’re celebrating a birthday here at the office. I’ve got a few candles but hope you’ll sing to me instead.

32 years old quotes for daughter

To the girl that’s about to turn 32: Wishing you a year full of joy, laughter, and wild adventure. Happy Birthday!

Happy birthday to my favorite 32-year-old.


I’m turning 32. Do you have any advice?

happy birthday to the oldest one in the bunch! you’ve grown up so beautifully and already have so many more years of laughter, love, and success ahead of you as you continue to #soarwithgrace. we love you!

Happy birthday to my wise, funny and fearlessly brave daughter who celebrates her big 3-2 today!

Happy birthday to the best mom! Have a great day!


Hope you have a lovey birthday and that your life is filled with yummy cakes and sparkles and love.

Happy birthday to the woman who has given me more than I could’ve ever asked for. The world is a better place because she’s in it.

Girlfriends are giving me the best birthday gifts today. I could not be more grateful for each of you.

When you’re surrounded by people that love you, you’ll start to see the beauty in life.


We’re throwing you a birthday party fit for a queen 👸🏼 We love you to the moon and back! #HappyBirthday

You’re getting old, but you don’t have to act it. Happy

Wishing my beautiful daughter a very happy 32nd birthday. So glad I didn’t live long enough to be your age.

This year, the first of many to come, I am confident and excited for all that lies ahead. I wish you much happiness and fun during these sweet years of your life. Happy Birthday, daughter!


Happy Birthday, daughter!! I’m so glad you were born and that I get to be your mom.

It’s nice to be able to acknowledge any day as your birthday, but your 32nd is special—you’ve lived through a few seasons.

Happy birthday to my favorite little bday buddy.

Wise words for a great birthday, my dear daughter.


Happy birthday to you…happy birthday to you…happy birthday dear (daughter’s name)…happy birthday to you! #ToTheFuture

Happy birthday, honey 👑 May you always look this good (and if not pretty darn close.

I can’t believe it’s my birthday. I want to tell everyone “I’m 32!” in a gossipy tone, but I don’t think they’d get the reference.

Happy birthday to the coolest girl I know.


We’re celebrating the young woman who’s made every day a great one. Sweet 16, here we come… #HappyBirthday

I’m not getting older, I’m just becoming a classic

turning 32 years old quotes for son

Happy Birthday to my son, the coolest 32 year old that I know.


Happy Birthday, buddy—your dad’s favorite age! You’re the best 32-year-old I know.

Happy birthday, little buddy. I can’t believe you’re already 32 years old! The next time we hang out, we’re splitting a giant pizza and reliving your wild party days.

Celebrating your 32nd birthday: the moment you admitted you’re old enough to rent a car… and that it was probably your last year getting carded when you did. Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday, son. We love you more than peanut butter loves jelly.


Happy 32nd birthday, buddy. I hope this year is even better than the last, and that you get everything you wish for.

Turning 32 is so weird. I don’t like it. But happy birthday anyway.

Happy 32nd birthday to the man who needs a special day once a year to celebrate the fact that he is still alive. Hope it’s a good one, kid. Happy Birthday!

I’m pushing 32. I feel like I still have more to accomplish and goals to reach. Thanks for the motivation, Dad!


Happy Birthday to my amazing son. I cannot wait for the adventures we’ll have this year and all the many years ahead of us!

By this time next year, you’ll be up two. Happy birthday, son!

Happy birthday to the coolest guy I’ve ever known.

Hope your birthday is off the chain!


Join me in celebrating the people and things that make my life so great!

I’m so grateful for the artistry and friends in my life. Thanks for being two of the most amazing gifts

Birthday wishes for a son who’s turning 32

It seems like just yesterday you were four years old and running around in my backyard, face painted with that brightly colored paint. Now, here you are: 32. Happy birthday, son! I love you!


Happy birthday to the most handsome 32-year old in the world, from your favorite 32-year old! We love you so much!

Surprise! I’m turning 32 years old today. It feels like yesterday I was scribbling my name on the cover of my beloved Harry Potter book

Happy birthday to my favorite 32-year-old.

Happy Birthday to my son! I love you so much and hope that your next year is amazing!


Happy birthday to our son. The light of our lives. The joy of our world. You are loved beyond measure and we want your birthday to be as memorable as you!

Time has taught me that true love never fades away. Age can be just a number if you let it. Enjoy every moment.

You’re only as old as you feel, and it’s time to start feeling younger.

Happy birthday to the coolest, most stylish guy I know. You’re one of a kind!


Wishing you a day as good as your birthday.

You’ve got the rest of your life to sleep; you only have today to be awesome. So get up and go do something great, no matter how small.

Maybe you’re a little older now, but your stories and friendships are as good as ever. Happy birthday!

turning 32 years old quotes for nephew


Cheers to turning 32. You’re making it look easy and we’re proud of you for always wanting more out of life.

Happy birthday, nephew! May all your dreams come true.

Happy birthday, nephew! I’m so proud of the man you’ve become. You’re smart, kind, and strong…and your hairline is impeccable.

There’s no such thing as a 32-year-old birthday. You’re still 31 years young to us! Happy birthday!


You’ve come such a long way since you were 32 years old

Happy birthday, sweetie! You’re a wonderful addition to our family. We love you so much!

Happy birthday, nephew! It’s always a pleasure to celebrate with you.

When you’re a kid, people tell you it’s all about the number of candles on your birthday cake. When you get older, it’s all about the number of candles on your cake AND how good the cake tastes. Happy Birthday, nephew!


Happy belated birthday, your uncle! Here’s to you—happy, healthy, and wholehearted.

Not sure what I did to deserve all this, but thank you for the birthday wishes!

You’re officially a third of the way to forever. Congrats!

Throw me a beer, and make a toast to my birthday


The longer you wait, the more you miss.

You have every reason to be optimistic about the future.

Wishing a nephew who is turning 32 years old a very Happy Birthday!

I don’t know if you’re already aware, but I love you. Happy 32nd birthday!


Happy birthday, dear nephew! We’re wishing you a year full of wonderful friendships and good times!

Happy birthday to the best older nephew in the history of time, space and everything.

Wishing you all the best on your special day and many, many more to come. Have a Happy Birthday.

HBD to my cool nephew! You’re getting old, but I’m not


It’s your birthday, we don’t want to see you frown. We hope you have a fantastic year!

That awkward moment when you spend weeks planning a surprise party for your nephew, only to find out he was planning one for you.

They say the second half of your life is better than the first half. From my perspective, that’s not the case. I’m loving every minute!

May your birthday be as sweet as an ice cream cone.


HBD, pal! Tell me how you plan to celebrate all the way to “twenty-three”!

You’re never too old for a surprise, so we’ve got a little something for you…

Happy Birthday my little one. We are so proud of you 32 is just a number and your life has just begun. Enjoy your special day and know that we always wish you the best and will be with you every step of the way.

Happy birthday to my nephew, who’s turning 32 today (and doesn’t look a day over 80


Remembering when you were little & couldn’t wait to see what I bought you for your birthday… Now that you’re turning 32 and have 2 kids, I understand.

Hey @nephew, I love you so much and you’re the best nephew ever! 💕 Have the most fabulous, beautiful birthday

Happy birthday to my favorite nephew. Wishing you the best year yet!

It’s been an honor to be your older sister. Thank you for the laughs and life lessons, I love you


You’ll never know how strong you are, until being strong is the only choice you have. Happy birthday!

Thanks for being a great friend and mentor to me at such a young age, buddy. Keep inspiring me to be the best version of myself!

Happy birthday to my favorite power bottom.

It’s my birthday today but you get the cake!


Throwback to the summer that changed everything.

HBD to my little bro, and to many more…

Cheers to a new year and another chance for us to get it right.

turning 32 years old quotes for cousin


Happy birthday to my favorite 32-year-old cousin! Hope your big day is filled with love and laughter!

You make me laugh, even on my worst days. I am so lucky I have you in my life as my cousin. Happy birthday!

So grateful to be spending my 32nd birthday with the two people who’ve made this crazy journey so worthwhile – my husband and little girl. #truelove #birthdaygirl ##momlife

Happy birthday, cousin! We hope you have an amazing year ahead.


You look awful happy to be turning 32, dude.

Happy birthday to one of the most genuine, unique, and inspiring people I know! Have a wonderful day

Wishing a cousin many happy returns of the day!



I hope your birthday weekend is filled with friends, family, and cake.

It’s my birthday, and I’ll be as loud as I want to be.

We’re so glad to celebrate your birthday on the day we meet each other!

I’m at an age when my back goes out more than I do.


Best wishes to the cousin who just turned 32. Hope your birthday is full of sunshine, smiles and laughter!

Happy Birthday to my favorite 32-year old! Here’s to years of friendship, adventure, and more chocolate cake

I’ll be honest: your 30s are a total breeze. The fact that you are on this side of the decade is just proof that life starts getting better with age. Happy Birthday, 32!

I’m 32 today… Kinda hard to believe I’ve made it this far but I feel like now is when things are really only beginning. What a wild ride so far. Happy Birthday to me!!!


Let’s get together to celebrate 32 years of friendship. Cheers

Happy birthday to the goofiest cousin I know!

Today I turned 32, which means: one year closer to death.

Haven’t felt so young since 32!


You’re only as old as you feel. And if that means you’re old enough to drink, then so be it. Happy Birthday, Cousin!

Wishing you a sweet, warm and happy birthday. We hope you have the most amazing year yet!

Here’s to the best years of your life!

Every birthday is a celebration of being another year wiser and more fabulous. #bdaygirl


HBD my favorite cousin and partner in crime!

What an amazing year! I can’t wait to see what’s in store for my next year.

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